Israel Activates American 5th Column for Sandy Hook Damage Control

EditorsNote: This article was a follow up to Gordon Duff's on Press TV which went viral and became the most read article in Press TV history. It triggered a quick and organized Israeli Lobby smear campaign before that day was done, which we enjoyed.

Major Foreign Intel agencies taking a close look

The Veterans Today site counts Gush Shalom founder Uri Avnery and rabid anti-Israel activist Gilad Atzmon as writers. …Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor and Press TV, (First published in Press TV December 19, 2012 )

It began 36 hours ago during a TV interview about gun control with an angry American radio show host, Mike Harris, made his case for Israeli complicity in the Connecticut school killings.

Mike based his feelings on the recent Gaza outrages, access to Intel reports on the Berwick killings in Norway, backed by a wealth of circumstantial evidence that raised very serious questions but did not “close.”

Then Gordon Duff wrote a short article on the Harris interview giving some background but stayed well short of endorsing Harris’ conclusions.

Today Duff’s article went viral on Press TV. It hit a nerve, the UN votes, Gaza bombings, the world was, it seemed, ready to blame Israel for whom killing children has been part of their state defense policy for some time.

What can put the “Israeli stamp of approval” on a preemptive attack more than killing children, right?

In the intelligence world especially, Israel has a very long history of state terrorism going back to their pre-1948 war market-basket bombs, and being awarded at least a virtual patent for car and truck bombs. Many of their top leaders came up through their terrorist ranks, where having murdered people was considered a resume enhancer to the voters.

Every counter intelligence officer and analyst working the Israel desk carries around a mental encyclopedia of the methods used in every Israeli attack on record, including those the public is unaware of.

When any nation, group, company, be it a bank, insurance company or even a political party needs a convenient car bombing, no matter which side or who or what dies, you can always hire Israelis. They have a reputation. When they blow things up, they stay “blown up.”

Israel’s reputation as children killers is undisputed

There are no restrictions, political killings, murdering family members, a mother, a child, anything to get a message to a targeted individual.

This does not include the mayhem caused by their retired people who offer their well-honed services to the open market.

Mike Harari was one of those. On September 12, 2001, Harari, Operations Chief of the Mossad confessed to planning the 9/11 terror attacks.

In 2007, former Soviet Nuclear Security Officer, Dimitri Khalezov, testified to this during an FBI debriefing in Bangkok, Thailand, lie detector attached. The FBI was told: “No rendition for a Mossad spy chief!”

In addition, former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, for some strange reason, decided to go public with her being an un-repentant Mossad hooker, and having murdered Palestinian ‘academics’, for her country of course. She released this in the middle of an election campaign, so I think you get the picture.

Murdering people is a vote getter, especially if they are Palestinians. Moreover, Americans are not immune by any means. We have a list, and it is not a short one.

Livni pitching her kill skills was no surprise to Intel community people. Along with the last few dying Nazis, America is a retirement home for many Israeli terrorists, like Rahm Emanuel’s father. There are a lot more.

After the Gordon Duff story started going viral, Israel then had a choice, to note the anger and repair the damage, or go after “the messenger.’ To any cop or intelligence officer, and several were consulted during the day, Israel’s behavior showed one thing. They had something to hide.

Our U.S. Congress and the Israeli Lobbies have never stood against Israelis killing Palestinian children. Would they protest their killing them here?

Moreover, to an experienced law enforcement professional or high-ranking intelligence officer, in this case, we consulted one who worked several years in Israel; a longtime friend of Netanyahu…the behavior we saw today was a confession.

Remember Shakespeare? “Thou dost protest too much?” Today Israel confessed to the killing of twenty kids. They could not have done more if they hired skywriters.

Intel people are sometimes like fishermen who chop up bait to throw into the water to bring out any fish in the area. The slang term for this is ‘chumming’. We not only found some fish today, but a whale who actually harpooned itself.

We did Google searches during the day to see where the article links were being posted, checking comments and what corporate media outlets were picking up the story. We quickly found what I will call the ‘Israeli friendly’ papers, Washington Post, Daily Beast, Newsweek, etc.

We also ran the writers’ names through our entire shill database. This brings up every article they have written with an Israeli or Jewish Lobby topic, and is key word graded for a propaganda ranking, including what their overall score is.

While it is a sad fact that Israeli Intel assets are almost never prosecuted here, those that operate in the public arena are data-mined to maintain a threat profile. Thank God for the computers. What we found was that Israel had unleashed some of their fifth column assets on us. We appreciated being able to update the files.

I even was forwarded a contact from the Times of Israel. This is a new (2012) online platform and claims to have ‘no partisan political affiliation’. First stop to see if this is true is always their board.

Here I found (surprise, surprise) Ephraim Halevy, former director of the Mossad, ambassador and national security adviser. Now there is an unbiased person for sure! But to his credit he has been against the pre-emptive Iran strike crowd in Israel.

I looked for a token gentile among the staff, but none was to be found that I could see, probably a security issue concern.

Irwin Cotler – the infamous Anti-Gentilite and former Canadian Justice Minister and past president of the Canadian Jewish Congress

Then there was Irwin Cotler, the rabid Canadian Zionist who spent his last years giving the judicial ‘West Bank’ treatment to critics of Israel. Such operatives are never prosecuted in Canada either.

Cotler had a good cover though. He was the Canadian Justice Minister. Canada is more occupied than the U.S. The Mossad operates out of one of their major media platforms up there.

In a police investigation, these are people that we would refer to as ‘persons of interest’…like Mike Harris was making reference to in his own way.

The Times of Israel news editor, Mr. Zion, was wanting me to put an official VT endorsement on Mike Harris’ claims, which I declined to do. Our editors are free to interview and say what they want. They do not require VT board approval.

But I did have a chat with him about our ‘industrial scale’ Israeli espionage we endured, that we knew they murdered people over here, and through political corruption had a “get of jail free” pass which many of us were not very happy about.

He did not seem very interested in my story.

I checked out the site later in the afternoon to see what he had written on the Harris/Duff story. I was disappointed not to find a single quote from my interview, but not surprised. Journalism has gone downhill in the last ten years. However, what I did find was the usual cheap shots at Veterans Today.

“The site counts Gush Shalom founder Uri Avnery and rabid anti-Israel activist Gilad Atzmon as writers.

The Anti-Defamation League responded to Harris’s statements saying, “Veterans Today is known for promulgating some of the most outrageous anti-Israel and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and Press TV has been providing a platform for its contributors and other American anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers for years.”

Uri Avnery – IDF Veteran

Dear Mr. Ilan Ben Zion, Uri Avnery and Gilad Atzmon are IDF veterans, and Veterans Today has veteran readers and contributors from 38 countries now.

One of the common bonds we share is having been poorly used by our countries, which we resent and try to protect the same happening to others.

We are a little more diverse than your all-Jewish staff. Ours is only 30% Jewish. We are not into the ‘Gentile State’ thing.

I know you may be new at your job but the unnamed ADL quote was really a cheap shot. We only talk to Abe Foxman over there…and he will not talk. I think it might have something to do with our wanting to discuss some of the unpleasant things we know about the ADL.

The American Intel community considers it a Jewish hate organization, which seems to have some kind of special license to operate. Without their political protection we would have rounded a lot of them up for helping out you know whom.

Say hello to Ephraim for us, and tell him we suggest a little more training. Using an unnamed ADL person to deliver a smear that you can claim you never said, you will never build a reputation for yourself as a real journalist.

And oh, please ask Ephraim for us if the Mossad is still buying entire media platforms to operate out of as fronts, and if they are still paying the 10% commission for a good deal.

And please ask Cotler for me if he is still lynching accused anti-Semites and Israeli critics in Canada, or did he retire from that, too. Thanks, Jim W. Dean


  1. lol’d for real re: “The Grey” 🙂

    Brother Nathanael seems to intend to turn this into a “religious” war whereas Talmudia is not really a religion, they are a cult and political faction. I agree with some of his substance, but disagree with his specific intent in ostracizing Alan Hart for an article that seemed to exclusively dip into the poison of “political correctness”. I told him to call a spade, a spade, and before it is too late, I hope he grows a back bone and stands up finally instead of saying he “only tried”. I know it is in Alan Hart’s capacity to do so.

  2. Most of my working life has been as a commercial and residential painter, with stints as a n engineers assistant dental assistant, and certified auto mechanic. Flights of fancy are not part of the jobs and carelessness can result in death or serious injury. When I say The James Holmes giving very sophisticated science talks on Youtube videos is not the same young man as the one with dyed red hair, I mean it. Whether the most recent pictures from the jail house is the real James Holmes is more likely. Even if I am wrong about that, the police dispatch recordings featuring several officers reporting other shooters and weapons which were part of the attacks physically out of potential reach of either suspect all indicates a very extravagant covert operation was carried out in each case. The potential LIBOR link makes all of this conspiracy talk logical. Watch a pro team sports event. A playbook is the teams set of conspiracies worked out to use against the other teams. Technologies and science go forward into complexity to fit the need. There are too many instances of officials being caught lying to cover up at both of these shooting events to conclude they were the acts of solitary nut cases.

  3. Harold, i have taken the liberty of quoting your list in full (with acknowledgement!)


  4. “…rouge Israeli terrorist…”

    The word is “rogue.”

    That is, unless you were referring to Tzipi Livni!

    OK, OK, I’m outta here.

  5. Uh, the hypothesis is that Adolf Hitler was the *grandson* of a Rothschild.

    As for being an antisemite, all goyim are inherently so – just real the Talmud.

  6. My father was one of the guys who got the engineering bid to build the WTCs I and II for Skilling and Associates Engineering Wiggins. Who the heck are you?

  7. Portable morgue could be useful here too (in Orange County, California):

    Don Haidl a corrupt Californian was probably assassinated in hospital for having ratted out to the feds his corrupt former associate Sheriff Michael Carona who was a Freemason (like many county sheriffs).
    His in-hospital death sounds the way Patton was killed in hospital while recuperating from car-accident.

  8. I gleaned this from another site: The New York City Medical Examiner dispatched a portable morgue to assist with the aftermath. Now seriously think about this.

  9. Great piece, Jim. feels like you have got some traction here, and you are pressing the advantage. good tactics 😉

  10. Having linked professional terrorist mercenaries (aka: Israel) with this “massacre” & one of their usual operatives (a U.S. RABBI) and one “Jewish mother” were the only reported people to have viewed only one of 26 victims raises more suspicions that the above massacre was a terrorist plot as declared by VT’s Mr. Harris on television.

    Q:Any “law-enforcement” video testimony of having seen & describing the crime scene casualties?

  11. poisoning the air-water-food-medicine for profits, is friggin SATANIC!
    No it isn’t. The christianized vesion od Satan by Crowley, nor the Judaized Satan of Levin do not relfect the real Satan who goes back befpre judaism and their false blood drinking gawd and before the jewish blood drinking cult of christians made devils out of Our European Gods and replaced the Sun God with the dead jew. Satan is not even the distorted version of Our Horned God Pan Protector of the Earth as opposed to the destroyer false gawd yowee. To find the facts about the real Satan go to

  12. Harold, it takes stamina to make a list as long as that, though i’m sure you’d insist this is just the hors d’ouevre. brilliant – not a credo but a non credimus for a new millenium.

    the extent of the systematic lying, the way these interlocking lies have been infiltrated into any available corner of culture dovetailing with the rapidly developing info-hegemony and reality-screening effected via new weapons of mass distraction, is staggering – at least to a naive soul like myself.

  13. It would be foolish not to consider as highly probable that US ‘Counter-intelligence’ today is infested with “Fifth Column” moles. After all, we recall that the CIA’s ‘legendary’ counter-intelligence head James Jesus Angleton had been identified as a key asset of the Mossad during the time of the JFK assassination. Isn’t that why the Mossad erected a statue of Angleton in front of thier headquaters in Tel Aviv?

  14. Brown nosing much. I have seen you doing this time and again hoping it will pit them against commentators you don’t like. A Pitiful charade. You have zero shame.

  15. This mom was far from convincing in a TV interview, I hear. Haven’t seen it yet. Would be easy to find on youtube after getting her name again. Pozner….
    I might as well watch it now.


    Most of it is a script for gun control, seems to me. To me, it’s like bad actors who have to improvise for lack of an actual script at their first rehearsal (and I do have experience with that.) Surreal to me. She just lost her child? Is this what people are like in the USA now?

    How much does that TV guy get paid for a salary? Anderson (I’m happy to say I have no idea what his last name is… never watch.)

    Good grief.

  16. The concept of the necessity of a federal Grand Jury to secretly procure expert witnesses to teach the Grand Jury about aspects of the nature of a case are vulnerable to moles and phone taps. This violation combined with witness tampering points DIRECTLY to the only top people on the planet who have the power to direct such attacks and not believe they have anything to fear. LIBOR expert witnesses…. top credit and fraud expert Dr. Robert Holmes and GE Financial Vice president and taxman Peter Lanza, if chosen, sure appear to have had their sons kidnapped. That guy in the Aurora shooting arraignment videos was no more ‘James Holmes’ than I am.

  17. There are two people who got shot and survived, I want to know about the description they gave of the masked person including height, weight and mannerisms.

  18. “…there’s not one eyewitness who can identify Adam Lanza as the killer.”

    But there are surviving witnesses we have not heard from. At least one, a teacher who was shot in the leg or foot? Problem is the likelihood of the FBI “coaching” her testimony.

    There is also the matter of Adam being checked for gunshot residue.

    The fact is, we don’t know for a fact he was even there, right? And he supposedly drove his mom’s car there, but that car turns out to belong to a Mr Christopher Rodia, …


  19. The one Jewish child. His mom is reported by The New York Times (16th, I think) to have viewed the body with her Rabbi.

    By Reuters 17th

    NYT, 16th

  20. From a Canada Free Press article:

    Nancy Lanza may have begun filing papers to have her adult son committed. A friend claims Adam was aware of this and that he was “very, very angry” and this is what “set him off.” Others say Nancy volunteered with young children at the school.

    Brian: Who are these people? Are they real?

    From an article:

    From what I’ve been told, Adam was aware of her petitioning the court for conservatorship and (her) plans to have him committed,” Joshua Flashman, 25, tells “Adam was apparently very upset about this. He thought she just wanted to send him away. From what I understand, he was really, really angry. I think this could have been it, what set him off.”

    Additionally, Fox quotes a senior law enforcement official involved in the investigation as saying the shooter was enraged over his mother’s plans for “his future mental health treatment.”

    Brian: Perhaps Joushua Flashman is wrong. Apparently the father of Joshua Flashman doesn’t back up his claims, excerpt from an article:

    Flashman’s father, Pastor Richard Flashman of Beacon Hill Evangelical Free Church in Monroe, Conn., said in a statement that “the information Josh spoke to them (Fox News) was hearsay and not confirmed…. I am perplexed why Fox News would run with it.”

    The pastor’s secretary, Eileen Bell, said the pastor is not the source of the information his son provided. The Lanza family did not worship at Beacon Hill and Pastor Flashman did not know them, she said.

    An article published over the weekend by the New York Daily News reportedly cited Adam Lanza’s uncle as saying the shooter was prescribed an antipsychotic called Fanapt, a drug with documented links to causing impulse-control disorder and major depression in some users, as well as other side-effects. By Tuesday, though, the Daily News’ quote had been scrubbed from the site and no verifiable source has been able to confirm that preliminary report.

  21. One of the odd things about the Sandy Hook tragic event, just like the Aurora killings blamed on James Holmes, there’s not one eyewitness who can identify Adam Lanza as the killer. I don’t think James Holmes killed anyone, I’m not sure about Adam Lanza.

  22. I don’t believe that Abraham Lincoln gave a damn about Black people and their status, nor do I believe that he DID NOT deliberately provoke the Confederate attack on Ft. Sumter; I don’t believe that the Spanish blew up the USS Maine in Havana Harbor; I don’t believe that the Lusitania WAS NOT carrying munitions
    intended to kill Germans; I don’t believe that warmonger and consummate moral slug Woodrow Wilson involved the U.S. in WW1 to “Make the World Safe for Democracy”; I don’t believe that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a “surprise”, nor do I believe that it was “unprovoked”; I don’t believe that
    Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews in gas chambers; I don’t believe that Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on defenseless Japanese civilians as a “military necessity” “to save American lives”; I don’t believe that General George Patton died from injuries received in a “car accident”; I don’t believe that the
    government of Jacobo Arbenz (in Guatemala in the 50s) was any kind of “Communist threat” to the U.S.; I don’t believe that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy; I don’t believe that the Vietnamese attacked the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964; I don’t believe that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 was an “accident”; I don’t believe that James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King; I don’t believe that Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Robert F. Kennedy; I don’t believe that Saddam Hussein WAS NOT deliberately provoked into invading Kuwait, nor do I believe that George H.W. Bush, by and through his agent, April Glaspie, DID NOT deceive him into thinking the U.S. didn’t care wherether he invaded Kuwait in response to the said provocations; I don’t believe that Clinton wanted a peaceful solution with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, over the Kosovo issue; I don’t believe that TWA Flight 800 exploded in mid air because of “a spark in a fuel tank”; I don’t believe Saddam Hussein tried to buy “Yellow Cake” uranium oxide from Niger; I don’t believe that Saddam Hussein had “reconstituted” any WMD programs when Dick Cheney said he did; I don’t believe anything that Colin Powell said about Iraq in his speech to the U.N.; I don’t believe that “Arabs” attacked the U.S. on 09/11/2001, in part because the “U.S.” “government” has never produced any evidence in support of its story; I don’t believe that Osama bin Laden would pull off such a daring and successful attack and then deny it, therefore I don’t think Osama bin Laden had anything to do with it; I don’t believe that the three towers “collapsed” due to
    “fire”; I don’t believe that Bruce Ivins was the anthrax killer; I don’t believe that any of the numerous post 9/11 U.S. wars of aggression against any Arab/Islamic countries have any justifiable legal, moral or practical basis; I don’t believe that Pat Tillman was killed by a “friendly fire” “accident” any more than I believe that General George Patton died from injuries due to a “car accident”; I don’t believe “Obama” (if that’s even his real name) has a legitimate U.S. birth certificate, because if he did he would produce it, thus I don’t believe he is even a legal U.S. citizen, let alone a “Natural Born Citizen” of the U.S.; I don’t believe that “Obama” et al. want to repudiate the Second Amendment and disarm the U.S. citizenry because they care about “the children”, because if that were true, they wouldn’t be senselessly murdering children in far away places like Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen on an almost daily basis, nor would they be arming and supporting a bloodthirsty, illegitimate rogue state, Israel, which brutally and routinely kills defenseless Arab children, apparently for sporting purposes. In summary, I don’t believe anything the “U.S.” “government”, its owners, agents, enablers, apologists, and Court Historians say about anything of any significance.

  23. Question to Veterans Today, Mr. Dean, or anyone else:

    Q: Would joining this or similar organization help???


  24. The commoners ARE the intelligence community and guns are flying off the shelves in my small town. People know who the enemy is, too.

  25. The truth has a funny way of short-circuiting those who try to divert it, knowingly or unknowingly. It makes itself known in spite of the context in which it appears.

    Kinda like a bad defense attorney who winds up doing his client more harm than good!

  26. Above article is dynamite, skilfully worded and of high content, more for what it doesn’t explicitly say than for what it actually says. The battery of lethal missiles is there, ready to be fired on the blank(s).

    Hat off, to you Jim. I am sure the message has reached those it was intended to reach.

    They will for sure first try damage control and seek to smooth off the ruffled feathers, their usual way. They will never say the truth though or act in good faith. Children and women murders are irrational psychopaths, can´t change, can never be trusted.

    I am sure that you and the people, you work with, have contingency plans about what should be done and to whom, in the case the Zion Talmudic Mafia or its Sayanim, States side or overseas, get the feeling that they are “invincible” and try to pull one of their dirty tricks.

    These guys and girls are accustomed to have it their way and need to be taught a lesson they will never forget. It is the only way to make them understand that the game is OVER and things have changed. It is a psychological problem they have. They need to find their over-men in order to level down and wake up to the new reality…

  27. I think it’s sad the Israeli blackmailed George Bush allowed AIPAC to force him to celebrate Hanukkah in the White House which the Israeli blackmailed Obama gladly continues. Do we celebrate other war victories of other religious groups in the White House?

    Bush hosted the first Hanukkah party in the White House on December 10, 2001. The Israeli government the culprit of the evil 911 event used AIPAC to force Bush to have a Hanukkah party in the White House in order to clandestinely celebrate their huge victory over the United States just about three months earlier on 911 when they blew up the twin towers and murdered more than 3,000 people in cold blood. The unmitigated gall of these vicious murderers. With another four years of the blackmailed Obama in the Pink House things are just going to get worse.

  28. There are six major intelligence agencies looking into this, somewhat normal as all monitor mass killings to look for anything they can learn from them operationally. Why do you think would be? Do they have nothing better to do with their time, or do they all know about the pattern?

    The Pollard release was not really a release. The docs have actually been out, some anyway, and redacted. They will never release the damage that he did. It’s still classified. All huge failures are because you don’t want those that don’t know how badly you got nailed.

    In our case we never budgeted enough to do routine financial checks on all people in these positions. There were other countries at the time who considered that insane. Our ‘system’ was waiting for someone to report someone suspicious. If the big defense contractors could have figured out a way to get a big chunk out of the necessary counter intel program they could have gotten it funded.

  29. Is there an intelligence term for these guilty-as-sin types who start screaming hysterically whenever anyone starts to zero in? Something like “screaming hysterical perpetrators” (SHP’s) or “I’m just a tourist” (IJAT’s) or “it’s not MY gun” (INMG’s) or whatever?

    I guess I’d call them “nervous as f^%k.”

  30. Mr. Dean,
    Yep ,the 5th column burped a bit.
    Israeli press was kind of quiet.
    Do you have any proof that it was Israel that “activated” them,or someone else,since you write a lot about the Mossad?
    Are you aware that all of Israel’s internet spying is being done by the Shabak now,work that was usually done by Mossad ,and then transferred to Israel.?
    Didn’t read anything on VT about the recently declassified CIA documents on Jonathan Pollard,which shows signs of Mossad’s interests not running paralel with Israel’s interests.

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