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‘Bobby Thompson’s’ Brazen Fraud, Fake Navy Vets leader made unchecked rise...

Real Shocker. Man recalls meeting fraudster at fundraiser for John McCain, and again at the 2008 GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. ... We have a political...

US Navy Veterans loses its attorneys and its fundraisers

The lawyers who have run interference for the U.S. Navy Veterans Association for months now say they can no longer represent the charity because all its directors have quit or disappeared. In court papers filed Wednesday in Ohio, attorney Shaun K. Petersen said his firm must withdraw as counsel for the Navy Veterans because the charity's board has dwindled to a single member — founder Bobby Thompson — and he has been impossible to find for more than three weeks.

Bring so-called charity to account

* A St. Petersburg Times Editorial * Three months after questions were first raised about the validity of the U.S. Navy Veterans Association,...

Navy Veterans Association takes credit for letters to troops from children...

A year ago, the children at the Academy of Saints Peter and Paul in Minnesota wrote letters to American troops overseas, including a U.S. sailor stationed in Iraq named Vivian N. Kamara. After receiving the children's letters, Kamara posted her thanks to them in a message on anysoldier.com, a website that connects deployed U.S. troops with Americans who want to send mail or care packages.

Navy Veterans “Charity” Lifts Service Members’ Thank-You Letters From Other Organizations

The U.S. Navy Veterans Association says it spends millions to send care packages to America's fighting troops overseas, and as proof, the group has posted to its website thank-you letters from soldiers and sailors like Gina Pronzati. "Everyone in the unit who received a package from you wants to thank you so much," reads the letter on navyvets.org from Pronzati, who served with a U.S. Navy K-9 unit in Afghanistan.

Nonprofit Under Investigation Wins Registration Exemption In Virginia

Last week, with news that the Navy Veterans had been shut down in two states and was being investigated in others, Virginia officials scrambled to distance themselves from the campaign contributions they accepted from Bobby Thompson, the man behind the Navy Veterans group.

VA drops Navy Veterans nonprofit from website service group list

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has removed the U.S. Navy Veterans Association nonprofit organization from its website listing of veterans service organizations. The government acted after U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, expressed concerns about "unscrupulous organizations" that might "mislead or exploit our nation's veterans."

What’s Behind The Yellow Ribbon In Ohio? Ask Ohio’s Attorney General

The Roanoke Times piece centered on $67500 in political donations to Republican office holders and seekers given during 2009 by USNVA "director" "LtCmdr" Bobby Thompson. The money appears to me to have been donated to Virginia pols including the State's Attorney General with the possible intent to influence legislation favorable to USNVA being allowed to raise funds in Va. without formal registration. In fairness I must say that $1000 dollars of that money went to the Democrat who introduced the legislation in question.

US Navy Veterans Association Raises Suspicions in Virginia

The mysterious director of a Navy veterans fundraising group that's under investigation in three states contributed $67,500 to the 2009 campaigns of key state officials. Starting July 1, that group can resume soliciting money in Virginia under a state law that Gov. Bob McDonnell signed April 12, despite an unusual last-minute plea from its sponsor, Sen. Patsy Ticer, that he veto it. Her office requested a veto after Ticer, D-Alexandria, became suspicious of the U.S. Navy Veterans Association and its former director Bobby Thompson.

Stand-ins Posed as Members of Navy Veterans Association

* By Jeff Testerman and John Martin St. Petersburg Times * TAMPA — Lt. Cmdr. Bobby Thompson was under the gun. A newspaper was about to...

U.S. Navy Veterans Association being investigated after it claims officer is...

* By Jeff Testerman and John Martin, St. Petersburg Times * Tampa, Florida - The story of Cmdr. Howard Bonifacio and the missing officers of...

Ask Ohio: Is the US Navy Veterans Association a “Worthy Charity?”

Repeated calls to the Charitable Law Division of the Ohio Attorney General's office have yielded little in the way of information about the US Navy Veterans Association (USNVA) and its enigmatic director "Commander" Bobby Thompson.

Multimillion-Dollar Nonprofit Charity for Navy Veterans Steeped in Secrecy

On its Web site and in tax papers filed with the IRS, the U.S. Navy Veterans Association represents itself as having a rich heritage of charitable giving that annually provides millions of dollars in assistance to veterans, their families and America's military troops at war. It says its all-volunteer staff and 85 officers run a national headquarters and state chapters across America.