Pearl Harbor and 911: a ruse to get the US public behind a War?


9/11 vs. Pearl Harbor

Were both Pearl Harbor and 911 a ruse to get the US public behind a War?

Days of Deceit:  A Case Study By John P. Allen

With our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, oil at $ 3.00 a gallon, Iran on the verge of war with the USA, and the Middle East in turmoil, sometimes, one just wonders “how did we get here?”

I mean, why is oil at $ 3.00 a gallon?  Heck aren’t we in control of Iraq? Why are we really in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Where is Osama and why doesn’t our government care where he is?   What the heck is going on here?  Weapons of Mass Destruction?  Urgh!  Sometimes, it’s just frustrating. I just can’t tell the lies from the truth anymore.

Recently, a book was released called Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor by Robert Stinnett.  This book looks at the prospects that President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and let it happen so that the USA can declare war and have the popular support of its angered people. 

I mean historians have long debated whether President Roosevelt had advance knowledge of Japan’s December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. Using documents pried loose through the Freedom of Information Act during 17 years of research, Stinnett provides overwhelming evidence that FDR and his top advisers knew that Japanese warships were heading toward Hawaii.


The heart of his argument is even more inflammatory: Stinnett argues that FDR, who desired to sway public opinion in support of U.S. entry into WWII, instigated a policy intended to provoke a Japanese attack. The plan was outlined in a U.S. Naval Intelligence secret strategy memo of October 1940; Roosevelt immediately began implementing its eight steps (which included deploying U.S. warships in Japanese territorial waters and imposing a total embargo intended to strangle Japan’s economy), all of which, according to Stinnett, climaxed in the Japanese attack. Stinnett, a decorated naval veteran of WWII who served under then Lt. George Bush, substantiates his charges with a wealth of persuasive documents, including many government and military memos and transcripts.

Demolishing the myth that the Japanese fleet maintained strict radio silence, he shows that several Japanese naval broadcasts, intercepted by American cryptographers in the 10 days before December 7, confirmed that Japan intended to start the war at Pearl Harbor. Stinnett convincingly demonstrates that the U.S. top brass in Hawaii–Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Husband Kimmel and Lt. Gen. Walter Short–were kept out of the intelligence loop on orders from Washington and were then put up as scapegoats for allegedly failing to anticipate the Japanese attack (in May 1999, the U.S. Senate cleared their names).

Kimmel moved his fleet into the North Pacific, actively searching for the suspected Japanese staging area, but naval headquarters ordered him to turn back. Stinnett’s meticulously researched book raises deeply troubling ethical issues. While he believes the deceit built into FDR’s strategy was heinous, he nevertheless writes: “I sympathize with the agonizing dilemma faced by President Roosevelt. He was forced to find circuitous means to persuade an isolationist America to join in a fight for freedom.” This, however, is an expression of understanding, not of absolution.

If Stinnett is right, FDR has a lot to answer for–namely, the lives of those Americans who perished at Pearl Harbor. Stinnett establishes almost beyond question that the U.S. Navy could have at least anticipated the attack. The evidence that FDR himself deliberately provoked the attack is circumstantial, but convincing enough to make Stinnett’s bombshell of a book the subject of impassioned debate in the months to come –  as supposed to be a war because the dictator had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It just makes me think.  What is going to come out in 50 years from now about our current government?

Look it’s naïve to believe that our U.S. government tells its people the truth.  History tell us that truth is often not a commodity that is of value in the beltway. Mostly, they talk about “the masses” as if they are ignorant and that thus must appeal to the lowest common denominator to make an impact into the collective national psyche. 

They don’t tell us the truth because they don’t believe we can handle the truth.  I mean, I am sure that they the leaders in Washington can’t tell us that the reason we are in Iraq and Afghanistan is oil and to defend corporate interests in the name of profits.  That would not get support.  So they go for a more simple explanation that will mobilize “the masses” for the cause.   Stuff like “We have to defend our freedom” and catch phrases like “they hate our freedom”.

In fact, a great economy in of itself is a great cause and pro-American but the average Joe Worker can’t feel this internally, so they say.  So they go for maximum impact.  They go for something they can understand – something personal and very close to home

In the case of Pearl Harbor, the population, who were overwhelmingly isolationist and laissez faire in regards to what Hitler was doing, were primed for a wake up call.  After that “Day that would live in Infamy”, the US public were ready to die for the cause.  Before Pearl Harbor, there was just no way the public was interested. Pear Harbor was the catalyst. 

Now, with 911, we were mobilized as well. 

I mean let’s look how far we went.   Would the Patriot Act ever passed muster pre-911?  No way!  Would the American public support our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq without 911?  With  911, all things were possible as “the masses’ would buy anything leaders sold to them from deep in the beltway of Washington.

So, what do we really know and what will come out in 50 years?

Was 911 a planned attack known to the US Leadership?

In the new video Loose Change, the producers argue that 911 was a US Government enacted event designed to mobilize the American public into a global corporate war for oil and power.  Without it, the leadership in Washington could not mobilize the pubic into a war as they needed to meet their agenda.

Loose Change 2nd Edition” is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today.  This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government.  

Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day. According to the producers, “It is everyones duty to view this film!”

Look, if you think that it’s possible that FDR let Pearl Harbor happen so that we could enter the war, then is it possible that leaders in Washington let 911 happen so that an global agenda can be achieved? 

Well we do know that FDR went down as one of America’s greatest presidents.  Will George W. Bush follow in his footsteps?  And does it really matter if leaders in Washington manipulate the masses to further the collective good?  Some say Yes and some say No.

Check out both Loose Change and Days of Deceit for yourself.  You decide!  Also check out this interesting video – Why the Towers Collapsed



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