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The Oedipus Connection: Where Fiction and Fantasies Collide with the New...

Read Chapter One from "The Oedipus Connection: Where Fiction and Fantasies Collide with the New World Order" a new upcoming book being written by Jack Williams. The book will be out in 2011.


The 2010 Great Depression is as unnecessary as the one in 1929 By Jim Condit Jr., Candidate for US Congress, 8th District Ohio (My congressional campaign...

The Day America Outlawed Democracy

That's what has led to the current disaffection by both liberals and conservatives toward government. The American people can sense their rights slipping away, but they have yet to come to terms with what is actually going on. They have yet to realize that congressional gridlock is a convenient way of denying them their rights. They have also yet to recognize that the majority in the senate is allowing the minority to abuse of the filibuster procedure because both parties are in collusion. The Republican filibuster provides cover for the Democratic majority for failing to enact, or greatly watering down, legislation being demanded by the people, but neither party wants to enact.