“Francis A. Boyle— to the Hague” (Dissenting Op-Ed)

“Francis A. Boyle— to the Hague”

By James Harrison


North American Intertribal Missions

 “The world is a dangerous place; not because of those who would do evil; but because of those who look on and do nothing”.                                    Albert Einstein

What an absurd concept that Francis A. Boyle is a “hero” to anyone other than Francis A. Boyle. A close review of his record will reveal that his ‘accomplishments’ have been at the best subjective, and his many announcements of those ‘accomplishments’ have always either preceded or shortly followed a ‘new book’ as the case here. See “Wikipedia”.

In regards to his being an “advocate for Native America”—as he often relates; we have not been able to find a single reference to his “disavowal” of “U.S.C. Title 25, subtitled “Indians”; (an arrogant and typically American misnomer) a blatant violation of the US Constitution’s Article 6, “All treaties are supreme Law”.   In reference to that; our research has revealed more than twenty years ago after a careful search of the more than 200 treaties with the USA and the Native American tribes there is NOT ONE SINGLE REFERENCE to that body of “illegal Federal Law” found in any of those treaties.

Indeed, that volume of Federal Law” was not “introduced” until 1883 with the ‘first illegal act’; “The seven major Crimes Act”– almost twenty years AFTER the last treaties were signed; making the ‘treaties’—null and void—-or “abrogating them—–or in very simple speech: all of us who are Native Americans born AFTER 1883 were ‘prisoners of war’ in our own country.  Those treaties were “delivered “to the Tribes” in “Capitulation” BY the US Government as acts of “peace” ending decades of bloody war from the illegal seizure of the Native American “homelands”.  The Native American People are still at war with the USA.

We teach our children that the “Americans” “bought that land from the French”—-who did not own it. Then they were not brave enough to invade France—in “retaliation”; when they realized that “we” did not recognize the “French ownership” of the territory which we had been fighting each other over, for thousands of years; so they turned on us; and THEN could not win either.  It is a well known historical fact that the US Government does NOT “make treaties with those they can defeat”. They could not defeat us, even when they used germ warfare and weapons of mass destruction——so they surrendered to us when they brought peace treaties to us: then they “broke, violated, and dishonored them”. Dr. Boyle would have at least “mentioned” “somewhere” his opposition to “illegal, treaty violating legislation if he were an “advocate for Native America”—–we will be most happy to retract this section if one of his “many fans” will refer us to his “wise words on the subject”.

Dr. Francis A. Boyle has “held himself up” (often, actually) as a “legal expert” as “professor of Law” and an “advocate of due process” etc.

In reality, he has recently revealed through the “same process” that HE is guilty of

Obstruction of Justice; in ‘his case’; Violation of USC Title 18 Chapter 73, with multiple infractions, see below ‘*’; when he failed to file the proper charges against the “FBI/CIA Agents” who, as he relayed in his story; revealed their “on going conspiracy” when they “attempted” to “have him betray the confidence/inform upon/against those of his Arab American or Muslim American clients”.

This was a “conspiracy” by those Agents to violate the “constitutional guarantees of due process” of their fellow Americans; (they were not seeking information on foreign nationals; foreign nationals are not subject to the same “constitutional guarantees”) then they asked Dr. Boyle to assist them do the same to ‘His’  “fellow Americans”. When he failed to file the proper criminal charges against those ‘Agents’ he “failed to act” in his capacity as an “officer of the court; i.e. a Lawyer”—-THIS FAILURE TO ACT was a violation of the law as well as his oath as an “officer of the court” and a “member of the bar”.  In his own lack of actions he has revealed himself to be a fraud and a charlatan.

These crimes by the ‘Agents’ and Dr. Boyle were of the “Federal Level” as well as “Local” since they were violations of the US Constitution which historically, to those of us in Native America in reality and “practice” seems to be a ‘very’ ‘very’ convenient document for most of America.  This reveals him to be a charlatan and a fraud of international standing.

For the “International Level of Crimes”—-there presently exists a large and historical record that Dr. Boyle cannot deny being aware of. This “compounded his crime,

“Obstruction”; by the following:

The very revelation that these requests by the ‘Agents’ was a common plot, during a time of war makes their crime of “Conspiracy” to “violate the constitutional guarantees of their fellow Americans” a direct violation of International Law; i.e. Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes.  “Dr. Boyles” own absence of action —was “Obstruction of Justice” and in that; Crimes against Humanity, during a time of War—making them “War Crimes” for which there ARE NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for Dr. Boyle or the “Agents”.

This is an important point that the reader must understand.  We intend to have these charges answered, sooner or later; inThe Hagueor International Court of Justice.

That the USA and its allies sat in judgment at the Nuremberg Tribunals I and II just two generations ago convicting many former enemies, German, Japanese and others; for War Criminals, and for the very same crimes presented here. This is a blatant fact that not even the most ‘arrogantly and willfully ignorant American’ could deny. It is impossible for any rational individual to perceive that the “famous” Dr. Francis A Boyle would have not known these very facts; indeed, he is “lauded” as a “professor of law” “most often by himself in writing”—–and THEN he ‘sells books about it’.

We believe the evidence reveals that Dr. Boyle is a War Criminal of the vilest manifestation since his entire career was based upon the Law; and his cowardly violation of it with his intentional inaction was most egregious. That the “Agents” ‘*’ were also guilty of the same crimes is another matter of fact that most Americans seem to readily accept apparently as “normal” behavior for “their” FBI;  since the majority of their own Federal Officers are often as corrupt as the criminals they are charged with investigating while they use millions in US Tax money to investigate them.

The charges we are seeking to be filed against Dr. Francis A. Boyle are listed below. ‘*’

The “Agents” charges would and should also be listed but their names and those of their superiors are known only by themselves and Dr. Boyle. Obviously Dr. Boyle is keeping those names secret for now. We contend with the available evidence, widely published, with admissions from Dr, Francis A. Boyle in writing and interviews which are available at several forums; that he should be charged with the following:

Most importantly since he has already publicly confessed in writing; he does not warrant a trial but simply a sentencing hearing at the “Hague” for his violations listed here.

(*)  United States Code, Title 18, Chapter 73 with “specifications.” as well as the following

Section: 1505. Obstruction of Proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees.

‘Sec.’ :1510.  Obstruction of Criminal Investigations, etc

‘Sec.’ :1511.  Obstruction of Local or State Law enforcement (we presume on university     property but if not certainly a violation of Illinois Statutes)

‘Sec.’ :1512   Tampering with a witness, victim, or informant

‘Sec.’ :1513   Retaliating against a witness, victim, or informant (the ‘Arab/Muslim American clients he “did not betray” were in essence retaliated upon when he failed to file the charges allowing the “Agents” to proceed with their conspiracy).


We have challenged Dr. Boyle to file “slander” or “defamation” charges against us.

Indeed, being “warriors” we would gladly and with much enthusiasm meet him on the “battle field of civilized combat”; in any of “his” nation’s corrupt courts.

He could even write another book about it; if we are successful, it will be “written” from his prison cell.

As for those of us who are Native Americans; remember this, our sisters and brothers; “we” have been here in North Central and South “America” for well over 15 thousand years. Long before the Chinese “called themselves the Chinese”; before any of the “Great Civilizations” invented themselves; long before the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims invented their jealous and vindictive “God”, invented themselves; then began killing each other by the thousands over their jealous vindictive “God”.  Long before “Mr. Columbus” “stumbled” upon the “West Indies”.  The “Americans” as well as the rest of the “world” are simply a “mark on the wall of Native America’s own evolution”.

We were here long before any of them ‘invented’ themselves; will be here long after the rest of them kill each other off.

We will remain. Each day that passes; theUSAhas a new chance to make the necessary changes to become the “true leader” of the world, but only by “example” of the “positive”.

Each day that passes theUSAreveals that they do not have the integrity or the courage to make those changes; each day that passes they slide deeper into the “pit” they have “excavated” for themselves.

“If theUSAwere any other criminal nation the ‘Americans’ would invade the

USAto keep the world safe; and they would be justified”………..

For publications/announcements of Mr. Boyle’s revelations see:

xxxxx(terms of service edit)

A footnote to “all our relations”: (and for those of you who are not Native American)

Dr. Boyle reminds this author of the “cautionary tail” or story or myth (as you prefer)

Of “Beautiful Snake”: The “young man/woman” in the forest is singled out by speech by “Beautiful Snake” when it says to him/her “hello young one, I need your assistance in a very important task.” To which the person replies “oh I know of you, you are ‘Beautiful Snake’, and your speech will mystify me, and you will lie to me and trick me, and bite me, and I will die”. To which the snake replied “Oh but not YOU dear one, YOU are special to me; and if you assist me I will reward you more handsomely than you can even imagine”

“All I need is for you to pick me up, and carry me across that very cold stream to the other side, once we reach there I will reward you” and “this I promise you; never to harm you but to reward you for not only your bravery, but your trust in me”. The young person considers these words and in spite of all that they have been told, they pick the snake up, and with great difficulty and struggle reach the other side of the stream, and just as the snake is lowered to the ground; it bites them on the hand.  The young person stumbles back in surprise and pain from the “Venom” and in great emotion they proclaim to the snake; “but you lied to me, you tricked me, am I going to die?” to which “Beautiful Snake” replies; “well yes you fool you are going to die; but you knew what I was when you picked me up”.

As for ‘Dr. Boyle’;

“A lie travels half way around the world; while the truth is putting on its shoes”—

Mark. Twain

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16 Responses to "“Francis A. Boyle— to the Hague” (Dissenting Op-Ed)"

  1. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Thanks Noe. Interesting to hear that.

  2. LC  December 14, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    My above INDICTMENT OF A PAID SHILL was blocked. That’s when I wrote above comment (7:49 am). Afterwards I thought may be because it was too long so I split it into two & it did post!!!

  3. shachalnur  December 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Take it easy LC,
    Sometimes when you send links with pictures ,they will be moderated automatically.
    VT is not censoring anybody,except when someone posts stuff that is damaging to VT.

  4. LC  December 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    NO: I didn’t know. I am new to VT. Just a couple months. After someone had emailed me link to VT.

    Fantastic news source.

  5. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Libelous is the rahnameh. Being an avid reader of VT I was fed up with him stalking people and turning comment sections as if it was hos territory attacking anyone who did not agree with everything he said and calling them hasbarists. I spoke up against that and then the barrage of slander against me began.

  6. noejones  December 14, 2012 at 11:10 am

    I am also surprise to learn this about Dr. Boyle. I am a native Hawaiian and have been learning the wrong that was done to us by the american government by imperialism. Dr. Boyle has taught us the wrongs that was done and legal ramifications we as native Hawaiians have to cure the overthrow of our Queen. We have yet to right the wrong, but without the knowledge that was shared to us by Dr. Boyle we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 11:07 am

    If you cannot take the heat of rational criticism – just like the zio trolls – after making the slander get out of the kitchen.

  8. LC  December 14, 2012 at 8:42 am


    5- Your above double-talk from both sides of your mouth indicates you are a double agent getting paid from both sides (may be even from more sides under various names) and you feel compelled to defend all sides of your masters so you keep muddying waters of anyone who posts factual comments here (& you do all that just to make a buck). But I’ve blown your cover and your pay-masters don’t need to pay you anymore because your cover is blown. From now on you should either do your crap without pay or just stop it. YOU ARE A PAID DOUBLE-CROSSING SHILL a TROLL a Hasbara a fairy tale or whatever crap you prefer to be called.
    6- I’m not a Jew & never was, but your 12/11/12 statement that you’re Iranian leads me to believe that you’re a Zio-Iranian just like Ari Ben Menashe & a few hundred thousand other Zio-Iranians. (I also heard SatanYahoo was born in Iran). But: If I ever were a Jew then I would’ve been in the ranks of Professor Israel Shahak & Jack Bernstein with a lot of whistle-blowing against the Zio-Satanists masters of USA.
    7- Obviously you don’t even look at or read the links of people you bully here. My linked video shows an honest converted Jewish Rabbi’s honest belief that because he discovered that “Judaism is a religion of death” he converted to Christianity. His video is called “Why I Left Judaism”. That was just the title of the film. I included it so people can either copy past the video clip’s web-address in the browser or copy past the title into YOUTUBE search window to “pull it”.
    But the significance of your accusatory bullying counter-comment is that it further blew your cover that you’re paid to do this. Of course you don’t understand my point here but another reader may confirm this to you here (just for you to understand).
    So, once again: Ranhameh’s Masters: stop paying him because his cover is B L O W N !!!!!!
    8- You reminisce a street-level ADL/JDL propaganda (hasbara shill) of the Iranian Jewish double agent Ari Ben Menashe who helped a few Iranians & Zio-Satanists funnel tens of billions of dollars from Iran into Europe & America in the 80’s and prolonged the deadly Iran-Iraq war. Since you probably read Farsi here is a link to Ben Menashe book’s Farsi translation: *********http://efsha.co.uk/farsi/ketab/pdf/polekhon.pdf Those Iranians who stole Iran’s money (with Israeli terrorists’ help as described in that book) are probably still in power today and have been stealing billions more under a phony nuclear program & under phony sanctions designed for further theft and harm to Iran’s people.
    Book: Profits of War, part 1& 2 summaries in English: ********http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Israel/Dollar_Machine_POW.html
    Just like here (in the U.S.) even if Iranians knew who their thieves are (inside Iran) they can do nothing against them just as we (here in the U.S.) can’t do anything against our Satanist elites who have been looting us forever. Those Zio-Iranian pirates (Ranhameh Masters probably) have literally tons of money to hire dozens of shills like you for writing comments pretending Iran is really becoming a NUCLEAR POWER while behind scenes they’re fabricating just another Persian fairy tale like the “1001 nights” or like your phony name here (a Persian fairy tale according to yourself).
    9- On December 13, 2012 in another VT page you wrote that you’re an attorney at law working for your shill-masters for less than $25 /hour. The psychotics attitude you convey somewhat reflects a typical sociopathic public prosecutor’s attitude who chose his job because he can always win cases against innocents by fabricating accusations against them which is how the majority of U.S. prison population is rounded up in those prison concentration camps.
    10- Most importantly according to your personal confession you’re paid to write your crap here (as your full-time job) & your masters must be paying VT too for giving you text enhancement features on your comments with BOLD-FACING & other extras unavailable to others. So whoever your paymasters are you’re no better than ADL or JDL who’re also paid to write their crap all over internet.
    So you’re also doing a disservice to your paymasters especially now that your cover is blown for acting as a SHILL.

  9. LC  December 14, 2012 at 7:48 am

    To: “The Rahnameh”: Your INDICTMENT

    1- You’re a PAID double-cross shill with a full-time job of writing comments and bullying counter-comments on Veterans Today & may be on other websites & with other pseudonyms. I blew your cover a few pages ago.
    2- You wrote that your pseudonym is the name of a Persian fairy-tale. With that you obviously reveal you’re connected with Iran. I guessed you may be paid by certain Iranians who’ve been plundering Iran’s money in the name of “a nuclear program” which I think (so far) is only a fairy-tale and I’ve substantiated that in recent VT pages. You just write your diatribe counter-comments without citing any sources.
    3- Here you’re defending the captive American Zio-Satanist WMD factory (with façade of a rogue government) as if it’s a saint & has nothing to do with the Rothschild Zio-terrorist mercenary force calling itself Israel which you even defend in many comments by calling it a “political entity”, or by calling the UN an honorable entity which shouldn’t be discredited because it just came up with a “vote” for Palestine (to which I said SO WHAT? Because UN itself was a terrorist brainchild of the Rothschilds). (I can provide dozens of links to UN criminal atrocities including outride genocides). At the same time I was calling for Syria’s bombardment of Tel Aviv as I see Assad’s days numbered with the Zio-Satanist takeover of Syria to follow.
    4- America is under total siege of a Rothschild Zio-Satanist dictatorship & working for the ends of Rothschild’s ultimate personal professional terrorist force (a/k/a Israel). Wherever terrorist Israel poops America licks & wipes off!!! So we have a rogue government in this country (USA) which is murdering people around the world to feed & enrich a few Satanist trillioners with people’s blood & wealth (American blood & wealth included).

  10. Warlord Moneybags  December 14, 2012 at 4:37 am

    I’ve been thinking about this Schlomo.

    The fact that you keep mentioning me on your list could well be interpreted as suspicious. I myself find it quite bizarre, to be honest.

    I’m absolutely confident that to anyone whose profession was in intel, my naivety and inexperience would stick out like a sore thumb and would not in any way appear to be deliberately faked or contrived.

    Spin this how you want but I’m sure it’s true.

    Hasta la vista, baby.

  11. lawrencedickerson  December 13, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Tomer et al:Yesterday I was disallowed to read the shameful interactions of you and a few others against.The Rahnameh.For some reason a certain entity didn’t want me learn of that which Gordon presented thanks to my work on the Amazon Discussion Boards.Today when I was finally able to work around whatever it was that caused my scrolling to disallow any reading of VT and Jewish media sources.

    Today after reading what you folks determined was free speech I felt dirty.Your interpretation of the Constitution is certainly different than mine and thankfully I was pleased to see that many who were able to speak out,put you in your place.

    I learn from The Rahnameh.He makes me think and research.That is one hell of a lot more than you guys ever do.You do have your moments.I challenge you and your like minded cohorts to publish your proof or forever remain silent about your libelous comments.Not once did you have any depth to your accusations and I felt they were dutifully met with reasoned retorts.

    As was ably stated by another commenter we are all on the same page and have the same goals in the end.How we arrive to those ends may differ from what we expect;however,we are a team of sorts.Your childish tantrums detract from the message and after having seen it two days in a row I wonder what your agenda truly is.Chill out and take what you can use from these words and leave the rest.Don’t discard them because you may want to come back to claim them in a different day.Don’t burn your bridges.

  12. wolf  December 13, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    What an informative and insightful comment. Nicely done.

  13. LC  December 13, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Probably correct:
    Although “The Rahnameh” often cites significant historic events like above (although without any references) I believe his presence in VT is as a $25 an hour shill working for both some Zio-Iranians & with some of Iran’s enemies as I just posted on your December 10th page.
    Here is what I wrote with minor corrections:

    December 13, 2012 – 10:57 am
    “The Rahnameh” you’re P A I D double-agent $25 an hour shill & probably an Zio-Iranian & here is why:

    please copy the above VT page before it gets deleted for good as I just realized why a shill called “The Rahnameh” just began attacking me after my posting in the above page. This further blows his cover & gives readers & authors a clear picture of major historic events:

    In the above VT page I blew the whistle on one of the greatest top-secret scams manufactured by U.S. Satanists to create decades of genocides & plunder by a handful of Zio-Satanists led by the Rothschilds but spread throughout the world including Iran.
    I blew the (unexpected) whistle on the “U.S. embassy hostage” scam & the even its more fraudulent “hostage rescue operation” scam.
    Those two criminal schemes landed by (opium) Poppy Bush in 1978 (under a CIA disguise & using CIA assets in Iran) resulted in unlimited genocides & other crimes including the following list & resulting in the deaths & injuries of millions of innocents & the looting of trillions of dollars in the form of national wealth of many countries & OPEC oil & purchase of manufactured Asian products with worthless & faked U.S. dollars.
    Just a few of the exposed criminal schemes that were created as the offshoots of the “U.S. embassy hostage” scam are listed here:

    1- U.S. immediately stole $10 billion Iranian cash in 1978 (worth at least five trillion of today’s $$$).
    2- Soviet invasion of Afghanistan: millions dead & injured. + U.S. arms exports hit the roof.
    3- Inventions of Al Taliban & Al Qaeda (a/k/a AL-CIA).
    4- Attempted assassination of President Reagan by Poppy Bush & the resulting drug trafficking operations run from the White House.
    5- Iraq invasion of Iran & ten years of war resulting in millions of death & casualties. Permanent draining of Iran & Iraq oil revenues just to arm themselves.
    6- Permanent theft of Iran & Iraq oil revenues through banking sanctions.
    7- Permanent draining of Mid-East & OPEC revenues in exchange for useless armament bought from U.S. & Europe.
    8- Two U.S. attacks against Iraq resulting in millions of death. Looting of all Iraqi wealth inside & outside Iraq & permanent plunder of their oil.
    9- Genocides of Palestinians & others & expansion of the stolen territories of Palestine in to nearly 100%…
    10- Many other genocidal atrocities around the world…

    The fact that “U.S. embassy hostage” scam & its “hostage rescue operation” scam are to remain secret forever is that if its cover is blown many of those still in power on both sides would be exposed & claims of reparations would follow. So, it is best to do what is done through ADL & JDL which is hire shills like this Ranhameh and have them perform ADL & JDL defamatory attacks on their targets.

    So “The Rahnameh” masters: you don’t have to pay this shill anymore since his cover is blown!!!!!

  14. LC  December 13, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Mr. Harrison:
    When did you ask Prof. Boyle to challenge you with a libel lawsuit? Before your publication of this or a similar article or afterwards???

  15. Gordon Duff  December 13, 2012 at 8:13 am

    We were challenged to publish this.

    We exercise freedom of speech here…

    Readers decide what they like and those who comment will either agree or disagree…

    VT is not “mind control”


  16. blakehamilton  December 13, 2012 at 3:20 am

    He’s quite an advocate for the Palestinian cause so am very surprised by this. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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