Obama: Bring Troops Home, Support Veterans

President Obama’s first State of the Union address last night concluded with Obama noting the administration’s “largest increase in investments for veterans in decades — last year.” Obama did not directly address the infamous ‘culture of denial’ our veterans endure at the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs, but he did commit to a specific policy in Iraq and Afghanistan “so … our troops can begin to come home.” 

Below are Obama remarks pertaining directly to veterans affairs from his address.

… And in Afghanistan, we’re increasing our troops and training Afghan security forces so they can begin to take the lead in July of 2011, and our troops can begin to come home. (Applause.) We will reward good governance, work to reduce corruption, and support the rights of all Afghans — men and women alike. (Applause.) We’re joined by allies and partners who have increased their own commitments, and who will come together tomorrow in London to reaffirm our common purpose. There will be difficult days ahead. But I am absolutely confident we will succeed.

As we take the fight to al Qaeda, we are responsibly leaving Iraq to its people. As a candidate, I promised that I would end this war, and that is what I am doing as President. We will have all of our combat troops out of Iraq by the end of this August. (Applause.) We will support the Iraqi government — we will support the Iraqi government as they hold elections, and we will continue to partner with the Iraqi people to promote regional peace and prosperity. But make no mistake: This war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home. (Applause.)

Tonight, all of our men and women in uniform — in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and around the world –- they have to know that we — that they have our respect, our gratitude, our full support. And just as they must have the resources they need in war, we all have a responsibility to support them when they come home. (Applause.) That’s why we made the largest increase in investments for veterans in decades — last year.  (Applause.) That’s why we’re building a 21st century VA. And that’s why Michelle has joined with Jill Biden to forge a national commitment to support military families. (Applause.) …

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10 Responses to "Obama: Bring Troops Home, Support Veterans"

  1. Tom Zart  February 2, 2010 at 3:17 am


    Wherever dwell the mad dogs of man
    There is corruption, plunder and hate.
    In every city, town, or village
    Those who promote distrust deserve their fate.

    All are born as an innocent child
    Till mislead by others along the way.
    God has always loved His children
    Though it breaks His heart when they stray.

    The mad dogs of man never repent
    For they have no sense of shame or sorrow.
    Worshiping dominance and the dark side of life
    Abusing victims as if there were no tomorrow.

    God gives the will to sin no more
    And to overcome evil unwilling to cease.
    The mad dogs of man must be stopped
    Who murder, rape and destroy world peace.

    Samson, Solomon, and David
    Were chosen by God to stand tall.
    They faced great odds and the fear of death
    Refusing to ignore their call.

    The time has come for the good men of earth
    To band together to restrain the horde.
    Standing firm against tyranny where it exists
    Putting the mad dogs of man to the sword.

    By Soldier For The Lord
    Tom Zart
    Most Published Poet
    On The Web

    You can hear all of Tom Zart’s 350 poems
    of love, war, faith and more 24-7 on web radio at


    Tom Zart ARCHIVES:

  2. Todi  January 31, 2010 at 1:21 am

    my husband is in iraq right now and i want him home with his newborn son so i hopw this could earlie then Aguste

  3. Robert L. Hanafin  January 28, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Previous posts are not necessarily my views but INSPIRED by Danny Schechter’s progressive News Dissector Blog at

  4. Robert L. Hanafin  January 28, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Lastly a word from the Independents who voted for Barack Obama and the Democrats NOW wishing they had not.

    It’s the end of the affair, and the stale taste stays on your tongue. You were promised the sun, moon, and stars, and you desperately wanted to believe it was real, especially after the betrayal of your former relationship of eight years. You had considered escaping-riding off into the sunset to another country where he couldn’t find you, or so you hoped.

    You feared for your children and what he was setting them up for. You feared for yourself in the face of his brutality and intrusiveness into your life. Though you wouldn’t admit it, you secretly prayed for assassination or some elaborate exposure that would take him down. And you feared, and feared, and feared, continuing to FEAR and spread FEAR.

    Then along came Mr. Wonderful, the False Prophet with his irresistible smile and infectious inspiration. He wooed you with his charm, that smile, and his engaging discourse-so articulate by comparison with the unintelligible babbling you had put up with for eight years.

    He cared about you and your children. No longer were you alone; like Martin Luther King, he had a dream-a dream congruent with yours, and the passion you both shared for the dream was hypnotic and felt deeply spiritual. You actually thought that he was a messenger sent from another world to rescue you and take you out of the nightmare. He used transcendent terms like “HOPE”, “CHANGE”, “YES WE CAN.” And not only were you totally surrendered to his embrace, but you begged everyone else to do the same. He’s our only hope, you told them and yourself. You could scarcely contain your ecstasy when they all chose him in the last hours of the eight years you had all excruciatingly endured.

    It was a new day, one year ago at this time. Your sighs of relief could not have been longer or deeper. You and your children were now safe at last.

    But today, you ponder reflectively the past year, and what you have now come to understand is that the hero you voted for is a prisoner.

    You believed him when he told you he was free and at liberty to make the changes he proclaimed.

    You trusted him, committed yourself to him, and fought for him. And now you discover that he’s betrayed you and that his actions really aren’t that divergent from his predecessor’s.

    In fact, he is a prisoner of the same forces that terrorized you for the previous eight years.

    Fooled again. Betrayed. You sink into despair and depression.

    You talk to your friends-the others who also believed in him. You feel those old and familiar emotions you felt from 2001-2008 that you thought you’d never have to feel again.

    “What can we do?” you ask. “What are our options?”


  5. Robert L. Hanafin  January 28, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Now a word from the base of the Democratic party and Ind pendents of the Left who will either vote for someone else other than a Democrat come November 2010, but WILL NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN.

    You wanted to believe because his message did hit on many reasons for overcoming the stalemate and political trench warfare in Washington. It is unlikely that the people who consider him a socialist-communist-fascist-terrorist, etc. will change their views.

    However in reality Obama’s wars will go on, just as Bush’s wars went on. The defense budget will not be cut. The business of America will remain “Business.”

    He said that he won’t walk away from health care—calling for a bill of some kind to be passed even as the whole reform process has been reformed out of existence. The public option is gone. The Health option seems to be going. He presented it as an deficit saving measure, not a matter of rights and wrongs.

    Some want to believe in our country and its leaders but it’s hard if you ever read Howard Zinn’s classic, ‘People’s History of the United States,’ Howard, the People’s Historian, didn’t live long enough to see or comment on the President’s speech from a historical perspective. He died today in Los Angeles at age 87, a great loss to our country, our culture, and the world. He was a friend of the people and his loss is like another body blow to the people. He was not mentioned even though his book on the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and civil rights activism helped change this country, making an Obama candidacy possible.

    “I can’t think of anyone who had such a powerful and benign influence,” said the linguist and fellow activist Noam Chomsky, a close friend of Zinn’s. “His historical work changed the way millions of people saw the past.”

    Reported in a report in the LA Times, “One of Zinn’s last public writings was a brief essay, published last week in The Nation, about the first year of the Obama administration.

    “I’ve been searching hard for a highlight,” he wrote, adding that he wasn’t disappointed because he never expected a lot from Obama.

    “I think people are dazzled by Obama’s rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president — which means, in our time, a dangerous president — unless there is some national movement to push him in a better direction.”


    Truer words were never spoken. WE liked Obama’s tone and his music but his message was muted and sadly predictable. It left too many gaps and raised too many questions. That real change WE still believe in has not been advanced by it.

  6. Robert L. Hanafin  January 28, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    And now a word from our INDEPENDENTS – the Swing Voters

    Did President Obama’s State of The Union Speech Change The Fate of the Union?

    The State of the Union oration was classic Obama. It was positive, upbeat, even humorous at times, designed to charm, show compassion and seduce, It made you want to believe, believe in him, not necessarily in his recommendations.

    He went after the banks, but without a knockout punch, without really explaining his financial reform package and what’s required to wrestle this behemoth—there was no mention of pervasive financial crimes or the new Consumer Protection Agency.

    He seemed most concerned with unifying the Congress, with reclaiming the moral high ground of the center without giving much to the right or the left. As the NY Times put it, “he tried to recapture the magic of the “Yes We Can Campaign” after a year of “no we can’t governing.”

    President Obama presented himself as he who doesn’t quit, but was barely self-critical. The Republicans as Mike Baily notes clearly didn’t buy into a kumbaya moment, even as the TV coverage focused on cheering members of his own party as Bob Taylor notes, even some who have done their best to undermine and sell out his agenda. His best line was to members of his own party: “Don’t Run For The Hills,” advice he might take himself.

    AP noted: “Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito appeared quite aggravated when Obama attacked the Court for last week’s decisions to overturn past precedents and allow more corporate money in elections. The camera caught Alito mouthing something like “not true” as Obama blasted the decision.” Some Republicans grinned when he appealed to them so earnestly–in the name of the “decency” of the American people. He might have given out some ear wax remover to those in the “party of NO” corner before trying to penetrate their closed and determined minds.

    “I forgot he was black for an hour tonight,” said MSNBC’s Chris Mathews out of some well of white guilt. He certainly only barely touched on racial issues with the exception of enforcing civil rights laws or prohibiting discrimination against gays in the military, an issue he will talk with the military about but not order an end to.

    He focused on the economy and the need for jobs but his proposed freeze on government spending and $30 billion dollar job plan was very modest. He shilled for the nuclear power industry, backed more money for “clean (sic ) coal,” and offered conservative measures while adopting a more populist and still non-partisan tone.

    If you are looking for a fighter, look elsewhere.

    He was who he is. He gave a great civics lecture and appealed to the conscience and traditions the history and of Republicans, which may not exist. He hit all the right notes and inspired continuous applause even as most of the Republicans sat on their hands glowering.

    In short, nothing really has changed except there has finally been an acknowledgment that millions of Americans are in pain, are hurting, are in need of relief. It was only the loss in MA that forced him to embrace economic populism for the night.

  7. Mike Griffith  January 28, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Last night Obama repeated his left-wing agenda, once again blamed Bush, and gave one of the most partisan state of the union speeches in recent memory. To hear Obama talk about the woes he “inherited,” you’d never guess that the Democrats have controlled Congress since January 2007. You’d never guess that in every single budget battle from 2001-2007, the Democrats always tried to spend *more* money than the Republicans wanted to spend. You’d never guess that it’s a matter of demonstrable fact that the Bush tax cuts more than paid for themselves less than two years after they were passed (income tax and capital gains tax revenue *increased* less than two years after those tax rates were cut). So the argument that the tax cuts added to the deficit is flat-gum erroneous. Even JFK understood that tax cuts spur economic growth.

    Oh, and if anyone happens to be interested in fact and historical truth, here’s an article that debunks the liberal lie that the recent Supreme Court ruling on corporate political ads “reverses 100 years of campaign finance law,” a lie that Obama repeated last night in his highly partisan state of the union address:


  8. bob taylor  January 28, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    A lot of promises and pointed finger..but everyone saw the folded arm response of the Republicans and their hacks in the Supreme Court.
    They will fight to prevent any of this from happening..
    They dont care about jobs..They have profited from our losses
    They love the war..They’ve profited from it all..death and overruns etc etc etc
    They Hate Medical insurance for Americans..They won’t profit form it..
    They Hate thce proposed Tax Hike for the over 250K earners.Thats their base..and they wont profit from it..
    They only work to become that their ilk is the one’s in office, to insure that they all profit more
    They do not care for America..there is no profit in it for them..they have the world and slave workers abroad and soon here, to insure their profits..
    They hate working Americans with high wages..they cut into their Profits..
    I get no feeling that they will ever do anything to make America better. the profit is in their actions..

    • Mike  January 30, 2010 at 3:35 am

      No it is not Republicans that love the war, it is the Federal Reserve System that loves the war because they have funded every war since their inception in 1913. They fund both sides of the war because that way they can get loan and interest payments from both sides of the war. The Federal Reserve System does not discriminate on what nation they fund when it comes to wars because they stand to make a bunch of money no matter what the outcome of the war is, and they(The Federal Reserve) actually hopes that the wars will go on forever. The longer the wars last the more money they stand to make.

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