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This industry is creating millions of high-paying jobs that don't require...

Americans are better educated than ever before. The most recent census found that 33.4 percent of adults over the age of 24 have earned a bachelor's degree or more.

5 hot jobs you can get without a college education

The mere idea of spending four or more years trudging between university lecture halls, writing papers and taking exams is more than some people can bear not to mention the cost of tuition, and the burden of student-loan debt.

10 Highest-Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

The college enrollment rate has fallen in recent years, and many high school graduates are looking for lucrative opportunities that do not require four years of college tuition.

College graduate? Here’s how to find the right first job.

By this afternoon, I’ll be able to say that I am the parent of a college graduate.

Support programs help military veterans finish college

Sitting in a college math class, a former Marine waits patiently to get back his test. The professor addresses the class as the corrected exams are distributed.

College student plays trumpet at funerals for veterans

A University of Northern Iowa student is using her trumpet to give back to veterans, playing "Taps" at many local military funerals.

Troops, veterans and military families can track down a college scholarship...

'Tis the season for seeking out scholarships, and the Fisher House Foundation has launched a free search tool to help troops, veterans and families get their share of these education-budget boosters.

Can Peer-Led Support Services Help Veterans Stay in College?

About one-third of veterans who take advantage of the education benefits offered by the Veterans Affairs Department eventually drop out of college or other training certificate program, often overwhelmed by the challenges faced in transitioning from service member to student.

Camden County College unveils Veterans Outpost Lounge

Camden County College officials cut the red, white and blue ribbon Thursday on a small room for veterans to quietly study on campus.

Veteran helps other veterans navigate college

When George Turner left the Air Force, he found himself missing “meaningful work.”

6 tricks for veterans transitioning from college to the workplace

You’ve already made one major transition, learning to undo your military mindset and getting into the collegiate brain space. It can be a tough transition, finding a way to engage in the informal culture that drives academia.

College event offers guidance for female veterans

While chatting with visitors Thursday, Zaida Nogue kept an eye on the open door to her office, scanning the faces of students.

Pathway Home reinvents itself to help veterans struggling in college

Nearly half a year after it suspended operations, leaders of The Pathway Home in Yountville are organizing a comeback – with a new focus on helping those struggling to shift from military service to civilian college life.