The NRA “Chokes” on Real Terror Threat


Guns in Schools Not Enough


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

While America chases down “lone gunmen” and a “police state” descends on America as anyone lacking the “normal” zombie like American demeanor becomes a “potential suspect,” very real terror organizations operate openly in America, several from foreign powers, some from drug cartels, some within our own military, some tied to religious or economic extremists and all are interconnected through organized crime.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook attack, we will show how we were able to solidly connect Ft. Hood shooter, Dr. Hasan to AIPAC, not “Al Qaeda.”

America is now on a “witch hunt” as part of a “cover and deception” operation, unwilling to admit that we have allowed our nation to be bullied and intimidated much as our government is bought and sold.

The NRA has proposed that specially trained armed guards roam the hallways of every school in America, constituting a larger standing army than Britain and Germany combined.  The worst part of it is that, to some extent, the NRA’s solution is rational and correct, but not for the reasons the NRA gives nor the public is told about.

Schools, movie theatres, anywhere the public congregates are “soft targets” for terrorism.

Any place can be, look at “9/11,” even the Pentagon, protected by an Anti-Ballistic Missile system, Stinger missiles on the roof, a “kinetic projectile curtain” and “fast reaction fighter aircraft” that protect the vital “no fly zones” around the Capitol, no target is invulnerable under the right circumstances.

The “Gabbie Giffords” shooting was something impossible to predict.  This was a public gathering with several high value targets yet their were no police within ten miles, meaning that there were no police in the entire city, based on a 45 minute response time.  Thirty round were fired by a developmentally disabled adult with no weapons experience, one under “treatment” for three years by an Army “psychiatrist”.  Twenty seven of the rounds hit, something few pistol champions would have been capable of.

In Norway, Andrew Berwick killed seventy seven children of political party members who had supported sanctions against Israel for war crimes.  Helicopter video of him roaming a small island carefully picking out his targets was horrific.

The “police” were unable to aid the victims in a timely way because they said they had no helicopters.  Berwick belonged to the same Freemason lodge as all of the local police.

At Ft. Hood, an army psychiatrist, Dr. Hasan, killed thirteen and wounded 29, using a 5.4mm Fn Herstal pistol, specially designed for defeating Level III body armor.  Hasan is said to have ties to a San Diego cleric of Yemeni background.  However, while working at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC, Hasan was the chosen representative of the Bush Administration, coordinating with Homeland Security.  While in that position, he attended at least one meeting with all top administration officials in attendance, at George Washington University.  From Veterans Today:

“The task force at George Washington University designated with establishing transitional procedures in the Global War on Terror included Major Hasan, mass murder and terrorist, and, as we now learn, long time terrorist suspect.  Where do we start?  Do we wonder why our troops have a psychiatrist who is not only a potential terrorist but known to be extremely mentally unbalanced?  Who, in the Bush Administration chose Hasan and helped him pass America’s highest security clearances?

Do any of us wonder why President Bush would have a terrorist helping with his transitional policy?  This put Hasan, under investigation for ties to Al Qaeda, at the heart of our government’s counter-terrorist planning organization with full daily access to nearly all major leaders in Homeland Security, Defense, the FBI, CIA, NSA and other key agencies.  He was one of them, along with representatives of conservative “think tanks” that advised the Bush Administration on a daily basis.  Was he there because he reminded them of an Islamic version of Dick Cheney?  Please, someone, let’s hear an explanation for this.

Below is a cutout from the membership roster of those advising the Bush Administration.  You will note Hasan’s name among some of the best known security experts in America.  We were told he was an Army psychiatrist with severe psychological problems who belonged to a mosque run by terrorists.”

Taken from the program at one Bush Administration “transitional” meeting:

Not to belabor the point, but from a list erased from the internet by George Washington University , a PDF report they “misplaced,” we gleaned the following rather shocking information:

Hasan served with these individuals.  Why was he here?

  • Richard V. Allen Former National Security Advisor
  • Stephen E. Flynn Ira A. Lipman Senior Fellow for Counterterrorism & National Security Studies Council on Foreign Relations
  • Charles B. Curtis President & Chief Operating Officer Nuclear Threat Initiative
  • Judge William H.Webster Former Director of Central Intelligence and Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • James Lee Witt Former Director Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • R. James Woolsey,  Former Director Central Intelligence Agency
  • Edwin Meese, III Former U.S. Attorney General
  • General Edward “Shy” Meyer Former Chief of Staff U.S. Army
  • General Edward L. Rowny Former Ambassador and Lt. General USA (Ret.)
  • Judge William S. Sessions Former Director Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Bobbie Greene Kilberg Member President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
  • E. Floyd Kvamme Former Co-Chair President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
  • Senator Connie Mack (R-FL) Former United States Senator, Florida
  • Secretary John O. Marsh, Jr. (D-VA) Former Secretary of the Army Former U.S. Congressman and many others

Major Hasan was briefed by these individuals:

  • Michael Alexander, Majority Staff Director, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate
  • John Cohen, Senior Advisor, Office of the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment , Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • Rosaline Cohen , Chief Counsel, Committee on Homeland Security, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Beth Grossman, Senior Counsel, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate
  • Alethea Long-Green, Program Area Director, National Academy of Public Administration
  • Mark Lowenthal, President and CEO of the Intelligence & Security Academy, LLC, Former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production
  • Monica Schoch-Spana, Senior Associate, Center for Biosecurity, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases
  • Fran Townsend, Former Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

Please note that we have “conjugated” most of the AIPAC lobby in Washington including many Israeli dual citizens, all working associates of terrorist Dr. Hasan and none of them from Yemen.

Add to this group, the “DC Sniper,” John Allen “Mohammad,” a member of the elite Delta Force or Timothy McVeigh, the “Oklahoma City Bomber,” a known FBI informant and former US Army Ranger, and we begin to build a mosaic of false flag terrorism.


Almost every terror attack or shooting in recent years, involves conspiracy and cover-ups:

  • 9/11 involved arrests at the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels.  Suspects were armed, driving van loads of explosives and the GWB arrests were recorded and nationally televised.  All suspects were never “booked” and all witness statements and evidence was destroyed…almost:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

  • Sandy Hook, Aurora, Tucson, Ft. Hood, Oklahoma City, Detroit and others involved suspects who were arrested  and thereafter “disappeared.”
  • Do we need to mention that almost every domestic terror attack, including and especially 9/11, has broad evidence of, not only FBI “foreknowledge,” but, in many cases, recruitment and planning?

YouTube - Veterans Today -

  • In every case, news reports name the guilty, often before the last shell casing hits the ground and investigation “findings” invariably are, as with a square peg pounded into a round hole, forced to fit the “official story.”
  • All investigations, as reported by the 9/11 commission, involve “perjured testimony, withheld facts and a pattern of deception.”  (John Farmer; Chief Council for the 9/11 Commission)


We have returned to the Ft. Hood and Dr. Hasan issue because, prior to the Sandy Hook  terror attack, it has been the most simple incident to “debunk.”

Time after time, “patsies” cover for terrorist death squads (the JFK/RFK murders are early examples).

Time after time, “lone gunmen” turn out to have ties to intelligence agencies or powerful Washington special interest groups.

Hasan is just one “slam dunk.”  The documents are there to see.


Want to be able to do “anything?”

Start a drug cartel, join the Israel lobby, become an FBI informant, run for public office, steal billions, even trillions, no matter what you do, if you fall into these areas, you can kill at will, do as you would, you will be untouchable.

Sit in the Pentagon, waiting for a huge pension and a “revolving door” job on retirement.  You can plot against the US, you can commit war crimes, you can help your friends steal billions, even trillions, you will always be able to do the “Ollie North,” wrap yourself in the flag and deny, deny and deny.

Imagine what you could do if your name was “Bush” or you belonged to “Skull and Bones” or one of a dozen secret societies or cults?

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12 Responses to "The NRA “Chokes” on Real Terror Threat"

  1. Steve  December 26, 2012 at 7:26 am

    Properly vetted and trained low-key guards are a good idea, both for security, and employment. If you can’t be bothered guarding your kids then wtf do you value? There has to be some limits on weapons availability, but in general tight control will not make much difference, crims and nuts will get weapons anyway or use something else, and in Oz for instance gun crime has gone up despite (semi-) auto bans, drive-by sprayings are a regular occurence now. The only guarantee against an armed murderer is being armed yourself, full stop. Unfortunately the idiots have succeeded in disarming most of the Western world’s population and rendering them sheep for the slaughter, and fooled them into thinking themselves safer for it.

    And to G, Andrew Berwick???

  2. The Rahnameh  December 24, 2012 at 8:46 am

    Arming a government entity is not the Second Amendment right. Try again.

    Don’t obfuscate our rights. We are a nation of laws. If they don’t adhere to the Bill of Rights, they are invalid.

  3. liberty1776  December 23, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    i am curious what gordon thinks Obama’s next moves are concerning who did this and what is the fallout. as gordon has painted obama as essentially NOT a pro-zionist, so let’s see if Obama is going TO PUNISH THEM for these horrific unspeakable crimes. SO WHAT’S YOUR OBAMA saying with this?

  4. K7KTR  December 23, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Youe comment reminds me of the History I had to ENDURE!! Where are the “Tapes” from the Bush and Obama era” like We had to listen to Nixon’s? Why isn’t the oval office Bugged like the American’s Comm services are?

    On thing is sure is that the Obama promise of a more transparent administration was just another one of his lies, one of the biggest was to “Take it to the Bank!” lie! As IF Obama was to end the Iraq war when in fact it was under the SOFA Agreement with Bush that the war came to a close and Obama was in secret trying to extend that Dec. 31st 2011 date but his vetting of his Iraqi friend who had email problems sending hot letters to one he would then dump his wife and marry.

    It should be clear to all American’s that what in done under the premise of National Security is one giant joke.


  5. John Ritch  December 23, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    Another great article!
    Why are the Chinese worried about us getting more gun control?
    The MSM say Americans are buying more assault rifles than ever this Christmas season.
    I suppose without guns we’re more easily controlled. This is called “civilization.”

  6. Gordon Duff  December 23, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Among my normal “day job” activities is teaching political leaders how to interpret intelligence, analyze media and communicate effectively.

    Critical to this is tracing every belief and “fact” to its root, usually someone’s imagination.


  7. PAUL LEO FASO  December 23, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    You’re on it.

    But take it where where it needs to go, not just cops in the class room but cameras in the White House, Congress and Supreme Court, so we can turn the eyes back on them and remind them who really runs the deal.


    This request by Homeland Security will now be met by over 300 million Americans who have seen enough for too long.

    Lone gunman…my ass.
    This is the line they should never have crossed and will never recover from, once the truth is told.

  8. Detlef Reimers  December 23, 2012 at 2:13 pm


    your words in this article ring in my ears. I can hardly imagine that anyone could be more direct in his wording, giving exact time, date, names and official personal surroundings.

    You purposefully mentioned many high members of the influential AIPAC. Reading the name ‘Cohen’ not only once, rings loudly in my ears, because I’m well aware of it’s innerreligious meaning. Nothing of this will ever (I mean in these old dying time of lies, death and betrayal) be mentioned in the official media. Yes, we already know, they are an essential part of this gang.

    My own words might sound a bit old fashioned or strange here, but I want to say that I want to give all of you members of VT here, who are not willing to follow the old wrotten death and corruption path (not only in your country) and who have made a ‘personal livelong decision to tell the truth’, not lies, a really heartfull support for your never easy work, coupled with the hope that someday – hopefully not too far – we all together may succeed in this fight against evil, against the more and more dark side, we have to face in our own and the lifes of our love ones, our family and friends.

    On this way, we always have to be careful, not to give other truth seeking people discredit but to learn from them. In your article Gordon, you mentioned the cruical part of the psychiatrists for instance. Taking all this into account, we should never be misled to think bad about all people of this profession as a whole, we always have to distinguish very carefully, based on real evidence in each particular case.

    What ‘ve learned here from reading VT articles, is at first, that you have to describe all the proven/known facts very carefully. Otherwise, ‘they’ will destroy your reputation simply on the basis of your own uncareful words. Gordon, as the chief editor has to be especially careful and – as I observed over the past time – he knows very well how to manage this balance act, without loosing substance. This one is a major issue to me and I guess to many others also, because it is very easy to speak in terms of ‘political correctness’, which – in real terms – is nothing more than beeing ‘mind controlled’, may it be willingfull or forcefully from outside.

    I wish that articles like this will follow in the upcoming time, exposing those who have to be exposed, showing that any kind of threat or intimidation is meaningless, because the writer has already ‘made his decision’. I wish all of you guys a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

  9. jimsmith  December 23, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    The NRA has “nothing” to do with this article….was that on purpose — to catch reader attention?

    The title for this article “should have been” BLATANT INCOMPETENCE BY DHS & FBI DESPITE TRILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

    Instead of ALLOWING their blatant ATTACKS on the public for OWNING GUNS to continue unabated, all 312 million Americans need to mount a COUNTERATTACK against the DOJ, DHS, FBI and CIA for their COMPLETE FAILURE to protect the public DESPITE the trillions of taxpayer dollars forked over for this purpose. They have demonstrated COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE to DEFEND this nation, and every single one of their failures (along with COST) needs to be blasted all over alternative media.

    Everybody KNOWS they never had any intention of protecting the public, but that should NOT stop us from pointing out their HUGE and ongoing failures every day that rolls around like a drumbeat.

  10. juana  December 23, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Another great article Mr. Duff . Keep beating down the door. Some day some where someone will hear.

  11. LC  December 23, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Yes sir: the heavier the crime the better off the perpetrator can be:



  12. Excalibur  December 23, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    There is one explanation boys – don’t forget that before they lit the blue touch paper with 9/11 – there was not supposed to be any REAL terrorists. Remember the late and great Aaron Russo:

    “The war on terror is a fraud – an endless war on terror where their is no real enemy – which can never be won”. To scare the American people into agreeing to any new enslavement laws that the cabal wish to enforce.

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