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Gordon Duff: Assassination In Dubai, Israeli’s Warning To The World

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

When Israel sent 27 Mossad agents to a 5 star hotel in Dubai to murder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a minor Hamas figure, it had nothing to do with Hamas or Dubai.  It was a warning to President Obama and anyone else that nobody is safe and no reason is small enough to not justify a killing if key interests are involved, money, drugs, power and, least of all, the security of Israel.  Mahmoud is said to be an “arms smuggler” who is traveling the world to get weapons into Lebanon for Hamas.  As Lebanon has an open border with Syria, the primary Hamas weapons source, the idea of smuggling is insane.  Hamas orders weapons on the phone and they are driven over in trucks.

With historical researchers now putting the murders of President Kennedy and his brother Robert at the hands of Israel and moves to reopen the investigation of 9/11, an operation now increasingly showing the handprints of the Mossad at every juncture, the world’s most active assassination squads now represent a threat to every national leader, politician, diplomat and even journalist that speaks up.  The undercurrent of threats has circled the earth since the Dubai assassination, not a bungled Mossad operation at all, as Israel claims, but a slap in the face for Britain, Germany, Australia and the other countries whose passports were forged and a threat to President Obama that he faces something much more serious than a deluge of laundered Israeli cash opposing his next election.

Enemies of Israel used to be Muslims advocating aggressively for Palestine, many pushing for violence.  Today it is reporters, business competitors or anyone whose death or economic destruction will enhance a scheme, push through a business deal or open a door for a “friend” to rise to influence.  Weapons can be murder, financial ruin, mysterious illnesses, the deaths of children or friends, all easily attributed, using the control of the world’s press, to “natural causes” of one kind or another.  What the public doesn’t know, others have known all along, know well.  We call this “terrorism.”

Dubai was a reminder, like the Detroit “crotch bomber” and the “Time Square Fizzler.”

Israel itself is a massive arms supplier and developer of security technologies.  They control most of the world’s airports, you know, the ones where terrorists on the “no fly lists” move freely from country to country with impunity.  A major industry in Israel has been to develop advanced technologies to prevent exactly the problems that happen under their noses every day.  Who runs these companies?  The massive defense industries in Israel, industries tied to arming South Africa during sanctions for apartheid, even helping South Africa develop nuclear weapons and now peddling German built submarines to North Korea are run by members of the Mossad and IDF.  This is allowed by Israeli law.

Since the 1973 war, Israel has never suffered a serious threat but has been involved in minor “low intensity conflicts” related to its attempt to convince 5 million Palestinian citizens of Israel to evaporate or die.  Israel’s stated goal is to force other Middle Eastern countries to take on their entire Islamic population as refugees and replace them with “guest workers” from Thailand, the Philippines and other nations where drastically lower wages can turn Israel into a state much like Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.  Instead of paying “slave labor” with petro-dollars, US foreign aid will pick up the bill, this and a massive arms industry.

With “bulletproof” extradition laws protecting financial criminals, banksters from around the world flock to Israel to spend their declining years in safety and luxury, waited on hand and foot.  The lives and safety of these workers is a concern as “the only democracy in the Middle East” is more secretive and controlling than Stalin’s Russia.


Mitchell Bard, head of AICE, the America Israeli Cooperative Enterprise in his recent article, “Israel’s Apocalypse” warns of an imaginary future in which President Obama works to destroy Israel:

In 2012, Obama is narrowly reelected. He is angered by the defection of Jewish voters disenchanted with his Middle East policy. Unfettered by electoral concerns, he is prepared to use his remaining years to consolidate the relationships he has built with Arab states and further reassure the Muslim world of America’s friendship.

After delaying their intended 2011 announcement, the Palestinians declare independence and ask the world to recognize Palestine and to force Israel to allow the establishment of its capital in Jerusalem.  Israel protests and says that it will no longer honor its past agreements with the Palestinians. It closes its borders and reasserts the unity of Jerusalem.

Every country at the UN except Micronesia recognizes Palestine. Having pledged in 2010 to facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian state within two years, and frustrated with the failure of his peace initiative and furious with what he views as Israel’s intransigence, Obama announces U.S. recognition of Palestine. The General Assembly admits Palestine as a member.

The United States demands that Israel reopen borders and enter negotiations on the division of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Iran announces it has built its first nuclear weapons. As many had forecast, sanctions proved useless and Obama was unwilling to use military force to stop Iran’s program. Israel is warned that any attack on Iran will be opposed by all means necessary to protect American interests in the region.

The Saudis declare that they will use all their resources to ensure the Arab states have a deterrent capability. The Arab League and the United States begin furious negotiations to head off a nuclear arms race in the region and reach an agreement with Iran to dismantle its nuclear program in exchange for Israel doing the same. Israel rejects the idea.

The United States votes with the other Security Council members to impose sanctions on Israel if it does not open its nuclear facilities to inspectors and agree to destroy its weapons. A second resolution calls for additional sanctions if Israel does not open border crossings to Palestine and agree to withdraw from East Jerusalem and to allow Palestinian control over the Temple Mount. Israel defiantly rejects both resolutions.

Following the Europeans’ lead, the Obama administration announces a trade embargo against Israel and also declares a cutoff of all military aid and cooperation until Israel satisfies UN demands.

The pro-Israel community expresses “concern” and asks members of Congress to oppose the administration policy. A handful of Republicans protest, but the Democratic majority is unwilling to challenge the president’s foreign policy beyond signing a letter expressing America’s continued commitment to Israel’s security. Israeli leftists and American Jewish progressives applaud the administration and say Israel needs “tough love” to save it from itself.

Obama tells the press the Israeli lobby is jeopardizing U.S. interests. Administration officials quietly warn Jewish leaders if they continue to criticize the president he will go on prime time television and tell the nation that Israel and its supporters are endangering American soldiers fighting in the Middle East and undermining national security. Only a handful of Jewish gadflies continue to speak out against Obama’s policy.

Before the year is out, Israel capitulates. It recognizes Palestine, agrees to divide Jerusalem and begins the process of dismantling its nuclear arsenal.

This fanciful scenario has one purpose.  It is a message to the president that standing up to Israeli abuses and Israeli plots can lead to one thing, destruction.  The language is clear, Israel sees President Obama as a “clear and present danger” to their plans to dominate the Middle East and grow rich on the sinking America and Europe into hopeless debt by their control of the Federal Reserve and key banking institutions.

None of Bard’s claims are rational or real.  In itself, his admission of Israel’s nuclear arsenal forces the United States to institute immediate sanctions today as required by International Law and UN Resolutions.  Nobody sees America doing this.


The unraveling of 9/11 from an “Arab plot” to an Israeli/Mossad “false flag” attack on the United States is the biggest threat to Israel.  Every day one issue or another involving 9/11 from the “dancing Israeli’s,” Mossad operatives filming the attacks with advance notice to the phony “art students” in the WTC to the horrific admission that Building 7 was “pulled” are some of hundreds, even thousands of facts that stamp “Mossad” on 9/11.

Of late, despite taking a strong stand against Israeli pressure, President Obama has repeatedly asked for powers to control “conspiracy oriented” news stories on the internet and elsewhere.  There is only one conspiracy, 9/11, and the victim was the United States.  9/11 was always a conspiracy, one that 7 years of public information and a full debunking and rescinding of the 9/11 Commission Report has put at the door of Israel and a group of American traitors in government, oil, banking, defense and the media.  Yes, the media, you can’t say that enough times.

There is one unspoken subject in Washington and that is 9/11.  The Republican party, on a daily basis, does and says almost anything imaginable.  Things once whispered in backrooms are now shouted in the halls of congress with all decorum disappearing when the obscene profits of America’s medical monopoly came under threat.   Not one of the 447 members of congress who signed letters in “blind obedience” to Israel responded to members of the 9/11 Commission when they asked for a criminal investigation against government officials who perjured themselves, falsfied documents and withheld vital information.  Call this the coincidence of a lifetime.


With 447 members of congress, every single one of them swearing they know nothing of Israel’s enormous nuclear arsenal, vowing eternal allegiance to Israel over the United States and virtual control of newspapers, electronic news media, thousand of internet news sites, movies, magaizines and television shows, the ability to spin anything from assassination to mass murder into a “poor threatened Israel” yarn has endangered the life of every public figure in the world who stands up for their beliefs.

447 members of congress led by Senators Charles Schumer and Lindsay Graham along with Josef Lieberman and “Hanoi John” McCain are not among them. 

Maybe they poison your dog because you didn’t vote for an appropriation that would have lined the pockets of an Israeli contractor.  Maybe you asked a wrong question at the wrong time and your car was stolen or one of your children was beaten up.  Never speak up and fly in a private plane.  That has been a death sentence for many.

This is the Dubai message, reinforcing years of behind the scenes terrorism, things as small as a denied mortgage or big as an airliner flying into a skyscraper.  For every lie on TV or in a newspaper there is an act of brutal thuggery somewhere.  For every free trip to Israel and a young boy in underwear waiting in a hotel room, there is a rock through a window.  To any Jew who stands up for what is right, there is a burned Synagogue and an anti-Semitic slogan painted on a wall.

Dubai was a reminder, a reminder to keep a lid on 9/11, a reminder to keep a lid on Detroit and a reminder to keep arresting Paksitanis over the “Times Square Fizzler” just as was arranged beforehand.

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124 Responses to "Gordon Duff: Assassination In Dubai, Israeli’s Warning To The World"

  1. ObeysGod  May 28, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Contrary to what the media is poisoning humanity with, Islam is a religion of peace. In response to the violence of Prophet Muhammads time, the Muslims were ATTACKED FIRST AS WELL DOCUMENTED IN THE HISTORICAL RECORDS. To accuse Islam and Muhammad of violent nature is a gross lie. In Surah 2 of Quran, it clearly states that God hates aggression and oppression and warns believers to be not the aggressors but commands that believers fight and kill those who aggress them without repentence. As for the Jews, yes there are many among them who are taken to evil, but not all Jews are as such. Quran says that of the people of the book there are some who believe. Though these are few in numbers, nonetheless, they are believers and God forbids the deliberate killing of believers. As for so-called Muslim terrorists, these are not true Muslims. Quran forbids suicide and condemns such a person who commits suicide to ETERNAL HELL. No true Muslim will take his own life. No true Muslim can justify blowing up a building with innocent people in it, b/c no Muslim can get into a persons heart and know his/her belief to impose such a death sentence on a person or a people. As stated before,if there is no attack against a Muslim, then there is no religious authorization to KILL any person on earth. God has stated in Quran..to kill an innocent person is as if you had killed all of humanity and to safe an innocent person is as if you have saved all of humanity. This is affirmed in the Bible as Quran calls itself a confirmation of the Bible. As long as Jews who are taken to evil have dual citenzship in America and Israel and continues to be in seats of governmental power in America and abroad..then this evil will dominate. God is rasing His light and will shine it soon. Once you understand what that light is..then you will be able to resonate towards it. Peace and blessings everyone..God suffices and truth prevails

  2. Louise  May 26, 2010 at 7:11 am

    I believe that one of the reasons that Obama tried to block any conspiracy theories being put on the internet is because we all know that it will take a false flag in America to start a war with Iran.

    If people start trying to quess what the false flag will be it would hurt investment in America. Who wants to build in a city that is going to be nuked. It will have to be a nuclear weapon attack to blame it on Iran. Also, Israel has no problems getting its hands on nuclear material, it has diplomats that can easily enter America without being searched, and officially Israel does not have nuclear weapons so the finger can never be pointed in their direction.

    I am glad that Obama has declared internationally that he wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons, even making sure than there is no nuclear material sitting carelessly around. So if there is a nuclear attack on America then Obama is in the clear because he has done everything he could.

  3. Louise  May 26, 2010 at 6:53 am

    Thank you for printing the truth.

    I have one question I want answered about 9/11 – was Cheney in charge of NORAD, because if he was, and they were doing war simulation games, then that says everything to me.

  4. Gordon Duff  May 21, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    Have you ever been to an Islamic country? Many of the things you have written are almost insanely absurd propaganda from the most dispicable sources. I strongly suggest you visit more than a few Islamic countries. You will feel ashamed for writing what you have.
    I am not saying things are perfect, far from it. Your writing is that of someone who has been victimized by something. YOu might want to look closer to home.
    No group on earth is as dangerous as Christian Zionists. Some members of the worst of the Pakistani taliban are almost as bad but not nearly as stupid. Now you have done it, comparing any Taliban with Christian Zionists is unfair.

  5. Gordon Duff  May 21, 2010 at 10:51 am

    I have many friends in the Christian community in the Middle East. Some have problems, some fit in well. There is a real problem, however. You are, however, leaving out the biggest religious problem in the world, that of Christaian Zionism, much worse than Islam, worse even than the Jewish extremists murdering thousands in Palestine.
    If you want to find a religion that has endangered the world with violence, look at the Zionist elements of Christian evangelism and Catholicsm.

    • Cheyenne  May 26, 2010 at 9:38 am

      As one who has attempted to follow Christ, I must agree with you here, Gordon. And good for you in having the courage to point it out unwaveringly. Christian Zionism is a grotesque distortion of Jesus’ gospel of peace.

  6. Drake Bailey  May 20, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Looks like we get to swap menu items…
    I’m on theirs and they are on mine.
    Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve taken one of them down.
    Foolish children shouldn’t play with guns and such…
    Funny thing, every shred of evidence just vanished, spent brass, bodies,etc.
    At least they were tidy.

  7. Chris  May 20, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    You poor,naive soul:


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