Glasgow, Sydney and Peshawar



A Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to all VT readers! Not being politically correct I don’t go for the watered down ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting! Just a short post, with no movie review, as it’s Christmas Eve. I’d like to review the funny movie about North Korea’s crackpot dictator, but it’s not showing at the Aylesbury Odeon! It sounds like a fairly bad movie which thanks to Pyongyang is now going to hit the big time.

What links these three tragic events this Christmas season, in my estimation? You guessed it – the DVD. Our shadowy German friends are behind most terrorist attacks. They stay deep and use sister agencies, like the Chinese SIS. Mao was DVD remember. They love it when they are confused for Zionists, or somebody else. They are NOT Zionist! Knowledge of the DVD distinguishes intelligence players from conspiracy theorists, who usually alight on their own country’s intelligence services, or Jews, or bankers.

Some DVD assets and officers are into Satanism, but as I suggest in Spyhunter, this is usually a cover for sex with children, or blackmail activities. These people are too intelligent to actually believe in Satan.


The Attack in Sydney

Sydney café situation
Sydney café situation

Monis was clearly not attacking alone. It is highly likely someone drove him, and supplied the gun. The targeting was probably done by VEVAK, the Iranian agency, to which Monis undoubtedly reported. VEVAK work with the DVD, who came up with the idea of arming the Shah whilst undermining him.

His asylum application in the 90s was almost certainly fraudulent. VEVAK have made extensive use of the obsolete 1951 UN Convention on Refugees to move their people around. Monis was too high profile to be an intelligence officer. He comes across as low-level, expendable, asset. It’s interesting that he became more agitated as the Lindt Café siege went on – could he have been made promises about what was going to happen? Someone seems to have been looking after him so far as bail is concerned.

Prime Minister Abbott is right with respect to want an inquiry, but it’s unlikely to get anywhere. DVD assets in Canberra and Sydney are too deeply embedded. The Australian public still cannot be told the truth about the assassination of Harold Holt.

We have to free ourselves of our obsession with ‘lone wolves’. Wolves hunt in packs. When was the last time you were attacked by a lone wolf? There are surprisingly few lone wolf terrorist attacks. Almost invariably terrorist attacks are planned in advance and involve other terrorists or intelligence officers in the background.

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Peshawar — This was absolutely disgraceful, even by the low standards of the murderous Pakistani Taliban. The deaths of 141 teachers and children at the Army School will not go unavenged.

Nawaz Sharif has got it right so far. Pakistan is a Chinese client state, but it looks like Peking have temporarily lost control. Even in a client state there are always cross-currents. The Pakistani Army in particular is patriotic and resentful of Chinese influence. Ending the moratorium on the death penalty was a good move.

Amnesty didn’t like it, but who cares? It is preposterous that neither Britain nor the US has managed to execute a single terrorist since 9/11. Forget the martyr argument – terrorists fear capture, and want soft sentences.

Queen's Glasgow Street
Queen’s Glasgow Street

Glasgow — Jury’s out on this one, but there are a number of odd features. It looks like the Scottish Executive are paying the price for not properly investigating the Clutha helicopter incident a year ago.

The police are not mounting a serious investigation. Even before the trash truck was inspected and they had the first medical report on the driver they ruled out foul play and declared it to be an accident. Excuse me? You reach your conclusions AFTER you have investigated, not BEFORE. The Scottish police are under tight political control and report to the Scottish Executive, which is badly penetrated by GO2, the German operation in London.

The medical report on the driver should be interesting. Why did he lose consciousness at that particular moment? What happened to the other guys in the cab? And how did the truck move so precisely down Glasgow’s Queen Street for so long without being under control? Has anyone checked the engine management software?

We do not honour the dead by covering things up. More importantly we make it easier for the Bad Guys to cause more pain in the future, not least at Christmas.

… Christmas Eve 2014

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  1. And I should have been more precise. Instead of saying “split”, I should have used the fancier word that Gordon Duff uses, “bifurcation”. Either way, it’s split personality, Jekyll and Hyde. Dr. Jekyll does NOT know that he harbors the evil Mr. Hyde, but he is slowly waking up to the fact.

  2. Gerry, thanks for the comment! I’ve just come back on the site after a week of holiday time with family, church, etc, so this is the first time I’ve seen your comment. Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Dear Reader 12/30-2:09

    Re Freemasonry, you would have to direct your inquiries to Mr. Shrimpton. I do not know why he thinks, says, or does this or that. For myself, I consider the Masons–free or not–to be part of the NWO although many of them would hasten to disagree. They were directly involved in the hideous and murderous Revolutions, so that puts them at odds with me for good. They can always be spotted in old photos and paintings by their hands hidden halfway into their vests or jackets. It looks like they’re itching for fleas but they’re just showing off their “hidden hand,” how they can secretly organize and effect change whether we want it or not, and thinking none of the rest of us would ever cop on. I hope they’re proud of themselves.

    The rest of your comment cut off.

  4. Dear Reader @12/29-9:08,

    It is always important to establish intent. I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that Barrister Shrimpton is a good and decent man, adheres to that which is rightful and lawful in seeing justice done in the courts as well as in everyday life, and is unabashedly loyal to King/Queen and country. I would think that he is as kind and respectful to a street vendor as he is to his peers. Which would likely be an innate sense of noblesse oblige. That he was willing to fall on his own sword in defense of his country is something that is not often seen, and hopefully we will all see him vindicated after doing what we are all instructed to do by the idiots who run this planet, and then being pulled over the coals by said idiots for following their crazed instructions.

    However. I disagree with him to the point of fighting about other things, such as the German element in English history. The British/German Intel heads during WW1 were buddies, so the Gerries couldn’t have been all bad, they were led by a traitor and didn’t know it. Nor did the Brits. It goes on and on. So until those things are lingua franca the DVD means nothing to me whether they exist or not. It really pains me that so much is patently obvious and yet almost assiduously avoided. I really don’t understand it. As for Freemasons, yes I despise the system and consider it diabolical but at the same time there are many good people who are members who are harmless and indeed try to do good.

  5. Barrister Shrimpton,

    A very Happy Christmas to you, too.

    All these attacks need a closer look, and yes, the wolf metaphor is too good for the offenders. Wolves even hold places in culture and history, from Romulus and Remus to Prokofiev. The attackers are more akin to vermin.

    Your steely resolve during your recent ordeal let our tormentors know that their fun and games at everyone else’s expense will no longer be accepted without question. The NWO is in a panic as well they should, after all they have inflicted on this Earth. Thanks for doing your part for keeping them on the run.

    While I disagree with you in some things, I admire your dedication to law and order, and to protecting your compatriots no matter what. Pro Deo et Patria. I wish you a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity in abundance.