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Book Review: On the Psychology of Military Incompetence by Norman F....

Dr Dixon goes on to postulate that it is the military organisation that contains the potential to create incompetent leadership or to promote incompetent persons to positions of great power and responsibility. He lists several characteristics and values which the military holds in high esteem and strives to achieve, as well as their negative consequences. Among these are: Uniformity, hierarchy, and the fact that ambitious and achievement-oriented officers are highly esteemed and respected in the military, so much so that self-serving and vainglorious officers are sometimes promoted to high leadership, with disastrous consequences


OVER 200,000 AMERICAN JEWS TRAINED AND ONLY 4,000 SERVE By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor According to the Department of Defense, only 4000 Jews serve in...

Maybe I’m Dumb, but Could Somebody Please Tell Me the Difference...

How can you go into your neighbor’s home and kill his family, then call him the aggressor? And now they’re talking about invading Iran! It’s all about racism and greed. Think about it-- as bad as the Germans and Russians treated the Jews over the years, you’d think the Jews would have been given part of one of those countries. If they’d done that, European Jews wouldn’t have even had to leave home. But White folks don’t play that - no matter how much they hate each other.

New Patriotic Film Gets Senator’s Seal of Approval

John Schneider (“The Dukes of Hazzard,” “90210,” and “Smallville”) William Devane (“Knots Landing,” “24”, “Space Cowboys”) and up and coming leading lady GiGi Erneta (“Friday Night Lights,” “Veronica Mars,” “Strong Medicine”) star in the new R-Squared Productions feature “Flag of my Father.”

Medal of Honor Recipients Push PTSD Counseling

It’s among the most sensitive subjects for troops stressed out from war while trying to get on with their lives, their families and their careers: whether to tell anyone what’s going on inside. Now, a unique band of brothers has come together to tell those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder that it’s more than OK to tell. The group consists of 35 Medal of Honor recipients – men from America’s past wars who have the credibility to tell those fighting its current wars that help is there for the taking and to take it.

Poison Gas Kills Iraqi Sperm then Spreads

For a national population to stay even, women must average 2.1 to 2.3 births apiece.

MilitaryConnection.com Achieves 35,000 Followers Milestone in Social Networking

Last week, MilitaryConnection.com, known as The Go To Site, reached another milestone on Twitter by achieving over 35,000 followers. Military Connection is one of the most comprehensive online directories for military, veterans and their family members. There is literally something for everyone, with thousands of pages of resources and information. Some of the areas of focus include employment and job resources, education and Post-9/11 GI Bill information, scholarships, benefits, pay charts, news and more.

Harrison Koehli – Lobaczewski and the origins of Political Ponerology

Beginning immediately after World War II and continuing in the decades after the imposition of Soviet dictatorship on the countries of Eastern Europe, a group of scientists - primarily Polish, Czech, and Hungarian - secretly collaborated on a scientific study of the nature of totalitarianism. Blocked by the State Security Services from contact with the West, their work remained secret, even while American researchers like Hervey Cleckley and Gustave Gilbert were struggling with the same questions.1 The last known living member of this group, a Polish psychologist and expert on psychopathy named Andrzej Łobaczewski (1921-2007), would eventually name their new science - a synthesis of psychological, psychiatric, sociological, and historical studies - "ponerology", a term he borrowed from the priests of the Benedictine Abbey in the historic Polish village of Tyniec. Derived from poneros in New Testament Greek, the word suggests an inborn evil with a corrupting influence, a fitting description of psychopathy and its social effects.

War Zone Traumas, Restaged at Home

During her yearlong tour of duty in Iraq Maj. Elizabeth A. Condon saw all manner of horror and heartbreak, from dead bodies in the street and memorials for fallen friends to “little babies with holes in their backs.” But it was a moment of tenderness, she said, that stuck with her most. It happened when she was helping to care for a young Iraqi woman, whose belly had been left ripped open and infected from an amateur cesarean.

US military concerned about ‘over-medication’ of troops

The US Army's surgeon general on Monday expressed concern about "over-medication" of soldiers returning from combat, saying the military is closely tracking how drugs are prescribed to troops. The top medical officer in the army, Lieutenant General Eric Schoomaker, said the increasing use of prescription drugs for soldiers recovering from combat duty in Iraq or Afghanistan reflected a wider trend in the country to treat pain primarily through medication.

Prepare for Transition from Military to Civilian Life

Degree, Certifications/Training and Experience. Get them and be successful

Israel’s Crackdown Confronts Liberals and Humanists

An unprecedented Israeli campaign to silence dissidents, intellectuals and human rights organizations is gaining momentum in the wake of Israel's December 2008 assault against Gaza that caused intense international outrage...

GORDON DUFF: From an “Old Fart”, Advice for our Soldiers...

THIS IS "BETWEEN US" By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor I just returned from the region after a REMF "combat tour" of my own, 5 star...

Military Update: Too many veterans leave service unaware of benefits

Despite billions of additional dollars pumped into veterans benefits in recent years, many military personnel still leave service unaware of their VA benefits or of programs set up to help them transition to civilian life, a senior Defense official and veteran advocates testified Wednesday.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Remember Niger? Valerie Plame? All that Yellowcake uranium ore is now under the control of a platoon commander, NPR has the story. Schools spying on your kids at home? Welcome to the logical progression of the post 9/11 national security state in a story by Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing. The ghosts of Cheney and Bush have livened up the party at the CPAC convention, Salon's Mike Madden has a guide to the festivities. Those stories and more in today's picks.

Veterans speak out against burn pits

"The military needs to step up and address this problem," said John Wilson of the advocacy group Disabled American Veterans, which maintains a registry of more than 500 veterans with disorders they blame on burn pits. The fumes emanating from the pits, he warned, could become the Agent Orange of the current war zone.

Op-Ed: Senator Undermines U.S. National Security

This op-ed was also sent to Veterans Today from Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) noting that in a clear and present internal danger to...

Gordon Duff Calls For Immediate Arrest of 5 Supreme Court Justices...

Five members of the Supreme Court declared that a "corporation" is a person, not a "regular person" but one above all natural laws, subject to no God, no moral code but one with unlimited power over our lives, a power awarded by judges who see themselves as grand inquisitors empowered meant to hunt down all heretics who fail to serve their god, the god of money.

U.S. Senator John McCain: Aid and Comfort

With McCain supporters continually touting his heroism and attacking Democrats that served honorably in Vietnam like John Kerry and Al Gore, the unavoidable embarrassment that their standard-bearer may have been the biggest American traitor since Benedict Arnold, confidence in Conservative news sources has to disappear, at least with veterans.