Press TV: School killings, first shock, then blame and conspiracy

School killings, first shock, then blame and conspiracy

Grieving residents gather following a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

Grieving residents gather following a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“America is crumbling from within and even the wanton killings of the innocent children of Sandy Hook Elementary School have failed to touch hearts hardened over long years of brutality.”


America is a nation that has known tragedy but will never be able to come together in suffering and support.

America is crumbling from within and even the wanton killings of the innocent children of Sandy Hook Elementary School have failed to touch hearts hardened over long years of brutality.

The murder of twenty children, mostly five and six-year-olds, in an otherwise peaceful town in Connecticut is conveniently called a “tragedy.” It is much more than that.

I refer to the children only though there were seven adults that were butchered also. Children represent something that is supposed to be universal to all of us, something everyone can understand, parents, grandparents, siblings, the idea of a small child, forty pounds, not yet four feet tall, shot nearly a dozen times with a precision Swiss semi-automatic pistol, this should be a picture all can draw common horror from.

In a sane world, this would be the case but we do not live in a sane world.

I see the scene “in my head,” twenty children blown to pieces, I picture myself as one of the police officers entering the scene. As a former soldier, it is not hard to imagine this scene; I see versions of it every time I sleep, as do so many others.

The butchery should be unimaginable but it is not.

I would be remiss if I did not point out that an almost identical scene, perhaps even more ghastly, more children dead, happened in Gaza only a few short days ago.

President Obama was silent on this.

We could also talk about the other killings, so many, so often, mass murders, Breveik’s seventy seven in Norway, all children albeit a bit older or so many attacks, America, Europe, some murders, some from war.

The blood pools, the blood of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School had not begun to dry, to take on that reddish brown hue we know so well before the busy little minds of America’s political opportunists kicked into “high gear.”

First was Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, former presidential hopeful, current spokesman for Rupert Murdoch’s “Fox News.” Huckabee inferred that the murders were the “will of god.”

“We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools… should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

Congresswoman Michelle Bachman of Minnesota equates violence in schools with “Jihadi lunches.” Bachman pointed out that schools that served “terrorist lunches” that included falafel or hummus, substances she believes likely to draw down the “wrath of god,” are responsible.

Within five minutes of the first reports, mass emailings originating from “think tanks” tied to the National Rifle Association, an ultra-right wing, pro-Israel group, credited President Obama and the CIA with planning the attack.

Many spoke of how the president faked his tears, knowing well he had personally ordered the carnage as part of a plot to seize America’s guns and implement what was actually the totalitarian regime promised by his former electoral opponent, Mitt Romney.

The emails claimed that Adam Lanza, thus far seen as the lone shooter, was part of a mind control program to bring about a slaughter akin to the Jonesboro killings that are cited as responsible for Australia’s draconian weapons laws.

I am sure that millions of dollars were sent to the NRA and tens of thousands of Americans rushed out to buy the same weapons Lanza is reputed to have used during his “kindergarten killing spree.”

Not to be outdone, the Israeli papers, the Jerusalem Post in particular, focused on six-year-old Noah Posner, the only Jewish victim.

Though Noah’s parents have our heartfelt condolences, the Post simply does not understand what their “take” on the tragedy tells the rest of us:

“authorities release names of twenty children, six adults; list includes youngest victim, 6-year-old Jewish child Noah Pozner.”

The loss of the life of a wonderful little boy was stained with what can only be called the filth of hate and racism. This is inexcusable.

I am reminded of an October 18, 2010 article in the JTA, Jewish Global News:

“Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas Party and the former chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel, also said that the lives of non-Jews are protected in order to prevent financial loss to Jews.

“With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they would lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi, who recently turned 90.

As offensive as Rabbi Yosef’s statements were, the Post very much reflected these values.

Not to be outdone, the anti-gun lobby has also begun flooding the news, flooding the Internet and pushing their “pet” political puppets like Senator Charles Schumer of New York, into instituting broad gun control.

Americans own hundreds of millions of guns, literally. The lowest numbers surveyed indicate Americans own over two hundred million guns. The real number is twice that.

What are not taken into account are the reasons:

1. Guns are the only “durable commodity” a citizen can own that cannot be devalued or depreciated through financial collapse. Guns are the only real form of wealth for the average American, with currency in doubt, pensions unprotected, the bond and equity markets in near collapse and most real estate in “free fall” decline.

2. Americans fear their government and police and most Americans fear other Americans.

What is realistic?

America has to accept that these killings, in America as elsewhere, are the real “terrorism,” home grown, perhaps at times, government-sponsored conspiracies.

A survey that will never be taken, one that could never be published involves the “tragedy” of 9/11. Eleven years later, no rational person can accept the government report.

In fact, those who wrote the report, including John Farmer, former Attorney General of New Jersey and chief legal architect of the 9/11 Commission Report indicted in his 2009 book as reviewed by this author in 2009.

“John Farmer’s Book: The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11 Farmer builds the inescapably convincing case that the official version… is almost entirely untrue…

The 9/11 Commission now tells us that the official version of 9/11 was based on false testimony and documents and is almost entirely untrue. The details of this massive cover-up are carefully outlined in a book by John Farmer, Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission.

Farmer, Dean of Rutgers Universities’ School of Law and former Attorney General of New Jersey was responsible for drafting the original flawed 9/11 report.

Does Farmer have cooperation and agreement from other members of the Commission? Yes. Did they say Bush ordered 9/11? No. Do they say that the 9/11 Commission was lied to by the FBI, CIA, Whitehouse and NORAD? Yes. Is there full documentary proof of this? Yes.

Farmer states… “at some level of the government, at some point in time… there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened… I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described… The [NORAD air defense] tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to the public and us for two years… This is not spin. This is not true.’”

Thus, when the conspiracies are unfolded about Sandy Hook School, how Adam Lanza, alone or with one or more accomplices, Adam Lanza, son of Peter Lanza, Vice President of GE Capital and partner at the giant accounting firm, Ernst and Young, how this young man, with military weapons, body armor, dressed as a Navy SEAL, murdered twenty seven people, Americans go from shock to disbelief to seeking conspiracies.

9/11 brought us there and America will never be the same.

The Sandy Hook School murders were not isolated events. They are a trend, one that has long taken root in America, a trend misconstrued, a trend misidentified, a trend we are afraid to put a real name to.

The simple truth is not that we have left god out of schools as Huckabee claims or that children are eating “Jihadi ‘chick peas’” as the reprehensible Michelle Bachman blithers on about.

We are in a war, not one between political philosophies or extremist religious groups. We are in a war between good and evil.

We have forgotten that evil is very real, you can see it, you can smell it, you can touch it.

Failing to recognize this for so long, we can now look around us, particularly to those of power, those of wealth, those who seek authority, those who yearn for privilege.

We can look there and find it.

We see evil, we are surrounded by it, we recognize it, identify it easily and our chosen solution in most cases is to oppose it by hoping it will simply go away.

It will not.

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67 Responses to "Press TV: School killings, first shock, then blame and conspiracy"

  1. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 19, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    About “Sandy Hook” appearing on map used in The Dark Knight Rises movie

    The map appears only for a second or two in the movie, but it was used promotion of the movie. People received a package that included the map and a T-shirt.

    Goldberg, Matt – December 15, 2011: “The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign Continues with Bane T-Shirt and Cylinder Map”. … 17 high resolution photos.

    Another source…

    There were 6 adult staff murdered. There are SIX squares to the left of Strike Zone 4.
    There were 20 children murdered.
    Twelve were girls. There are 7 circles around Strike Zone 4 and five to the right of Strike Zone 3. That makes 12 girls.
    Eight were boys. The other circles are dotted lines. There are EIGHT one for each boy.
    Strike Zone 1 would be the Lanza home. There is a red circle around a blue square. The Lanza home was blue. Nancy was killed there.
    To the left of Strike Zone 1 is a square with a dotted line around it for Adam.
    It is the EXACT death toll and combination.”

    (Checking the words against the map sent out one year to the day before the crime, they match.)
    (This writer gets lots wrong too, but focus on the above section of his page.)

    To do:
    * Check out this guy Matt Goldberg, starting with the comments at first link.
    * Consider: The promotion of the film is not the making of the film. Is there some importance to that? The promotion dept could have gotten the map stuck into the film for a couple shots, the promotion dept might be able to get some minor script changes… etc.

  2. jimsmith  December 19, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    EXACTLY! The CIA and FBI are the MK-Ultra mind-control anti-American CRIMINALS who perpetrated ALL these school shootings — and Duff knows it! These criminal organizations and DHS/FEMA need to be completely ABOLISHED, and the agency and department heads hung in the public square.

    Why did Duff bring up the NRA, when they have absolutely NOTHING to do with this?

  3. jimsmith  December 19, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE: “America has to accept that these killings, in America as elsewhere, are the real “terrorism,” home grown, perhaps at times, government-sponsored conspiracies.”

    RESPONSE: I think America has to “accept” that NONE of these conspiracies are “home-grown” as Homeland INSecurity wants you to believe. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has been perpetrated by Duff’s “good ole boy” CIA/FBI/Homeland INSecurity network assassins (all the way back to the Daddy Bush/Clinton administrations – to include WACO, Ruby Ridge, OKC, and the Clinton-era school shootings) to make Americans “cry out” for UN gun control. Well, you CIA/FBI/DHS jerks have GONE TOO FAR, to the point that now EVERYBODY is AWARE of WHO the SHOOTERS are. And they are NOT these mind-controlled young patsies left at the scene to take the blame while 3 more shooters escape. In fact, two more shooters at the CT school were apprehended, then disappeared from the news. SO DUFF, OWN UP TO THE DISGUSTING CHILD-MURDERERS IN YOUR BELOVED CIA RANKS.

  4. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 19, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Here is a longer version:
    YouTube: “Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting”

  5. peter  December 19, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Not Jews. Zionists. You lack intelligence.

  6. taosword  December 19, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    So many seem to think this is another conspiracy, or that the Jews did it. This BS diminishes the value of investigative journalism and shows bigotry and gross generalizations if not paranoia. One thing that is fact and that is reality is mainstream cultural violence, competition, greed, ego, bigotry, jealousy, comtempt for other races and cultures, genocide of the Natives of this land, enslavement of the Africans, virtual enslavement of most poor ethnic immigrants until Unions helped. Anyway, my point is that whether you believe in God or not, the Karma (Cause and Effect) of this country continues to be violence begets violence, an eye for an eye, me first, get yours and screw the guy across the tracks etc. This has been happening at least since 1492 when Columbus wrote in his journal that the natives would make good slaves. The old testament of the Christian bible gives instructions about how to treat women and slaves. These things are now mostly capital crimes. So we are as a culture in big trouble with or without God and conspiracys. I have to examine my part in it all and we all do before we see the Jew or the government as the evil ones. My own Shadow, my own darkside is potentially bad enough. Having been in combat it has had manifestation, and most of that period is nothing to be proud about or wave any flags over. For those of you who have not been in this cesspool of killing and violence, be careful about what you wish for.

  7. peter  December 19, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Spot on wolf. Just saw the video myself. Unreal. Aipac must be shatterd into a billion pieces.

  8. wolf  December 19, 2012 at 10:21 am

    This video clip shows the father of one of the victims laughing and joking before going on camera. He asks “Are we ready yet?”, chuckles with a stupid smile and steps up to the mic. Kinda says it all. Maybe this fella is the Sandy Hook equivalent of “Harley Guy”:

  9. Raptor  December 19, 2012 at 6:24 am

    People are drifting astray, so back on course..

    Funny, but no so funny, thing about the initial media report. I read one of the very first, forget the source, which stated that the Principal recognized the boy from the Mother, who was associated with the school, SO SHE BUZZED HIM IN.

    CNN is claiming in an article that he SHOT HIMSELF in with I ASSUME, the rifle which he wasn’t supposed to have on his person. We can stop right here, but unfortunately there is more. Like the time elapsed between the first 911 call and arrival of the first LE on scene….20 minutes.

    Yet it has been said that the first arriving officers called for backup upon finding bodies in the hall…” WHAT ABOUT THE BUSTED OUT FRONT DOOR ” Worse is this……

    according to CNN and their piece ” Sandy Hook shooting: What happened ” The Kid then shoots himself in the head as these officers arrived. They claim that he pulled out a handgun and then did the deed..

    Claims that he kills every child in the first room, 6 in the second of 20…..all within 20 minutes of the initial entry.. Strange…….I thought it was said that he had more ammo…..regardless are we to believe that those in the room across the hall simply waited as he executed those kids before moving onto them?

    Surely many more people have similar questions…..can’t stand anymore of this asinine BS.

    There are some seriously crazy notions flying around the web, but most make a hellava lot more sense than these ridiculous media claims.

    They are saying that at about 9.30 am ANNOUNCEMENTS were BEING made across the school and that students and faculty could hear gunfire over the speakers… Teachers were moving students to closets, bathroom etc..

    I don’t know…this has a stink that’s far to obvious to ignore..something must be done about this and done now.

    This is starting to smell like a seriously demented wag the dog kind of op, or a seriously well orchestrated professional job….either way in my opinion the boney kid was a prop.


  10. NavyBrat  December 19, 2012 at 1:33 am

    Thanks for that link. I agree – not all of them match up, but there are enough that do to make you think that we’re being wagged again. I would encourage others to take a look at this site.

  11. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Re Evil

    “Mind’s creativity is like the work of a sculptor, who takes a block of marble and delimits it, imposes boundaries, where the actual beautiful shape is to be formed. That is the act of mind.”

    “Evil” is something created; it is not the creator, therefore it is not “a” creator and has no power of itself.

    At the center is Light, creatingness, negentropy. One thing we guys and gals create is language. It has been said that poets are the true legislators of the world; they let creation happen.

    Destruction and death in the world of nature or the realm of the cosmos are not evil; contemplate the leaf or the solar system.

    A gang of bozos who operate from their central concept that they were born to rule and others (that’s us) were born to be animals and slaves serving their fantasy; a gang of bozos (need a graphic here) who take that which is created and all of a sudden it becomes their property; a gang of bozos who take beautiful creations (which ultimately come from the Light of creatingness, thank you very much) of science, literature and art, “own” them and use them in every way but creatingnessfully; use them to further their Zeus’ family fantasy… they are just dust in the wind.

    The story about the two monks…

    …an encounter between two prominent visiting Buddhist teachers. This was to be a high form of what was being called dharma combat (the clashing of great minds sharpened by years of study and meditation).

    One master reached deep inside his robes and drew out an orange. “What is this?” he demanded of the other, and we could feel him ready to pounce on whatever response he was given. The second sat quietly fingering his beads and made no move to respond. “What is this?” the first master insisted, holding the orange up to the other’s nose.

    Still uttering no reply, the second monk bent very slowly to the monk next to him who was serving as translator, and they whispered back and forth for several minutes. Finally the translator addressed the room: “Rinpoche says, “What is the matter with him? Don’t they have oranges where he comes from?”

  12. Mike Kay  December 18, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Here is the reality.
    Ideologies, philosophies, and monkey wrench acts have been engineered and fully supported by powerful people within the USA to destroy the USA.
    Currently in this country just about any abnormal behavior is defended and supported, especially if this behavior creates conflict, confusion, or division. 50% of the population are on some type of happy drug provided by big Pharma, who, incidentally kill as many as a couple hundred thousand civilians per annum. Job jacking has moved to such a state that there simply are no openings for professionals. Manufacturing was dismantled, currently with less than 11.5 million jobs-this in a population of over 308 million. The economy is in ruins because there no economy.
    The reality of America today is largely just a pile of demented lies, propagated by various types of whores who are really psychopaths eager to cause as much disaster as they can, and then profit from it.
    Now, we have pinheads across the media talking about “gun control”, at a time when the government has already moved directly into hard fascism and is continuing to become more oppressive. Interesting timing, isn’t it?
    So, get off your simplistic model of the gubbermint did it and start looking around, there’s a bus heading right for you, and you are about to be thrown under it.

  13. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Insightful comment, Excalibur. Hand-in-hand with the loss of moral guidance and some sort of optimism that was passed along through our Christian traditions or culture is the loss of scientific optimism or an ingrained faith that ‘making things better’ is what we do, either as human beings, or at least as Americans, and (unconsciously for most?) as Christians.

    Back say around Renaissance times, when education–the study of history, philosophy, math and science was not available to many, the church and its offshoots preserved and taught such things; even developed them (for example de Cusa). Similar in East and west Asia, with the names known to the educated of those cultures.

    Civilization is a fragile thing, taken too much for granted.

  14. CoJonesGrandes  December 18, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    This short clip shows the father of one of the “victims” laughing before making his press statement. Better download the video before it’s removed.

  15. FactversusHype  December 18, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    G, this is one of your ‘unchained’ pieces, appreciated.

  16. FactversusHype  December 18, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Promote daycare dumping and welfare single mommies, add slaughter violence sex video ‘games’ and hollywould mkultra for movietime as just ‘entertainment’, promote gobbling pharma pills (that don’t work) for depression by a corrupt medical complex who also promotes shoving them into kids, promote endless war, BUT THEN blame ‘guns’. Right.

    What’s interesting is the troll set (swarming other sites) are pumping gun removal instead of their usual pro war shilling. They’re really out in force. Too bad people are so easily diverted from the obvious agenda, which is – selfish, stupid america = enslaved america, though, I trust that increasing numbers are seeing through the diversion now.

    Hello to Wolf, Rah, NC bill, Mike, Cold, duay. I’ve been scarce and will be for a while yet, but appreciate reading your posts when I take a minute to visit. Your comments always add.

  17. CoJonesGrandes  December 18, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    I seriously doubt that there’s been any real killings.

    I remember Jim Stone had a photo on his website re: the Aurora shooting.
    It showed someone grinning from ear to ear at the crime scene.
    He pointed out that this is not normal human behaviour just after an atrocity.

    I’ve just found the equivalent for the Newtown incident.
    Here’s one of the parents of the victims laughing before changing to a sombre expression as he prepares to make a press statement

  18. CoJonesGrandes  December 18, 2012 at 1:38 pm
    Top 12 Illuminati Banksters Meet for Satanic Child Sacrifice in Denver on December 21st, 22nd!

  19. Excalibur  December 18, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    There has been a long, drawn out and continuing assault on Christianity for many years now. The ‘evil’ is trying to discontinue it because it has got in the way of ‘its’ plans for so long.

    Most western people over fifty received some form of Christian instruction and schooling during their education at least. This at least establishes a list of rights and wrongs.

    Increasingly, as time has gone on, many of those born since then have become agnostic or even atheistic. This has happened following the general ‘trends’ reflected in popular culture. It has also happened as the evil has tried to REPLACE our priorities and our definitions of what is good and what is bad – what is wonderful and what is evil.

    We have seen what society is like when actively Christian in nature – where people are brought up and live within a Christian culture. It is not perfect but it has a generally positive ethos – with national leaders forced to take on and apply Christian principles.

    We have seen what society is like when people are brought up or schooled in Christianity – but many of whom then subsequently become agnostic or atheistic by choice in later life. People’s concept of right and wrong is still in place although many lose their way and find unhappiness in their new concepts.

    We are NOW beginning to see what society is like when children are brought up WITHOUT ANY Christian or religious instruction at all. The moral code now implanted is merely a series of guilt trips, holocaust spin and new world order scare stories.

    After all – from the child’s perspective – all that awaits them in life is to scramble for a crap job; get shafted by everybody – even their own wife/husband/partner eventually – to grow old, sick and undesirable – and then to die of some horrible disease, probably in agony.

    There is no longer any concept of good an evil. There is only what you get away with and what you don’t.

    I believe that this is the reason why more of our children kill themselves at a tender age – let alone why they kill others.

  20. xx  December 18, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Not possible. Your too smart not to understand, remember p-drive that goes through air and water is the solution. What you need, so don’t waste it, compartments don’t solve problems they create, because their vision is too confined. How do you thing I know this, seen many things across the globe. Finish the work, and good luck.

  21. Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter  December 18, 2012 at 11:37 am

    thanks for your work NavyBrat … USN trained us well … never ASS U ME

  22. LC  December 18, 2012 at 9:12 am

    The American Flag:
    Innocent school children in this country are exclusively worshiping the American Flag as routine. U.S. Government knows how effectively that works to avoid god (or any proper religious belief) from the German social experience!!!!

  23. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Article: “ ‘This rumor is 100% false,’ a Senate Banking Committee aide, who asked not to be named, told TPM by email. ‘The Senate Banking Committee does not have any LIBOR hearings currently scheduled, and has never considered either of these men as potential witnesses.’

    A commenter there said, “Seriously, the Banking Committee aide could only tell you this anonymously?”

  24. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Appears to be good investigating by the author, Benjy Sarlin, even if I personally find his tone a bit offensive. Anyway, he addresses not the question of Nancy Lanza’s (the murdered mother’s) employment.

    Let’s see what he can come up with.

  25. JS  December 18, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Good article, Duff, for the most part. You said, “We are in a war between good and evil.” I see this as EXACTLY the same thing that Mike Huckabee said, based on the very short quote from him that you used, which was, “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools… should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?” From his words, I inferred that he says removal of the knowledge of God from our lives, results in humans doing evil things. If you had a more extensive quote, it would be easier to determine what he was actually trying to say. And in fairness to Huckabee, if he babbled incoherently for a while, well so did every other talking head out there, on both right and left. Most people have a hard time being coherent when they’re upset.

    Huckabee didn’t say it was the will of God in that quote you used; he said it was the will of man, same thing you basically said. The quote you used, does not support your inference at all.

  26. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Searching “Nancy Elaine Lanza” I can find no other information.


    Nancy Lanza legally owned a Sig Sauer and a Glock, both handguns commonly used by police, and a “military-style Bushmaster” rifle .223 M4 carbine, according to law enforcement officials.

    Later on the day of the murders, police were videotaped finding a shotgun in the trunk of his mother’s car which he is said to have driven to the school. It’s dark (reports say it gets dark there this time of year around 4:30-5:00PM). The ABC newsreader anchors identify it as only a long weapon. (1:22)

    You can see at the very beginning the cop pulls a large magazine from the weapon, and he clears it pulling on the side, not the back. What is very interesting, is that US police departments began ordering saiga 12’s (shotguns like this one) from Izhmash at the beginning of 2012.

    Did the murdered mother (or is she in witness protection now?) have a brother on the police force?

    Look at the news report. What is your impression (aside from the specific weapon)? Does the video look staged? Do the announcers look conflicted?

    It shouldn’t have been difficult to verify and ascertain exactly where the mother worked. The Wall Street Urnal reported that she was a teacher, a neighbor said she was a stay at home mom…

    Who owned what weapons found where and when is still very unclear, and reports contradicted each other throughout the first day.

  27. Garibaldi  December 18, 2012 at 8:23 am

    Here’s a pertinent comment to your question, jackson, which was just posted in response to Duff’s latest article at Press TV, which has in turn answered my previous inquiries to him at the head of this thread–
    Dec 18, 2012 9:57 AM
    after the Port Arthur massacre event in Tasmania (Australia) the subsequent gun laws that were rushed through did not include the Jewish community who still maintained full access to a wide range of weaponry “for the defence of the Jewish community who are under constant threat of attack”. The ordinary Australian citizens were subjected to some of the most ludicrous gun laws which simply impacted on the honest citizens while the criminal elements continued to have their usual access to firearms with no impediment. So what will happen in the USA if “gun laws” are enacted? Will the Jewish community be exempted from the draconian laws? Of course they will – while the general masses will be forced to hand in their weapons thus preventing the potential for an armed revolution when they are sick of the corrupt political system that controls them. These “massacres” set the stage for the removal of firearms from the general population.

  28. JS  December 18, 2012 at 8:09 am

    I noticed the same thing with the 2 Sandy events. But there is more to that comparison, because Newtown is basically the same name as New (York) City. There is an obsession with two, twins, twin names, twin towers, etc. Captain May pointed this out many times, that mass terror events happened in towns with twin names of some kind, often the town and its state were twinned, like the bombing of the Murrah bldg in OKC, OK; the Twin Tower attacks (2 attacks!) in NYC, NY. Superstorm Sandy hit NYC, NY. Hurricane IKE hit Texas City, TX.

  29. Martin Maloney  December 18, 2012 at 8:01 am

    The LIBOR Senate Banking Committee hearing connection to Aurora and to Newtown shootings has been branded as a hoax:


  30. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 6:53 am

    Oh-Oh! What’s this???

    Nancy Elaine Lanza (Same woman as murdered/ mother of accused shooter?)
    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney – Broker-Dealer Agent – 6/1/10 – Present
    Address Cityplace 1-185 Asylum St-21st [Floor]
    Hartford, Connecticut, 06103

    ( Government Securities Broker, Registered Broker Dealer)

    Sandy Hook is 06482
    Newtown – where school is – seems to be some 40-50 miles SW of Hartford, with zip code 06470


  31. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 6:49 am

    Probably trying to point to this, and inferring the question from it.

    Nancy Elaine Lanza (Same woman as murdered/ mother of accused shooter?)
    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney – Broker-Dealer Agent – 6/1/10 – Present
    Address Cityplace 1-185 Asylum St-21st [Floor]
    Hartford, Connecticut, 06103

    ( Government Securities Broker, Registered Broker Dealer)

    Sandy Hook is 06482
    Newtown – where school is – seems to be some 40-50 miles SW of Hartford,
    with zip code 06470

  32. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 6:20 am

    You meant to say
    Was Nancy Lanza the LIBOR Whistleblower?

  33. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 5:28 am

    I’m not suspecting Mr Manfredonia of anything, nor even suggesting he be checked for GSR. I’m trying to say the LA Times story and Mr Manfredonia’s encounter with police do not explain the report of man in camo pants and dark jacket taken to police car, and doesn’t come close to explaining one or two (some say three) men in the woods). Kids also reported a man handcuffed on floor of fire station where they were taken; who was that?

  34. Charlotte NC Bill  December 18, 2012 at 2:48 am

    Yup…where Christ doesn’t reign….Satan takes the throne…

  35. Charlotte NC Bill  December 18, 2012 at 2:44 am

    You’re on the right track…me thinks..

  36. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 2:11 am

    Don’t forget Catapulting the Narrative. (Getting that message out early, in order to shape public opinion while it is still malleable.)

    More on that by Dr. Kevin Barrett here:

  37. K7KTR  December 18, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Mr. Duff, While this article was written to bring some sort of direction I will have to admit I feel nothing.

    Perhaps Patrick’s YouTube sums it up better then I can.

    What is clear though is while Obama sheds a alleged tear for the children he doesn’t do that for the Afghan children the US has now designated as “Legitimate Target’s” because they are playing in the dirt and (maybe) a Taliban is having the child plant an IED. From War Porn videos from Iraq we have watched many Insurgents blow themselves up planting an IED. So how a little child has that ART of planting IEDs is a whole moral question. Moral’s that Obama doesn’t have.

    In Iraq there were no tears for the children murdered for a US LIE.

    I Pakistan there is not even a Specialist behind the drone controls to shed a tear yet I bet he will go home and hug his own kids.

    In Palestine when Israel used US Weapon’s to murder 34 or so children, Obama’s tears were not seen either. No in fact Obama just Re-Armed Israel’s White Phosphorus weapons to burn to death more children. When it comes down to it as much as many were aghast at Jeremiah Writes “God Damn America” But yes, The Chicken’s have come home to roost now.

    The above video link is self explanatory. When a nation stays at extended War not only will our boys in the field loose it but here at home too. I also believe from this that we should no longer be calling Federal Assistance “Food Stamp’s” But call them what they really are, “War Rations”. We have destroyed this country from the inside out and waged war on the world and like Viet Nam…. All we can count is Our War Dead and not the others.

    I’m sure there are those that remember what Napalm did to the Asian villiages and like Iraq’s 1,000,000 dead over that lie we are consumed with our dead.

    The assault on the Iraqi military, which was as defenseless as the civilian population, was relentless. More than 40,000 tons of bombs targeted the military, often in proximity to civilian areas. B-52s carpet-bombed military areas from extremely high altitudes. Estimates of the numbers of Iraqi soldiers killed by the end of the bombing ranged from 100,000 to 200,000. On March 22, 1991, the Defense Intelligence Agency placed Iraq’s military casualties at 100,000. Near the end of the bombing, as U.S. troops planned to advance on Kuwait City and Iraq, U.S. General Kelly said of Iraqi forces: “There won’t be many of them left.” When asked for his assessment of the numbers of Iraqi soldiers and civilians killed, General Colin Powell answered, “It’s really not a number I’m interested in.” General Schwarzkopf had a strict policy that Iraqi dead were not to be counted. Both violated international law requiring respect for enemy dead, their identification, notification of family, and proper religious burial. Americans know how they feel about their MIAs from Vietnam and earlier wars.

    But good article.

  38. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 1:58 am

    Widely circulated rumor that Peter Lanza, father of supposed shooter “to testify about LIBOR.” Seems to have started at, with absolutely no attribution or documentation.

    Do we know anyone was set to testify in the LIBOR scandal? A Tax Director or VP, which Lanza is said to be at GE, could be asked to testify, but I’ve seen nothing solid yet.

    But there is this story from Oct. 18:

    “A trio of former financial executives from General Electric are headed to prison after being found guilty of defrauding taxpayers in the municipal bond market”

    “The probe has yielded 20 indictments so far, with defendants coming from institutions including Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500), JPMorgan (JPM, Fortune 500) and UBS (UBS).[…]”


    Maybe better is this long article, by Matt Taibbi sugesting the connection with LIBOR [It’s HUGE crookery, it’s taxpayer money, and it’s been going on since forever, and it’s what the finance houses do.]:

    “But this just-completed trial in downtown New York against three faceless financial executives really was historic. Over 10 years in the making, the case allowed federal prosecutors to make public for the first time the astonishing inner workings of the reigning American crime syndicate, which now operates not out of Little Italy and Las Vegas, but out of Wall Street.” …

  39. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 18, 2012 at 1:10 am

    From police radio, supposedly (sounds like it, and that’s what she claims. Police scanner recording is online somewhere.), “last name Manfredonia [ph], first name Christopher.”

    LA Times article explaining he was a parent who came to school to help 6 yr old daughter make gingerbread stuff.

    Dec 14, 6:48PM [Why it is datelined thus, and link has “20121215”, I dunno–two different dates, software says 15th. Earliest comment is ” 9:50 AM December 15, 2012 “] LA Times is only paper I see with this story.


    ” […]
    ” ‘Evil visited this community today,’ Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Friday evening. ‘It’s too early to speak of recovery.’

    “Chris Manfredonia, whose 6-year-old daughter attends the school, was heading there Friday morning to help make gingerbread houses with first-graders when he heard popping sounds and smelled sulfur.

    ” He ran around the school trying to reach his daughter and was briefly handcuffed by police. He later found his child, who had been locked in a small room with a teacher.

    ” ‘The whole reason we moved here a year ago is because when you drive down the subdivision, it’s a happy place,” said his wife, Georgeann Manfredonia. “There’s a ton of children here and the families are very kind and supportive.’

    “Geneva Cunningham, 9, a fourth-grader, said she was in the library when […]”

    Did this guy run into the woods? With police chasing him (presumably identifying themselves and ordering him to halt)? Was he wearing “camo pants and a dark jacket,” (We have news video of someone who just saw this clothing on man, and the handcuffed man put into front seat of police cruiser.)

    There’s a helicopter video of people being chased into the woods.
    “4th Shooter Discovered, Two Not One in Woods Behind Sandy Hook Elementary School”

    Lots of unanswered questions.

    I hope the police are checked all these people for gunshot residue.

  40. LC  December 18, 2012 at 12:22 am

    Numerology & Satanism are probably the answer: six weeks before the Sandy school massacre U.S. North East was slaughtered by another Sandy (the hurricane). Were these names & that particular school picked picked by the Satanists in control of this country??? Just like 9/11. Ground Zero. Pull it. “Buildings collapsed” (instead of pulverized).

  41. duay khwaam nap theuu  December 17, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Gordon Duff’s e-mail address is readily available via the bio page accessible via the right side of the header up top. Thousands of readers don’t need to read your messages to him in the comments.

  42. johnsholtes  December 17, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    With exception to the Libor scandal link which was made by a jew to throw people off this is a great source of facts. Thank you for compling this you can add that both the Aurora and Sandy hook school were depicted in the original script of the Dark Knight Rising which is part of the way the jews always have to put out visual images of what they want to make happen. .They did it also by putting out images of 911 such as in a movie they showed a bridge with the saign Watch out 9′ 11″ and a cover of Time showing 911 etc. Some sort of Kaballic ritual.

  43. Warlord Moneybags  December 17, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    12) ****

    This link has the guy in the woods name. My computers going haywire today so I can’t go there myself.

    I posted it the other day but haven’t seen anyone commenting on it yet.

  44. wolf  December 17, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    So what else does the Aurora ‘Dark Knight’ shooting have in common with this one besides the LIBOR aspect? There was a subtle warning or predictive programming insertion in the Batman movie. At the 1:58 mark you can see the words ‘Sandy Hook’ on the far left of the map. Check it out:

    “We mark that truck, get a GPS on it,” Commissioner Gordon said. “Then we can start thinking about how to take it down.” (haha right)

    This of course is in the same vein as Lisa Simpson holding up that magazine (New York Vs Homer Simpson (1997) where it clearly shows ‘9/11’ with the 11 showing as the twin towers.

    “They” do have rules and protocol that they always follow. One of these is that they must give some sort of advance notice and another aspect is the numerology…certain numbers, dates, etc.

    Sandy Hook was an inside job. Amerika’s been Breiviked.

  45. shachalnur  December 17, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Why goodbye?
    You’re writing interesting stuff,it’s just a bit hard to follow ,once in a while.
    try to fit less info in any given post and people will be able to react.

  46. NavyBrat  December 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    17) Would you like fries with that?
    (Sorry – there wasn’t a 17th question in the posting.)

  47. xx  December 17, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Good bye.

  48. Subvet416  December 17, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    “We are in a war, not one between political philosophies or extremist religious groups. We are in a war between good and evil.”

    A story is told about a sick theologian on his death bed who sent for Mulla Nasrudin.

    “Prescribe for me a prayer that will ease me into the other world since you are
    known as being in communication with another dimension.”

    Nasrudin answered, “I’ll be delighted. God help me, Devil help me”.

    “You must be insane” declared the theologian.

    “Not at all” said the Mulla, “A man in your position cannot afford to take chances.
    If there are two alternatives he should prepare for either of them working out”.

  49. xx  December 17, 2012 at 5:02 pm


    One of these times when I make trip to Ohio, we should get together and talk. My younger brother-in-law is sheriff in Cleveland area, older brother-in-law is consultant for GE, lives near Akron. I used to live in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls for about 15 years.

  50. ronaldhoy  December 17, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    Good questions. What was the 17th question?

  51. Garibaldi  December 17, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    BTW, I believe you must have been referring specifically to the Port Arthur Massacre, and not the Jonesboro (Ark.) incident, when you wrote: “…a slaughter akin to the Jonesboro killings that are cited as responsible for Australia’s draconian weapons laws”.
    Had me goin’ there for a minute!

  52. Allesandro  December 17, 2012 at 3:34 pm


    I’ve noticed for some time now a mysterious action on my screen while reading stories like this one on line.

    I’ll be reading, not touching my cursor and suddenly my screen will jump, a few lines, a half page, sometimes back and forth. It seems very strange, almost like someone else is controlling my screen view, or my terminal.

    Just thought I’d mention it.

    Good Article.

  53. LC  December 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Gee!!! was that all???

    FBI’s Ted Gunderson may have explained what happened @ Sandy Elementary (Satanic ritual murders):


  54. Cold Wind  December 17, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Nice questions Navybrat! Where are Gordon’s deep sources on these? What happened to initial reports of other shooters, recordings of arrest in the woods, man captured in parking lot etc ? You might want to view the videos provided at Conspiracy-Cafe. com.

  55. yusefguitar  December 17, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Great article as usual Gordon. May God help us all.

  56. Garibaldi  December 17, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    …and it ain’t just some 20 year old kid, either.

  57. Jibril Latif  December 17, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    What is the latest on the LIBORG testimony?

  58. Mike Kay  December 17, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    I believe you are alone in calling this one correctly as an act of unspeakable evil. Everyone else is blaming body armor, weapons, and a few others have delved into the morass of personality drugs. Every perpetrator is billed as a sicko, most of whom eat meds like candy.
    Weird thing is that I know crazy. I’ve known more’n a few certifiables who served their country with distinction, and the rest who just lost it somewhere along the way, and never found it again. Some of these people possessed arsenals that would be the envy of any petty dictator, yet they never, ever even came close to pulling an act of evil like CT. Let me repeat this, even when the VA had them pilled up to the point they were hearing voices and seeing double, the thought, the urge, the chance even that they would pull anything like this was zero.
    Nope, it ain’t just crazy, and it ain’t just the meds. It is evil.

  59. MK  December 17, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    Isn’t it curious how many of these people are on SSRIs?
    Deadly psychotropics

    How many are victims of psychotronics?

    WE DO NOT KNOW. We can’t get our country or the world back until this insanity STOPs.

  60. NavyBrat  December 17, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Here are some excellent points which we might do well to consider:

    Newtown Massacre…the MAJOR DISCREPANCIES LIST
    by Clare Kuehn

    1) As yet, we have not seen any concrete evidence that any child died.

    2) As yet, parents have not been allowed to see their children. (Photoshopped pictures do not count.)

    3) As of now, I have seen only one unambiguous statement from a grieving parent (Robbie Parker).

    4) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan–who officials say is very cooperative–claims not to have even seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID? And why does such use not qualify as a theft?

    5) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest, if he planned to kill himself?

    6) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns–a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. But then he could not possibly have been firing the rifle, and could not have committed the murders. Who did?

    7) According to the official story, the killing was tightly confined to two classrooms. But then why were so many children told to close their eyes while leaving the building?

    8 ) Joanne Didonato, the principal’s secretary, called in sick on Friday–something she rarely does. So presumably, she must have been awfully ill. Yet she then felt well enough to give an interview. “Of all days,” she said, emphasizing the strange coincidence.

    9) The hospital went into lockdown and cleared four trauma rooms, but received only three patients, two of them dead children(according to the official story) and one mildly wounded adult.

    10) Why were there such persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?

    11) What happened to the report that Adam Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend were missing in New Jersey?

    12) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school? He actually shouted to parents, “It wasn’t me.” Who was he and what was he doing there?

    13) What happened to the dark van or SUV that the police surrounded in the parking lot, or the maroon sedan with a blown-out back window they were on the lookout for?

    14) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her “autistic” son access to both guns and ammo?

    15) Why were parents told on Friday that “if you haven’t been reunited with your child by now it’s already over”? Does anyone imagine that real parents of real children would simply say, “Okay, the show’s over, let’s go home now”?

    16) Would real parents of real children really be satisfied with (possibly photoshopped) pictures of their children? Wouldn’t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?17) According to the official story, 28 people died but only 1 was wounded. The dead included 20 small, squirmy children–difficult targets even for professionals. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of time?

    18 ) A child asserts that he/she heard someone say, “Put your hands up,” followed by the reply, “Don’t shoot.” This indicates that the police took a suspect into custody inside the school. But if that was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself after that point?

    19) Another child asserts that he/she saw a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. Again, this indicates that the police took a suspect into custody. If that was Adam Lanza, how did he then kill himself?

    20) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile and created many others in his name?

    21) Is it reasonable for a geeky 20-year-old to carry two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition while wearing a bulletproof vest and a mask?

    22) Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies rotting in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night? Perhaps to ensure that the transport, if any, would go unrecorded on photos or video?

    23) Why won’t police tell us where they found the Henry repeating rifle, the Enfield rifle, and the shotgun?

    24) Did the school have one or more security cameras? What do they show?

    25) Why did a police officer specifically mention, on radio, that “they’re coming at me through this wood,” followed by a fellow officer saying, “This is it”?

    26) One officer in the school said, “We’ve got one suspect down.” Who was that? Down in this situation generally means in custody (on the ground and cuffed), not dead.

    27) Why didn’t Adam’s uncle see anything out of the ordinary in Adam when the two saw each other in June?

    28 ) Why is Adam Lanza reported to be a loner when a teenager said oxymoronically), “[Lanza and his friends] always gathered alone in a corner in school”?

    29) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family, whether the family wants such “protection” or not?

    30) Why are Ryan Lanza and his roommates still in custody, and why are the police
    pretending that it’s for their own benefit?

    31) Is it a coincidence that Nancy Lanza’s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?

    32) Since the alleged shooter’s father is VP of GE Capital, and (like “Batman shooter” James Holmes’s father) was scheduled to testify at the Senate Hearings on the LIBOR scandal, is there a LIBOR connection to this event?

  61. Tigrr  December 17, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Too much of the CT shooting resembles the OK and CO shootings. Both cases mentioned a ‘second person/shooter’ in early reports which then disappear. Conflicting other reports. Probably the second person is a Handler, who supplies the trigger word/phrase to set the pre-programmed person into action. Recent report by cell-mate of the CO shooter, says the shooter said he “was programmed to shoot.”
    For more on MK Ultra and the Bushs complicity in these programs, Search/ Read: TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips.
    ( Warning – graphic revelations of twisted sex and worse by past WH and current Congress peoples. How single parents are being deliberately targeted with false abuse charges to ‘legally acquire’ more American kids.)

  62. NavyBrat  December 17, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks for the pause that refreshes Gordon. Too much rush to judgement at the moment.

    …”First shock, then blame and conspiracy.” And then rage and calls for vengeance.
    As the perp has been killed, the need for vengeance is now pent up. Are we being set up for its release on Christmas Day in Phoenix? After all, everything is in place in the Middle East. All that’s needed now is some fool with a box of matches.

    To Mike Huckabee – I should remind you that we all have free will to do good or evil. This was NOT the will of God. It was the will of the shooters. Leave God out of this.

    And to Ms. Bachman – go on a diet. Does eating Indian food bring down the wrath of Shiva, or eating
    Chinese food bring down the wrath of the PLA?

    These political leaps should go into the Guinness Book of World records under the “Desperately Seeking Votes” section.

  63. shachalnur  December 17, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    The result of a century of “Social Engineering”.
    It’s no coincidence that the perpetrators,stooges,or fall guys are mainly young man.
    In europe things are not different.
    “Evil” has been put on the forefront of young people’s minds,it’s the only flavor around ,right now..
    It makes them very instable and easy to manipulate,steere and take the blame.

  64. xx  December 17, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Gordon, slow down. maybe something still ongoing in background. So maybe limited information is better for now.

  65. Garibaldi  December 17, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Grazie for your thoughts, Duff. Funny you should mention Jonesboro in the same breath as Brevik. If the hit in Newtown was as real as reported, it looks way too professional for some 20 year old kid. Who does kids, Gordon? Who does “wet ops”? Any further thoughts about Kevin Barrett’s latest “catapulted” questions, or what Mike Harris had to say today on Press TV?

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