The failure of officials around the world to safeguard public health in the wake of the catastrophe at Fukushima could be described as a crime against all life. This ongoing nuclear nightmare cannot really be described as an accident because Fukushima #1, like other similar installations in California, was placed in a very active earthquake and tsunami zone. The media has obfuscated the reality that the explosions and meltdowns took place amidst huge nuclear waste dumps that make this ongoing crisis far more serious than Chernobyl. The decimated no. 4 structure shown here contains a huge mass of spent fuel rods packing enough energy to feed a huge radioactive bonfire that would almost certainly occur if another earthquake was to place. The scale of the danger is comparable to a nuclear war. The gross criminal negligence endemic to the nuclear weapons/energy industry, which first made its mark on the world with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is on full display for the attentive in the Fukushima debacle. And the virtual media blackout continues concerning the debacle’s ongoing radioactive threat to the future of all life on earth.