Vietnam Vet’s estate stolen by New Jersey’s Gov Courts, says son


Does Anyone Else Have Problems With Corruption In New Jersey Or Ocean County?

How far up does Government Corruption go in New Jersey? Does it reach up to the Senate? The Governor? Who is it that oversees the Office for the Public Guardian?

Dear, Americans! Help!

My Father, a Vietnam Vet with a Purple Heart, is having his estate stolen by New Jersey’s Government Courts.

I am begging for your help on behalf of a Vietnam Vet who did three tours of duty and earned a purple heart. He is currently being robbed by the Office for the Public Guardian in Ocean County NJ

His name is Vincent Stanley Blasco and he is my Dad. He has Alzheimer’s and is in their care where they refuse to give any of his 3 children here in Georgia custody of him. Instead they continue to sell off dozens of plots of my Dad’s property and continue hiding thousands and thousands of dollars in false expenses. Now they are trying to sale his 19 acre farm off East Veterans Hwy.

The courts have allowed OPG to already sale 7 properties of his in Berkley NJ and they claimed it was for medical bills. We received accounting after 4 years of requests only to find out my dad by himself racked up $800 per month in Grocery bills, $2,000 a month in landscaping bills. $500 per day about 3 days a week in Home Depot bills, etc… I have a stack of accounting 2 inches thick of frivolous spending.

I am contacting News Agencies or whatever it takes to get this to quit. We deserve to have our father in Georgia where all 3 of his children live. Not tucked away in a nursing home in NJ to have his Army Pension and Social Security bilked as his farm goes on the market to cover thousands of bogus expenses and invented expenses

I found out second hand, through my sister, Amy Ferguson, that my father, Vincent Stanley Blasco, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. By the time I found out, my father had already been placed in the care of OPG and we all assumed he was being taken care of. Well it was only after a trip up there that we started to wonder.

When Megan (employee of OPG) did call she told Amy Ferguson (my sister) and me that because they (OPG) were the guardians that all medical information on dad had to be retrieved through them (OPG) and any information on dad’s status would be reported to them only per the guardianship papers. They (OPG) told us that with any change in condition they would notify us. We had to call them consistently as they would never return our phone calls or give us any health updates, we repeatedly asked if we can get him in a home down here, could we get custody, could we email him? They told us they shut down his email and as far as transfer of Guardianship, they told us no! We are my fathers children, how can they say no?

The OPG recently went to court in Ocean County in front of Judge John Peterson to try to sale my dad’s 19 acres farm in Ocean County.

My older brother Joseph Stanley Blasco hired an Attorney (Olszak & Olsazk) to contest the sale.

We reside in the state of Georgia and had his attorney appear for us.

The OPG claimed not only that they had kept us well informed of my Dad’s health, but also his financial transactions. IN COURT BEFORE JUDGE PETERSON they also said Dad’s farm had been ON THE MARKET for 2 years already. How can they even place my dad’s farm on the market without notifying his children?

Why have we not been notified that Dad’s farm was for sale until 2 years after it went on the market? Because in front of a Judge it is easier to get permission to sell his property WITH a buyer on stand by.

OPG told the judge that we were well aware of the farm being on the market. Bull Crap!


Judge John A. Peterson accepted their testimony that we were notified of the farm being on the market and we should have responded earlier to contest the sale!


We were then given 10 days from that court date on the 1st to either buy my dad’s farm ourselves for the equal amount that they had already found a buyer for. I am now forced to buy my own Dad’s farm for $440,000.00 until I can further investigate why OPG has paid out already almost $700,000.00 of my father’s estate? Do they care about this Vietnam Vet or is he now just a Cash Cow?

Why has the OPG not given us custody of our dad? Do they intent on selling the rest of his lots in Berkley next? Then his 25 acres in South Carolina? What’s next OPG, reduce dads drugs, give him to us when he’s broke and tell us to bury him? Is this how the OPG treats any 3-time Vietnam Vets with a purple heart? Or is it just the ones with huge estates to pillage?

How much are the medical bills for Purple Heart recipients? I think the great USA would care quite well for a man shot in wartime for his country. Dad moved from a Corporal to a Captain through the ranks and gave many years of his life to our Country. Well according to OPG that’s not enough.

Dad, despite collecting Social Security, a pension, and having renters on his farm property and boarding horses there too for extra income is still broke! Why would Office of the Public Guardian loan my dad $250,000.00 to pay for his medical expenses? I will forward this letter to the Veterans Association in NJ and countrywide to see if anyone else has had these problems or is it Vincent Blasco who deserves the loans solely?

On recording Megan told me in 2003 that Dad had a fit of Depression and the Office of Public Guardian checked him into the hospital. Megan stated to me on the recorded phone conversation which will be posted on and a link to the phone call will be sent to all interested parties as listed below, that the Hospital evaluated Vincent Blasco and did not want to sign a release for him unless he was transferring into a nursing home. Megan stated that he loved staying on the farm and he had plenty of money so she refused to Hospitals and “personally went to bat for Dad stating… I wanted to just keep him on the farm as long as possible. Is the guardian supposed to look out for my Dad’s best interest or is it their job to belittle the doctor’s advice and choose rather to liquidate his assets and then bleed him dry.

Like I said, I was told second hand; through my sister that dad needed a guardian. I was never even offered guardianship and have the documents to prove it. Why is it, that I was never is offered guardianship yet when I do, or my sister or brother do ask for it we are denied.

We have audio tapes of conversations with Megan and are posting them on you-tube and sending links to all State officials and then on up. Megan admits to letting dad spend $400 a pop at Home Depot on things she deemed unreasonable, she refuses to give me contact information for my Dad, or his supervisor Josh, and admits to agreeing to transferring guardianship to us once dad is place in the Nursing Home.

Dad escaped and made it to Virginia before being found and we received no notification from the Office of Public Guardian (He stole his own car keys from his live in caregiver provided by the OPG and was trying to come to Georgia to see us).

Dad was admitted to the hospital for depression yet none of us were notified.

We were told that we couldn’t call dad personally, only sending him letters and pictures was allowed. Why? At least give us a contact number for Josh so we can call and check on him… but no it wasn’t allowed. Upon our trip to N.J. we asked Josh for his number and he had no problem giving us his number.

Megan refused and still refuses to give us a list of medications my dad is on.. Doesn’t that make it hard to find a new nursing home down here? Yes incredibly.

We were only notified that my Dad had been moved from one Nursing Home to another after a Fathers Day card was sent to us marked “No longer at this address” we then had to call Megan to get the new information. Why all this secrecy?

Why is it that when I call the office of the public guardian they have my addresses in their computer correctly as it was read back to me by a secretary, yet when any of these legal notices have been being sent out to us they cannot get my address correct. Are they intentionally trying to have it “lost in the mail?” My dad came for a visit down to Georgia with his supervisor Josh. Shouldn’t they have the correct address information or do they send all incapacitated persons across the United States with a temporary caregiver with no idea of where they will be, or what address he will be staying at.

During this trip to Atlanta, my father was being transported by his caregiver who agreed to let dad out on the side of the interstate to “relieve himself”. This proved to be stupid as my dad in his mental condition refused to get back into his truck and started marching up the side of the interstate. The Gwinnett County Police and my brother-in law (Amy’s husband John) had to be called out to coax him off the busy interstate and back into the truck in which he was riding. Seems to me that the hospital was correct in stating that he needed to be placed into a nursing home earlier. He has only injured and endangered himself out on that farm with a caregiver who physically could not contain him. Josh told us on his visit that this happens all the time. Dad will steal his own truck keys (take the truck away… seems logical) and go to local bars up the road and get drunk, or lost.

Since then and as early as 12-11-08 Suzanne Dykes and Megan still refuse to give me an email address for correspondence and said “ We do not have authorization to give out telephone numbers or email addresses” I clarified stating that this was a work email account I am requesting yet still the access was denied. In court the Office of the Public Guardian claim to have kept all three of my dad’s children well informed yet refuse to return our calls. Why don’t they wasn’t us to have a form of contact which prohibits them from using false statements and hearsay in court?

In recorded telephone conversations with Megan, and per a conversation I had with Megan last night. Megan claims that only Herself and Suzanne Dyke are the only people authorized to turn over guardianship to us. Since 2003 (and I have been recording these requests via telephone, all of which will be published on for any interested parties to review) we have been asking for guardianship of my father, we have continually been put off and delayed by Megan, Suzanne Dykes and the Office of Public Guardian.

We are once again asking to receive custody of my father and keep him in the same nursing home where he currently is until we can have him transferred to where All his family lives in Georgia. We are aware that for some reason that the Office of Public guardian advanced my father $250,000.00 towards his expenses (kind of odd… Who else gets these kinds of loans for the office of the Public Guardian) We agree to pay some of these expenses out of my father’s estate however they still do not want to give us Guardianship as my dad still has 25 acres in South Carolina which could be sold and 6 more Lots in Berkley New Jersey which the Office for Public Guardian can liquidate frivolously until finally selling off his whole estate and them and only then turning over custody of my father to us so that we can finish any medical expenses out of our personal accounts and be stuck with burial fees. This is a sick injustice to my father who served our country, and a sickening robbery of our inheritance.

I am asking the courts to suspend the sale of his property until we may establish Guardianship. We have a care plan in order, and are not refusing to sale the farm to pay off any of his debts. We are asking to have a chance to live on the farm or 2 to 6 months to properly have Vincent transferred to Georgia where he is on a short term waiting list to be placed into an Alzheimer’s care facility at a much cheaper Monthly rate here in Georgia where all of my Dad’s children are located. Once my father has been transferred we may then sale the farm for a higher price as the court record show, the Office of the Public Guardian had many potential buyers for a higher dollar amount than the person they arranged as a buyer. Why, if my fathers best interest comes first, did the Office of Public guardian agree to sale my dad’s farm to the lowest bidder? See the video grievance to see pictures of all court documents an recorded phone calls as mentioned above.

Surrogate Court Judges
Superior Court Judges
Governor Heather Howard
And Commissioners.

This is clearly a case of corruption, and gross mismanagement of my father’s estate. Please help me, a Father of four, My sister, a mother of 4 married and to a preacher, and my hardworking brother Joe, father of 3 handle this properly without prejudice from the Office of the public guardian. We all are acceptable guardians and all blood relatives. There is NO reason what-so-ever to have denied us our father since 2003, or to deny our guardianship now. I will be sending this letter to the people listed below as well as local newspapers (for which I have to buy ad space) I will forward this to all news investigative reporters in N.J., New York, and all surrounding state news agencies.

Please contact me at

Michael or Jennifer Blasco

411 Shore Drive
Suwanee, Ga 30024


2113 Tropicana Dr
Suwanee, Ga 30024

Or call 770-885-5542

Any help or looking into this matter will be greatly appreciated, and I will help out financially as much as I can if any monies are needed to conduct this investigation.

Can you give me any more names or address of government officials I can ad to this list? Please contact me with those and email addresses if you have them. This is a rough draft…. any suggestions would be Greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Michael Blasco

[email protected]

Letter sent 12-13-08 in response to Office of the Public Guardian trying to rush the sell of my fathers land to a closing date of Monday the 16th

Attention Judge John A. Peterson, Jr.

I DO plan on purchasing my dad’s farm and I do have the resources. In fact I do have A LOT of resources. Go to, we are carbon coping the website to Veterans across the US plus all members of Government from the mayor to the President. Since I am in such a rushed manor due to the Office of the Public Guardian’s unfair timelines, please forgive me but I’ve yet to edit my story and add video and recorded phone conversations of Megan, Suzanne Dykes and myself where they refused guardianship turn over since 2003. I will just re-mail it to all government agencies as I continue to update it with pictures too.

This is clearly a case of corruption / theft, and gross mismanagement of my father’s estate.

Please help me, a business owner and father of four, my sister, a mother of 4 and married to a preacher, and my hardworking brother Joseph Stanley Blasco the eldest son, father of 3 handle this properly without prejudice from the Office of the public guardian. We all are acceptable guardians and all blood relatives. There is NO reason what-so-ever to have denied us our father since 2003, or to deny our guardianship now. I will be sending this letter to the people listed below as well as local newspapers (for which I have to buy ad space) I will forward this to all news investigative reporters in N.J., New York, and all surrounding state news agencies.

Plan of Action

My next step is to add it to Google Ad-words so that anyone who types in New Jersey Courts or Ocean County Courts is provided an advertisement on the right side of the website as the search results appear. We are asking for guardianship yet no negotiations have been accepted.

See the website

We have made several requests as recent as yesterday yet they refuse to give me email contact for Suzanne Dykes, Ed Teteleman, or Megan, his assistant/”paid visitor”. They must not sell this land out from under us Monday as we only received this notice re: 10 days to buy the farm until Wednesday. We have a FedEx signed receipt.

I’ve spoken to some friends in the real estate business and $440,000 for that property is such a low ball price that specially since it could be subdivided or potentially be zoned commercial. I will be sending this to various news agencies and publications. And we are still waiting on a call from Suzanne Dykes regarding transfership of guardianship.

Furthermore, we still need a little time to make sure the OPG has no tax liens against the property and we need to examine the title.

Thank you

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