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The IRS Extortion of the American People

The income tax is a Jewish extortion racket. It is the duty of every American to resist Jewish Power by non-compliance with this anti-American stealing of our wealth by the most treacherous and merciless aliens in history, the Jews.

USAA Bank Named Preferred Provider for Credit Card Services

USAA and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard (EANGUS) have joined forces to offer a credit card that helps fund EANGUS programs and gives its members access to many of USAA’s financial services. The alliance allows EANGUS’ 40,000 members to carry the Enlisted Association of the National Guard USAA Rewards World MasterCard ®, which will help fund the association’s efforts and programs.

President Obama Encourages Troops and Veterans to Claim ‘Stop Loss’ Pay

Today, the White House, Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs jointly released a new web video in which President Obama encourages active duty troops and veterans whose service in Iraq or Afghanistan was involuntarily extended or retirement was suspended due to ‘stop loss’ to apply for the special retroactive pay to which they are entitled. Under legislation President Obama signed into law last year, servicemen and women who served between September 11, 2001 and September 30, 2009 and whose service was extended due to ‘stop loss’ are eligible for $500 per month in retroactive pay for each month their service was extended.

"The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World" –...

Niall Ferguson's book,The Ascent of Money, is an excellent, just-in-time guide to the history of finance and financial crisis in which he shows how promises and paper have lifted humans from subsistence farmers in Babylon to Masters of the Universe on Wall Street. Words: 975