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A good friend in academe has sent me a copy of an excellent article by Professor Joyce Malcolm of the excellent Georgetown University Law School, published in the Wall Street Journal.  She points out, correctly, that after the Dunblane School Massacre we in Britain made the same error Obama is now urging on Congress.

A savage crackdown on handguns was rushed through the House of Commons.

Badly drafted, in the midst of a moral panic, the Firearms Act is a classic example of a bad law.  The claimed intent was to ‘reduce gun crime.’  Since the problem at Dunblane was that Thomas Hamilton was running a pedophile ring and supplying young boys for abuse to inter alia senior police officers the new legislation was never going to prevent another massacre, nor did it.

Whilst Hamilton was shot by a police officer (in an execution-style shooting, at close range, to make sure he never talked) the politicians and police officers who made sure existing firearms controls were circumvented were never prosecuted.  Indeed there was a sordid, Sandy Hook style, cover-up.  The incident helped to shatter confidence in the police in well-informed circles, including the Tory Party and Freemasonry.  I am not a Mason by the way, although I have cordial relations with them and do not subscribe to the silly conspiracy theories about them you often find on the Internet.  They tend to be very nice people.  The Grand Master, if I may say so, is a particularly nice chap.

I am sure the poor parents of the children so disgracefully murdered at Dunblane did not want a massive increase in gun crime in Britain.  That is what they helped bring about however.  It has more than doubled since, even on official figures.  The crackle of gunfire is not an unknown sound in Britain’s inner cities these days, sadly.

The reasons why the post-Dunblane crackdown failed are all too obvious.  Gun crime by registered gun owners has never been a particularly severe problem in either Britain or America.  All you do when you deprive law-abiding people of firearms is to make it safer for gun-toting criminals to commit crime.

Since it is now clear there were three shooters at Sandy Hook it is almost irrelevant that two of the guns used may have been lawfully registered, although every aspect of the official narratives of Sandy Hook must be now be called into question.   The same goes for Norway – there were at least two shooters on the island.  What matters is who sets up these shootings and why.   The individual political leanings or mental states of particular shooters don’t matter very much in the great scheme of things.  We need to concentrate on the organ-grinders, not the monkeys.

Word on the street is that the organizational and logistic aspects of the Sandy Hook shootings were set up by the ‘Latin Kings’ narcotics gang, who are said to have assets in Newtown police.  That would make sense, since these days they tend to be tied into Mexico.  The Federated Mexican States have been a German client-state since at least 1917.  The current inter-cartel wars reflect the vicious factional battle inside the DVD between the ‘ST’ and ‘KR’ factions, as I have described them in Spyhunter.  Corrupting local police departments is a known DVD tactic, which is not confined to Thames Valley.  The factional conflict inside DVD is a rich source of intelligence by the way, as the factions keep shopping each other.

The DVD always stay deep, but I do deep.  The DEA officially do not know me but they do.  I suspect my stock there has risen since I have been warning of increased German intelligence activity in Mexico for at least 8 years now.

Sandy Hook will lead to increased intelligence focus on the Latin Kings gang.  Given their Chicago roots there is bound to be speculation about links between them and the notoriously corrupt Obama Administration.

I think the point being made by a number of folk about the possibility of supposedly dead children having survived Sandy Hook is a good one.  There do seem to have been some extraordinary restrictions on taking DNA tests, viewing the bodies before burial and so on.  The way in which Lanza’s body was released to a non-family member, before a thorough autopsy, also calls for comment.  Everything about Sandy Hook is now up for discussion.

The Russian SATINT has become even more crucial, as it may show children being led away from the school.  Moscow seem to have acquired some serious leverage over the Administration, which we may see reflected in policy on the Syrian Civil War.  If we have kidnapped kiddies I want them rescued, but as with Madeleine McCann I seem to be in a minority within INTELCOM.  The politics of a successful rescue mission are very messy indeed.

The parents deserve the truth, but they are unlikely to get it, unless they start reading Veterans Today, or the NRA have an attack of the smarts and start probing.  They will not get the truth from the mainstream media, or the Administration.   They can’t even get the President’s resume right, no offense intended.

Michael Shrimpton – January 1st 2013.

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Michael Shrimpton
Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, currently suspended of course, called to the Bar in London in 1983. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counterterrorism. He has wide ranging connections both in Western Intelligence agencies and amongst ex-Soviet Bloc agencies. The late Generaloberst Markus Wolf, of the Stasi and DVD, was one of his contacts. Michael has earned respect in the intelligence community for his analysis of previously unacknowledged post-WWII covert operations against the West by the German DVD organization based in Dachau, near Munich, Germany, and its British, French and American client agencies. These continue to the present day, as politicians and the media are too nervous of standing up to them. Michael was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters level to inter alia serving intelligence officers. He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and briefed in staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11. In the wake of that murderous attack he addressed panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles organized by the respected Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Fellow panelists included a former head of Special Operations Command and a former Commander of the US Atlantic Fleet. Michael's active assistance to Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies in the Global War on Terror produced some notable successes, including the exposure of the Abu Ghraib 'hood' photograph as a fake. His work on strategic intelligence took him to the Pentagon and he has also met with senior advisors to the President of the Russian Federation, in Moscow, in November 2005. He participated in the Global Strategic Review conference in Geneva in 2005 and was a speaker at both the Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) in 2005, and the Intelligence Summit in 2006, each at Crystal City. In 2006 he was flown out to, and flew off from, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65), as part of the US Navy's Distinguished Visitor Program. She was then working up her air group off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, before operational deployment to the Persian Gulf. It is comparatively unusual for a foreign civilian to complete a carrier landing and launch cycle. Michael's ground-breaking, 700 page intelligence text "Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence" was published in England by June Press in April 2014. It features on a number of intelligence syllabuses, as does intelligence analysis prepared by Michael, e.g. on the brutal 2003 assassination of British weapons scientist Dr David Kelly CMG. In their unlawful raid on Michael’s home in Wendover, Buckinghamshire in April 2012 Thames Valley Police officers seized the manuscript of Spyhunter and all of Michael’s onshore backups. Publication was only possible because the draft had been backed up offshore. The police hung onto the seized copies long after it was decided not to use them as evidence. In November 2014 Michael was convicted at Southwark Crown Court by a tampered-with jury panel on two bogus bomb-hoax charges. Prior to bringing in the police the British Ministry of Defence, after consulting with the Cabinet Office, destroyed their recordings of Michael’s initial contact and qualified intelligence briefing re a DVD operation to target the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics using a stolen Russian SS-N-19 warhead. Happily the NSA intercepted both Michael’s call to MOD and their call to him (on a number he had provided) and the intercepts are now in the hands of MI5. As Michael’s distinguished Veterans Today colleagues Gordon Duff and Ben Fulford have confirmed on this website, his intelligence briefing to MOD was substantially correct and two warheads, both off an SS-19, were recovered by the US. After inspection the Department of Energy estimated their yield at 20KT.


  1. Thanks, OS. Christopher Story was a courageous man, who was killed trying to get the word out about DVD. He mentions several times that it was set up by the Abwehr, so it was the Abwehr (intelligence) continuum rather than a Nazi (political party) continuum. Michael Shrimpton makes that distinction clearer.

  2. No problem Aine, there are many references to the DVD throughout those archive reports you can access through the Wayback Machine.

  3. Wednesday 12 October 2005 00:16 By Christopher Story, Editor, International Currency Review: (through the Wayback Machine)

    “DVD: This is the ultra-secret German Nazi continung ‘Black Operations’ intelligence organisation based, appropriately enough, in Dachau, near Munich. Intelligence concerning the existence of this organisation was passed to the Editor of International Currency Review by a British intelligence source. The Editor then had its existence checked out by high-level US intelligence contacts, who confirmed the entity’s existence and importance. There is some uncertainty about what the initials DVD stand for – alternatively Deutsche Versicherungs Dienst [German Insurance Agency] or else Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [German Defence Agency] – the context here being that DVD is the Abwehr-linked intelligence continuum of the Nazi International, originally established by the Nazi Abwehr as the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in 1942. Therefore, in this context, ‘insurance’ would mean ‘insuring the continuity of Nazi global hegemony strategy for the establishment of the controlling Thousand-Year Reich’; while ‘defence’ in this same context would mean ‘defending’ the continuing covert Nazi global hegemony strategy. DVD is not funded by the German Government and taxpayer, since it operates its own covert sources of giga-finance, but its main operations and strategy are routinely approved by the German Chancellery. Any official denial of this fact is a lie”.

  4. Certainly accept that government stats are open to manipulation under the ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’ principle Michael….but the prof says she is referring to government crime reports….she would need to be more specific about her source to be credible.

  5. I hear what Ordinary Serf says, but I still incline to go with Professor Malcolm. Gun crime is a major and growing problem, although I agree with SOCA that most if it is gun-related. It is something of a sterile dispute anyway, since on any view gun crime has not gone down since Dunblane.

    It is such a political area that government stats have to be viewed with caution. The Cabinet Office are sufficiently powerful that they are able to manipulate government statistics. A classic example is the trade figures to the EU. These are a bit like Chinese economic statistics – mere pieces of paper. ‘Exports’ to Holland and Belgium include any export going via the container ports at Antwerp and Rotterdam. Thus exports to South Korea are classed as exports to the Netherlands.

    The Cabinet Office invested a lost of political capital in the Dunblane cover-up, so we could expect reports of increased gun crime to be suppressed.

  6. “Actually my German is not very proper – I don’t speak the lingo, I just understand how their intelligence works!”

    LMAO, lucky for shrimp the nefarious plastic disk agency provides translations into English of their essential super-duper top-secret-squared documents, just for his benefit, delivered by special courier mid-hearing as he does doughty battle on the legal frontlines!

    Truly a comedic classic.

  7. Now there’s a man that takes some convincing !

    Doesn’t matter what one includes or excludes from the official UK Home Office stats Michael, as the weapons are categorised individually and can be read line by line. There is only one category by type, where firearm usage in crime has doubled and that is ‘disguised firearms’. In most categories the usage has dropped….so puzzled where the Prof has sourced her figures – I’ve read that article in the WSJ (Joyce Lee Malcolm) and all she quotes as her source is:

    “….according to British government crime reports”.

    Sorry Prof, but not the UK crime report figures that are there for all to see in the National Archives. She picks up on Hungerford (1980s), Dunblane (1990s) and Cumbria (2000s); in other words one lone gunman incident that was a potential PUBLIC threat per decade (and we know the background to those incidents are more complex than the public reporting). Gun crime is insignificant in the UK and is isolated to gang warfare as SOCA point out.

    Sorry, not buying the Prof’s spin….

    For USA readers here, I do accept that the situation there at present (in the context of history and culture) may call for a different perspective – just object to her bull in using isolated incidents and sweeping statements from the UK angle to support her article.

  8. Thanks Orage……the article you refer to by Gordon slightly predates my registration with VT and whilst I am gradually working my way through the archives, I had not read this one before you pointed it out…..needles to say it is spot on. Perhaps I should clarify my comment above, in that Bezmenov would have no doubt been against gun control legislation as a defector to the West, but when previously with the KGB on the ‘other side’ so to speak, disarming the citizens and removing their rights under the second amendment would have been a key target area for subversion.

  9. “DVD stands for Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, German Defense Service.”

    MS, your German is as proper as the language used in funky “official Deutsch” documents at the Nuremberg trial. Otherwise, there are some nuggets of truth, here and elsewhere. In parting, maybe the islander Saxons should have come to help their brothers on the mainland, against the Hun, as they promised all those years ago.

  10. Thanks for that name, OS. — is very concise to share, and if one uses pattern recognition, there is no need for ideology filters. “Shmuck” he said, and Tomas Schuman as a pen name. Was he a Kommissar of the tribe, if you get my drift?

    Read an old GD article — that may apply in context regarding subversion of a nation.

  11. Yes, you are right JS. He would have been against any gun controls on the basis that to conquer by subversion is the preferred route ie. you undermine anything that a country values…..and most USA citizens value the Second Amendment.

    Best example for me is the lecture he gave in LA 1983 (on YT) He underpins the Soviet subversion philosophy in the work of Sun Tzu – VT columnist William Garner would know a lot more about Sun Tzu than me, but here is a 45sec summary as to the reasoning behind the subversion process:

    YT reference…..CbzdQq6_XtE

  12. Doubt he could write an article now JS…..he appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth sometime in the 1990s. His pen-name was Tomas Schuman there is a death notice in the Windsor, Ontario Public Library from 1993 that may tie in. I asked Daniel Estulin about him at a Heathrow conference a couple of years ago and he was either feigning no knowledge of the name or was reluctant to talk about him (not sure which but would have thought it unusual if someone with DS’ experience and contacts had not come across Schuman / Bezmenov)

  13. I looked up this Bezmenov guy today, as I didn’t know his name, a 2008 interview that is online. An interesting guy. When he defected and they found him, they apparently tried to intimidate him by saying that he needs to be careful, the streets are dangerous. His response was, You can visit me anytime, gun control is not yet established here, and I have a couple of good shotguns in my basement. End of problem.

    He’s a good advertisement against gun controls! Maybe Mr. Shrimpton should invite him to write the next article!

  14. I know they were not covered in Mainstream JS, the real news hardly ever is and if it is then it is slanted with propaganda.

  15. Jackson has a good point about skin color. Eventually we will all be beige, and W. Turtle won’t be able to say YT any more. Brotherhood, who’s in and who’s out, is an interesting concept, and race is the least of it anymore. My family, for example. We all speak English, but connection and communication tends to revolve around shared interests and experiences. The little kids speak their own language for sure, and it evolves rapidly with the latest fad in pop culture. Neighborhood, that’s changing too, as people move more. Gangs rule, they have colors, and it’s sad when an innocent person downtown gets killed by a gang, just because he wore red, or blue, or something perceived as a gang color.

    The other thing about skin color and race mixing, is that it’s been going on for a very long time, as DNA studies are confirming. For anyone trying to develop race-based biological weapons and diseases, it’s a problem. Very often, the people they are trying to target are their closest neighbors, which means their weapons are likely to boomerang on themselves.

  16. Thanks for the link! The Swiss shooting is right on schedule, interesting timing. Article says the guy had been in psychiatric care, was on welfare, previous conviction for MJ (of course!). There was a previous shooting in 2001, so we don’t exactly have a crime spree going on there, at least not yet. It happened near the town of Sion, is that supposed to be a hint?

    To me, there are a few alarming items: The only people dead (so far) are women. Someone knew they would be unarmed. That’s part of the reason I favor having women in the militia as well as men. Another alarming item is that apparently Swiss men tend to keep their firearms in the attic! What’s the good of that? First of all, I’ve been told (by a Swiss friend) they are required by law to keep their firearms handy, clean, and ready to use. There are supposed to be frequent spot checks to ensure this. Firearms and ammunition in the attic will get dirty, rusty from humidity, and will definitely not be handy. So the solution to that is to bring them down from the attic, and keep them clean as required. Where they are located, should be up to the homeowners. How about at least one in the bedrooms of everyone who has gone through training? And then maybe one in the bathroom too, in case an intrusion happens while you are there.

  17. Clearly succeeding with at least one, who looks on QC’s with a little suspicion yet shrimp with none, by some bizarre calculus of credibility.

  18. Ludicrous bollox from shrimp as usual, apart from the routine wiki-facts.

    DVD stands for Digital Video/Versatile Disc in regular usage, or Delusional Voodoo Diddling in technical parlance to refer to the sort of thing shrimp is trying to put over, to try and make moronic zombies out of his readers.

  19. It’s true Hitler was not elected to power, though he came close, but he certainly would have won the Austrian referendum assuming it was not stolen (in fact the terms were rigged), Anschluss had been a majority Austrian wish since 1918, and massive crowds cheered him along the roads when he rolled in (which was on account of the opportunity, not the referendum which had already been cancelled). And he certainly served faithfully and bravely enough his adopted nation in WW1, this is proven beyond any doubt. Don’t assume because he was wrong or bad in some ways that therefore he was wrong or bad in every way, that’s just another lie.

  20. Above, I offered 2 items of real news, NOT covered by the MSM, about the DDoS attack and the fact that the Congress just killed off the Bill of Rights for FIVE more years. Those 2 stories are related, by the way. And yes, both are related to Sandy Hook, as well as the ongoing financial war.

    If you have any real news to offer, let’s hear it.

    I have a 3rd item of news. I noticed the DrudgeReport main page photo a couple days ago when Obama announced the Hagel and Brennan appointments. There was a nice photo of Obama, except it wasn’t Obama. This guy had a fat nose and fatter face, not even a good likeness. I wonder how many doubles he has, besides the rumored brother…

  21. Walking Turtle,
    There is more to the 1812 conflict, of course. It’s been politely pointed out to me by my better half, that the British press-gangs would kidnap (Shanghai) young American men from New England, tie them to the ship, and sail off to fight Napoleon. The angry relatives fired York in response. Yes, of course, we can go back to the beginning of time with tit-for-tat. And the American Indians were always blamed, even now. Divide and conquer really works.

    In the end, the treaty didn’t matter so much. What mattered was that Old Hickory whupped them at New Orleans with the help of Lafitte, because he didn’t know the treaty had been signed.

  22. I wouldn’t lose any sleep at night if you’re not a QC. Some of my friends are, LOL. But it doesn’t necessarily mean what it used to mean, because too many politicians made too many patronage appointments. These days it tends to mean that you’ve been behaving too well lately, so I look on QCs with a little suspicion.

  23. Think you mean ‘gun murders may NOT have doubled in the UK, but gun crime certainly has’ in your last sentence Michael, but it is just not the case on either count for any type of gun weaponry offence (including non fatal) or for any type of firearm, according to official Home Office figures for the 1999/00 to 2009/10.

  24. Correct – I am not a QC, just a humble junior barrister, and I keep having to correct websites and the media on this, the latest being Bristol Community FM Radio. They have however made radio history by interviewing me about the DVD, the first broadcast about in the world, so far as I am aware. You can download the podcast from their excellent website.

    DVD stands for Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, German Defense Service.

    I am not sure I do know who xx is – we may know each other, but I’m afraid I don’t recognize the tag. He is quite right about a successful mission not involving politics. The trouble is that politics, usually involving DVD assets, tends to get in the way if they’re doing the kidnapping, or an ally like Iran is involved, hence the snafus in the desert in the 1980.

    Adolf Hitler was an Austrian Subject of His Imperial Highness the Emperor of Austria-Hungary but became a subject of His Majesty the Kaiser in World War 1. It is entirely to correct to say that Hitler served, ostensibly as a corporal, in the German Army. He was in fact a German intelligence officer, hence his easy transition to spying on subversive domestic groups after the war. He was also gay, but sensibly he left that bit out of Mein Kampf, as the Nazi Party was not an equal opportunities employer.

    After the Anschluss Austrian and German citizenships were merged. Prior to the Anschluss Hitler was a dual German and Austrian national.

    Gun murders may have doubled in the UK, but gun crime certainly has. SOCA are right – most of it is gang-related.

  25. Brilliant comment…..but that’s Frankfurt School ideology / Soviet subversion techniques for you, as per Yuri Bezmenov (see early eighties LA lecture on YT) ie. keep the people distracted talking about everything else while we quietly push through the real subversive agenda.

  26. “At what point will this weapons debate logically end?”

    Likely with screwdrivers, crosscut saws and the occasional rural pig-sty. Weapons, tools and food all BANNED. (Soylent Green here we come… Now THAT stuff’s GOOD for the ‘CONomy!)

    “It’s time for purple finger voting.”

    With PAPER BALLOTS and BANK TELLERS to count ’em. Humans CAN do what ROBOTS FAIL.

    “We have GOT to have term limits, to at least limit the “drunk with power, booze, sex, and money” of DC….”

    Suggest JURY SELECTION of Congressional representatives on top of that. Precludes the otherwise inevitable psychopathic Empire Building activity we are now over our heads under.

    Again: By certifiably accurate and entirely manual means, please! Cyber-randomizer code can readily be (and dam’ sure is) rigged when wanted, one way and another.

    FWIW: “The Story of Mel” free-verse text is a classic on that fwiw. If the wiki gloss gets one chucklin’ (it did me, a mo’ ago), one’s sure gonna’ seek the Free Verse text out before one gets out of the chair, believe me. Might want a boxa’ snax or the like…)

    As to the 1812 War of Choice, thanks for the note re the American arson on York. It filled another little hole in my own Inner Timeline re the Genuine History. These birds been at it longer than YT knew… Every touch of Genuine Sanity is sweet. (So were the Indigenii blamed at first…?) 😉

  27. “..but wont be long before all of us are the same, light chocolate brown colour… the same that is sought by those who frequent tanning salons….”

    OK, this is off-topic BUT:

    Chuckling at that… In some ways we have sure come a distance… YT was saying the same thing a mere fifty years (not even three gens) back, out loud… Out in Suthu’n Ind’yanna… Ohhh, the memories! 😉

    Not nearly so many weaponized brickbats, rocks, bottles etc gone airborne here today over it. (Not even close.) 😉

    Progress. Ya’ GOTTA’ live it! Ain’t nuthin’ but the Natural Inevitable anywho. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  28. LOL! If you think that liking young boys is irrelevant, what does that say about you? I don’t know if Hitler liked young boys, but obviously I now have to consider that. Thanks for the tip.

    Instead of supporting a nutjob like Hitler, you should consider supporting Paul von Hindenburg, who did the best job he could as President before he died. Try supporting General Rommel, a great general, a professional, loyal to his country, and a decent human being. That last one is the most important by far, being a decent human being. Hitler failed to make it as a human being, let alone anything else.

    Hitler was an illegal alien in Germany, and you know it. Try reading Thirty Days to Power. Hitler got dragged into the German Army (he was too lazy to have volunteered) but it was either that or the Austrian Army. So we have the lie about his “service” in WW1. Then just before WW2, he made a point of invading and taking over Austria before they could have the referendum vote that would have defeated him, and he knew it would have defeated him. This guy could NEVER have got democratically elected, in either Germany or Austria.

    Both the German and Austrian peoples can take great pride in the fact that Hitler was NEVER elected. He was appointed as Chancellor by President Hindenburg, and then when Hindenburg died, Hitler stole the Presidency as well, at the point of a gun. Then we had the Night of the Long Knives, he and his friends butchering all their old friends in the SA and other assorted people who knew too much…Hitler was a loser, not so much as a politician. He was a loser as a human being. Not many people in Germany still support that madman; strange that you do.

  29. Don’t forget the book about Masonry, by the RC Archbishop, of Chile, as I recall. The Roman Catholic Church banned its members from Freemasonry, for hundreds of years. But they reversed course recently (a mistake) after the P2 scandals brought out the fact of high-ranking church leaders who belonged to Masonic groups…

  30. LOL! Hitler was an illegal alien in Germany when he moved there! So he had no choice about “serving” in the Army. His only choice was German Army vs. deportation to the Austrian Army. I suppose that’s just one of the many reasons he just HAD to annex Austria later, to hide that fact. And don’t even think of mentioning the old lie that the Austrians had a referendum. They didn’t. Hitler was going to lose the referendum, and he knew it, so he invaded Austria before they could vote. With guns to their heads, the Austrians were told they could vote now.

    And forget about Hitler being elected to power. Try reading the book Thirty Days to Power. The German people can take great pride in the fact that they NEVER elected that little SOB. His ragtag army of misfits stole everything they ever got, butchering all the way, right from the beginning. The President, Paul von Hindenburg, made the biggest mistake of his life when he appointed Hitler as Chancellor. Hindenburg got very bad advice, all from people who had not bothered to read Mein Kampf, as they later admitted. Hindenburg was so sure that he could control Hitler, because the President, not the Chancellor, had the real power. So what happened when Hindenburg died? Hitler STOLE the Presidency at the point of a gun. He became both President and Chancellor, in one person. It was literally all over, after that. This was followed by the Night of the Long Knives, where they stabbed and shot their old friends in the SA, and anybody else who knew their secrets. And the rest is history…

    The German people have had some VERY good political and military leaders in the past. Hindenburg was a decent guy. May I recommend that we elevate someone like General Erwin Rommel. By all accounts that I know of, he was an excellent general, a professional all the way, educated, loyal to his country, a good leader of men, devoted to family, and a decent human being. That last part IS the most important, being a decent human being.

    Hitler failed on all counts, but especially the last one. He failed as a human being. It’s time to grow up, people, and call a spade a spade. Hitler was a monster. But he was a loser even at that. We have monsters and losers all over the world, though, these days. There is plenty of condemnation (as well as rotten tomatoes and shoes) to go around.

  31. Yerright re LK, mi amigo. In MY ‘hood, LK regulates and pacifies on-the-spot where cops don’t even spikka-da-langidge. These are Catholic and Santerian heads-of-households, many with retail businesses and exemplary relations with the rest of the local community.

    Drugs? Let’s put that canard to bed first: If it weakens or makes the user incompetent, NO GO. Cannabis is occasionally used in votive ritual context; the Ancient Sacraments are generally respected and their ritual usage is respectfully preserved. First Amendment, y’know? Works all across the board.

    In these parts, the Poppy and the Acid are primarily supplied thru HA and OTO channels. We KNOW what Rogue Cadre of the Intelligence Power THOSE originate with; ’nuff said.

    Perhaps other readers here will also know: Santeria is the one genuine religion besides Buddhism (which it is NOT) that pro-actively enables its adherents toward Genuine Moral Goodness. The net result in the consciousness of the genuine practitioner is just plain awesomely excellent by any genuine moral standard.

    For my own part: I would by far rather wash the dishes in any multiservice /bodega/ than ever serve the Bankster Class with my own heart and hands, let alone mind.

    LK stands for Actualizing the Truth of Being. Mossadim’s motto, “by deception shalt thou make war” clearly motivates the Sandy Hooks of this world.

    Better to cause our lives to be sand in THAT infandous machine’s works that ever to knuckle-under to that sort. LK, Bloods and Crips alike sure do agree in principle with that, one finds on opening one’s human heart and mind to the reality.

    Peace! Out now. 0{:-)o[

  32. He is a barrister Stephen and doesn’t claim to be a QC….corrects any sites that erroneously state that he is a QC.

  33. If you had any knowledge of anything, or any people of any substance for information, you would know when in military was expert in rescue operations. The groups appointed by president. But you in fact, are “clueless” as usual.

  34. Number (1), you don’t know me, so I would advice you to stop making remarks based on nothing. That in itself, is somewhat troubling….as is your “cyber stalking practices”.

  35. Who me or Senor Shrimpdoodle ?

    I’ll have you know I’m a globally acknowledged Intelligence Analyst.

    Nothing to report as yet.

  36. What is particularly interesting about the current thrust toward gun bans are the assumptions. No where will one find a challenge of such assumptions, only an attack on gun owners and ownership as somehow less than civilized.
    Indeed, the largest of all the assumptions is the one that asserts an armed citizenry is responsible for gun violence. To justify this assumption, various statistics are regularly marched out, none of which take truth into consideration.
    I make the case that an armed citizenry is indeed an easily demonized one, for any terrorist attack such as S.H. can easily be pinned on the bad guy (or gal), the armed citizen. In this sense, an armed citizenry actually makes it easier for various elements to stage high profile evil acts, simply because of the reality that the wrong people will get the blame.
    I do find it interesting that the level of smug arrogance emanating from gun banners, and their adherents, is completely focused on the apparent lack of similar events in some countries-Norway excepted, of course. Mass executions in China go unnoticed, because they involve boring implements, like mere knives, rather than something shiny and easy to single out, like a gun. Yet it is not absence of the gun which provides for relative peace, but the social fabric.
    Need proof? Look no further than Mexico, where tens of thousands of disarmed citizens are murdered every year in gun violence. Mexico has no armed citizenry to blame, but Mexico is the hot seat for moving tons of illegal drugs into the US market.
    I’ve heard and read the rants of various conceited gun banners from around the UK, and they universally miss the point that true crime, rather than high profile terrorism, has increased in each of their respective countries after the bans were enacted.
    It never occurs to these critics that history, and the plans of those pulling the strings, is far from over, and that their smug certainty may well just be the proud march, shoulder to shoulder, of the shorn sheep to the slaughter house.
    It never occurs to these critics that the American experience might be different from theirs, and that acts of defiance towards authority, such as refusing to disarm, are exactly what can keep the power elite from really pulling the sky down, and already have.
    I might as well admit that like Col. Krushchev, I can understand that a truly wonderful society could do without weapons, but we don’t live in that world, and attempting to create it piecemeal is only going to make you a sheep.
    Now, understand that none of this is anti-UK. Many Americans find much to admire about the UK, and her people, always have, and always will. However, America-and her people, are cut from a different cloth. Yes, we are almost universally defiant, independent, argumentative, and uncooperative. We embody the ethos of Walt Whitman’s “Resist much, obey little”, and a big part of this is our unrepentant adherence to our guns.

  37. To me it’s shocking that you would be in a MINORITY in wanting to rescue kidnapped kids. If Intelcom doesn’t want to rescue kids because of political considerations, then we might as well put a fork in it, and say that our experiment with civilization has come to an end.

    There have to be a few good men left, an untouchable few with spines. A rescue operation would be worth it, for just ONE child. The politics of a successful rescue mission are messy? How about wet?

  38. “The politics of a successful rescue mission are very messy indeed”.

    Michael, A successful rescue mission has no politics, nor any surviving hostage takers. When politics are removed the works are much easier.

  39. Thank you Aine!

    Hitler was an Austrian, not a Mexican.

    Thank you ‘Joesigur’ for the compliment, but I am not a high-ranking Freemason. I just have the odd drinkies and lunch etc with high-ranking Masons.

    And no, Gordon doesn’t pay me anything to write these articles, nor does anyone else. My motivation is speaking the truth, not making money. Of course if someone wishes to re-print and is prepared to off Gordon and myself a small fee I daresay we could come to some sort of an arrangement!

    If the NRA are out there and are reading this, it would save me a nickel if you could get in touch. I really would like to see an intelligence-led response from them.

  40. well, Shrimpton must be a high ranking mason who is duty bound to deny anything of evil nature about the group, for he is too high up in the system not to be aware!

  41. “The Russian SATINT has become even more crucial, as it may show children being led away from the school.”

    This brings to mind a long thread I read many months ago on Godlike Productions, which at one time occasionally had some interesting and fun discussions (but since appears to have been infiltrated, overwhelmed, and entirely corrupted).

    A mother in Oklahoma wrote in with alarm that her children’s school was planning a terror drill in which all students’ cell phones would be confiscated and they would be bused off school grounds to an undisclosed site. Parents had not been notified of the drill by school administration or staff, and no permission slips had been sent home with students for parents’ signatures to allow off-campus busing. The mother only learned of the school’s plans from her children’s off-hand remarks.

    The mother was considering keeping her children home from school for that day, and asked the forum members for their thoughts. Many advised the mother to keep her children home for the day, and some advised having them stay with friends or relatives out of town if possible. Some wrote in to say that schools across the country were organizing terror drills, which they understood to be a national initiative, and found terrorizing children in a terror drill to be in very poor judgment. Some wrote in advising her to withdraw her children from public school and start home schooling. A few wrote in to say that they were already home schooling because public education has become forced indoctrination with very little education, along with irresponsible administrative decisions such as what the original poster faced. Only a few posters (shills?) disagreed with the others’ advice, and used the issue to snidely attack the mother’s personal integrity and sanity rather than discuss the situation.

    A small campaign began by phone, fax, or some such, targeting the school’s administration and informing the local TV news service. It did make the local news, but the story was downplayed to that of a normal school drill. I don’t recall if any parents brought the issue to the attention of the school board, which would have been appropriate, along with a few recalls and firings. The mother was astounded that some of the parents with whom she discussed the drill and busing to an undisclosed location had no concerns regarding their children’s safety.

    The mother did decide to keep her children home that day and called the school’s principal to voice her concerns. In the end, school administration did modify the drill, deciding against busing students off campus. No atrocities or false flags took place at that Oklahoma school during its terror drill, but now we have Sandy Hook, and questions abound.

    As far as the Russian SATINT being disinformation, of course that’s possible, but nobody here or in government apparently has the cajones to divulge the hard facts of this stinking operation, choosing instead to heartlessly use these children and families, or the public, as pawns to their own ends. Yet don’t you think it’s equally as likely a scenario that Russians (or the Russians’ masters) had intel on plans for this false flag and were ready to document and use it to their own advantage?

  42. For a jolly good read about those jolly good chaps who frequent the Masonic Lodges I’d like to recommend a book published in 1798 (available on-line as a pdf) called…
    Proofs Of A Conspiracy Against All The Religions And Governments Of Europe, Carried On In The Secret Meetings Of Free Masons, Illuminati, And Reading Societies, Collected From Good Authorities, By John Robison, A. M. Professor Of Natural Philosophy, And Secretary To The Royal Society Of Edinburgh.

    One of the most interesting aspects of this book is that you can track Mr Robison’s research from that time to the current day (including the movements involvement in the Unification of Germany [the dismemberment of the Hapsburg Empire] and the French Revolution, and a bit about early America).
    The very noble sounding theories and practices (and they are) promoted by this erstwhile union of jolly good chaps, are according to this document, sadly bogus red-herrings. They are a group of jolly nice chaps who are a filter of a much smaller and more elite group, the Illuminati.
    All the Illuminati want is total and complete control over the world. Now what’s could possibly be wrong with that? After all, who want’s liberty and freedom when you could be a slave.
    They’ve nearly got it in the bag too.

  43. Said someone who doesn’t know North American geography. The Mexican gangs have authority where? I know of Mexican gangs in the North East, and the La Mugre and Vatos Locos are good arm wrestling partners. If you want a check, pendejo, let me know. Even the 18ths don’t F. Latin Kings are dominants. I know of them, too. Mucho respeto. They had nothing to do with this. You want to create a Mexican landslide, let me know, pinche culero.

    lol, Michael, I know your game and this is the 6th time out, you say provocative things just to trial them:
    ” I am not a Mason by the way, although I have cordial relations with them and do not subscribe to the silly conspiracy theories about them you often find on the Internet. They tend to be very nice people. The Grand Master, if I may say so, is a particularly nice chap.”

    This was of the gang Mossad. Fight that.

  44. Don’t even believe the story about the Russian satelite images because this could also be disinformation.
    Why would the Russians just so happened to have the satreaite focused on the Sandy Hook School just at that particular moment? Then the already proven fact that this was an acted out event and there would be no kids at all that got kidnapped and they have a video showing that many of the children used were missing for three years probably used in Blood passover sacrifices. Like Alex Jones Shrimpton is just another jew shill who wants to flood the internet with all kinds of misinformation just like they did for 911. I’ll bet he cold put up another one on Juba the German sniper or something like the Nazis control Hlollywood and make a story of it.the best thing to do is just ignore this Mossad agent.

  45. Michael, where do you get your ‘official figures’ that gun crime in UK has more than doubled since
    Dunblane ?

    In the United Kingdom, annual firearm homicides total:

    2009: 18
    2008: 32
    2007: 22
    2006: 51
    2005: 41
    2004: 52
    2003: 41
    2002: 31
    2001: 41
    1999: 45
    1998: 33

    In the United Kingdom, the annual rate of firearm homicide per 100,000 population is:

    2009: 0.03
    2008: 0.05
    2007: 0.04
    2006: 0.08
    2005: 0.07
    2004: 0.09
    2003: 0.07
    2002: 0.05
    2001: 0.07
    1999: 0.08
    1998: 0.06

    Source – then and in turn WHO.2012.‘Inter-country Comparison of Mortality for Selected Cause of Death – Gun Homicide in the United Kingdom.’ European Detailed Mortality Database (DMDB).Copenhagen:World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe

    In other words, halved since 1998 and miniscule by comparison to the United States which from the same source comparison data shows a rate of gun homicide per 100,000 people of 2.98 – 100 times more than UK.

    The crackle of gunfire sound in Britain’s INNER CITIES that you refer to is explained by SOCA under the UKTA (UK Threat Assessment) section on firearms thus:

    Crimes involving firearms remain relatively rare in the UK. Home Office crime figures show that firearms were reported to have been used in 11,227 recorded crimes in 2010/11 in England and Wales, the seventh consecutive annual fall and a 13 per cent decrease on 2009/10.

    ‘The majority of shooting incidents in the UK are perpetrated by members of urban street gangs. These criminals are involved in many types of criminality including armed robberies, drug distribution, and kidnap and extortion. They use firearms for respect or retaliation, to expand their revenue collection base, or to emulate “gangsta” culture…..’ The full quote is on the SOCA website. In other words, it is gang warfare.

    Now, if we are talking about the need for citizens to arm themselves for protection against their own governments or police state scenarios (as many USA citizens on this site are) then we may indeed have a problem in UK when the Euro tanks roll in on the orders of Rumpy-Pumpy from Brussels and that is fair comment.

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