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New York’s new 9/11 probe could stop global holocaust

If the 9/11 criminals continue waging war on the world, the world is doomed.

Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ and Armageddon...

The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood, one of Americas most respected historians, lays out the facts in just how Masonic elements orchestrated the whole revolution and birth of America.

Epitaph: The Late, Great United States

- It’s over. The sacrifice is done. A lone bugle plays weak, America is finished. The plan is executed.

Armageddon Visible from Rear View Mirror

Congress is about to vote on a resolution to strike Syria, already the Senate panel voted (4 Sep 2013) authorizing war. The Lobby is...

The Epic Fail of the Israeli State

Israel is many things to many people, but it is failed state. It can not exist unless it shamelessly wages war on everyone not Jewish inside and outside her borders, she has failed because she was stopped in the autumn of 2012, she reached a limit, where her military enforcement arm, the United States refused to wage war against Iran.

Arming Armageddon

Away from the headlines, Israel is carrying out a series of projects in Megiddo and its surroundings.

Washington’s Rancor Over Iran-Downed Spy Drone

In what seems to be nothing but US-style barefaced arrogance, President Barack Obama has demanded the return of a spy drone which violated the airspace of the Islamic Republic but which was to the humiliation of the US officials downed by the Iranian army.

Armageddon Ahead

It does not take a genius to gather that the Israeli aggression towards Iran would endanger every living species on this planet.


AIR FORCE ACADEMY "BRAINWASHING CADETS" By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Mickey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation have been fighting the Air Force Academy...