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Programs Helps Disabled Vets Become Entrepreneurs

Retired Army 1st Sgt. Renee Floyd wasn't about to let a disability stop her from realizing her dream of having her own business.

Facing ACLU Lawsuit, West LA VA Medical Center Finalizes Plans for...

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA) posted the Master Plan for the West Los Angeles (WLA) campus, which includes plans to expand the homeless program by renovating buildings on the historic campus.

VetLikeMe, May-June

Service Disabled Business Owners, VetLikeMe is a monthly newsletter devoted solely to SDVOSB...   Click to dowload  in Microsoft Word...for pdf VetLikeMe (May—June 2011) -Volume 2, No. 3 A...

VA Secretary Visits

Dr. Glenn Klute explains how USMC Veteran Will Silva's experimental prosthetic foot works to VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki during his visit to the Seattle Division of VA Puget Sound June 1.

CitiMortgage to Reduce Mortgage Payments for Disabled Veterans

The offer is part of the Citi Homeowner Assistance Program, which features a number of initiatives to help borrowers in hardship. Borrowers do not have to be delinquent or facing imminent default to participate in the program, and there are no fees to participate.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News

Some Veterans training for the Paralympics will be able to qualify for a monthly allowance from VA, under a new program to help disabled Vets take part in competitive sports.

News Release on Businesses Owned by Disabled Veterans

Washington, D.C. (MSP News Services) – March 16, 2011 – A group of disabled veteran business owners announced today the formation of a political action committee (PAC) to increase business opportunities for Service-Connected Veteran Small Business owners (SDVOSB).

Tell Congress Start With Their Own Benefits Before They Go After...

Americans have always made it part of national voice to honor the men and women serving this country. Talk is cheap when it comes to politicians even thinking about cutting funds to veterans after they have served. When they risk their lives for this country, that is a debt we owe them. If the wars they are sent to fight are important enough to ask them to go, then we owe them for whatever happens to them afterwards. If they get hurt/wounded on the job, they would expect nothing less from a civilian employer and Workman's Comp. Since when did any elected official decide that what we owe them is fair game in a budget battle?

VA flood of about 200,000 Agent Orange-related claims

Veterans Affairs Department officials say they can now see an end to the long nightmare of an ever-growing mountain of disability and compensation claims that has long infuriated veterans and their families.

Home Fires: A Guide and an Ally

By Michael Jernigan / The New York Times I have written several pieces for Home Fires these last couple of years. I have talked...