Press TV: Americans Fed Up with AIPAC Meddling

Americans fed up with Israeli meddling in US domestic affairs


By Gordon Duff and Press TV


 “Real or not, Netanyahu feels Israel has been abandoned by the US. Some Americans, I am certainly one of these, Hagel is one also as is Chairman of the JCOS, Martin Dempsey, see Israel as interfering in domestic affairs, American elections and an irresponsible “actor” in the Middle East.”

 Senator Chuck Hagel (ret), a republican from Nebraska, is expected to be nominated by President Obama to the vital post of Secretary of Defense, taking the place of Leon Panetta.

Hagel is the only GOP senator to have stood up to the Israel/AIPAC lobby, the only senator to question sanctions against Iran and a rare and independent voice that is needed to bring Pentagon “adventurism” to an end.

However, Hagel is now under attack and stands accused of “anti-Semitism,” this time by infamous neocon Bill Kristol.

Few in recent history have done more to damage the US than Kristol, the “brains,” if you can call them that, behind the disasters of the Bush administration.

It was Kristol, the architect of war crimes; the “master planner” of economic collapse, who is now leading the “charge” to “swift boat” Chuck Hagel.

The term “Swift Boat” stands for a group of veterans who accepted payment from extremist billionaire T. Boon Pickens to fabricate stories disparaging John Kerry’s run for the presidency in 2004.

Kerry won the 2004 election handily but “electronic vote flipping” in Ohio stole the presidency from him. Now Kerry is expected to take over from Hillary Clinton and serve as Secretary of State.

Kristol hates Kerry also, but the Republicans spent all their energy destroying potential nominee Susan Rice, lies, innuendo, insane attacks, and Kerry will be “untouchable.”

Hagel and I are both Vietnam veterans, we both served as combat infantrymen and, to me, the idea of having a real “front line” soldier running the Pentagon is exciting.

This will be the first time that has happened. Hagel opposed the Iraq invasion and actually knows war, not as a “tourist” but a real soldier.

War profiteers are unlikely to do well with Hagel “at the helm.”

Today, I was contacted by Vote Vets, an organization founded by General William Westmoreland. They are asking vets to stand up for Hagel, stand up against the scurrilous charges and allow, what is the best candidate for this vital time in history, serve his country again.

From VoteVets:

“The neocons are at it again. Bill Kristol does not like that Vietnam Veteran and potential Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has a more reasoned view on the use of force than Kristol and other neocons. So what does Kristol do? He tosses out the outrageous, false attack that Chuck Hagel is anti-Israel. By extension, of course, it’s implied that he must be anti-Semitic.

This is offensive, wrong, and this kind of swift boating must stop, now. I know Chuck Hagel, and consider him a friend. I’m also Jewish.

I know who Senator Hagel is, and what he stands for. I also know anti-Semitism when I see it, and for William Kristol to use this line of attack – crying wolf – against Senator Hagel seriously undermines real anti-Semitism when it arises.

That’s why I’m asking you to stand up to this line of attack. If William Kristol wants to have a real debate on the real issues, let’s have it. Let’s have a debate on the neocon military policy of preemptive war, interventionism, and nation building versus a more reasoned approach, with use of the military as a last resort.

That’s a debate we’d win. It’s a debate Chuck Hagel would win, should he be nominated to be Secretary of Defense. And that’s why neocons like William Kristol will do anything to keep that debate from happening.”

(Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran, Chairman,

Israel “kicked to the curb”

Real or not, Netanyahu feels Israel has been abandoned by the US. Some Americans, I am certainly one of these, Hagel is one also as is Chairman of the JCOS, Martin Dempsey, see Israel as interfering in domestic affairs, American elections and an irresponsible “actor” in the Middle East.

John Kerry is known to be more sympathetic to Israel than even Hillary Clinton is. Many doubt he will have the courage to follow a truly “American” policy that will serve decency, morality and respect international law.

Kerry began his political career as a strong opponent of war. A return to those values he held to early in life, those lessons he also learned fighting in Vietnam, would serve America well.


Probably the biggest failure of the week is America’s refusal to support Palestine’s UN mandate and oppose illegal settlements planned by Israel for the West Bank.

Technically, Israeli “settlers,” a painfully inaccurate term for the illegal interlopers and now “stateless person” who are no more than “squatters” on Palestinian sovereign territory, can be expelled at any time.

In fact, UN Resolution 242, a “binding” resolution, requires it.

Instead, because of UN action against Israeli occupation and military operations across what are now officially recognized frontiers; Israel plans even more blatant and criminal acts.

This is meant to humiliate the vast majority of states that supported Palestine in recent votes in the UN and to blackmail the US, blackmail and humiliate.

Gutlessness of Obama

With Obama “stacking” his administration with those openly opposed to war, even sympathetic to Iran, why would Obama, who faces no further elections, kowtow to more Israeli violations of international law?

How can men like Hagel or even Kerry, or military leaders like Dempsey, serve an administration that fails to follow international law, fails to show the courage the electorate expected?

If Americans wanted an Israeli president, Mitt Romney was their man.

The people have made it clear, Romney is not only “invisible,” but as slunk into the netherworld of obscurity, primarily based on, not just his love of America’s rich, but his “Israel first” policies.

Syria and Egypt

Watching the Obama administration’s policies toward Egypt and Syria is telling. One wonders whether those policies, in Syria “lack of engagement” and “borderline adventurism” are much more “Bush league” than enlightened.

In Egypt, it is clear that America is using its weapons, its money and power to saddle the Egyptian people with a corrupt and paralyzed government.

No policies at all

In fact, though things would be far worse with Romney, Obama seems to have no clear policies at all. Currently, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association) is negotiating with Iran over inspections. The IAEA has not been independent or “fair” for many years but is showing more leadership and fairness toward Iran than Obama.

If anything, Obama is working to undermine progress toward normalizing relations with Iran and building stability in the region.

One would almost suspect tensions were being exacerbated to give reason to continue occupation of Afghanistan forever.

Could $80 billion in drug profits be influencing American policy?

New broom

The expectation, Hagel at “Defense,” Kerry at “State” and a president who has no need to play electoral games, the expectation is that real leadership, as promised four long years ago, is long overdue.

Americans voted for certain things; an equitable economy with the “criminal elite” brought to justice, new policies reflecting moral values and real leadership, not just empty promises.

No need to “mince words”

When we talk “AIPAC” or “neocon,” we are really talking drug dealers, money launderers, gunrunners and organized crime.

We are also looking at a long history of failure to investigate acts of espionage, treason and terrorism against the United States, acts one might describe as “Insider Threats.”

President Obama, himself, warned of these threats in his memo of November 21, 2012.

Simply put, the American people and the people of the world are no longer willing to give Obama “more time” to prove himself.

Being reelected is not enough. It is time for Obama to “take office” and “man up.”

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10 Responses to "Press TV: Americans Fed Up with AIPAC Meddling"

  1. Charlotte NC Bill  December 26, 2012 at 4:19 am

    Fm the pictures ( explosion before the missile strike ) it looks like they weren’t taking any chances..First the accountants were blown up and seconds later the missile ( fired fm an Israeli sub? ) hits the Pentagon..

  2. K7KTR  December 24, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Just for clarification, It’s William Kristol. Bush was in on this 9/11 or Mr. My Pet Goat!, Who else would not have his SS not move him from a school? They hit the PentaCON in the exact office looking for the 2.3 Trillion that Rumsfelf (War Criminal) had mentioned only the day before. Then the 911 center known as Building #7 that housed all files on Enron and other scams.

    Even the “Pull It” remark is stupid as NYFD doesn’t do Demolitions and even more so since it would take time to wire that building. It is more like Flight 93 was headed for that building having a New York 3-some with all planes. Yet the Field crash was a hoax too as the original reports showed “Parts” near a home and then they said “Wreckage” was strewn over 4-6 miles. It was shot down!

    Of that crash they said, “There was no pieces bigger then a phone-book which is far different then not having a plane or parts of a plane visible in any footage, it is only when they planted a Black Box do you see anything. Everything is by deception.

    Take a Full Pressurized Pop-can and throw it at a wall and see it explode, There is no way a pressurized ALUMINUM PLANE can cut through 4 rings of the PentaCON’s Basement only to leave a small entry hole. Yet not have a wall damaged from two engines that would have broken from the wings and also made holes. A Missile would though and one that was sure to reach the TARGET.

    The Petition to Deport the Brit from CNN, should also have one started to get rid of Kristol and the rest of his PNAC fools that think they will continue to play American’s. Those at PNAC are responsible for nearly 9,000 DEAD American’s from Illegal invasions plus those dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. All people worry about is how the FACE of America looks. The FACE would have a huge SMILE if War Crimes were started and many were swinging from their TREASON!

  3. K7KTR  December 24, 2012 at 12:42 am

    I wish more American’s would MAN UP instead of only Obama..

    Do the right thing… ******
    Immediately DEFUND the Apartheid “Failed State” of Israel of “ANY” US Foreign Aid or Military Equipment! ******

    While American’s sit on their hands, Daily more US Weapon’s (Chemical too) are being used in Gaza on Palestinian Children that you wont see MY COUSIN (OBAMA) God I hate to admit that!

    You also wont see no tears from Obama MY COUSIN for all the Children he Murders in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other covert actions playing War with countries we aren’t even at war with YET!
    Yes the current policy of the US is to TARGET all “Military aged males and NOW… Children too. Yes the Spokeman now says that the Taliban (May Have) Children planting IEDs in the ground. So now they (Children) are valid targets of the US Drones.

    Our Foreign Policy suck’s and so does the hoaxed war on terror. We hear more about terrorist now then we ever did before sinking ourselves into the middle east where we were once known as the “Peace Keepers.”
    Years of US Tax dollars into the BILLIONS to PAY OFF countries to be NICE for Israel’s constant aggression that daily only gets WORSE!

  4. Detlef Reimers  December 23, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    The name of the last poter here makes me laugh a bit, but I also get the message.

    Each time, Mr. Cristol is mentioned, may it be his influential father or the son, I’m full awake, because to my opinion this person has always been a real threat against true american interserts (I’m saying this, although beeing a german myself).

    I’ve learned about ‘their’ threatening ideology, some call it mythology, when reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’ from Ayn Rand and also ‘Capitalism at Work’ from Robert L. Bradley jr. Christols father was at the center of the coup, which changed the republican party of the US forever. At the heart of this coup was a tiny group of deadly convinced people – most of them former Trotzkyists or at least sympatisants, which may sound strange at first – who have analized the political situation in the US of the 60th very well and had the idea to overtake the political power in the republican party for their own means and purposes.

    As it seems now, they were very successful at that time, because they didn’t forget to manage another coup at the same time – the religious/ideological overtake of the bible belt. Both actions changed the country as a whole, the real zionistic agenda behind these coups, are not recognized by the great majority even now – this was genious, but as usual, it only really works for a limited time. Even 40 years are only a second in history, so lets be patient, people will come to gripses and realize the betrayal of this gang of political criminals and ideologicl extremists, who can hide behind their very influential supporters of big corporations, military leaders as well as – mostly corrupt or blackmailed politicians.

    They REALLY hate each american, who thinks first in the interest of his own country. They have to, because the intellectual overlords behind them lived and live outside your country. These long time strategies need lots of people in the right places with the possibility to play power chess with the government and other influentials in high places, never to forget the universities.

    Going back to Bradley, mentioned above, he’s one of those influential managers who wrote more than 600 pages about Enron and Capitalism at Work, as he names it – only to tell us, that some good people there only did some smaller wrong decisions, which led to the financial disaster which followed.

    We know it better now, and we should know much more about the real scandals which followed, many even bigger than that. Those people – and Christol was at the heart of these group – they never give up, they smell their enemy from miles away, always trying to be a step ahead in a situation. Gordon is completely right with his analisys, he also knows the political evil and horror they are able and willing to produce – they already did it!

    Look at him, Mr. Christol, why is he always smiling?

  5. Detlef Reimers  December 23, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    To be honest,

    I’ve hoped that after a horrendeous 99 year lifetime there would have come up some kind of a timely political miracle, which would end the the FED. But – as the world did not disappear on 21. Dec. – this also didn’t happen, allthough, as in 1913, most of the members of congress already started their ‘Hollidays’.

    Let’s have hope, may be next year!

  6. Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter  December 23, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    extortion blackmail bribery murder

  7. Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter  December 23, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Zionist subversion:

    Government, Media, Wall Street, and Federal Reserve.

  8. Johng  December 23, 2012 at 11:23 am

    Americans are “asleep” while the AIPAC MARXISTS continue to bury them a little more each day. Can you even imagine that once upon a time in America, Marxists were put on trial and prosecuted.

  9. wiggins  December 23, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Maybe it is time for the American public to have a holiday from the interfering chicanary of creeps like Kristol and send them back to their home constituency in Tel Aviv…

  10. Johng  December 23, 2012 at 10:37 am

    The goyim “politico” left in Washington have pretty well been “Profiles in Cowardice”. I hope Hagel and Kerry can change that. However, “Pig Power” still rules in Congress. AIPAC has been ruling in D.C. for so long now I think they might even be tired of punking these flunkies around.

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