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Vanishing Bio-Weapons Lab in Georgia Republic

- US aggression during peace time with no existent military offensive capacity from either Russia or China is most disturbing as we are hiding its true intention

Sleep Can Play Important Role in PTSD

As many as 90 percent of soldiers returning from deployment may report suffering from disrupted sleep, Army Col. Carl Castro, director of the Military Operational Medicine Research Program at Fort Detrick, said Tuesday.

Report Details Agent Orange use at Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick has released a preliminary archive search report on its past Agent Orange use as the Kristen Renee Foundation began to ramp up its efforts to prove that the Army post caused a cancer cluster in Frederick. According to the report, which was posted online Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers found that Fort Detrick tested an estimated 16.82 pounds of Agent Orange and similar defoliants between 1944 and 1951.

Abnormal Cancer Rates at Fort Detrick Tied to Monsanto’s Agent Orange‏

Monsanto's Agent Orange; the gift of death that keeps on killing ... By Tim King at Salem-News.com (BALTIMORE, Md.) - Deadly poisons at Fort Detrick...

Father Fights to Expose Cancer Cluster in Maryland

Veterans Today Becoming a True Hub of Information for Veterans and Civilians The news as demonstrated by another news item that has gotten legs from...

Fort Detrick likely exposed man to Agent Orange, VA says

Abram, 68, was drafted into the Army and served at Fort Detrick from November 1962 to 1964. He is not allowed to talk about the work he did at Fort Detrick, but Abram said he enjoyed walking around the greenhouses in his spare time.