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The Slow Hand of Justice at The Apartheid Wall

After nearly five years since a rubber bullet fired by an Israeli border policeman killed 10 year Abir Aramin, her family was awarded monetary compensation by an Israeli court.

Scottish Parliament Calls for Vanunu’s Freedom

Yesterday members of the Scottish Parliament called for Mordechai Vanunu's right to leave Israel and Vanunu recalled "the beginning of this case in 1987."

Hackers, Worms and Israel-USA Collusion Versus Gaza-Palestine

While hard working American tax payers face economic hardships, 81 members of Congress neglected listening to their constituents during this summers recess to take a lobbyist-funded trip designed to pressure them into sending even more tax-payer-funded weapons to the Israeli military which will be used to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians.

Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes continues

Happy New Year, World! Israel's U.S.-abetted crime continues. Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes continued in Lyd, the Negev region, and in numerous places around...

Second anniversary of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza

Some people wonder why we put ourselves on boats and sail across the Mediterranean to Gaza. We face one of the most vicious armies...

Israeli air strikes pound Palestinians in Gaza—Happy Holidays from Israel

In an ongoing assault on the occupied Gaza Strip, Israeli fighter jets struck the southern city of Rafah early this morning, injuring four. The...

The Electronic Intifada’s Top 10 Stories of 2010

VT salutes the Electronic Intifada. The Electronic Intifada has achieved a status of highly effective anecdote to the American corporate media and the relentless propaganda of the 'state'...

Haaretz: VT Writer Is Just a “Conspiracy Theorist”

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat Vietnam veteran, among other colorful pursuits. You know not to ask him about his service, but he's pretty descriptive...

Here Comes the Homeland Security Internet Police, Leaving Israel’s Cyber-terrorism Untouched

Militarism and bigotry do not play well as practical policy objectives in themselves, so it's necessary for militaristic, bigoted states such as Israel to...

Honoring Helen Thomas, A Great Journalist, Traduced By Hacks

I once called Alan Dershowitz a snake on Al Manar television.  Al Manar is Hezbollah’s news channel in Lebanon.  When he found out what...

Bribing Israel: Enhancing the Swag

- The appeasement of a militaristic country veering into fascism makes matters much worse -   By Phyllis Bennis The breathless will-they-won’t-they coverage wasn’t quite as...

Lawyers establish Flotilla Justice Group to coordinate legal action

- Echoes of the work American civil rights attorneys Arthur Kinoy and William Kunstler as human rights lawyers fight for Gaza freedom fighters - From...

Obama Signals Complete Surrender to Zionism and Its Lobby

He was speaking at the White House the day before the start of the new round of direct talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, after he had met with them and Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah II. (In my last post I anticipated Obama saying at the point of his complete surrender that “America can’t want peace more than the parties.” He also said that – ahead of schedule!)

Ethnic Cleansing in the Israeli Negev

 - Ethnic Cleansing in the Israeli Negev - The razing of a Bedouin village by Israeli police shows how far the state will go...

Turning Points: Israel Caves Under Flotilla Pressure

From the Huffington Post: By Phyllis Bennis Turning points occur in every campaign for human rights and equality. There are moments when, before victory is certain...

Israel Fires at Protesting American in West Bank, Woman Loses an...

Emily Henochowicz, 21, lost her left eye and is now recovering with her father by her bedside. Henochowicz was protesting Israel’s raid of the Gaza...

Bennis and the Progress Report on Israel’s Massacre

Israel may believe she can do whatever she wants, wherever she wants. But this latest outrage will come at a political cost. Phyllis Bennis and...

‘The Map’ Shows Palestinian Loss of Land

For those who doubt the strategy of a greater Israel.

Chomsky: A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won’t)

Peace will have to forced on to the region through some combination of divestment, international pressure and who knows what else. But the United States...

Sec Gates and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak Huddle on Iran

Though informed sources who shot down the Bush-Cheney administration's false propaganda program on Iraq are now knocking down the AIPAC-pushed "Iran threat," the Obama administration appears...

Murdered by Israel, Rachel Corrie Gets Court Hearing

Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington working with other citizens from all over the globe to alert the world...

Jerusalem Families Defend Ancestors’ Graves Desecrated by Simon Wiesenthal Center

We should ask what the predictable results of this provocation are. Why build a "Museum of Tolerance" on the hallowed ground of a Muslim...

Anti-Militarists Cohn, Hilberg, Finkelstein

Reposting this to rebuke those who would call the slaughter of Gazans a people's simply getting the raw end of the deal. Kill, starve...

Gaza in Plain Language

Each American must ask: Is this done in your name?

Elie Wiesel’s Ignoble Recruits for War and Israel

Counterpunch as usual has the goods on propaganda and war from Israel. A couple of questions: Are Arabs really human? If not, perhaps our policy...

Israel’s Ethnic Cleaning-Apartheid Obscenity

Robert Fisk of The Independent reports from the West Bank on the demolition of homes and destruction of villages by the state of Israel...