Palestine at the UN – Hold off the Celebrations

by  Sami Jamil Jadallah


It is time for every one to sober up and come down from their highs. I do not want to throw cold water on the UN vote last week, nor do I want to dismiss the good will of the majority of the world that voted for “Palestine” as an observer state.

Palestinians under Jewish Occupation and in the Diaspora have to take a second look at 45 years of a failing national project and a failing leadership and make a difference for the future.

Every Palestinian should remember, Mahmoud Abbas who returned to Ramallah to a hero’s welcome after the UN vote is the same man who with Yasser Arafat and Ahmed Qurai negotiated and signed the Oslo Accord, which legally and permanently perpetuate the Jewish Occupation and created a management company (Palestinian National Authority) to manage the Jewish Occupation.

Arafat and the PA corruption and incompetence and the security cooperation with Israel were the main cause for factional divisions between Fatah and Hamas with the PLO/Fatah aborting the first transparent and democratic election under Jewish Occupation.

Oslo Accord gave Israel a “veto” power over “Final Status” made it impossible to ends the Jewish Occupation, return the Palestinian refugees, leaving Jerusalem beyond the reach of hundreds of thousands of native Palestinians subject to continued ethnic cleansings.

Before Palestinians go out and celebrate it would  do them good to go back and revisit the performance of the PLO, its PNC and leadership during the last 45 years. Revisit Oslo Accord and all subsequent agreements like Taba, Waye River and the Hebron Accord to see the criminal failings of the PLO and leadership.

While Oslo Accord placed 1.5 millions in Gaza and 2.5 millions in the West Bank under a virtual prison, the Hebron Accord placed over 100,000 in permanent house arrest in favor of 5,000 armed Jewish settlers and terrorists.

Over the last few days I had a good chance to read much about the UN vote and what it means written by many legal scholars, many politicians and intellectuals, Israelis and Palestinians.

Bibi Netanyahu reduced the vote to “nothing changes” and ordered the immediate building of 3,000 unites splitting the West Bank between North and South. Israel continues to occupy, shoot and kill, steal and confiscate land, demolish homes at will.

Abbas and Moon – An Historic Day

Mahmoud Abbas, (worried about the next pay check), promised he will not go to the International Criminal Court unless there is a new Israeli “aggression”.

As if the War on Gaza I and II, the Apartheid Wall, the ever-expanding settlements, land theft, house demolitions, targeted killings and arbitrary arrests are not violations of international laws and not aggressions.

It is helpful for Palestinians to remember this new state was declared way back in November 15, 1988 when the PLO’s Palestine National Congress declared the state of “Palestine” in exile.

Now 24 years later Mahmoud Abbas stand before the UN and declare the same state “under occupation”. What a waste of time? Much much of the land since 88 disappeared in favor of Jewish settlements.

The people should remember that Arafat in 1977 as sole decision maker and dictator shifted the Fatah national project from a liberation and “One democratic state” to a negotiated settlement on any “liberated land”. Hence Jericho First.

Hundreds of thousands of people died during those years as a result of an ‘armed liberation” that never was and massacres in Lebanon that went unchallenged and never investigated.

Arafat and the PLO leadership were setting up the Palestinian people to scale back their hopes of ever returning home and a One Democratic State. Those under Occupation had to scale down their ambition to a “Palestinian Provisional” state under continued Jewish Occupation.

Arafat and Abu-Jihad aborted the First Intifada, which was perhaps the first and perhaps the only credible uprising in the history of Palestine. The First Intifada produced a partnership among all people, among all factions, rich and poor, street activists, intellectuals, famers; shopkeepers all joined together resisting the armed Jewish occupation with stones and slingshots.

Arafat – the pain of compromise

Arafat, afraid of the challenge to his leadership was bent on aborting such challenge, pumped millions of dollars to Fatah operative to abort the uprising. After Madrid he went into secret negotiations with Israel ending the First Intifada and concluded Oslo Accord as manager of this Jewish Occupation.

Other than offering lucrative jobs and assignments with international organizations to many of the PLO and Fatah incompetent corrupt operative, the UN vote means nothing on the ground.

Israel will continue to and expand settlements and Mahmoud Abbas will continue to ask for a permit to go back and forth between office and his house.

The question that should be on the minds of All Palestinians under Occupation and in the Diaspora what is next and how can the Palestinians continue to trust this leadership sitting in Ramallah to make a difference.

It is time for the Palestinians to take matters into their hands. Those under Jewish Occupation organize a national civil and legal uprising that will end both the monopoly of failing incompetent unfit unqualified leadership, demand immediate revocations of Oslo Accord and disbanding of the PA as manager of the Jewish Occupation.

A good start will be to burn and destroy All Israeli issued security and ID cards. The leadership should have the decency to return or burn all its Israeli issued VIP passes and cancel and revoke any and all security arrangements and cooperation with Israel.

To those in exiles it is time to line up behind a One State Solution, organize a new representative body to replace the much discredited and illegitimate PLO and give the necessary support to those challenging the leadership and the Jewish Occupation.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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5 Responses to "Palestine at the UN – Hold off the Celebrations"

  1. The Rahnameh  December 5, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    Some questions for you: How were you stupid enough to ever think a Zionist entity based on land theft, terrorism and atrocity would ever survive in the modern age past World War II?

    And since you were stupid enough to believe that, why should we trust you now without any supporting evidence to support your analysis, which is more like an agenda to have the reader conclude that “Israel must be saved”?

    lol… you mispelled Shalach.

  2. Sami Jamil Jadallah  December 5, 2012 at 8:36 am

    A TV report came out yesterday that shows Palestinian economy is losing an average of $7 Billions annually from closures, checkpoints, restriction on movement of people and goods. Gaza farmers are under siege and every year loses some $1.5 billions in export due to inability to get their products to the international markets. It is well known fact that hundreds of millions worth of produce are left to rot at Israeli access points waiting in the hot sun. Of course the PLO and PA leadership do not make a big issue of these things because they do not want to upset their management contract with the Israeli Occupation. I have always and for years advocated the opening of the Gaza Port even it is under a joint US/NATO the most important thing is to give the people of Gaza access out of the siege, access to the people and their goods. I never could justify the purchases of materials from Israel for any thing… specially building materials and fuels. Now there are Palestinian business people with ties to the PLO/PA who invested over $2.5 billions in industries operating out of Jewish Settlements… All Jewish businesses and goods from settlements are tax exempt for 10 years and there is 70% waiver of other taxes. Now I called that “violence” against the people of Palestine… It may not fit the definition of Abbas violence which may qualify to the ICC.

  3. DaveE  December 5, 2012 at 7:54 am

    I’d say the first item of business for the Palestinians and the world is to build a port or airport, free of Jewish terrorists, in order to get supplies into and out of Palestine. Once the supply routes are opened, they will be able to defend themselves from their filthy oppressors, but until that happens, they’re still under the Jews’ jackboot.

    I hope there’s a way and I hope it happens FAST.

  4. The Rahnameh  December 4, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    As in South Africa, we must lubricate this change as humanitarians across the globe. It is time for a true Boycott, Divestment and Sanctioning of the Zionists. They want to blow us all up: GO AHEAD, MAKE OUR DAY, PSYCHOS!

    They’ve never shown up to a fight they’ve picked, remember that.

  5. The Rahnameh  December 4, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    There is no solution but one solution: reconciliation under one state, the template has been written by Nelson Mandela, the same who called Israel an “apartheid nation”. The Two-State Solution is just that: Apartheid.

    Here, all support for Abbas falls out if he pursues this corridor. A two-state solution is a disingenuous concept intended to CONTINUE the occupation of Palestine as Israel, the deceiver it is, would never allow a Palestinian twin to grow on its hip of fair stature and station. Israel would meddle with it endlessly. They would commit false-flags and any other excuse necessary to retake that land.

    Please Google “Jabotinsky Plan” and read up. This is an ethnic cleansing policy and nothing else. That is the mission and end game. They will reach it through hell and high water if we allow them any more immunity without accountability.

    Criminals are criminals. The Hague has a duty.

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