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Missouri Congressman Demands Navy Restrict Chaplains Religious Freedoms

During the debate over the repeal of Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell, social conservatives in congress argued that the repeal of the military’s policy banned openly gay and lesbian troops would have an adverse impact on the religious freedom and careers of military chaplains….

VA-DoD collaboration guidebook now available

Researchers from the Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) have produced a new 56-page guidebook to spur more collaboration between the agencies on clinical health research.

Good news for Gulf War Vets Distributee widest way possible

This is excellent news and should be distributed to all gulf war and current troops and family members as soon as possible and widely. I want all veterans to know that the IOM and their chair actively have changed their position and are now on the side of the veterans! This took a while to break them from just following DOD and VA directions and to function on the side of getting real answers to a real health problem! They are now advocating for us! It may not be all you want but it is definitely a step in right direction!

Department of Defense Sustains UnitedHealthcare Protest on Tricare West Region Contract

MINNETONKA, Minn. (April 7, 2011) – The Department of Defense (DoD) has sustained a protest by UnitedHealthcare’s Military & Veterans business and will undertake corrective action regarding the TRICARE West Region contract award. The DoD has indicated that it will update its solicitation for the contract and invite updated proposals. The decision pertains to the July 2009 award of the TRICARE West Region contract to the incumbent administrator.

GULF WAR: The Terrible War After the War and the Enduring...

As we look at twenty years since the Gulf War 1990-91/Operation Desert Storm the writer has to wonder have we made headway? The writer wants the President, the VA, the DOD, the legislators both US Senators and Representatives to hear from the veterans that counted on our government to do the right thing morally and ethically. If we had really been tuned into the history of the veterans of World War 1, Atomic Veterans, and Agent Orange Veterans we would not have been so deceived. Maybe the All Volunteer Force would not have been reality. Maybe a draft would still be in affect. But the troops felt it a DUTY, A Sacred Duty to serve their country. They were well educated and trained. Many were college graduates, almost all had completed high school and had a beginning on college level education, in total a different profile than the Vietnam Veterans. Many had families with military traditions and service.

Desert Storm Veterans, the Lead Element in the Poison War

The aim to tie the story of environmental hazards to all that have been concerned from the patient sufferers be it civilian or military, to the lead Senator that exposed the Plight of the Gulf War Veterans in 1994(Senator Reigle), to the doctors that cared to try to answer the needs despite government interference, to the researchers that are finally now being funded thanks to the Gulf War Veterans efforts, and to the government agencies that were to have our backs but that have interfered and delayed help to those that need it the most. This not a story about whiners, this is the investigative report that covers the science and the research that has taken over 20 years to finally have an awakening that millions are truly sufferring.

U.S. Department of Defense Announces Latest Contract Awards

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Poway, Calif., was awarded a $148,255,502 contract which will procure 24 MQ-9 Reaper production aircraft.

U.S. Department of Defense Announces Latest Contract Awards

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc., Hurst, Texas, is being awarded a maximum $95,946,830 firm-fixed-price, sole-source contract for various assembly parts

National Guard Suicides Double in 2010

Hey, General Peter Chiarelli, the suicides must some of that 'risky behavior' done in blatant violation of existing Army policies and standards, you dolt! You ever wish the DoD had...

Tracking Medical Research for Gulf War Veterans

Hot News Is Expected for Chronic Fatigue Sufferers XMRV Findings More Expected This is exciting news in the civilian world for Chronic Fatigue Sufferers that may...

Say it to Veterans and Troops, General Chiarelli: War Is a...

- The politicians, generals (if there be a difference), and assorted hacks and kiss-asses appearing on the news shows to discuss the epidemic of suicide...

The Other Side of the DU Issue

It is with the purpose of freedom- of being able to read all sides of the issue- that I share this resource I found...

Rep. Alan Grayson Introduces the “War Is Making You Poor” Act

The bill would cut the DoD's budget and use that money to make the first $35,000 each American earns tax-free. Last week, as Congress prepared to pass yet another “emergency” spending bill to cover America’s costly operations in Iraq and Afghanistan -- to the tune of $159 billion this time around -- Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Florida, introduced a bill that would force the Pentagon to pick up the tab out of its ample regular budget.

Pentagon Contractor Profits Rise – Along With Casualties

The fighting in Afghanistan this week has resulted in the deaths of Canadian Colonel Geoff Parker, 42, of Oakville, Ontario, and U.S. Colonel John McHugh, 46, of W. Caldwell, New Jersey. It also claimed the lives of Lieutenant Colonels Paul Bartz, 43, of Waterloo, Wis., and Thomas Belkofer, 44, of Perrysburg, Ohio. Other fatalities were Staff Sgt. Richard Tieman, 28, of Waynesboro, Pa., and Specialist Joshua Tomlinson, 24, of Dubberly, La.

Gates: Urgent need to cut defense bureaucracy

Warring against waste, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday he is ordering a top-to-bottom paring of the military bureaucracy in search of at least $10 billion in annual savings needed to prevent an erosion of U.S. combat power. He took aim at what he called a bloated bureaucracy, wasteful business practices and too many generals and admirals, and outlined an ambitious plan for reform that's almost certain to stir opposition in the corridors of Congress and Pentagon.

Sec Gates and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak Huddle on Iran

Though informed sources who shot down the Bush-Cheney administration's false propaganda program on Iraq are now knocking down the AIPAC-pushed "Iran threat," the Obama administration appears...

Obama Revises Bush Administration Succession Plan for the Pentagon

An executive order published without fanfare this month does away with a system for Pentagon succession instituted by former President George W. Bush, which played down the service secretaries and elevated positions held at the time by trusted aides to Donald H. Rumsfeld, who as defense secretary wanted it that way.

Study on Brain Processing May Lead to PTSD Treatment

Medical researchers and veterans advocates eagerly await the findings of  a University of Wisconsin-Madison study on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) focusing on how brains...

Unmanned Drone advocates want to test-fly UAVs over Dayton airspace

Defense industry supporters of efforts to establish the Dayton, Ohio region as a national center of training, education and product development for unmanned aircraft say that persuading the U.S. government to approve airspace for flying the unmanned craft near this urban area is critical. Civilian authorities fear technology for unmanned aircraft can’t assure air safety.

Outrageous: President Wants Billions More for War

This is a follow-up on Tom Barnes post Obama wants record $708 Billion for military next year – Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense Announces Latest Contract Awards

AM General, LLC, Mishawaka, Ind., is being awarded a maximum $93,400,918 firm-fixed-price, sole-source, requirements-type contract in support of HMMWV industrial base requirements. Other locations of performance are in Pennsylvania and Texas. Using service is Army. There was originally one proposal solicited with one response. Contract funds will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract is for one base year and four possible one-year option periods. The date of performance completion is January 2012. The Defense Supply Center Columbus, Columbus, Ohio, is the contracting activity (SPM7LX-09-D-9001).

U.S. Department of Defense Announces Latest Contract Awards

CONTRACTS: NAVY Candelaria Corp.*, Glendale, Ariz. (N62473-10-D-4802); Brown and White, Inc./Hunter Contracting Co., JV*, Tucson, Ariz. (N62473-10-D-4803); Hal Hays Construction, Inc.*, Yuma, Ariz. (N62473-10-D-4804); and MRM Construction Services, Inc.*, Phoenix, Ariz. (N62473-10-D-4805), are each being awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award design-build construction contract for airfield paving and heavy duty paving for military operations vehicles at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. The maximum dollar value, including the base period and four option years, for all four contracts combined is $60,000,000. Work will be performed in Yuma, Ariz., and work is expected to be completed January 2015. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website, with 11 proposals received. These four contractors may compete for task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contract. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest, Resident Officer in Charge of Construction, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Calif., is the contracting activity.

U.S. Department of Defense Announces Latest Contract Awards

Johns Hopkins University Advanced Physics laboratory, Laurel, Md., was awarded on Jan. 8, 2010, a $24,777,235 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract. This contract is to build Phase II on the preliminary design created in Phase I, culminating in the completion of a working prototype that demonstrates the capabilities of the National Cyber Range (NCR). Upon completion of all phases, it is anticipated that the NCR will enable a revolution in the nation’s ability to conduct cyber operations by providing a persistent cyber range. Work is to be performed in Laurel, Md. (43.8 percent); Cambridge, Mass. (24.8 percent); Albuquerque, N.M. (6.2 percent); North Chelmsford, Mass. (5.6 percent); Northport, N.Y. (4.4 percent); Los Angeles, Calif. (4.1 percent); Bethesda, Md. (2.7 percent); Salt Lake City, Utah (2.5 percent); Idaho Falls, Idaho (2.4 percent); Columbia, Md. (2.0 percent); Columbia, Md. (1.3 percent); and Camden, N.J.(0.2 percent), with an estimated completion date of April 14, 2011. Bids were solicited via broad agency announcement with seven bids received. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency Arlington, Va., is the contracting activity (HR0011-10-C-0039).