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The Wall

By Dave Bedworth My life without you now, glides dimly by in dankly selfish lumps. No C-rats shared in sickly hooches, with screaming bugs and distant crackle. No insane...

Veterans Day: How is the War Economy Working for YOU?

We at VT strive to help those grassroots organizations that know how to connect the dots between America at War and the meltdown of...

Veteran Veteran’s Wife

"Caregivers often experience stress, burnout or feel overwhelmed" is putting it mildly! Still as we talk about the strength, courage, commitment our veterans have,...

VETERANS DAY: Coming Home, the Final Battle Documentary by 8th...

Hello Veterans, my name is Max. I am 14 years old and won 3rd place for CSPAN STUDENTCAM for my documentary about the battles veterans and their families face when they return home. For this Veterans Day, I hope that can help others who may need someone to lean on.

Iraq veteran, Hero for veterans

In keeping with the message of healing, I cannot think of a better way to put it than the way this Iraq veteran did....

Flags Still Stands For Freedom Announces 3rd annual “Support Our Veterans”...

Flags Still Stands For Freedom has announced its 3rd annual “Veterans Day Telethon”. This virtual event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 6th, 2010 for 24 hours to show support for our troops both past and present and is the only one of its kind for three years running using new media technology.

Honoring Veterans – 2010 Veterans Day Video

Among the primary objectives of the Veterans Day National Committee is to promote the observance of Veterans Day nationwide. We do this with our poster, teacher guide and other products. This year, we have a new resource available – a Veterans Day video explaining why and how we honor Veterans – not just on Veterans Day but throughout the year.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Designates 54 Regional Veterans Day Observances

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced today the designation of 54 regional Veterans Day observances. These sites are recognized as model events for the observance of Veterans Day on November 11. “On Veterans Day we celebrate the lives and legacy of America’s 23 million living Veterans,” said Shinseki. “From the National Veterans Day observance to regional celebrations nationwide, I encourage all Americans to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our Veterans for their service.”

Vietnam War Memorial: Traveling Wall Offers Sobering Images and Lessons

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a place where everyone, regardless of opinion, can come together and remember and honor those who served.