Forgotten Terror: The DC Sniper, Another Government False Flag

So Obvious any Moron Would Notice, Special Forces/CIA Hit Team Plays "DC Terrorist"

DC Sniper, “Homeless Man” Who Vacationed Often and Very Expensively

From time to time I get videos from odd sources.  Back during the Bush era, selling terrorism was a big business, that and silencing people. 

One of the government operations stumbled over was the famed “DC Sniper,” forgotten by all.

We will begin with the impossible. 

Williams was a combat vet, fought in Desert Storm, 16 successful years in the military, real records of special schools, records the army lies about when asked but doesn’t disprove.

This man was intelligent, a success, a perfect soldier, highly fit, top expert in martial arts, record of leadership ability, heading to a fat retirement and then he goes off the map and begins a life of “cover and deception,” a typical spy, a modern day “Michael Weston,” hardly a serial killer.

Movie star good looks, Armani at the homeless shelter, there isn’t a single word of truth thus far heard about him until now.

This is someone with access to top circles in DC, now, we are told, dead in the quickest execution in history, all arranged through his own wife, if you can imagine the coincidence.

Oh, you will love this film and my deep appreciation and respect to the very real journalist who put it all together.  To begin, we get the “short and sweet.”

Here is what Wikipedia tells us, for those who have forgotten:

The Beltway sniper attacks took place during three weeks in October 2002 in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three other victims were critically injured in several locations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia. It was widely speculated that a single sniper was using the Capital Beltway for travel, possibly in a white van or truck.

It was later learned that the rampage was perpetrated by one man, John Allen Muhammad, and one minor, Lee Boyd Malvo, driving a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan, and had apparently begun the month before with murders and robbery in Louisiana and Alabama, which had resulted in three of the deaths.[1]

In September 2003, Muhammad was sentenced to death. One month later, Boyd Malvo was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. On November 10, 2009, Muhammad was executed by lethal injection.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The video above was received from a “source.”  It was uploaded from the Netherlands, has a very misleading title and is one of the finest pieces of investigative journalism I have seen.  It ties the DC sniper to the CIA and US Special Forces, proves him to be an army trained sniper and more.

It shows he became a “Muslim” only days before becoming a killer, had unlimited funds and his helper, “Boyd Malvo” was walked out of an immigration detention center to be his assistant instead of being deported.

Williams, his real name, had a wife on Attorney General John Ashcroft’s staff, spent money like water, ski trips, in and out of the Caribbean, all trips booked by his travel agent while staying in homeless shelters.

See the entire tape, all 16 minutes.  One section shows him being given what I know to be a hypnotic suggestion to surrender, something also so obvious no one but a moron would miss it, and it is here for everyone to see.
What was the fastest execution in American history was the killing of a government “hit man” operating under psychological programming. 

I am also certain he was very real US Special Forces trained, not saying that for amusement sake, had been “disappeared” from records as have more than a few of my contracting friends who operate with nuclear facility clearances or ties to “Delta.”
Do remember all the anthrax attacks.  Though not publicized, the CIA was attacked also.  The anthrax was, as most suspect, made by the US government, weaponized, and no one has been arrested.

Several associates were attacked, people with unusual ties to highly classified operational intelligence but also respected members of the DC community.

Some attacked were clearly otherwise.

I will add two videos for context.  The first one is categorical proof that 9/11 was an inside job.  Using the old “OJ trial” adage, “If it doesn’t fit, you must  acquit,” the following video proves 9/11 was an inside job.

We have the police tape of the arrest of two bombers captured on 9/11, all live for you to hear but those involved, the bombers, the dispatcher, the police officers, the forensic evidence, even the forensic team and, no wait, it gets better, the 188 eye witnesses have all “disappeared.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Imagine the threats.

Dan Rather, on this video quite clearly, says “this isn’t me.”  Does Rather have an evil twin somewhere?
There is no record that the news videos, nationally broadcast  by CNN and CBS had ever existed but you can see them here.  All records were destroyed but loyal Americans at local affiliates were there to help.  We thank them.
Do we laugh over so many deaths?

‘We Will Leave No Man Behind’ – Is a Sick Joke

I, at one time, with close friends, investigated the missing POWs from Vietnam.

When presenting evidence of up to 200 POWs who were alive after 1980, I was simply “frozen out” while one of my friends was shipped to Europe to take over a top Army intelligence command.  We talk about this about once a month.

Any more and we would, old as we are, be unable to control ourselves.

“Men in Black” is a joke in comparison to things the US does every day.  I have had two good friends jailed, both diplomats for the US.

One was “anthraxed,” a former Chief of Staff for the Central Intelligence Agency, and anther friend jailed on bizarre charges whose last employment was Chief Legal Council for the Central Intelligence Agency.
Another associate is in hiding, a former member of the National Security Council, assistant to Paul Wolfowitz and Condi Rice and briefer of President Bush (43).  Hiding from the US government.

I can add more to this list, mysterious deaths, silencings, disappearances, arrests, convictions, and in most cases, these were people with direct access to the President.
Then again, one of these people is in hiding because they were wearing an FBI wire when the Presidents Chief Advisor on Counter-Terrorism turned over national secrets to a foreign spy while being witnessed by, among others, the Secretary of State of the United States.

The AIPAC-Steve Rosen espionage investigation led to very high government officials. Historically, these are then quashed as a threat to the national security, that is, the public knowing that Israeli espionage has, for a long time involved our top people who effectively cannot be prosecuted.

The FBI agents involved tried for months to get this and the Rosen (a complex issue on its own)  case prosecuted but those involved in the spying were under the personal protection of someone above the president.

I spent some period of time leading a team that did analyses of potential high level risk areas, many areas of the Middle East, some others.

This involved signals intercepts, satellite imagery, human intelligence, even “getting the feel on the ground” when possible.

A bit ago, I had learned what we call “hyper-spatial analysis” and of late have worked with a top expert at an “agency” that does analysis of imagery.

For fun, they look at things and take them apart, seeing what is real and how clever some can be in fooling others.

Think about it, do governments have a major national security interest in being able to determine what is real video and what has been faked? How long would you image we have had this capacity for? How about decades?

This, in the imagery below, actually “illegal as hell” highly classified stuff that can never be legally on the internet is real proof of a UFO or, more correctly, a vehicle capable of something one might minimally call “interplanetary travel.”

Capable of Reaching Mars Before Lunch, Fully and Still Classified Image

The rest of the images, that when turned over to a university to examine, which none can legally touch, prove things we don’t even want to talk about.  They are here, in good resolution with full resolution available to qualified institutions.

If you haven’t read the piece attached, you should.

OK, here’s the kicker, when I submitted a video of a plane hitting one of the 9/11 towers even I got “Men in Blacked” as we call it.  This is what I was told:

Let’s say we were to spend the $250,000 dollars you ask.  What if we were to tell you that iconic film images can be proven to be “something else.”  What if we were to say the images, under “national security level analysis” prove, categorically that certain planes had

  1. No mass
  2. Were not made of metal
  3. Had no surface temperature
  4. Did not exist ‘contemperaneously’ with their surroundings
  5. Had no speed, more simply put, appeared to move but, in fact showed no evidence of movement, something we are capable of detecting down to the level of a walk.

I tried.  Take the answer, be it “double-talk” as you will.  I cannot and will not expand on it nor answer questions.

Then my friend and associate sent me to Youtube.  “Something has caught our eye.   We found a video that could not be “created” using any technology we forsee having available at the xxx for the next ten years.”

I asked the plans.

“Oh, that!  UFOs are like a game in some ways, we can take a look at this and let you know but, all I can tell you is that, initially, we are accepting this as a genuine UFO.  However, let me add, we are also accepting it as a vehicle of American manufacture.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

I will wait for more evidence but enjoy the video, you are paying considerable taxes to others who are doing the same.


Who Really Selected Romney to Run? Why are Ron Paul Delegates being Cleansed from the Convention?

One might ask why things are put together. I call something like this a “mosaic of deceit.”  It describes, for Americans, our lives.

We all have learned our political system is hopeless.  For the last “hold outs” Ron Paul being pushed aside by “joke candidate” Mitt Romney is the lesson.

For the older among us, the Kennedy murders, government hits, pure, simple easy to prove when they happened were the lesson.

Who didn’t watch 9/11 and say, “Aren’t we supposed to have NORAD send fighter planes?”

We all knew, it is just so many can’t take that sick feeling anymore that we are all getting, helplessness.

We all, at heart, know.
For me the thing I am haunted by is the POWs abandoned and what John McCain did to make sure we would never recover them though we had mountains of hard evidence and the easy capability to retrieve them. 
My closest co-worker headed that program for one of our intelligence agencies.  I can bring him on and have him talk, black screen of course, of the endless reliable sightings, the signals intercepts and the efforts Washington went to to make sure our POWs from Vietnam died in misery.

I will never forget or forgive.  John McCain was the single force that worked publicly and secretly with North Vietnam to keep POWs held until they could be disposed of.  Look into it.  Imagine why.


John McCain Being Saved – But for What and Whose Purpose?

For interest and in order to be genuinely informative, I include what “non” or “semi-operational” intelligence I can that will not endanger any American.

To that extent, I have no idea who I am actually speaking for, at what level but I suspect.  We often publish “bits” that President Obama could never be allowed to see or that Mitt Romney could never have explained to him, no matter how many boxes of crayons or how short the words were.

What we ask together is simple.  Is it too late?  Do we have a chance?  Nobody asks “How bad is it?”  I think we either know or are even afraid to suspect.

Too many of us were willing to die for our countries.  Instead, we were duped.  All of us would die for our children, pretty much, if only the simple act of us dying, giving our lives, would save them.

We fear it is beyond that.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


  1. One more piece to the puzzle Joe. The Illuminati New World Order card game from 1995 that predicted 911 has a card called Combined Disasters. It pictures people dressed in colors very similar to those used for the Olympics running from an explosion with Big Ben falling to the ground. The clock’s hands are set at 11:12. The plot thickens.

    Gordon you sure they found and removed all special weapons from London!

  2. “I don’t believe this video was made by “them”. I think it was made by a group who is putting it all together for everyone and flipping the script on “them” by using the very things they have created to zombie the Western masses.”

    Hope you’re right. Sure seems like someone with an inside ear had at least a part in it. It’s also obvious this film took serious resources to produce and while it’s gone viral it’s not going to earn a lunch with any Hollywood / Zionist Agents because of the content.

    So if it is an outside group they’re serious!

  3. Cooper Claimed to have gotten his information about the conspiracy to implement the NWO while he was McCain lls briefer when he was CINC PAC FLT. At which time had access to materials classified Top Secret Majik that detailed efforts to destroy the US and rule the world. He was the one to coin the phrase “Steaks on the Grill” for the US population. The old man would have certainly been in a position to either know or orchestrate the landing if that’s what it was. ll was at least and insider. I’m like Rah though. I kinda wonder if McCain lll wasn’t giving flight lessons in Florida early 2001.

  4. Buck up, man. The best prophets hope to be wrong.

    No one is suggesting we go mano a mano with the evil one. Better question is, have we learned our lesson enough to find a way to forgive such a thing? HOW to process, because segregation and separation by means of assasination and extortion is just more of the same poop.

    Magician does a trick. Where’s the sense in killing him? Why not learn the method and means? You get caught in prison, you make friends, you learn the layout and get out if you’re able. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but remember there are more restaurants, and even trees where nuts fall right out.

    Get feral bro. Don’t die for a cause. Live for the joy of it.

  5. Duff,

    Could you please repost the link underneath the UFO photo?

    Its linking to the previous DC sniper video posted. Thanks.

  6. Williams is alive. So is McVeigh.

    But not:
    Sen. John Tower.
    Gov. Mel Carnahan
    Rep. Sonny Bono
    Sen Ted Stevens
    Sen. Paul Wellstone
    John F. Kennedy, Jr (& his lovely wife)

    and on & on….

  7. It is God’s world, you’re right. And God will have the final say.

    I hope Gordon turns to the Lord. He’s seen so much, he’s pretty cynical about God, from what i can tell.

    But it is NEVER too late to call on the Name of the Lord.

  8. So I assume that Williams is alive somewhere (never executed)? right along with Tim McVeigh.
    these bastards in cia/mossad/fbi covering this all up should be hung.
    let’s find Williams. Let’s find McVeigh. Crap, certain folks know where they are. Gordon, your sources?

    we need a revolution. no, really. we NEED a revolution.

  9. Let’s see, from above “When we got the prisoners out and on Chinooks, we used gun ships to level the camp”. “We also used gun ships on the officers living quarters, this was pay back”.

    However, now you know it must not be true, because they did not use gun ships during the Vietnam War (Just big slow Chinooks, like today?). When in Rangers in the 1970’s we used cobra gun ships for close air support.

    But in comic books and video, they show big Chinooks with M60 hanging out back window?

  10. The art is really well produced and indicates a high level of mastery over CGI components. The soundtrack is equally original and synchronous to the imagery, but synthesized. The message is pretty directed despite seeming to be “hidden”, within every frame or scene are cleverly planted images and symbolism, some of them just rendered images (like the alligator). Clearly, the CIA stamp on Bin Laden, the citing of various ethnicities, religions, religious symbols, and esoteric representations, and the explicit description that the power of the puppetmaster is derived from the issuance of currency paints nothing short of the truth in surreal imagery.

    In esoteric items there exists a lot of truth. Sherry Shriners, however, were sent by “them” to create Cowboys and Aliens out of the Bible and distort the identity of the villains at hand. THEY don’t believe in aliens. THEY don’t believe in I, Pet Goat. But they believe you do. And they believe a good way to drag you by the nose is to speak to UFOs, esoteric items, and the other regular, mundane things like Coca Cola’s Santa Claus, buying diamond rings for engagements, and believing that “all allies spy on each other”.

    I don’t believe this video was made by “them”. I think it was made by a group who is putting it all together for everyone and flipping the script on “them” by using the very things they have created to zombie the Western masses.

  11. How much did C-IA charge the US Army Special Ops for this Vietnam prison camp model, the one that came with miniature periscopes so you could look into all windows and doors and see inside rooms in amazing detail, so accurate? The accuracy was incredible; oh that’s right $50,000 US dollars was the price. Were you presented with the miniature periscopes on model displayed in Ohio, Gordon? It seems to be the wrong color and such…

    An SF Vietnam Vet and friend, Sergeant in Rangers later, was on this raid, and said there were two operations, one rescuing prisoners? His story seems to be in conflict with stories on-line, where no prisoners were rescued. I must be imaging things again, how could the C-IA construct the camp model so accurate and with miniature periscopes, have had any knowledge prisoners was located at another site. My friend must have been imaging two operations.

  12. Joe the clock on the classroom wall is straight up 12 as well. I’d say you’re on to something!

  13. From the Vigilant Citizen breakdown of the I, pet goat II video:

    “In esoteric tradition, the symbol of the serpent-entwined egg is known as the Orphic Egg. In short, it represents the latent seed of life and the infinite potential of creation. In other words, while this child appears to be hopeless, he still has the power to reach his full potential.”

    Interesting that the Serpent Mound in Ohio depicts a serpent about to swallow an egg: The Great Serpent Mound is a 1,348-foot-long, three-foot-high prehistoric effigy mound located on a plateau of the Serpent Mound crater along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio.

    The serpent is thought by most to be about to swallow an egg.
    A strange design found in a soybean field across from the entrance to the Serpent Mound on State Route 73 near Locust Grove remains under investigation. The design was found on the property of Molly Williams, a resident of Dayton.
    “Another curiosity is that the crop circle is also situated between an earthen fault line on one side and a compression fault on the other. The crop circle is aligned so that the axis of the eye points directly at the Great Serpent Mound, located 3,000 feet away, up on the plateau.”

    The “eye” appears reptilian and quite creepy. A UFO sighting had been reported previously and light sphere sightings were reported since the formation appeared.

    It would appear prehistoric cultures knew something most current day humans have no awareness of whatsoever. Certainly great effort has been made to exterminate native cultures of the world.

    I was struck by the initial reports that Bush was reading a book about a pet goat to the kiddies on 9-11. Hmmm – a story about a goat. Just a coincidence really that Baphomet is the symbol of the satanic goat.

  14. You the man Joe! I looked for 666 somewhere in the date but you found something even more significant IMO.

  15. Maybe he intended to land, but lord knows he couldn’t pilot a plane if he tried. Was the capture staged? Who knows. What is definitely known is that after they had crucial intelligence on flight data and ratified such knowledge in action. There is no other conclusion to reach based on that fact. Landed, crashed, walked, telephoned — he’s another Jonathon Pollard no matter how you cut it.

  16. That video is amazing too. It seems to me that an enormous amount of energy and resources and resarch or first ahnd knowledge went into the film. The coincidences are beyond being unintentional. I think this film will get dissected to the pixel before long. I hope you’re wrong about 7/28 but it’s looks little if anything was left was left to chance or ambiguity.

  17. Oh and if I remember correctly the Simpsons episode that alluded to 9-11 had a tower clock in it as well.

  18. Great observation! It’s only a matter of time Joe. Who knows. Everytime I watch it I catch more symbols. And it’s pretty well established that 9-11 was telegraphed in advanced through a variety of mediums.

    What else can they do. They’ve layed it all on the line. It’s all or nothing at this point.

  19. xx,

    Your comments always leave me wanting more. I am but a worker bee trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. By all means tell us as much as you can.

  20. the movie is 7 min 28 sec long and A “Big Ben:” looking clock says 12:00.There are 9 block letters in the title then II=9/11. Anyway, I . I saw a post saying there was a whole bunch of fema body bags thereewent out on a limb and am guessing a false flag at 7/[email protected] 12:00 AM or PM at Big Ben. There has been a lot of stuff flagging Big Ben. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare video game has a curtscene where the area blows up and that game was released about 3 months ago or so..Anyway, now to read your link

  21. Gordon,

    We both know governments and their leaders are not, and were never part of the inner circle. Nor do they receive or apply the most advanced technology available, only second hand, something that can be manipulated when necessary. Do you know what the inner circle fears? They fear the 500 pound guerrillas in the room.

    Would you like me to comment on the above story? Someone who fought against contractors of another kind, “not government” but origins of the above stated. Shall I draw more gun fire in my direction?

  22. I’d like to post this link in hopes that this brilliant piece of contemporary art, rich with more symbolism than even the Bible can be spread as far and wide as possible. Yes as Gordon has once again elucidated, WE ARE BEING PLAYED WITH. There is no secret about this, no classified knowledge, no hidden truths unless you consider hidden in PLANE SIGHT being non existent.

    As has happened in our past, The Creator being the only one who knows how many times, we have reached the “Crux of the Bisquet” in the words of Frank Zappa. Once again the Technocrats will try to place themselves on God’s Throne with they’re technology, And once again they will fail at the cost of the destruction of civilization or as so aptly acronymed TEOTWAWKI.

    It’s becoming patently obvious that this is out of our control. And come what may we all have a decision to make. Am I a pet goat, or am I a Christ. It’s why you’re here now. It’s why most on this forum have been here for a long time. Which are you?

    I Pet Goat ll:

    Good primer on the symbolism:

  23. FWIW, Cooper who for a while was Admiral McCain’s daily intel briefer, said he was aware of Hanoi John’s activities and despised him for it. He said that he was offered his son’s release at one point and refused it unless all POWs received one. I know the whole family are probably on the darkside but at least there may be a glimmer pride there.

    “Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Old Stinky

  24. Interesting how the Rades and the NTSB recorded flight paths for “Flt 175” ( which was actually over Pittsburgh when it was crashing over the S. Tower ) are 1400 ft off…Are their drones undetectable to human vision? I’ve heard there are…did this drone project the image of “Flt 175”? Which would account for the sunlight eerily not reflecting off of it..How many people said they saw , but didn’t hear, an airplane..That, combined with the explosives we know were in the Towers, would account for the impossible “Road Runner” impact damage that this tin can striking a tank ( the WTC ) caused…Combine that with the video flubbery that we saw: the nose of Flt 175 entering AND exiting the Tower…Oh brother..

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