Colorado Rogue Police in Aurora Start Constitutional Crisis

Rogue Cops Threatens to Murder Child with Shotgun, Aurora, Colorado, June 9, 2012

Watch Officer “Osama bin Idiot” Terrorize a Child


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Yesterday, police in Aurora, Colorado, a department noted for poor discipline, poor standards and lax training, arrested and handcuffed 42 innocent civilians, even holding shotguns at the heads of small children.

All those held were arrested at gunpoint, roughed up, all were cuffed but the smallest of children, as young as two years.  Some small children were, barely able to walk and speak, were subjected to detention with a dozen or more weapons on them, all loaded, safeties off, ready to fire.

Though the suspect, carefully identified, video taped, was 45 years old, male, white and quite large, the majority of those arrested were women, small children or minorities.

“Protect and Defend” is what it says on the cars but increasingly, American citizens are arming themselves, not radicals but hard working, tax paying middle class Americans, arming themselves against their own police, as department after department fall under the control of the Mexican drug cartels and forget the oaths they once swore but now now longer remember.

Is Aurora, its city government and police a “cartel town?”  Things are beginning to look that way and not just this incident.  The cartels first went after Arizona, where their control is increasing every day.  Their next target, having Utah in their pocket 100%, that and Nevada, is Colorado.  Denver will be “ground zero” and police in the Denver area, starting with outlying regions will be among the first cartel recruits as real terrorism comes to America.

Denver will be key, with it’s downtown of major banks, long known for laundering drug money, the same town where hundreds of millions were stolen in the staged bankruptcies of the Columbia and Silverado Savings and Loans, where Washington politics, drug money and the local mob made a killing.  We are watching Denver.  Anyone remember Neil Bush or that attempted killer of President Reagan, Bush family associate John Hinckley, from the famous family of Mormon prophets, came from Denver?

This is the kind of behavior Americans around the country have been terrified would begin, that their own police would turn on everyday citizens, an armed gang.  Stifling dissent of the “occupy” movement, taking payoffs from “banksters” is one thing but, not the photo above, that is a 12 ga. shotgun inches from the face of a small child.  That is a felony, not just a violation of “police procedure.”

That is a child, he is being terrorized and, in doing so, according to all our new laws, the officers involved belong in prison, not in the US but Poland or Egypt or Bulgaria, where hundreds of hours of waterboarding can get their confessions.  It is time that we recognized the real American terrorists, the real threat to democracy we have created.

They were looking for bank robbers and they did make their arrest, be clear on this.  However, they violated numerous criminal laws, unlawful imprisonment, false arrest, assault with intent, or “GBH” as it is known in police jargon.  In fact, they did everything wrong.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

As Judge Napolitano rightly points out, a police department, poorly trained, out of control, with no respect for law, put the lives and safety of dozens at risk by performing a dangerous arrest while dozens of potential victims were handcuffed in the immediate vicinity and hundreds of bystanders were around.

They never gained control of the scene, instead, intending to bring about a “wild west” shootout, killing as many innocent civilians as possible.

It was the bank robbers themselves that have to be credited with using good sense in surrendering instead of taking hostage the dozens police put under their power through pure idiocy, criminality and incompetence.

Standard police procedure would be to set up a checklane with chase cars at the rear, separate cars by a safe distance and secure the lives of innocent bystanders first, not arrest, handcuff and detain them at gunpoint.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

My own experience is managing a group which includes former top FBI trainers, including founders of the FBI hostage rescue training center in Qantaco, VA along with members of other elite US, UK, French, South Korean, Greek and other services from SWAT to counter-terrorism.  We will be glad to travel to Aurora and, after doing thorough background checks on all local officials and police, make recommendations. Don’t depend on many keeping their jobs and we will report all evidence we find of criminal activity to the FBI.

My suspicion is that we would guarantee a dozen agents a year’s work at least.

The US spends millions each year from the federal budget  specifically to train police officers not to point shotguns at small children.  The man above is guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and his police career needs to be traded in for one that involves long term incarceration as do the officers assisting him and those who approve this behavior.

This is criminal behavior in Colorado, unconstitutional in the US and a war crime according to the rules governing the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

This is Judge Napolitano wrote exclusive commentary on this incident for the Fox News Insider.

The big picture here is that the police in this small Colorado town applied tactics that are forbidden by the U.S. Constitution, and which were perfected by the SS in Nazi Germany, in order to make their job easier. Nazi Germany had the lowest crime rate of any modern society; but it had no freedom. The cops and the SS regularly arrested groups until they found the person they wanted. We fought World War II in large measure to prevent such behavior by the government.

Here is the law. The government may stop a person temporarily–for a few minutes and in public–and ask questions of the person only when it has “articulable suspicion” about that person. The suspicion must be based on objective observations, not immutable characteristics (such as race or gender) or group characteristics (such as location or beliefs). The government may only arrest a person–prevent movement using restraints or force for more than a few moments–when it has probable cause to believe that the arrested person has committed a crime. The standard for arrest requires a “more likely than not” objective conclusion of criminal behavior on the part of the arrested person.

The behavior of the cops on Aurora, CO will cost the town a great deal of money; and it should provoke a federal criminal investigation of the police behavior. The Aurora police violated basic constitutionally-guaranteed rights, federal law, rights guaranteed by the Colorado Constitution, and state law.

It is estimated that lawsuits covering this police outrage will cost Aurora, Colorado in excess of $200 million dollars.

As a Mitt Romney follower, I think the first thing to pay for this should be the police retirement fund, their health insurance and a 50% cut in pay and the elimination of all overtime.

Let patrolmen use their own cars, buy their own gas, if they are going to act like a criminal gang, make them work in uniforms with a simple sign:


Oh, and before I forget,  from now on, rubber guns only.

Another suggestion, fire the lot, from the Chief down, replace them with unemployed veterans who have at least two years of college and are not felons, not big felonies anyway, which would normally exclude them from working in Aurora.  Will Attorney General Eric Holder let this go by as he has so many other constitutional violations, will he fail to enforce these federal crimes, rogue police who have, this time, actually turned on white middle class Americans, the only group Americans are told police are meant to protect?

Next time you may need to visit Aurora, Colorado, perhaps you had best ask your friends to meet you on “American territory” where there are laws.

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15 Responses to "Colorado Rogue Police in Aurora Start Constitutional Crisis"

  1. Gordon Duff  June 13, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    my question…who did it, was it the music teacher…why?

    as for cops…..these are crimes…..and they should expect prosecution

    i can see sticking together on some things but not bonehead bullshit like this


  2. Matt Ford Jr.  June 13, 2012 at 7:48 am

    I come from a law enforcement family. I am astounded as to what I am seeing and reading. However, this is
    nothing right now in comparison to what they will do if they can disarm American citizens.

    You don’t hear anthing in the news media about the Law of the Sea Treaty and the UN Small Arms Treaty.
    Our elected ” leaders ” flaunt their contempt of the Constitution and our citizens. We have to keep telling our
    ” leaders ” that we don’t want these laws.

  3. Mike Kay  June 11, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    Hmmmm-quite a few comments seem to have disappeared.

  4. The Rahnameh  June 11, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    This act is a criminal one as correctly identified. The burden of becoming a police state is that you officially lose legitimacy in perpetuity and await a foreseeable fate: he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

  5. Preston James, Ph.D  June 11, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Teaching the American Public to be good little serfs, that’s what this is all about. The War on Terror has certainly created an environment that breeds tyranny and abuse in the police in many departments, most of which are now in the process of being radicalized and militarized by the teachings and direction of Homeland Security (The New American Gestapo) who itself appears to take orders from the ADL and Southern Perverted Law Center, alleged to be foreign based illegal espionage centers.

    A great article. Once again Gordon Duff lays it out in plain terms and correctly describes this police abuse and bullying as a “Constitutional Crisis”. He is correct because this police brutality violates the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights in spades. This is raw tyranny and perhaps a precursor of what’s coming, the transformation of the US into a big open air prison camp like Gaza, unless these trends are reversed bymass public outcry and organizing. Of course, as one commenter suggested, police depts going bust may be the soonest solution to this problem.

  6. MK  June 11, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Here is where these stories end, if we don’t take a stand:

  7. MK  June 11, 2012 at 8:00 am

    Dear Gerry,

    Yeah. I would not want to be them on the morning when it is clear that the “leaders” have fled leaving them holding the bag. They can bang on the exterior door to those DUMB hidey holes, but they aren’t going to be let in. Did you see any police on those boats in that movie 2012? NOPE, just the naval officers.

    There was a great speech to the Commonwealth club about the fall of the USSR. One thing that he mentions is that the police were let go when the money dried up. It is happening here, but nobody seems to be talking about it. In my sister’s little town, they fired all the cops (most of whom had been very abusive anyway). The town ran out of money and fired the cops. The sheriff does all the patrolling now and he’s got a small staff.


  8. MK  June 11, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Dear Gordon and everybody else,

    I have news for you. The police do this sort of thing ROUTINELY in Texas middle schools and high schools. They come in armed and pull kids out of class, interrogate them (without their parent’s presence) and give them tickets etc. I saw it all the time. I had a cop come to my home over alleged “tickets” for major crimes like someone opening the gate and letting my dogs out. This cop who was in his 20s, grabbed me, hit me, cuffed me tightly enough to cut off circulation, roughed me up and shoved me into his cop car. I was dragged to the local municipal court where I was told that I had to pony up thousands of dollars for my alleged “crimes.” When I said that I had been trying to call my attorney, the judge laughed. He said that the only call that I could make was to get somebody to bring money to pay my “fines.” It was nothing but a shakedown. My retirement monies were essentially confiscated by a muni judge in a little town in Texas. That’s why I left Texas.

    I was told POINT BLANK that there is no CONSTITUTION in Medina County, Texas. This legalized extortion began with the bogus drug enforcement laws that are being used to steal property. I think that everybody needs to recognize what has happened and how badly that we have been mislead. Go to this site: and discover how the police, the state and county attorneys and the Federal Government are using the forfeiture laws to give themselves big paydays.

    I am for the repeal of all drug laws, now. The only drug laws that make any sense are not permitting pilots or commercial vehicle drivers to use drugs while driving. Frankly, illegal drugs are less dangerous and mind-altering than anti-depressants. Fewer people have gone rogue on maryjane than have lost it on SSRIs. See

    I am for repealing all the drug forfeiture laws except those applied to our own officials involved in these activities. They should lose everything for their role in turning our country into a fascist state.

    The IRONY of all this is…that I wonder what the police will do when they realize that they are going to lose their pensions, their jobs and their guns. If they successfully subdued the rest of us, they would have lost all that long ago. They would have been replaced with RFID chips and robotic patrols. They don’t seem to get that they are expendable, too.


  9. xx  June 10, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Its small group using the world as their laboratory…I think GD knows, I hope. The people you mention are nobodies in this game.

  10. xx  June 10, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Too simple, ideology for evolution is a random occurrence (genetic), not a controlled occurrence. Attempting to control the occurrence will produce extinction or near; random occurrence is to prevent extinction. Control through dehumanization is an attempt to control occurrence, and this is performed through psychological manipulation and ultimately through genetic alteration. Who knows these things…

  11. xx  June 10, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    It’s called “Control through dehumanization”, its complex global program presently being initiated. It’s complex subject matter, which will be engaged using all technologies available. This is your struggle, good luck.

  12. xx  June 10, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    This is only small incident of what’s occurring around the world, but then you know this….good luck.

  13. xx  June 10, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    The information and proposal sent, was both political and strategic, and know you understand (look closely). It only provides a small dent into the powers of “B”, think carefully. We don’t agree with everything, but that’s OK, thanks for providing a format to vent. And good luck friend, and start trusting people again, no one is perfect, but then this is the beauty of all.

  14. Risodang  June 10, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    I am more worried with the police officer just to the right of the officer with the shotgun. He has crossed arms, left holding the shield, while the right is single-handed, and sideways, holding what looks like a Glock 40 cal. simi auto. Tap-tap and one hit’s the kid and the second projects above the child into anyone or anything down target.
    Just a Bad, bad call. Back to dancing with the stars… Thank you sir!

  15. Gerry  June 10, 2012 at 11:40 am

    What these out of control cops really need is a history lesson. Perhaps starting with Nuremburg 1948 where virtually to a man they all claimed they were just following orders. That excuse didn’t hold water then and it still doesn’t.

    Maybe they might be made aware that the Satanic Psycopaths always throw their thugs to wolves first when the gig is up 😉

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