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Has Tide Turned in Favor of Assad Government?

As many of us observe the great Arab and Islamic awakening of 2011 in stunned amazement, as it rapidly spreads across the region, this observer agrees with those who declare, “ well it’s about time—Godspeed to the rebels and goodbye to the despots.”

“Expired” Arab regimes.

The Arab leaders seem to be waking up from long sleep, similar to the “people of the cave/ Ahl Akahaf” the story in the Holy Quran or are waking up from overdose or hang over,even a comma. They woke up to discover there is a need for change and a need for reform and there are real people. All ran a police state that failed them at home and abroad. Syria is now blaming Israel for fermenting the uprising, adding insult to injury to the Syrian people. They simply lost it all.

20th Century Dictators Miss Historic Opportunities to Become Respected Fathers of...

Today, Dictator Muamar Gadhafi gave a vicious defiant yelling speech calling protestors "drug addicts" and saying foreigners are influencing them with money. This sounded a bit like former Dictator Hosni Mubaraek who last week gave a similar speech just before he was unceremoniously booted out from his glass palace.