By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
45 years ago, an American president signed his own death warrant.  He told Israel that they would be stopped from developing nuclear weapons and told the Pentagon that there would be no war in Vietnam.  He was pulling out all the troops.  He wasn’t trading the lives of a generation of Americans to support a corrupt dictator against a broad alliance of Communists, Buddhists and moderates.  Every department, every branch of government took part in the murder and coverup.
With a new president in office, elected for his promises to put an end to the secret government with its 9/11’s, rendition and torture and “invasion for profit” all we have learned is that we are powerless, castrated by our own weakness, a need to submit to power, a need to believe  the deceptive flattery of our handlers.

I don’t care which film we watch, whether we see the Secret Service take part in the JFK killing or the nearly identical charade of 9/11, there is no difference.  We seem stuck in a time warp.  Most Americans know we have a secret government of some kind.  Prettymuch everyone knows Congress is a joke.  The current heath care debate proved this beyond measure.

“Yes, I want to defend our current health system, the best in the world, except that people with no insurance of “less” insurance don’t really get medical treatment.  They prettymuch are allowed to die but that isn’t “rationing.”  We like to call it “free market.'”

What did the Kennedy murder tell us?  I learned, early in life, that our secret government could murder anyone any time they wanted, do it publicly, carelessly, leave a trail a mile wide and then spit in our faces with a phony “Warren Commission Report.”  I was told to drive my gas guzzling car, take my student aid and keep my mouth shut.

The Challenger disaster gave me a feel for national tragedy.  This I understood.  I felt like an American, sharing loss with millions and living the pain of the victims, their families and all Americans.

9/11 was different.  I had lived thru Vietnam with lots of personal experience.  I knew lies and fraud up front and personal.  Watergate taught all of us that our leaders were not only subhuman twits but gutter trash to boot.  Then came “Iran-Contra.”

Few Americans remember Iran Contra.  We shoveled that one under the rug quickly.  An entire administration, from President Reagan and Vice President Bush to half a dozen cabinet members and many members of our military had convinced themselves that trading cocaine for weapons on a worldwide scale thru cutouts in Israel and Iran wasn’t going to be noticed.

After all, the deal that GHW Bush cut with Iran to keep our hostages imprisoned until after the election, what we call the “October Surprise” survived scrutiny with a few simple denials.

“Yes, keep them locked up, keep torturing them, and after the election, we will get you new weapons, spare parts for your American based weapons systems and anything else you want.  Just make sure you wait until after the election.  Don’t worry, nobody will hear about this, we control the papers, Israel is helping us and they control the TV news and Congress.”

7 years ago, Sibel Edmonds came forward with proof that our almost every secret our government values was being sold on the open market thru Israel.  She named members of Congress, the State Department and top White house advisers as foreign spies.  She was silenced by our courts thru the Department of Justice and John Ashcroft, famed Christian Zionist “apocalypse cult” member.

Now the story is out but the media, Congress and our phony law enforcement agencies are looking the other way.  Those of us who know the story look on this with utter disbelief.  It is impossible to be arrested for treason in the US if you have any ties to Israel.

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Many of us watched President Obama with total disbelief.  What do they have on him?  Did they threaten to kill his family as with Ross Perot? How many Americans are being silenced like this?  Worse yet, how many require no silencing at all?

Here in Ohio, Mike Connell, the man thought responsible for rigging the voting machines guaranteeing the Bush elections, died in a mysterious crash.  Last week it was reported that his plane was sabotaged and he was murdered, murdered after being threatened by former White house political adviser Karl Rove.

Connell was ready to testify that two presidential elections had been rigged thru hacked electronic voting machines.  The hacks in these machines had long been discovered, we couldn’t prove who ordered it.  Now we know.  We may also know a bit more about some of those domestic secret operations our Bush era mercenaries, now being investigated for murders all over the world, have been up to.  Why chase enemies overseas when party “purists” consider most Americans who stand up for freedom to be “enemies of the state.”

If you don’t think they can do it, order domestic terrorism, schools blown up, trains derailed, anthrax attacks, snipers, suicide bombers, all here in the US, all “justified” as we suspect has been done in the past, by the need to “awaken America to the real threat,” you are living in a dream world.

Do you think the person who ordered the Secret Service agents to allow President Kennedy to be assassinated were the last of their kind?

Enemies of the state, I like the sound of that.  Was John Kennedy an enemy of the state?  What about the people in the World Trade Center, were they enemies of the state?  The crew of the USS Liberty, were they enemies of the state too?  How many others since, Pakistan, Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Indonesia or here in the United States?

Mike Connell, was he an enemy of the state?  How many names we will never know have been purged, jailed, crushed or “accidented?”

Thousands of fanatics around the world have been trained by their governments to kill, even their own people “for the greater good.”  When a doctor goes crazy at Ft. Hood, a guy who did everything but carry around a neon sign saying “I am a crazed terrorist” should we be suspicious?  When a plane crashes, do you ask yourself, “I wonder who was on it?”

What would happen to someone who told the real truth?  Jim Traficant did it.  Learn about him and how he was destroyed.  Ron Paul gets away with it at times, but has to keep his demeanor as feckless clown, otherwise he will have a plane crash too.

Two things come to mind in ending.  I remember the emptiness I felt on November 22, 1963.  I suspected something was ending.  The death of Robert Kennedy proved it.  Democracy in America would never been anything but pretense, a charade.

The 2000 election comes to mind also.  Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court justice with intelligence of a gerbil and the morals of a cockroach chose George W. Bush, failed “everything” as puppet president to oversee the destruction of America.

For 8 years, I watched cowards and thieves make a mockery of everything decent and worthwhile in America.  Today, I see no more evidence of real patriots than a few hundred people standing up to our rulers, the multinational thieves who run America.

The patriots, demanding 9/11 justice, Jews standing up to Israel, veterans demanding an end to the war, activists, bloggers, survivors of the dead, sharing one thing, a belief that morality and right are not negotiable, these may be all the proof we have our species deserves to survive.

For the rest:

Read the papers, keep the TV on, keep the radio tuned to “right thinking” talk and, some day, if you are lucky, you will die with enough pain killer for you to drift away without knowing.  Between now and then, keep in your place, do what you are told and send us more children to kill.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regualar contributor on politial and social issues.duffster

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