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Local Veterans Groups Join Forces to Help Fellow Vets

On Tuesday, January 10, 2012, the Veterans Task Force of Kentuckiana, a group that has actively supported Veterans and the Robley Rex VA Medical Center for the past five years, presented Medical Center Director, Wayne L. Pfeffer, with a check for $12,833.22.

Not Forgotten….93 year old John “Bubba” Miles

Bubba asked for no recognition and just did all that a 19-year old could do for the war effort

The Epilogue of “We Were Soldiers Once”

There's more to the movie "We Were Soldiers Once"

They Wear Their Award For All

The untold stories behind Mel Gibson's movie, The Were Soldiers Once.

Bob Hope…Thanks for the Memories

Bob Hope-one of the greatest Americans ever

Valor… The Real Superheroes

Forget "superstars" they are made up by the Hollywood and the press. SUPERHEROES are everyday citizens who rise to the occasion

#*&amp% Happens And Other Causes Of "Tradition"

Tradition isn't planned...it just happens

The Marine Corps…Honor, Tradition, Commitment.

What makes someone volunteer for the Marine Corps?

The Most Patriotic Coffee Shop in American

To honor veterans for our freedom is an everyday occurrence at "Americas Most Patriotic Coffee Shop"

The Lost Era of American Greatness

Will the current generation be the next "Greatest Generation"?

They Really Were “The Greatest Generation”

The "greatest generation" is more than a book title by Tom Brokaw

The Cult of the Uniform

It was wrong to demonize our service members in Vietnam; to canonize them now is wrong as well. Both distortions make us forget that they are human beings.

Devaluing Heroism – Do All of US Need to Be a...

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything on Veterans Today, the main reason being that I plain ran out of anything to say negative, positive, debating, challenging, or agreeing. Simply put, I had a brain fart.

Blogger Honors Fallen, Their Families

About a year ago, I had the honor of attending a dignified transfer for two soldiers who had been killed just a few days prior in Afghanistan.


They Opened Up the Door for Me”   By David K. Winnett, Jr. Captain, USMC (Ret.) August 25, 2010     Picking up the pieces Of heroes gone before Never took the...


To The Readers Of Veterans Today: I am on a mission and I am respectfully asking you to help me because I need your...

Home Fires: I Wanted to Be a Hero

Left: The author and her family.By Catherine Ross The New York Times Not too many weeks ago, I was honorably discharged ...