Israeli Regime Receives First Sanction

The UN-Palestinian Vote was Israel’s First Sanction

 First published on PressTV, December 8th, 20012


          … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor                            … and  Press TV


The tide is turning against Israeli repression

The ripple effects of the historic UN vote to begin the restoration of Palestinian statehood continues to swirl around the world. How much of it is acting and how much sincere remains to be seen.

But we must all applaud the effort and get ready to defend those that will be attacked by their respective Israeli Lobbies when they feel it is safe to strike back.

Not all of us will go over to the offense at the same time. Not all will understand fully why the political earth is moving under their feet, but they can feel it for sure.

I am a good example. I have been really focusing on how best to follow up the UN vote with some serious sanctions movement. But the light just came for me today, that the sanctions started as the UN votes were being called off.

The classic military tactic for taking a bridge is to attack both ends at once, a la the Nimegen Bridge in the great movie, The Bridge Too Far. The Likudist bridge will need a sanctions attack from the outside and Israelis on the inside taking the other end.

Israeli security can only come from the regime change for which Gush Shalom’s Uri Avnery has struggled for forty years now. We have to work together to accomplish this with minimum destruction and bloodshed.

Israeli WMD and the budget follies


Mordecai Vanunu spilled the beans long ago

The quickly passed UN resolution calling for Israel to open up it’s nuclear facilities for inspection was rejected as expected by Israel.

Netanyahu’s settlement expansion announcement, although probably a nelection pandering bluff to the settler and extremist core of the Likud party, was what we call in America an ‘air deal’. It has no funding, and none on the horizon. Donations anyone?

We must not forget that we are having new Israeli elections soon because their former government could not pass a budget.They have no money for major construction projects, and I don’t think Obama is entertaining a request.

The EU heads adjourned recently, also failing to approve a new budget. The problem seemed to be the Santa Claus factor. Countries wanted funding for stimulation projects, but also to have others pay for them.

And back here in the U.S. the media is on a big ‘fiscal cliff’ scare with both political sides maneuvering to blame the other for next year’s economy problems. Taking responsibility for nothing is now the most popular Congressional sport.

Settlement backlash


For extra public diversion insurance the Mayan calender end of the world prediction has gotten widespread news coverage from corporate media. It’s a journalistic embarrassment when there are so many important problems that were cheated out of that public air time.

The good news was that even the threat of Bibi’s settlement building triggered an international backlash. One country after another brought in the Israeli ambassadors to put their disapproval on record. The Likuds of course, who are pretty much shoe ins for winning the elections, have told them to go fly a kite. The militant Israelis are burning up trump cards faster than they are making them.

The comments on my sanctions articles definitely struck a chord. People saw the irony of the most sanction deserving country in the world having appointed itself as the head sanctioneer. They saw the gross hypocrisy in Israel having put Iran in the cross hairs for WMD programs that it does not have, while Israel’s own remained off the table for discussion.

This is now being understood as nothing more than a way to keep the outside money (US and Diaspora) flowing in to fund the occupation and keep the regular Israelis controlled by the fear that all the Arabs and Muslims have to be dominated or it is all over for the Zios.The U.S. shares the blame for this.

We had a shot across the bow with the UN resolution vote that the ‘no talkie’ days may be over. People understand in all the countries that their political establishment must be openly challenged for their remaining silent on such a critical issue.

Losing fear of the bully


Jews and Non Jews must defeat Israeli repression together

What I see that gives me more cause  for hope, something I have been monitoring very carefully for years now is a definite and widespread decrease of the fear which empowered the various Israeli Lobbies.

t was this fear that pressured our respective political structures to serve Israeli interests in return for re-election support and political power, something they have a long history of delivering on.

The crash and burn of the Romney campaign, despite the best efforts of the the hard core Jewish Lobby folks trying to bring Obama to heel, did not work.

The purge of our military of ‘questionable’ officers continues, with only the tip of the iceberg of it seen publicly.

If the real story ever comes out, it will be an unpleasant one. Treason is never a popular topic. When it is widespread it condemns the whole system that allowed it. The term Obama used in his directive was to ‘mitigate the insider threats’. This was code for no public trials.

There may also be some big surprises in store when the first official Benghazi attack report is made public, about who really was involved in that. And by that I don’t mean their proxies on the ground, but those pulling their strings.

No one will buy the tent dwelling Al Qaeda deadenders in Yemen. That is just swill put out there for the public to consume.

Sanctions are having unintended consequences


There is some good news on the Senate new sanctions bill. Obama is not waiting for the expected watering down when the House and Senate combine their two bills. He is acting now. The previous exemptions for twenty of Iran’s major oil buyers have all been renewed ,with their previous reductions.

Although the sanctions have hurt Iran’s currency value, the government has continued to expand replacement of the lost oil exports with gas and electricity to ‘sanction proof’ neighboring countries. And Iran may soon be in the drone exporting business with their newly acquired technology, compliments of it’s being over used and exposed by someone not paying attention to the first one being lost.

Turkey quickly stated that it would continue its Iranian gas purchases as there were in their national interests, and they know that no action will be taken against them for it. If they want to pay with gold, they will do so, no matter what a bunch of Israeli senators in America say.

Losing the public relations war


Hillary Dillary Dock – the Sanctions Mouse Fell off the Clock

The West is losing the public relations battle over the suffering of the Iranian people. Germany’s Merkel was very public in her announcement for her government to remove medicine export problems that have been tangled up in the banking sanctions.

Secretary Clinton’s statements have been just been crude, with shades of Madeleine Albright’s horrific comments on the 500,000 Iraqi children having died from sanctions…for their parents to take their complaints to Saddam.

As citizens in the West are all suffering from the poor government judgements, excesses and financial corruption for which they are being given the bill, there is growing awareness that the Iran threat is just a scam.

They are beginning to see the Iranian people being made to suffer as an excuse to justify western military expansion into the region. I sense an opening here for Westerners to see themselves joined at the hip with the Iranians in that those in the West are just being ‘sanctioned’ in a different way. They can’t afford the medical care they need either.

I would recommend that Iran begin hosting exchange groups with comparable citizens groups from these various countries to share their common exploitation by the criminal cabals behind all the war threat hype. It is a common bond that links all of the rank and file citizens everywhere, being used and abused by their elites.

Gordon Duff just had a great article here on PressTV about how billions and billions of futures trading profits are being made by political insiders who use increasing tensions and the decreasing them to move the markets and make their bets pay off.

So yes, the sanctions on Israel have begun, starting with the Palestinian UN vote. Fear of the Israeli Lobby is now going to be withheld. Holocaust manipulation is no longer going to be swallowed.

People are going to refuse to be second class citizens in their own countries while they watch the Israeli lobbyists wine and dine our government officials, and worst of all, even draft legislation to be passed into laws, which we must follow, but not them.



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29 Responses to "Israeli Regime Receives First Sanction"

  1. blakehamilton  December 16, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Thanks Shachulnar but never had my computer with me and my conscience is clear, that place has a very odd vibe about it. Like it shouldn’t even be there. Oh yeah that’s right it shouldn’t. Lol.

  2. shachalnur  December 16, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Until 1,5 years ago I never touched a computer,and I a Cyber Neanderthaler.
    No facebook,no blog,no nothing.
    If they stopped you in Ben-Gurion ,before you left,than you should be aware the Shabak is all over your E-mail and Internet searches now.
    Just in case you didn’t know.
    Be carefull about what you write to friends,family in Israel over the Internet.
    Every letter on this site(VT) is being read by Shabak.

  3. blakehamilton  December 16, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Thanks for sharing that, only being questioned on departure from Ben Gurion airport was an intimidating experience so that alone put me off ever returning to that entity (unless of course it reverts to being Palestine).

    By the way do you have a blog?

  4. shachalnur  December 16, 2012 at 11:52 am

    I don’t live in Israel.Studied in Israel in the 80’s.
    Went to Israel in march 2012,because of research I did.
    Had to give this info to certain jewish anti Zionist groups(Yes,they exist inside Israel,ultraorthodox and non religious alike),and the Shabak.
    This couldn’t be done by Internet,for obvious reasons.
    Upon arriving in Israel I was arrested and kept for 14 hours,no charges,they just took all my luggage apart.
    Later I was arrested again,for sleeping in the Jerusalem Forest and not having a visa(they didn’t give me a visa when I got into Israel)
    2 weeks isolation,Psychiatrists ,interviews,The Dutch Embassy was not informed,because they claimed I’m an Israeli citizen etc.
    Got released after threatening to splash my findings all over the Internet,through friends.
    After 52 days they released me.
    What I write here on VT is just half of my findings.
    The rest is “proof” for what’s gonna happen and who’s doing what,and I have my reasons not to publish that yet.

  5. blakehamilton  December 16, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Shachulnar: Do you still reside in “Israel”? Thought you had left. What exactly were the trumped up charges against you?

  6. Worker Bee  December 15, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    The point made by Gilad Atzmon needs to be repeated. All previous sanctions have been against non-democratic countries, unfairly punishing the powerless general population. However, sanctions against Israel would have a moral basis, since the population has the power to replace the government that brought on the sanctions.

  7. Mike Kay  December 15, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    So, Israel gets first sanction, America doesn’t do enough to protect its traitorous backshooters in its last murder the civilians campaign, and now we got CT.
    No doubt, its all a coincidence.

  8. blakehamilton  December 15, 2012 at 3:25 am

    Interesting times ahead. I am a bit skeptical it will be that quick but let’s hope so!

  9. johnsholtes  December 15, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Here is one Congressman’s name a jew a hedgefund trader a zionist jew named Beryl Peron he is on facebook give him hell.

  10. DaveE  December 14, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    But unfortunately, most Jews in Israel seem to concur with the Rothschild Plan. They’d rather see themselves blown to bits than admit they were wrong.

  11. DaveE  December 14, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    I think for once I agree with you, Shachalnur.

  12. Warlord Moneybags  December 14, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Until the pseudo revolution in Syria peters out I don’t believe a word of any of it.

  13. shachalnur  December 14, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    I can just predict how I read the Elite.
    They are creating a big confrontation between Israel and it’s neighbours.
    I don’t know how Israel will react.
    Israel knows that a real confrontation with their oponents, will end in mutual destruction.
    And the domino effect might reach China,and might be nuclear.
    The only option out would be a very generous peace offer from Israel to the Palestinians.
    Total withdrawal from West Bank,right of return for the Palestinians,the end of Zionism.
    Maybe some deals with Jordan over land and water.
    Than Israel will have to point their nuclear arsenal at the mansions,islands and bunkers of the European bankers ,a bit like Iceland,and explain the world why.
    Is Israel able to do a thing like that?
    I’m not sure too many people believe that.
    Reasonable people will see that it’s time to change,but Israel is a lunatic asylum,with very paranoid,brainwashed chosenites,that sincerely believe they are “special”.
    This is what was programmed and this is what you get.
    Rothschilds bet is that Israel will commit suicide ,and if they don’t want to do it voluntarily,they’ll create the conditions for a huge conflict.
    I think they’ll blow up the Rock on the Temple Mount,if it’s necessary.
    In 1967 ,the head rabbi of Israel tried to convince the serving general, that took the Temple Mount in the 6-day war ,to blow up the Rock.
    He refused.
    Than the rabbi went to Moshe Dayan (minister of “defense”)and tried to convince him,Dayan told him that if he repeated that he’ll throw him in jail.
    These exchanges were on tape.
    (Google “Haaretz” “Let’s blow up the Rock ” 1997(?))
    In the current circumstances any false flag inside Israel will set the Middle East alight.
    The Rock going down ,will create ww3.
    Looks to me this is Rothschilds vision.

  14. LC  December 14, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Jimmy Carter unaware “U.S. embassy hostage” scam ordered by Chase Bank in 1978:

    4/7 Syndrome of Control – Testimony of Jonathan May presented by Lindsey Williams –

    For other sections of above copy paste title into you tube window and change 4/7 to 1/7, 2/7, etc.

  15. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Wow. So what is going to happen exactly? Are we speaking nuclear? Or will it be peaceful?

  16. shachalnur  December 14, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    That is when they get rid of Israel.

  17. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    That is when they get rid of Bibi?

  18. Brian  December 14, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Excerpt from an article:

    Nothing makes a budget grow faster than trying to out “pro-Israel” each other. That’s the lesson of today’s story on how Congress continues to grow funding for Israel’s Iron Dome system at a time when the system’s effectiveness is in serious doubt.

    The initial proposal from President Obama was $210 million in funding. To prove they are even more pro-Israel, the Senate made it $420 million, insisting it is “critical to American interests.”

    Did the Senate win? Not so fast, as the House is now recommending $680 million. Senators are now pushing to at least match if not exceed the House’s funding.The money is in addition to the $3.1 billion in foreign military aid already planned to send to Israel.

    Brian: Maybe the money could be better spent on the homeless in the United States. They terrorize the Palestinians and yet we protect the Israelis and not the Palestinians. It like we protect a violent, crazed wife/child abuser from his family member victims when they throw snow balls at him. The United States of Israel.

    Sanctions against Israel will have to be initiated elsewhere.

  19. Excalibur  December 14, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Hey Jim – you might also need to do something about the people running America right now in order to get anywhere. The US government has been completely compromised and it is up to the good guys to accept that and to flush the enemies INSIDE the gate out from where they do so much harm.

    Russia has already done it – which is why it is now coming in for so much media smearing and targeting. What do you think – Putin or Obama?

    Who will be America’s ‘untouchable’ strongman?

  20. shachalnur  December 14, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    Depending on the situation in Syria,2 weeks top.
    According to the Rothschilds numerology and planning it will start before the end of 2012.

  21. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Is the writing on the wall for “Israel”? if so, how long do you give it?

  22. shachalnur  December 14, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    What they’re doing with Lieberman is called “doing an Olmert on him”.
    Olmert was flattened ,while he was some complaint from an US jewish donor.(turned out to be fake,but enough to finish him off.)
    Haim Ramon actually said on reshet Bet radio in june,that Olmert was flattened by “very influential jews “in the US.
    Netanyahu joined the parties in an effort to protect Lieberman,keep the votes in the party ,in case they take Lieberman out.
    Don’t forget,Lieberman has been under investigation since 1996,so the timing of this indictment is no coincidence.
    Now the difficult part; who is “they”.,”influential US jews”.
    Quantumleap; Jews have been split.
    The US,European Israel lobbies are controlled by the European bankers,that’s the one’s going for Lieberman now.
    Olmert was taken out by the Likud-neocon-hedgefund vultures.
    The same camps that were fighting over the US presidency a month ago.
    The European bankers won in the US.
    The fact that Lieberman,and in a while Bibi himself,is under attack,is because they took distance from The Rothschild clan.
    The manouvering around Syria.Lebanon by NATO,Obama and Europe (all Rothschild controlled),is because Israel is gonna be thrown under the bus ,by their former puppetmasters(European bankers).
    Israel is aware of this by now,and are trying to wiggle themselves out of this predicament.
    Therefore the attacks on Lieberman,and Bibi in a while(maybe some leaks on former Mossad activities(Rothschild controlled) ,probably related to Bulgaria,Argentina(1993) or even 9/11.
    Rothschild is throwing Israel into turmoil because the original plan(Israel getting into a suicidal conflict with Iran) is not working.
    I want to point out that I’ve been ventilating the same storyline for more than 3 months now on VT.
    Even if it seems far fetched,the indications that this is what ‘s going on ,are getting stronger by the day.
    I believe they will not be able to get the courtcase going before the elections,in that case Bibi is in trouble and possibly he’ll take revenge.
    This might become very interesting.

  23. LC  December 14, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Thanks Mr. Dean:
    Re: “Iran threat is just a scam.” No kidding!!!
    But it is a scam engineered by the same people (or remnants of) the Zio-Iranian-Americans who brought us the 1978 “U.S. embassy hostage scam” & its “hostage rescue scam” as I blew the whistles on them in previous VT pages like this one.


    Right after my whistle-blowing of the hostage scams & their recent nuclear scam a paid SHILL began attacking my comments & myself!!!!

  24. DaveE  December 14, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Lieberman’s quitting (thanks for the links, folks) is probably intimately connected to the coming election, but either way, a split in the “party” is great news, it most definitely weakens any coalition of the nasty and the nastier .

    My guess is Lieberman quit because ‘Bibi” was being too timid for Lieberman’s taste, a dirtbag on steroids. Every time the “zionists” get cornered, their response is always the same: become even more arrogant, ruthless and vindictive. I don’t think they’re capable of anything else, just like crocodiles can’t fly.

  25. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 8:52 am

    The link is still awaiting moderation but excerpt from that article:

    Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to resign over indictment decision
    AG to indict Lieberman on charges of fraud and breach of trust; Lieberman suggests he will try to secure plea bargain before elections; top officials in Likud Beiteinu: Lieberman to remain number 2 on joint ticket, will run in elections; Netanyahu tells Lieberman he hopes he proves his innocence and returns quickly to government.

  26. Brian  December 14, 2012 at 8:36 am

    Well I hope the Israeli Lobby looses its power throughout the world but I’m not optimistic about it. World leaders occasionally give a sign their tired of the crap Israel does but then a little bit later it seems the Israeli Lobby stranglehold has become even tighter. I need to find some optimism pills. 🙂

  27. Jim W. Dean  December 14, 2012 at 8:35 am

    His resigning is confirmed in a flash news item on PressTV. This will be a big story. I wonder how much the Israeli opposition parties might have had in this, or…foreign intel people dropping a dime on him. What will be interesting is why the speed of this happening, and out of the blue…and did Bibi know when he combined party votes with Lieberman’s party.

  28. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 8:10 am

    On request that commentator supplied a link for it from haaretz:

  29. blakehamilton  December 14, 2012 at 8:05 am

    I have heard that the Moldovan thug and FM of this usurping zionist entity LIEberman has resigned. Though cannot confirm that from the western media. An “Israeli” broke it in a comment on it on deliberation and a friend who lives inside that entity has confirmed it as true.

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