GI’s Brains Fried by Military Dispensed Nose Candy


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(San Francisco) – Now it is official. Researchers have shown that uranium oxide, or DU, “travels the nerves from the nose to the brain,” in the words of a University of Chicago doc and researcher.

James Blake Miller Los Angeles Times photo by Luis Sinco
James Blake Miller Los Angeles Times photo by Luis Sinco

A tiny amount (a milligram) of this radioactive poison quick marches up your smelling nerves right into your brain and keeps firing 1.2 Million bullets a day – forever. That’s a bunch.

850 Rounds a Minute

The radioactive 850 rounds a minute automatic weapon is about as big as the period at the end of this sentence, never needs reloading and never jams. It’s a perfect killing machine for brain cells and other cells. The range is about 20 cells, after that there is what the famous British physicist Dr. Chris Busby calls the “bystander effect.” He discovered it, he gets to name it.

These radioactive automatic weapons are so small they can float right through your clothes, evade your skin’s defenses and invade your body. Wherever the weapons alight inside, there is trouble as they never stop firing and there is no limit to their number. In a soldiers brain, trouble shows up in a noticeable way to others.

As for the 20 cell radius ball within Range, think of these powerful Bullets each as a 100 car, 100 mph, or 160 kmh, fully loaded freight train obliterating a small dog tied to the railroad tracks. Right, for the 20 cells that are within range – in all directions, it ain’t pretty.

To me, this means these 20 cell radius spheres in Soldiers and Vets brains turn to jelly or mush, weird diseases or cancers, or all of the above. No wonder VA Secretary and former General Eric Shinseki has noted the big increase in the VA’s contract Psychiatric services.


Olfactory Nerve to Brain, The Free Dictionary
Olfactory Nerve to Brain, The Free Dictionary

This radioactive bullet explanation for Vets unusual behaviors holds water and makes perfect sense to me. The Vets are under attack internally. Actually inside their skulls and in their brains. Worse, there’s nothing they can do about it. The huge VA system is also helpless. There is no cure and no treatment.

The VA knows it and is stonewalling. They fired the only doc who stood up to them on DU. Word travels fast among the cowed medical staffs.

So, the Vets get slapped with some fake diagnosis and sent to the shrink or told there is nothing wrong with them. No way the spineless docs are going to call it like it is. They grab their 250K and slink home, comfortable every night.

That ain’t no way to run an Army; but, it IS a way to run the world’s most lethal Armed Force right into the ground.

Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D, Ret., former Director of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project, puts it succinctly “It [DU] is killing our own troops.”

General Eric Shinseki, Head of VA

Since no less than Gen Shinseki has pointed out the huge increases in contract psychiatric services, let’s all take note of it and ask real loud “Why is this happening to Vets? They are not the enemy!”  It’s way past time to take names and kick ass in DC. That means changing the President as s/he appoints the head of the DOD. Not so hard to do, really. It is simply what is required.

No wonder DU in the brain drives Vets nuts. The suffering these Vets must go through is unimaginable.

OK. Here’s the targeted science, make up your own minds. I did.


Uranium travels nerves from nose to brain.

Jul 31, 2009

Tournier, BB, S Frelon, E Tourlonias, L Agez, O Delissen, I Dublineau, F Paquet, and F Petitot. 2009. Role of the olfactory receptor neurons in the direct transport of inhaled uranium to the rat brain. Toxicology Letters doi:10.1016/j.toxlet.2009.05.022.

Synopsis by Paul Eubig, DVM

Radioactive uranium that is inhaled by soldiers on the battlefield and by workers in factories may bypass the brain’s protective barrier by following nerves from the nose directly to the brain.

Nerves can act as a unique conduit, carrying inhaled uranium from the nose directly to the brain, finds a study with rats. Once in the brain, the uranium may affect task and decision-related types of thinking.

This study provides yet another example of how some substances can use the olfactory system – bypassing the brain’s protective blood barrier – to go directly to the brain. Titanium nanoparticles and the metals manganese, nickel, and thallium have been shown to reach the brain using the same route.

Military personnel and people who work in uranium processing plants are exposed to the weak radioactive element via wounds or by breathing. Exposure may affect brain function; cognitive skills are lowered in soldiers who carry uranium-laced shrapnel.

Uranium has various industrial and military uses. A form of uranium called depleted uranium is very dense and is used in armor-piercing ammunition and military vehicle armor.

Battlefield exposure can occur through wounds – such as with some US military personnel who were injured during the Gulf War. These exposures can be higher than with civilians who work with the element. A study of Gulf War veterans who have uranium shrapnel in their bodies showed that they perform more poorly on general brain cognitive tests of performance efficiency and accuracy.

Uranium can also be inhaled. Soldiers in vehicles hit by uranium rounds and workers in uranium-processing facilities can breathe it in.

The researchers – taking advantage of the fact that uranium can exist in different forms, or isotopes – used rats to compare how the element travels through the body if it is inhaled or injected into the blood.  The animals breathed in one isotope at levels similar to those encountered on a battlefield where depleted uranium weapons are used. They were also injected with a different isotope. Researchers compared the levels of the two isotopes in different regions of the brain.

The inhaled isotope accumulated at 2 to 3 times higher levels than the injected isotope in the olfactory (smell) paths from the nose to the brain and in the frontal cortex and hypothalamus of the brain. This is concerning because the front part of the brain controls executive function, which is the broad ability to gather information, make decisions and initiate action.

The scientists then chemically damaged the olfactory nerves in the nose. The rats with the damaged nerves had three times less uranium in the olfactory system than the rats with intact olfactory nerves.

These finding suggests that inhaled uranium can travel directly from the nose along the olfactory nerves to the front of the brain. The olfactory pathway, then, plays an important role in inhaled uranium reaching the brain.

It is not known from this study if soldiers and civilian workers that breathe uranium could be at an even higher risk for cognitive effects or if inhaled uranium may affect brain function in similar ways as when it is carried through the blood. It is also unclear if these findings would hold true for the human brain since the rat brain is much more developed for smelling than the human brain.

Assessing these possible risks and determining if people’s relatively underdeveloped sense of smell could protect the brain would require further studies of people exposed to uranium through inhalation.

No 2.

Uranium presents numerous industrial and military uses and one of the most important risks of contamination is dust inhalation. In contrast to the other modes of contamination, the inhaled uranium has been proposed to enter the brain not only by the common route of all modes of exposure, the blood pathway, but also by a specific inhalation exposure route, the olfactory pathway. To test whether the inhaled uranium enter the brain directly from the nasal cavity, male Sprague–Dawley rats were exposed to both inhaled and intraperitoneally injected uranium using the 236U and 233U, respectively, as tracers. The results showed a specific frontal brain accumulation of the inhaled uranium which is not observed with the injected uranium. Furthermore, the inhaled uranium is higher than the injected uranium in the olfactory bulbs (OB) and tubercles, in the frontal cortex and in the hypothalamus. In contrast, the other cerebral areas (cortex, hippocampus, cerebellum and brain residue) did not show any preferential accumulation of inhaled or injected uranium. These results mean that inhaled uranium enters the brain via a direct transfer from the nasal turbinates to the OB in addition to the systemic pathway. The uranium transfer from the nasal turbinates to the OB is lower in animals showing a reduced level of olfactory receptor neurons (ORN) induced by an olfactory epithelium lesion prior to the uranium inhalation exposure. These results give prominence to a role of the ORN in the direct transfer of the uranium from the nasal cavity to the brain.


The Notes are an integral part of the article. Include when distributing. CopyRight by Bob Nichols 2010. Feel free to distribute with attribution and Notes.

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“Uranium travels nerves from nose to brain.”
Synopsis by Paul Eubig, DVM Jul 31, 2009, Environmental Health News.
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“Sublethal Effects of Waterborne Uranium Exposures on the Zebrafish Brain: Transcriptional Responses and Alterations of the Olfactory Bulb Ultrastructure,”  Ad, Jean-Paul Bourdineaud, Karlijn van der Ven§, Tine Vandenbrouck§, Patrice Gonzalez, Virginie Camilleri, Magali Floriani, Jacqueline Garnier-Laplace and Christelle Adam-Guillermin,  Laboratoire de Radio

Environ. Sci. Technol., 2010, 44 (4), pp 1438–1443, DOI: 10.1021/es902550x, Publication Date (Web): January 20, 2010, Copyright © 2010 American Chemical Society

Google: uranium + olfactory   For 102,000 responses with uranium and olfactory on the same page, Bob Nichols, Sep 29, 2010. Many will apply.

A second source for:  “Role of the olfactory receptor neurons in the direct transport of inhaled uranium to the rat brain.” Toxicol Lett. 2009 Oct 8;190(1):66-73. Epub 2009 Jun 6.


  1. Did you ever think he knew you would quit and not continue, so he pressed on.

    He was right, you quit in disgust; but, you still quit.

    What do you think he learned from that? What did you learn?

  2. Back in the early days of the Iraq war, I posted an opinion on AOL which was critical of Bush & Cheney. I then received a long email from a man who identified himself as career military. He stated his opinion that I was envious of the two because they were successful and I was not. How does one reach such people? I exchanged a few emails with him, giving great thought to mine and backing my words with references, then gave up in disgust. It was almost as though his responses were programmed, probably by right wing talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

  3. Nope, Kris. The idea of uranium oxide, aka “DU,” as a terrain contaminant is right out of the WWII Manhattan Project, as was Agent Orange.

    The high profile product was the Atomic Bombs.

    Massive, high volume use of uranium oxide as a terrain contaminant is a War Crime; but, who or what is going to enforce it? No one, that’s who.

    Like all poison gas weapons, though, it is impossible to really control the radioactive poison. The next article in this series tells the tale of Hungary in Central Europe, which is in extinction Mode now due largely to radioactive gas.

  4. Agreed! We have been asleep at the wheel. It is time to put the constitution
    back into practice with some extra amendment’s. One that comes to mind concerns presidents who violate the war powers act. Like putting them on trial with capital punishment as a penal option. We need to stop the national security religion as well. In the name of national security we have terrorized the world and now with the DP dumped on Iraq and Afganistan we have committed genocide.
    Mysterious Illness my ass. I guess our boys are written off as collateral damage
    in our effort to exterminate the populations of these two countries. I wonder if the idea for DP came from a paperclip project participant.

  5. I will never argue that there are no officers who put the good of their careers above the good of their men. There are far too many of them that do. That’s why we ‘joked’ about the O-4 lobotomy. Something happened to them when they got to that level. But as a former junior officer in the USNR, I can tell you I never once used or heard the term ‘enlisted swine’. It most definitely was not taught to us at AOCS and if I ever heard anyone use it, I would have let him/her have it. I have far too much respect for my enlisted sister and 2 brothers-in-law to put up with that crap. Maybe it is an army thing? If so, it is repugnant.

  6. As a nation we are reaping what we sowed in Iraq. The leadership of the U.S. must acknowlege that our invasion of Iraq was not about WMD. We have been manipulated by forces of darkness, never as a nation must we let this happen again.

  7. It sounds like the US government has put that ‘nose candy’ into all the cocaine shipments out of Mexico and into all the party drugs that are available on all our streets worldwide. The world is completely nuts – especially politicians, rock stars and celebrities (whose favourite pastime is to snort nose candy) and kids on the streets – especially the ones who pop happy candy while they carry knives in their jackets!

  8. I know of sniper rounds in 50 Cal.

    I’ll check on special weapons sniper rounds in the small mm weapons.

  9. These poor soldiers sign up because they TRULY BELIEVE they are fighting for our freedom. The government doesn’t give TWO CENTS about them or anyone else, but themselves. These GREEDY-MONEY JUNKIES will NEVER have enough!!! Our soldiers aren’t fighting for freedom, but for oil and Lithium. Let Pelosi, Clinton, Bush, and let’s not forget Barnie Frank, let them strap on a helmet and fight the wars if they are sooooooooooo GUNG HOE about fighting!!!

  10. Funny that the VA won’t let me have all my medical records.

    As it “would be detrimental to my mental health.”

    What could possibly be in my medical records that would be “detrimental to my mental health”?

  11. Hi Roby, Of course there is.

    Sorry to hear about the cancer epidemic you are having in Amarillo. That is truly a bummer. But, Roby, your City Fathers and City Mothers, if there is such a thing, are to Blame. They asked House Speaker Jim Wright to deliver a Federal installation for the jobs.

    Speaker Wright delivered the goods and lots of Environmentally caused Cancers and other RAD caused diseases to Amarillo. Beggars can’t be choosy, eh?

    Here in San Francisco the City Fathers got royally screwed. Two nuclear weapons Labs, a Naval nuclear Research Center at hunters Point Naval Base and more radiologically dirty installations causing cancer than you can shake a stick at. Poor little rich Marin County on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge for years had the highest rate of Breast Cancer in the whole world.

    The only thing you should even think about doing is telling Pantex to just leave town and go poison some other city.

    Go for it, Roby!


  12. Dan, your analysis is spot on, thank you very much… but you leave out the absolute most important part in regards to taking over the local, state and national party selection process and returning constitutionality to America via principled candidates, ie: “how to do it”.

    The take over of the political process has begun (from the republican side anyways, which is ripe for take over), from your neighborhood precinct/district/ward caucuses to county and national conventions. Evidence, the primary battle that started with the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul in 2008. Here in my home state, supporters of Dr. Paul made fantastic inroads via the political process because enough people were made aware of the process and got off their asses by becoming involved. Also witness the happenings at the Nevada republican state convention: via youtube, (also see the links on that page) along with the happenings in county, state and national conventions across the nation in support of Ron Paul.

    So anyways, here’s a little video that explains the political process to the (and I WAS one of them) “uninformed TV watching, government run education system folks” and how we “the American people” can reclaim our once great republic.

    It’s called “The Strangest Political Secret”
    (the only realistic way in existence to reclaim our nation through peaceful, constitutional means)

    Congressman Paul also started

    Spread far and wide, get involved, and make a real difference in 2012!!!

    PS… Ron Paul supporters started the RE-Tea Party and it’s been co-opted via: Tea Party Nation INC., Tea Party Patriots INC and glen beck’s 9-12 crap that’s supported by his boss at faux news, Rupert Murdoch. Those first two groups are mainly supported by foundations that have major support by the RNC. Granted, there are people in the so called “tea party movement” that are true patriots and are getting off their butts for the first time because they see the miss guided path America is on.


    PSS… I agree with what outsider says below (or above :} ) screw DU and prosecute the renegades that have approved it’s use.

  13. Ash,

    Ahhhh, I see you are a very knowledgeable person. At least, you are about American history. Very few Americans know their own history.

    Yea. President and former General Dwight Eisenhower really did say “corrupt military-industrial-congressional complex… ” It was in the next to the last draft of that speech, He figured he could not afford, politically, to piss off everyone in DC. But, that is exactly what he meant.

    I agree, we do need to clean house in DC. These maggots have had a free ride in the Imperial City for too long. It is long past time to end it.

    No, Ash, this coverage will not be covered on those “garbage dump” so-called mainstream channels. It is up to us all to tell our neighbors. Thanks to courageous broadcasters like Jeff Rense, whose show I was on Oct 4 talking about this article, I just happen to have lots of neighbors. I am thankful for that.

    Thanks for writing in, Ash.

    Bob Nichols

  14. I wrote to every major newspaper about this shortly before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, mentioning to all the journalists in question that this was a potentially huge story in that the US would be deliberately poisoning its own troups and that surely, as responsible journalists, they would want to cover this.

    Of course none of them did. I still think this is a huge story, not only because of the human suffering involved which remains the most important issue ultimately of course, but also because it shows the ruthlessness of the leadership class and moreover the huge gap between jingoistic rhetoric (‘bringing democracy to the savage Islamic cultures who export terrorism’ etc.) and actual reality, which is that we are bringing slow and fast death not only to our so-called enemies (most of whom are civilian women and children) but OUR OWN offspring serving as troups in these unnecessary, unjustified and thus illegal wars in foreign territories thousands of miles away from our own.

    I hope that finally this sort of coverage leaches into the mainstream. When people realise that their leaders have no hesitation in killing/poisoning their own citizens, they might finally begin to wake up and make substantive changes to get rid of the corrupt military-industrial-congressional complex now running the US, and the world, into ever-encroaching darkness.

  15. GH,

    And just Who is going to force the US Senate to sit in a field in any Central Asian or Western Asia country in the middle of battles that the Senate authorized and paid for? They know exactly what weapons are used and the consequences of those weapons.

    When are you going to wake up and grasp that you are getting your ass exterminated and the US Senate is OK with that? The American “consumers” and “shoppers” are too.

    The US Army is the most well planned lethal force in the world. “Birth Control” and “Genocide” are right after “Bombs” and “Tanks” on the war checklist. Four successive US Presidents have signed off on Bombs, Tanks, Genocide and Forced Birth Control run by the US Army.

    Have a Good Day,

    Bob Nichols

  16. While I do not wish anyone to suffer, for Americans they have put it to themselves, whereas the Afghanistan’s and Iraqi’s didn’t and they are suffering a lot more.
    This whole uranium business as underlining that this is not so to say fighting for the good of your country because the politicians couldn’t care less about the soldiers they are sacrificing.
    Why not have the Senate sit in a war zone for a few weeks so they can themselves sit in the midst of the rot and then see how quickly they then decide to change it all!
    Any politician who is willing to put a soldier unduly in harms way, such as using depleted uranium, in my view is not fit to be a Member of Parliament and should be gotten rid of.
    If soldiers are to protect the country then he country in return should protect its soldiers and by this people all over the USA should come together at protest rallies and demand that depleted uranium and other like dangerous goods are banned from usage.
    Let every politician declare his/her hand to support or to oppose the usage of depleted uranium so the electors can vote out of office those who show a disregard for the soldiers ling term wellbeing.

  17. this stuff is nano sized, once its in your body, Nothing will remove it! the smaller it is, the more damage it does because of the expanded surface area.It mutates the dna on the cells around it and causes cancer of all kinds and lots of other incredibly bad things. this makes agent orange look like sweet tarts. Wait till you see what happens to these poor bastards over the NEXT 10 years or so.

  18. DU is a heavy metal and years ago I read a article where they found that Chinese parsley or cilantro increases the amounts of mercury expelled out of the body through the urine. I don’t know if it would do the same thing with DU, but cilantro detox is mentioned a lot on Google so it is worth a try. It is dirt cheap and I like it as a food additive, especially in chile.Luke

  19. No my good doctor maybe you should follow the link before you shoot off your mouth I hope you do not diagnose your patients in this fashion. Leviathan or the Dragon is named as one of Gods great antagonists in the Zohar: SPRA DTzNIOVThA 25 to 30 tells how God broke the head of the dragon, Leviathan, and cast him into the waters”Thou hast broken the heads of the dragons by the waters.” and castrated him so that his judgments against man could not multiply so that ThNINIM becomes ThNINM.

  20. h)….checking further I see that certain states (possibly rogue states) use DU/UO weapons on their neighbours. These weapons are being deliberately used on soft targets but I cannot see a logical reason for this other than a strategy of ethnic cleansing.
    Is there a spokesperson from the IDF (I know you monitor these comments)who can explain why Israel is deliberately contaminating Gaza with uranium fallout?

  21. It’s also illegal to Deploy people who are unfit however the need of the Officers Corps outweighs the Greater Good, any regulation, law or the U.S. Constitution. When you have Pilots receiving Silver Stars (Cherry Point N.C.) for scheduling Combat Sorties that should be enough for Congress to get the idea.

  22. Unfortunately the Military Leadership is far more concerned with protecting extra benefits for the Officers Entitlement Corps than they are with protecting the ones they lovingly refer to as “Enlisted Swine” (that term is taught and used at ALL Officers Candidate Summer camps and Campus party training schools they refer to as “Academy”.
    I absolutely guarantee you right now, this very second if you could get open access you could go to any military base and find these “Enlisted Swine” forced to clean parts for weapons and equipment in big vats with highly toxic chemical solutions with NO protective gear. If you go to an Armory you might see 1 or 2 sets of gloves hanging with hundreds of “Swing” forced to spend the day soaking in the chemicals.
    Why, because the Commanders need money for their pretty little kiss ass ceremonies, to divert to the Officers Wives Club activities, to buy gear for OFFICERS (RHIP rank has it’s privilege), so the OFFICERS can get the full and maximum financial benefits when they deploy, etc etc etc. I could give NUMEROUS SPECIFIC examples of how the totally corrupt and dangerous scum of the Officers Corps are robbing and stealing from the American Citizens at a rate unprecedented in history. Osama has nothing on those Federal Agents, yes, the Constitution states States Appoint Military Officers, not the FED as is done. IMHO a Stalinesque Purge of the entire Officers is needed.

  23. Hi Chris,

    I really appreciate the effort you are making, I Know this shit is hard, it took me years to figure it all out. I salute your efforts. You are doing great head work here.

    May I make a suggestion?

    It occurs to me that all your enumerated or lettered comments are time limited.

    Chris, go back further in time and the development of the weapon. It was first proposed and developed by the original officers and personnel of the actual Manhattan Project in 1943.

    Finely divided uranium oxide is being used today exactly the way it was specified in 1943 – as a terrain contaminate for millions of square miles, or sq km, of cultivated and inhabited land in Central Asia, West Asia or the Middle East, and Asia.

    The supposed “target” is not the bad guy, bunker, or building that is hit; but, the land and civilian population that are misleadingly labeled “collateral damage.”

    But, don’t believe me, you are doing exactly the right thing – do your own research.

    And lastly, “Way to Go, Chris!”


  24. Where is Roger Helbig when we need him…..? Come on Roger, get to work showing all of us how wrong this study is. And if that doesn’t work, you can “investigate” all of us via the FOIA to see if we really are Veterans. Then, if that doesn’t work you can look for ways to personally attack us or smear our professional reputations. Nevermind the science.

  25. Service members have the right to heal.
    Campaign for GI and Veteran Rights – First sector: Right to Heal
    Operation Recovery: A Campaign to Stop the Deployment of Traumatized Troops

    Thousands of troops are being sent to war despite suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Many of us within IVAW have faced or are currently facing deployment as we try to recover from the severe trauma we have already experienced.
    The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are continuing through the use of exhausted troops who have been on multiple tours of duty and suffer deeply from the trauma of war. It is cruel and inhumane to deploy soldiers who are medically unfit for combat.

    Join IVAW in our effort to stop the deployment of troops suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Military Sexual Trauma. By signing our pledge, you agree to do what you can to help defend the rights of soldiers to heal and to hold accountable those who are responsible for deploying traumatized troops.

    Please pledge your support!

  26. Bob, I’m lost with your reference to Kilpatrick and his hobbies – I promise to do some research on this chap.
    Although open to being persuaded otherwise, I do have problems getting my head around DU weapons being deliberately and strategically used to contaminate populations, as opposed to blowing targets to pieces. My thoughts are these weapons were developed and used because a) It’s a way of disposing of a hazardous waste product. b) they are good at cutting through armour plate. c) The military were persuaded to adopt them by the manufacturers d) the manufactures and their shareholders make loads of money e) soldiers and civilians health was (as usual) a secondary consideration. f) China and Russia now have these weapons so the Western military will not stop using them. g)I don’t believe the military/political leadership ever wanted to know about the DU contamination – let alone build it into a (Bilderberg/NWO)plan to waste populations. I suspect the motivation was financial greed and short term gain combined with total ignorance and stupidity.

  27. I concur, most “Law Enforcement Officers” will put the beat-down on you with a smile on their faces and if you “resist”…well, then they kill you and get a paid vacation to recover from the ordeal.

  28. In the list of helpful supplements, include lysed Lactobacillus rhamnosus. The Russians developed methods of treating radiation sickness after Chernobyl using a version of this. Most people have been brainwashed (like in other areas) that we have the best medicine on the planet…no, just the most expensive. All real help you will have to pay for out of pocket because it won’t be covered by in the USA. At least, for now, it is still legal to purchase alternative meds but they are working on that too. Anyway, if you give-up hope then you are already defeated. Look at alternatives like chelation therapies already mentioned (plus a few others) and then work on strengthening your body/immune system. Refuse to be a disposable hero and don’t look to many of your fellow ‘countrymen’ to be of much support because, as I experienced after being discharged with unexplainable illnesses, most will not be kind to you.

  29. Ha! Yea …. so the standard poop from the ace liar-in-chief Col “Mikey” Kilpatrick says, repeated barf bag after barf bag by his pretty boy friends in the big 24/7 media.

    Let’s see… how many tanks did Iraq and Afghanistan, Gaza and Lebanon have anyway, after 1991 and the first cut?

    Yea, it took several hundred thousand tons to kill those same old T-22s over and over and over again. That dog don’t hunt, Chris. Yea, think about it.

    The so-called “collateral damage” is the Target, Chris! The Breeding Civilian population!

    Bob Nichols

  30. Hi Cheryl and anyone else having problems comprehending the article.,
    Depleted Uranium is radioactive and harmful to organic matter i.e., human beings.
    The effects of this nasty stuff can be found by searching the following within Google Images: ‘Depleted Uranium Effects’
    (I must alert you that the images are very disturbing and unpleasant, no rats here just children that have been subjected to lab-rat tests).
    Munitions use this material (and tungsten?) so that shells can cut through armour plate. Problem is the collateral damage is extreme and never ending.

  31. Glad you spoke up Magnus,

    English language versions of the award winning film are also on the Net.

    Google “The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children.”

    It’s a good flick with Dr. Gunther and Tedd Weyman. Tedd is from the Uranium medical Research Center, UMRC.

  32. Now, now, Chris, Cheryl is pretty slow, so we have to make allowances for her, eh? The idea that “Cheryl” is an agent of the pro-nukers in Kilpatrick’s little shop of Moral Purity and Truth has some merit, though.

    Cheryl asked “What the hell does it all mean man!”

    Anybody care to take a swing at that?

    I don’t really know where to go back to begin nor do I much care. Somebody with more patience that I have is going to have to tell Cheryl the facts of life and what an Army is in business to do.

  33. This may not be welcomed here. But, why does any one upright man fight for a country that’s poisoning its own soldiers? Let alone whole countries? Google Frieder Wagner or “Deadly Dust” (Todesstaub), and You’ll know the more than ugly rest of the story.

  34. What are you referring to firing bullet rounds at the brain, etc? It’s a dumb metaphor. Get a grip on reality, you sound like a nut in this article. It’s really not clear so can’t reference it in my blog. It’s also highly technical and not easily understood. We don’t need the details of the rats. What the hell does it all mean man! Get a grip on your audience! We’re not lab technicians moron! We don’t know what you mean and what the consequences are. Write better in the future please.

  35. Tes the tea party aka.. RNC are handing over 50% of there funds,have you heard about that,and that being said i’m for throwing out as need..

  36. QUOTE;
    Only those loyal to the NWO will be used to maintain control and they will come from foreign countries who could care less about firing on american civilians.
    Hmmm, can’t see that happening at all, after all check out the current crowd in Congress, how many of them are from ‘foriegn countries’ yet these are the people who stab Americans in the back eveyday.
    Check out your local police, how many of them are ‘foreigners’ yet they too, attack you as if you are all the enemy.
    Sorry Bill, but I think your wasting your time looking under your bed for the ‘foreigners’, you’d do far better examining closer to home. That’s where the danger lies my friend, don’t get sucked into the propoganda your media is pushing down your throat.

  37. It is well establsihed FACT, that the NWO considers the World over populated and is on record, as stating a depopulation must eventually occur.
    IMHO, I believe, this is ONE way of acheiving that, and also another way of utilising the useless mouths in the U.S.get them to do the dirty work and then watch them die slowly thus saving the Govt Billions in medical care.
    This would also go a long way to explain the support of mercenaries in these wars.
    Consider, who picks up the tab for illnesses these people contract whilst fulfilling their contracts ?
    What’s the bet, there is no cover for any medical illness thus contracted ?
    So in effect, every mercenary serving in such regimes, is on a slow boat to hell when they return.
    Kinda puts another perspective on their services doesnt it ?
    Either way Folks, any American who signs up in their military today, to throw away their lives for the Corporate Govt they serve, are fools.
    On the otherhand, maybe it’s a good thing, like Darwinism at work, less inteligent get culled from the herd ?

  38. Yup, Yankee228, I did several articles on that abortion of a political deal for the San Francisco Bay View.

    It is basically like you said; but, that was only after the fire.

    Why did you leave the most important information out of your half-assed comment? Billion of dollars worth of US military made from weaponized uranium burned to the ground or exploded. Uranium is a metal that burns at an unbelievable temp, y’know? Hmmn, probably not.

    Anyway, it does and it did and somehow you missed all that. It only contaminated most of Central and Western Asia (aka: the Middle East.) And that is why the king dude required the Army to move the sand to Idaho.

    What a mess. It spread uranium smoke all over. It is still there, too.

    The sand was contaminated Bad, too. Still is.


  39. Did you know that tens of thousands (Google it) of Contaminated DU sand from Kuwait was shipped to US and is in Idaho landfill!! And it’s so safe? Also – massive amounts of deformed children being born in Iraq / least we forget Clinton had Wesley Clark dump TONS of this in Bosina – Yugoslavia. Remember it’s being used because “It cuts through metal like butter”. I doubt very much that (Paris Hilton’s nose candy more important) Americans know about this toxic chemical being used in warfare.

  40. Afraid Julia Gillard is too far gone already even before she left for Afghanistan. She pledged to keep Australian troops in that country for 4 years when the US President contacted her about half an hour after Kevin Rudd had been deposed in June. See, she was already brain-dead. She doesn’t deserve to inherit the brain of any good soldier.

  41. With that said about (DU). you can see the whole world will be f—kd—-up. their is nothing that can be done about it. clean up will take one million years. generations will die. MAN KIND IS DOOM. GET READY FOR JUDGEMENT DAY. may all the A—-HOLE’S REST IN HELL. i think their will be over crowding in HELL.

  42. Yes we are slaves in a gilded cage. We’ve known for a long time, Question is would you fight in the manner befitting of a Civil rights worker of the 60’s down in the Gulf Coast—New York City, Washington….didnt think so. My government is SCARY and Armed to the teeth. Now that USA can assassinate any American Citizen at will and without just cause…An American Citizen would think twice-even if they know they are right about the moral quagmire that has been embraced by the Fiscal and ‘Politikal’ Elite.

  43. What on Earth would the Zohar have to do with Uranium weapons? More nonsense- study a little deeper and giive up the convenience of anti-Semitism!

  44. Well, their are things humans exposed heavy metal toxins can do. Chelation with bentonite and diatomaceous earth, cilantro. Iodine supplements. I don’t like the way the article makes it like their is nothing we can do about it.

  45. THIS is why I said I believe that DU and the rest of Gulf War syndrome will make Agent Orange look like a common cold.

  46. Grazie, Chief, I appreciate your comment. True.

    It has been all kinda down hill for Mother Earth and human beings ever since the Europeans invaded.

    Many are irredeemable psychopaths and traditional methods are called for in their cases.


  47. pa Travers…she went there today I heard, lets hope she breather REAL deep of the air there, same as our poor soldiers have to!
    pity we can’t get Brown there too.
    Aussies OUT of the americans infantile wars!
    and after reading this , even more haste.

  48. The DU doesn’t sound like good stuff but the Hopi Prophet foresaw the invention of the Gourd of Ashes, or man made fire that came through the schools and universities of the Europeans and others that led to such things being possible. All that stuff does get into the air, water, ground, and does affect people along with everything else that is now a part of the manufactured poison process upon the earth.

    All these things are in our Native prophecies for this land, the earth/world in general, the prophecies of the Israelites, and others in the sequential order of events from beginning to end. May Creator’s peace that cannot be bought or sold be upon you in this insane world.

  49. The perfect killing machine is killing 100% of the fools that are using it and 50% of the innocents too near to where it is being used.

    Keep taking those “suicide orders” all you AWOL soldiers, your generals and your illegally-immigrated president love simple-thinking people to order around and control. You want to protect the Constitution and my Freedom? Then get your collective butts back to the homeland! You are not protecting American citizens by being 10,000 miles away! The U.S. interests you are protecting are those of the Jewish Bankers, Jewish Media, Jewish Corporations that enjoy stealing resources and wealth from other countries!

    Until people STOP playing the Controllers games that have “no winner” other than themselves, expect to always loose everything including your life! Nobody is forcing you to take those orders, killing innocent people is under YOUR control. You are the one pulling the trigger! Blaming the generals that told you to do it doesn’t hold water! God gave you “free will” to think so, use it! Otherwise, you are the murderers of God’s children! Period!

    But, the generals all along have planned that you the soldiers, will also die.
    But, not quickly and not painlessly. Planning to create massive death and having you execute their plans, makes these generals feel powerful and god-like!

    Didn’t you ever learn that killing was bad? We have terrorists shooting at us because, WE started (long before you were born) terrorizing and stealing many a country’s resources! You think that these countries are going to just sit there and let it happen? If they have the will, they will fight for what is theirs!

    The first thing we do in Afghanistan is rebuild the poppy seed industry for heroin production to rebound, after the Taliban wiped out the drug production! Then, we ran into Iraq and took over ALL the oil fields! Didn’t pay for them, we just stole them!

    The Jewish bankers are the REAL generals! They own the politicians, corporations, lands, resources, media, currency systems around the World. Your mortgages, cars, jobs, on and on and on. You own nothing. Never did, never will.

    If you want your country back just do one simple action – STOP!
    STOP buying Chinese products
    STOP-spending (only spend on what you need to exists)
    STOP-buying junk products you don’t need
    STOP-joining the military
    STOP-eating junk food
    STOP watching TV (read or learn how to read)

    Voting is supporting one of the two parties that perpetuate this disaster.
    Buying Chinese products makes China powerful and the US weak.
    Buying stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have, is stupid. So, don’t do it!
    If you don’t join their military death squads, you support God and not Satan.
    Eat bad and you turn fat and sick. Put the plate down and look around for once!
    Spending days watching TV waste time and has been proven to make you stupid! Period!

    Want your country back, don’t yell and scream foul. Just STOP doing what they expect you to continue doing. Your involvement in this mess supports their empire of greed!

    Of course, unless you like it the way it is, it will never change.
    Then be prepared to lose the final game….the game of life.
    STOP-reading mainstream propaganda news (do the research)

  50. Can you spare some anger for Australia’s Prime Minister,one Julie Gillard!?No brain,not affected by DU.Will stay that way for her life.Or maybe, a good affected U.S. soldier will leave his brain for Australian science,in case it is needed in the skull of Prime Minister Gillard,or those who think she actually thinks.

  51. Bob I am impressed you even know their name. Where did you get it from their manifesto penned by that “human” pig Thomas Hobbs or have you just been reading the Zohar? You have it pretty well covered although I tend to believe the Koch brothers have by now totally hijacked the tea party movement. Elections? That’s their rules for their fixed game that is designed to first dissipate any “radical” movement then absorb it. The electoral process is a cultural ‘Blob’ unleashed by the true enemy of the people: The mainstream Media. Those books are old Patrick and we have no time to read old books what they are doing became all to obvious to those of us who are not born slaves. I can tell you why:

  52. Bob I am impressed you even know their name. Where did you get it from their manifesto penned by that “human” pig Thomas Hobbs or have you just been reading the Zohar? You have it pretty well covered it although I tend to believe the Koch brothers have by now totally hijacked the tea party movement. Elections? That’s their rules for their fixed game that is designed to first dissipate any “radical” movement then absorb it. The electoral process is a cultural ‘Blob’ unleashed by the true enemy of the people: The mainstream Media.

  53. There are several sets of books involved…
    The many that are made up and includes the hidden onfo.
    Then there is the ‘real’ set…
    All of this has been well known since before Japan got their dose.
    I have been advocating removal of all of those in office, so…
    Citizen Grand Juries can legally indict anyone, county, state, and federal.
    Each division has its own required jury pool, structure, etc.
    I strongly recommend using this procedure, it is non-violent, and is growing in use nationally.
    The easiest charge involves violation of oath of office, although any legal violation will work.
    Military, police, public office holders, judges, are all subject, etc.
    I encourage each to form one in your county, legal ad for jurors, and a blind selection of 13 from a pool of 24. Hold hearings to deturmine indictment. Return indictment to prosecutor for action.
    Each county should have one to supply the pool for state level.
    Each state needs these to supply the pool for the federal.
    I feel too much hope is being placed on the coming elections, come into my parlor, said the spyder to the fly…
    ALL those who cast a vote for anything contrary to The Constitution, Bill of Rights, against the people, freedom, bailouts, are ALL subject.
    A lack of qualification to hold office violates the oath of office.
    Refusal to allow for defense in any adjudication, another violation.
    We The People can take back our country in this way.
    I’m starting one in my county, how about you?
    IF you’ve had enough, go after them!
    No one is above or immune to the law.

  54. In 1996 my husband died as a result of DU exposure and hundreds of other killer chemicals from his service in Desert Shield & Storm. My extensive research linking his exposure with his service landed me in a courtroom of Veterans Appeals in Washington DC. After the judge heard my case – for in husband- she turned the tape recorder “off” and came down to my table. She shook my hand and told me that I had done an excellent job and that she hoped I won my case. The over-all “case” took 3 1/2 years….but I felt fortunate considering that others serving in Desert Storm have NEVER completed their case..and are still in VA Appeals or are dead. I published a book “In Harm’s Way” (by Jane Smith Thornton) that can be purchased on It’s sole purpose is to assist Veterans with their VA cases ~ to obtain the benefits they have already paid dearly for.

  55. How i wish a cloud of (DU) would go over Washington D.C. and stay there. kill all the junkie crap.thief, swindlers, thugs, and SLIME BAGS in our government. plus all the JEWS working in our government. ( what goes around comes around.)

  56. The Tea Party is definitely the right direction, even if in its present form its been co-opted by Fox News and other propaganda arms of the War Party. At the local level of House representative elections, it is still possible for people to rally against imposition of a hand-picked agent as their candidate. Yet, if the House, which controls the purse strings of Leviathan, were to become the actual voice of the American people, the usurpation of power by the executive branch is already deeply entrenched. We’re going to be fighting a long battle to retake this nation from the criminals who run it. Rahm Emanuel is actually going home to be handed the mayoralty of Chicago simply if he wants it. What else do we need to know about the corruption across all political processes in this country?

  57. From Rense com

    A sample from Dr. Loren Moret’s essay about atomic waste contamination worldwide:

    “It is perhaps a reasonable theory to propound that all efforts at providing good health care to the mother and the infant proved futile against the surge wave of Strontium-90 damage to the bone marrow by inhuman cold war hydrogen bombs exploded in the atmosphere with impunity by the nuclearisers, sublime in the knowledge that these infant mortalities would be perfect murders.”

    Andrei Sakharov, Memoirs (1992), Vintage.


    The genocidal depopulation agenda through radioactive emissions was not lost on Dr. John Gofman, a Livermore nuclear weapons lab insider charged with studying the biological effects of ionizing radiation at the Livermore Lab in the early 1960’s. After fighting nuclear power all the way to the Supreme Court, as the cause of death of future generations, where the case was lost, he co-authored a book in 1970 with Arthur Tamplin, ‘Population Control’ Through Nuclear Pollution. The depopulation agenda behind nuclear technologies was clear even then.

    Read part 1 and 2 of Loren Moret’s eesays here:

  58. There is an altrnative to the Tea Party (whhich I suspect is the GOP in sheep’s clothing); put people up who will call a spade a spade; who will campaign from the outset against the Federal Reserve, for a proper investigation, with subpoena powers, into 9/11 (and the USS Liberty).
    That way, you get what you pay for, or vote for.
    If the candidates are afraid to speak up for such obvious atrocities and abominations, then they are certainly not worth voting for.

    9/11 is the key, the only possible chance of stopping these genocidal maniacs.

  59. That I do my friend.I spread the worthy articles to all my friends world wide.Some I would keep in the bathroom.I think the rhetoric is old and gets flat out boring but articles like this deserve to be read far and wide because they affect all of us in one way or another.I just came back to copy the URL to disseminate.

  60. Its all about destroying america’s ability to defend itself when the time comes to merge it with Canada and Mexico. Only those loyal to the NWO will be used to maintain control and they will come from foreign countries who could care less about firing on american civilians. If people do not rise up and dethrone the elites, our future will be worth nothing. There is no time left. It is time to bring out the guns.

  61. Lawrence A Dickerson


    Well, you aren’t dead yet. So, before you take that last patrol, send this and other VT articles you like out to your friends and acquaintances, even make Xerox copies and keep on talking.

    As the saying goes, tell your neighbor.

    Nope, it does not take all 307 Million Americans just a few percentage points. Keep on talking, Lawrence, you are “on a roll.”


    Bob Nichols

  62. It looks like this is this generations Agent Orange a million times over.I sat here for several minutes reflecting on this editorial and then I became angry tot he point of a rage.Our government has always been less than truthful and honest in it’s dealing with war and the people.I think I understand why the militia movement started.If a lawful body such as our federal government can and does act so unlawfully without regard to any consequences,how can they be trusted to always act with your interest at heart?

    The fact that profit or greed is the driving force behind the financial,industrial and scientific communities insures that we everyday Joes and Janes don’t mean a thing except to further their agenda.Is it too late to take our self preservation back and make a stand?I think not but that will require that everybody becomes involved in a grass roots effort to make a stand.

    The sad part is that I had to wake up so late in life when I am physically unable to,”Man the guns”, if you will.Perhaps it is good that my time on this earth is nearly over.I would hate to have to see the end results of such a callous and deceitful government together with it’s partners in crime.However,my mind is clear and sharp.

  63. Chris,

    It is heavily documented that the wind took 9 days to blow tons of radioactive weaponized ceramic uranium oxide particles from Baghdad to Aldermaston, UK, where it was picked up by the High Volume Air Filters stationed around the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment)for a period of nine days.

    Dr. Chris Busby, referred to in the article, calculated that the average 150 lb male Briton got an in-lung inhaled dose of 22 million uranium nano-particles.

    That is the science, Chris.


  64. ..10 days after ‘Shock & Awe’ my wife and I witnessed a strange looking cloud pass over our house one evening. This cloud was flat and circular and there was a slightly brighter pulsating effect around the perimeter edge. No way was this a regular rain cloud and my thoughts were the prevailing winds had blown something nasty in from the middle-east war zone….btw I live in the UK 30 miles south of London.

  65. Well, it has basically been known, in detail, for 65 years.

    As one of the guys on the RW (Radiological Warfare)committee at the Pentagon said of Marshall Islanders “They are better than lab rats as subjects.” He was talking about radiological experiments.

    Sure, Ethan, the cognitive ability tests were a part of Dose Measurement Studies. We are all just “lab rats” in the nuke weapons labs studies – world wide.

  66. And, their elected “representatives” come through a closed-door, local party selection process, in which virtually none of us participate, where only those individuals who already feel they can “make a difference” in fine tuning Leviathan–by giving it yet more power–move toward the nomination process. Citizens of good standing who are willing to take two or six years out of their lives to represent their neighbors need not apply–obviously. Our two-headed Leviathan’s operatives–its agents running local political party functions–are the ones who select the candidates, we do not. We get to vote in the primaries for Tweedledum or Tweedledee, and as a rule these candidates moral character and real views are unknown to us.

    Here in Connecticut, some lying slug who ran one of the most corrupt city political machines is now running for governor, promising to streamline the state’s bloated bureaucracies. Even if he did, which is laughable on the face of it, it would be only to better dole our preferment and money to vested interests as promised in back room negotiations, stealing from the average citizen to do so. Over in New York, the Machiavellian would-be tyrant, Andrew Cuomo, makes our local gangster look like an amateur. The idea that these two criminals in business suits represent the “people” is preposterous. They represent vested interests against the people, and everyone with half a brain knows it. Ours is a criminal system of government at both the state and national level which exists to serve the serious thugs operating behind the curtains. By letting these two head of Leviathan select the candidates, we have relinquished our right to self government.

    It’s a lost cause until political action among freedom-loving citizens takes over the back room criminality passing for politics across this entire country. A tall order, but still definitely achievable by sheer show of force. There’s a lot of unfair criticism of the Tea Party movement on this site, but at least, conceptually, it could overturn the two-headed Leviathan by putting everyday citizens of good moral character on the ballot. In fact, I’d say the visceral hatred of the Tea Party movement is tantamount to betraying one’s support for tyranny (and God help us that there are so many citizens who want more tyranny, not less). The people’s candidates may become corrupted by the glitz and power in the state capital or DC, but at least they’re not heading there already committed to serving the enemies of the people who voted for them. Any who are so shortsighted they think Leviathan’s power–that is, to steal our property and kill us–will be used against their political enemies will wake up one day with the barrel of a gun pointed at their heads in turn.

  67. Could this have been known for 20 years? After Desert Storm many vets took part in a VA study that tested cognitive ability. Something must have been suspected.

  68. Geez, no wonder I always have these hot thoughts! My oldest brother worked on the first nuke sub. He was a cool guy going in, but after he got our, he had become, lived and died nuttier than a fruitcake, bless his now departed soul.

  69. Since everyobody has always known of radioactivity risks since before day 1 of Project Manhattan, this must be part and parcel of some plan. The only one that I can imagine is that killing slowly veterans may be much more cheaper for the Uncle S(c)am budget than paying their pensions for a long time. Any opinion /other guess?

  70. Probably never.

    The American People are propagandized slaves, ooops, the proper terms are “consumers” and “shoppers”. Upwards of 85% “support” the “American Way of Life,” “Americanism” and Gawd and Country!

  71. The civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan? Their fate lies lies as an ever dwindling population of radioactive mutants unable to breed with exotic new cancers and radioactive based diseases.

    They will be good study subjects for scientists at Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab till they are Extinct. They are toast.

    Nothing more.

  72. This shit is now in the atmosphere around the globe….affecting everyone…..when will the American people do something to stop their runaway train ( U.S Gov>)?????????????

  73. Oh yea, sure they did. That would be the military and political leaders of the country and they were Good to Go with it.

  74. Did the Military and the Politicians know how these weapons tear up soldiers when they decided to use it?

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