Neo-Cons and Muslim Haters

Geert Wilders, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, & Pam Geller

David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller, all of whom have been leaders in the indictment of Islam.


by Phil Giraldi


They are the alligators in the swamp that they have created and are now frantically engaged in distancing themselves from their words and deeds. But sometimes the truth will out.

There has been considerable commentary over the possibility that the terrorism in Norway will trigger a reaction against “conservative” websites and will stifle legitimate debate over immigration and asylum policies. But the websites in question are not conservative at all but rather neoconservative, and the only immigration they oppose is immigration by Muslims.

Some leading neoconservatives cited by Anders Behring Breivik in his rambling commentary are David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller, all of whom have been leaders in the indictment of Islam and each of whom is, not coincidentally, a vocal advocate of Israel and its policies. They are the alligators in the swamp that they have created and are now frantically engaged in distancing themselves from their words and deeds. But sometimes the truth will out.

Did Geller alert the Norwegian authorities? No, but she did make sure the Norwegian message was read by her thousands of supporters. Geller has removed the posting from her website but it can still be found through Google.

“I am running an email I received from an Atlas reader in Norway. It is devastating in its matter-of-factness:

‘Well, yes, the situation is worsening. Stepping up from 29,000 immigrants every year, in 2007 we will be getting a total of 35,000 immigrants from Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. The nation’s capital is already 50% Muslim, and they ALL go there after entering Norway. Adding the 1.2 births per woman per year from Muslim women, there will be 300,000+ Muslims out of the then 480,000 inhabitants of that city.

Orders from Libya and Iran say that Oslo will be known as Medina at the latest in 2010, although I consider this a PR-stunt nevertheless it is their plan.

From Israel the hordes clawing at the walls of Jerusalem proclaim cheerfully that next year there will be no more Israel, and I know Israel shrugs this off as do I, and will mount a strike during the summer against all of its enemies in the Middle East. This will make the Muslims worldwide go into a frenzy, attacking everyone around them.

Before, I thought about emigrating to Britain, Israel, USA, South Africa, etc. for taxes and politics, but instead (although I believe we are the very last generation on earth before the return of God) I will stay and fight for the right to this country and indeed the entire peninsula, for the God-fearing people, just in case this isn’t the end of the world after all. Doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan.

It’s far from impossible to achieve, after all my people has done it every time before, in feats that match the ancient Greek, Hebrew and British “legends”.

Oslo and the southeast may fall easily, but there are other lines than “state”-borders drawn across this country since long before there was even a single Muslim in the world, and we have held them this long, against everyone else too. We are entering a new golden age for my people, and those of a handful other countries, but only through struggle.

Hans Rustad

Breivik was reportedly also a regular poster on a similar blog run by Hans Rustad, a former left-wing, Jewish journalist who, like Geller, is extremely pro-Israel and, coincidentally, warns against ‘Islam-isation.’

As John Sugg, Max Blumenthal and others have exposed, pro-Israel neocons such as Geller are closely related to the growing hostility toward Muslims. We hope, but doubt, that the recent tragedy in Norway will cause them to re-think their actions, not simply try to hide them.

We also hope that others will not be taken in by their despicable manipulation.

Source: CNI

Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of CNI, is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served 18 years in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was Chief of Base in Barcelona from 1989 to 1992, and designated as the Agency’s senior officer for Olympic Games support. Dr. Giraldi holds an MA and PhD from the University of London. He speaks Spanish, Italian, German, and Turkish.

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21 Responses to "Neo-Cons and Muslim Haters"

  1. RonL  August 8, 2011 at 11:54 am

    This article is not about the facts or the previous actions of Geller,
    Spencer et all. Rather, it is part of a coordinated campaign by the left,
    the Islamists, and now the Arab Lobby to vilify and criminalize those
    opposing the spread of Islam or even just Islamism. Philip Giraldi,
    Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a group
    created specifically to counter the Israel Lobby and funded by oil
    interests and Arabs.
    It’s leadership has been involved in everything from funneling Libyan
    money to speaking at Holocaust denial events.

    Giraldi was made executive director after the Holocaust denial scandal.
    However the bribing of CIA officers during and after service to work for
    the Arabs is a greater scandal.

  2. MJ  August 8, 2011 at 8:32 am

    Israel is populated by Judeans, a very few, and millions of European settlers with NO Semitic blood whatsoever.

    And you know this because you travel to Judea all the time.
    This is a dishonorable website, totally disgraceful. Our men are overseas having to fight these murderers and you enable THE murderers.
    Blaming Geller, Horowitz and Pipes… Thats brilliant..

    Looks to me like everyone here is an illegal/Mexican enabler.
    Palestinian firster and closet Liberals like **ALL** Nazis ARE.

  3. Gordon Duff  August 7, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Israel is populated by Judeans, a very few, and millions of European settlers with NO Semitic blood whatsoever.
    Simply history does not support a Jewish diaspora in the 1st century into the Visagoth kingdoms, such as is claimed by the Ashkenazim.
    Such travel was impossible. There were no such routes, no potential settlements beyond the Roman empire and all would have been killed.
    Think Khazaria.

  4. Alyn21  August 7, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    The nation of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. It has existed for 5000 years making it older then most European and most Islamic countries. It’s existence is confirmed in the Old Testament, New Testament and even in the so-called Muslim bible the Quran.
    The nation of Palestine does not exist. There has never been an Arab nation of this name. The name Palestine itself is a bastardization of the word Philistia or land of the Philistines. The Romans gave it that name after defeating the Jewish army of Bar Kochba 2000 years ago.
    The purpose was to wipe out the memory of there even having existed a Jewish state.
    The Jewish people have never given up our claim to this land. We have prayed every year since our exile for a return to this land.
    During the period of exile there was no other country ever established to replace the Jewish nation.
    Writers for the last 2000 years including Mark Twain amongst others have confirmed that the land was unoccupied with the exception of a few bedouin nomads who had no loyalty to any state.
    It is sad to read the breathtakingly ignorance letters on this website.
    Clearly you people have no knowledge of history, and seem to also lack common sense or even a serious interest in knowing the truth.
    We Jews have survived far worse then the morons who contribute to this website and I have no doubt that we will still be around long after you simpletons have vanished from this sorry website.

  5. Ferret  August 7, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I put my wife underneath a pedestal. 🙂

  6. Al  August 7, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    The hunt for “anti-Semites” is a hunt for pockets of Resistance to the New World Order, like Nazis going house to house. An anti–Semite used to be someone who hated Jews. Now, it’s someone whom Jews like Leatherface (Pam Geller) and Hooknose (Robert Spencer) hate.

  7. GeoffP  August 7, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Good call, Giraldi, trying to take Robert Spencer to task for allegedly being on an antisemitic website. (I note the comments above as par for the course. For more, try: and Such a move doesn’t look suspicious in any way, I positively assure you.

    I also note that English is curiously absent in the languages in which Mr. Garaldi is alleged to have expertise.

    Perhaps this is no oversight.


  8. Jupiter  July 29, 2011 at 11:59 am

    The Jewish indifference for every other genocide/holocaust except their own, which was only 5.5% of the 6 mil claim! Hundreds of obscene, lying Jewish holo(hoax) museums all over the world attest to this! There should be NO holocaust museums to Jews anywhere except in the whore/rogue state of Israel itself. Let Yad Vashem continue to lie.

    Zioids always complain about Palestinian resistance to their tyranny, but Israel possesses aat least a 1,000-to-one firepower advantage over the Gazans, who occasionally shoot unguided, homemade rockets into Israel, killing very few Israelis. For each Israeli killed by such rockets, probably a thousand Palestinians have been murdered by the IDF, which likes to take target practice on Palestinian kids at play. Where is the sense of justice and proportion among Zionists? So selfish they see hate in others where it may not even exist.

  9. Jupiter  July 29, 2011 at 11:28 am

    DA white, either your head is buried in the sand like an ostrich, or you’re a smelly Zioid plant here! Get real! Israel is by far the world’s biggest whore/rogue state. It is Satan in the world. Its Talmud/Mishnah/Kabbala calls all gentiles and Christians lower than human. 70 million people died in WW2, and all we ever hear about are the Jews, Jews, Jews! Apparently only Jews’ lives count. Yet in reality only 330,000 Jews died in WW2. So, 210 gentiles died for every Jew! But it’s all about the Jews, and only the Jews.

    I have news for you, DA white, Jew banksters planned and initiated WW2! As they did WW1! Zionists are history’s hugest mass murderers! Jew banksters like Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. funded the Bolshevik scum in Russia. The Cheka and the later NKVD were led by commissars who were 95% Jewish! Lying scumbag Jew Ilya Ehrenberg, Monster Stalin’s evil propagandist, called for the Red Army to rape and kill as many Germans as possible in 1944-45! The blood is on Zionist hands, which includes such mass murderers as Eisenhower and his killing of a million Wehrmacht soldiers after the war by exposure to cold and rain (no tents allowed them!), starvation and his guards taking target practice on the prisoners! You have so much to learn. Or perhaps you know this and are trying to cover it up, which makes you a doer of Satan’s work. The Nazis were angels compared to the Zionists and Talmudists of yesterday and today. We talk about Zionists because Zionism is the world’s biggest problem, by far. Get it right!

  10. equalizer  July 29, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Jews are the instigators of chaos and crime. You simply are NOT paying attention, or you’re a zionist. Israel was created on the blood of Brits and the theft of Arab land. That’s it. Israel is a rogue criminal terrorist state.

  11. equalizer  July 29, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Your right on, Niceguy. The hyphenated nationality syndrome does nothing but divide people. If you’re an American, say so; irregardless of your skin color… swearing allegiance to the United States ONLY, tho, IS mandatory.

  12. DA white  July 29, 2011 at 8:44 am

    You people need to look at your tracks, you write about hating Muslims and do this by hating jews. Every thing I have seen on this site is people posting about how bad Israel is and how bad they treat the Muslims. You do this by bashing Christians and Zionist, get real, the Muslims are never going to give the Jews peace and I don’t blame the Jews for not giving an inch.

  13. equalizer  July 29, 2011 at 8:43 am

    My father who was born in 1919, now deceased, told me he was raised with the belief that women were to be placed on a pedastal. Well, so much for womens rights, the sexual revolution, equal employment opportunity blah, blah, blah……….

  14. Terry  July 29, 2011 at 6:50 am

    hey Neslon.. quite a few of us have noticed those comments you refer to… It is one of their now standard propaganda techniques. They do it on just about every comment section out there. They lurk in the background until a story appears that links Israel to a crime, then they leap into action. Furiously they pollute the comments with ignorant Islamophobic rants, that have no basis in reality.

    The idea being to divert the reader’s mind away from Israel’s crimes by offering them something else to dwell on, and to trick the public into thinking it’s ok, common and popular to be bashing muslims each time they breath in or out.

  15. Mr. Niceguy  July 29, 2011 at 6:18 am

    Personally I’m sick of movements that demand my support because of the color of my skin. Don’t get me wrong, the WN movement has some good ideas, but I’m starting to see how simply defining ourselves by race keeps the negativity going. Without a doubt we white people are persecuted, but so is everyone else. All nationalist and race movements do is tie your fate in with that of morons, allowing your race’s organized crime element to use your person or your mental energy. That being said, the most dispicable oc element is the Jewish one. Check out Terence McKenna, he’s on the right track.

  16. MK  July 28, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    In graduate school, I had a Jordanian woman friend. Later on, I had an Ethiopian woman friend. I never heard either one complain about sharia law. Neither one feared being killed for an imagined “insult’ to their families. I wish somebody would explain sharia law. I think that a lot of people forget how women used to be treated in the USA back in the ’50s. Even though we had fewer rights in some ways (like credit), women were at least treated respectfully. Today, there is this false idea that women are the same as men. This is just not true, despite what young women might think.

    I do not hate Muslims. I do strongly dislike zionism and the demonization of muslims.

  17. Gray  July 28, 2011 at 7:38 pm



    Brevity is not only the ‘Soul of Wit” but it’s ALSO the Time Duration of Ziono-Media’s Coverage Time of KNOWN Israeli sponsored Massacres!

    EXCERPT: “The fingerprints of Israeli intelligence are all over the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the 3/22 train bombings in Madrid, the 7/7 transit bombings in London, and, now, the 7/22 attacks in Norway…”

    “Israeli Mossad Did Norway Attacks”
    EXCERPT “Israel’s most secret and tried-and-true weapon is the “false flag” terrorist attack.
    Mossad is a master at false-flag terrorist attacks designed to alter perceptions and punish opponents of Israeli policy.
    The fingerprints of Israeli intelligence are all over the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the 3/22 train bombings in Madrid, the 7/7 transit bombings in London, and, now, the 7/22 attacks in Norway…
    While the Israeli-influenced corporate media has droned on and on about the dangers of Islamist terrorism, it is now obvious that the major threat to public safety comes from the State of Israel, a rogue nation that does not hesitate to murder the innocent to achieve its sordid political aims.”CONTINUED

    When Israel’s Murderous False Flags SUCCESSFULLY Deceive us into “EVILMUSLIM” Fury…. Extensive, Global, In Depth, 24/7 Coverage, Talking-Head-Mania etc Goes on for weeks and ADL & Co. Gleefully stoke the Ignorant Bigotry.



    – You Didn’t KNOW that Breivik was, Foremost, a Strident, Zionist, “Israel-Firster”
    who Shared the same Carefully Cultivated Anti Muslim Hate endemic to the gullible & uneducated victims of AIPAC’s Major Media?

    Unlike Successfully Deceptive, Mossad False Flag Massacres, There will be:

    – NO Demands for Swift and Deadly Justice…

    -No Memorial Services

    -No Presidential Declarations of Mourning

    – No “In Depth Coverage” of the Killer(s), his Home Life, Lifestyle, Interviews with his Mailman

    …… ABSOLUTELY NO Moments of Silence, Drumbeats of “Bomb the Killers!!!”

    ……Just 3 Days of Page 4 Snippets and………..PRESTO!!!!………….GONE!!!

    ISRAELIS DID, HOWEVER HAVE A FEW WORDS for the mangled Survivors, grieving Families from Carnage far worse than ANYTHING Israelis REALLY experience.

    – More Israelis die in auto Accidents than in ALL Occupation Resistance and Palestinian Self Defense Reprisals.

    NOW, From the Land Whose Foundation is Exploiting World Wide Pity (and Reparation$):

    “Israelis Debate on the Web:
    Did Norway Get What It Deserved?”
    Here are some of the responses to Lenchner’s article: (ON THE MOSSAD MASSACRE)
    – Almog, Beer Sheva: they have it coming, period. Your article is pointless. Anyone who acts without mercy towards us, there’s no reason I should pity them!!!! Let them continue to respect and honor Muslims.

    – Effie: I feel no sorrow about it!!!! Anyone who doesn’t feel the no pain of my people shouldn’t ask sympathy for his own pain.

    – We’re more unfortunate: Enough demagoguery! I don’t pity them they’re my enemies they hate Israel so they have it coming!!!

    – The whole world dances on Jewish blood. Europe is the same Europe and even more anti-Semitic. The killer is right!!! Europe is defeated, Norwegians are becoming a minority.

    – Very sorry: With all due sorrow they were waving a sign on the island the day before calling to boycott us. So I really don’t feeling like showing empathy. Very sorry. If you don’t believe me here the link to the lovely picture:

    – Noam: Ha Ha Ha! Europeans, this is your “liberalism”

    – Shimon: Good news for Shabbat. So may they increase and learn the hard way.

    – Nir, Hasela Ha’adom: Allow me a few moments of pleasure.

    – Moshe, Haifa: I’m sorry, it doesn’t move me. From my point of view, let them drown in blood.”

    AND, More just as hateful….or worse

    So, while the Civilized and Rational World; Compassionate Jews, Muslims and Rational People of every Faith Mourn the Most Recent & Deadly Mossad False Flag Screw-Up.


    P.S. “ZIONIST” is NOT Synonymous with “the Jews”

  18. Nelson_2008  July 28, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    If you go to a supposedly “White Nationalist” forum such as StormFront, you’ll see that there are lots of Jews posting there, pretending to be “White Nationalists”.

    Their agenda is always to propagandize and to misdirect White rage. Whenever the topic is some latest Jew crime or atrocity, for example, there you’ll find a swarm of Jewish cyber imposters, bashing Moslems and imploring that Jews are not the real problem…blah blah blah.

    Their strategy is to hijack any and all Nationalist movements (or start their own “Nationalist” movements) and then simply misdirect them, and use it to discourage others from participating (i.e., smear by association, with imposters pretending to be unreasonable “White Nationalists”); to encourage Whites to blame Arabs/Moslems for the worlds problems; to encourage Whites to join the U.S. military; and to propagandize and lie about things like 9/11.

    Yes Jews are doing to Nationalist movements the same thing they’ve been doing to the “9/11 truth movement”, or to any movement at all that poses any threat whatsoever to their grasp on power.

    And Breivik, being the mentally and morally defective fool that he obviously is, sucked up the Jew mind-poison like a sponge.

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