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This is What Direct Nonviolent Action looks like

More video from Al Walaja and the direct nonviolent action that the village is creating in order to stop the construction of the wall through their farmlands. This is what direct nonviolent action looks like in Palestine. This video was taken on 27 April 2010 by Activestills photographers.

Desmond Tutu: Students Fighting Israeli Oppression Lead on the Moral Path

By Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner writing in the Huffington Post: It was with great joy that I learned of the recent 16-4...

Undercover police in Jerusalem protests

Riots took place all over East Jerusalem this week in protest of settlers threatening to force their way into the Al Aqsa Mosque. As a result, Israeli security forces shut down major areas of the Old City, including the mosque compound to Muslim men under 50.

Michael Ratner on Israeli apartheid Pt2 (Video)

"Building settlements in occupied territories with US support is illegal and unacceptable" Michael Ratner continues his report after touring the "occupied territories" in Israel's West Bank. Michael Ratner is President of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York. He has taught at Yale Law School, lectured at Columbia Law School, and was President of the National Lawyers Guild.