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by Andy Martin

Watching Condo Rice appear in Beirut to express her deep concern for the victims of Israeli bombardment I find it hard not to have contempt for leaders of the Arab world.

I have never in my life seen a more shameless display of contempt for a nation than that expressed by Rice, who showed up to shed crocodile tears for the helpless victims of Israel’s barbarities.

And yet. And yet, I have even more contempt for the leadership of the Arab world. Arab leaders grovel for scraps of legitimacy at George Bush’s table. It is an even more disgraceful performance than Condo’s.

If I were a Lebanese leader I would say to Bush and Rice: Take this aid and shove it. You send American bullets to kill and maim our children, and now you want to send us medical kits’ and plastic blankets?’ I would refuse this contemptuous offer of aid by Rice/Bush. And yet, and yet. Arab leaders are silent and negotiate in private. And appear in silence.


Is it any wonder that Israelis have contempt for Arab leaders? That unlike the party of God, Israelis have a direct line and license to kill from the American God himself, George Bush? That Israelis kill Arabs as though dealing with vermin? That George Bush himself has contempt for Arab leaders, and treats them worse than dogs?

There should be no wonder at all.

One of the most dramatic moments of World War II was the German encirclement of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944. That encounter also reflects a defining aspect of American character, and reflects why Americans are conquerors while Arabs have become helpless vassals.

Brigadier General Tony McAuliffe was told to surrender by the encircling Germans. His answer Nuts.

Where is there an Arab leader to say Nuts to George Bush? Where is there a Saudi leader who says Nuts and cuts the spigot of oil? Saudis grovel before Bush, and show up at the White House as beggars. And are treated as beggars and dismissed.

The Mubarek Dynasty, like the Pahlavi Dynasty’ before it, also grovels as Mubarek manipulates to perpetuate his family’s rule over Egypt. Where is there an Egyptian leader to say Nuts to George Bush?

And they wonder why Israelis and Americans have content for Arabs, and why Bush sends plastic blankets to Beirut to atone for Israeli atrocities?

Rice said The situation on the border cannot return to what it was before July 12th. If I were an Arab, I would agree. I would say The Israelis must face perpetual attacks and perpetual retaliation until they evacuate to the 1967 cease-fire lines and remove all forces from occupied Palestine. Of course, no Arab leader would dare say that to Bush or Rice. Instead, they kiss the feat of Rice, and plan to meet with her away from Arabia somewhere in Europe because they are afraid of their own people. Is it Rome? Or Mongolia? I forget. Does it matter?

Today’s Washington Post reports how a woman mourned her dead 11 year-old  grandson and a 4 year-old girl. I spoke with a former Israeli leader recently and he said that Israelis apologize when they kill the innocent. But they keep on killing. The New York Times Saturday reports Israeli attacks on Red Cross vehicles. The Israelis have been so corrupted by bloodlust and revenge for the Holocaust that they think hollow apologies elevate them above the Arabs. And they may be right.

Because Arab leaders don’t do anything. If I were a young Arab, a teenager or college student, I would remember the Israeli rape of Lebanon for the rest of my life. I would join any force that promised to destroy Israel, work with any group that indicated a willingness to stand and fight, and kill Israelis. Please note that I am an American, and I think we should stay out of the entire mess and stop supplying the instruments of death to Israeli killers.

One of the standard American-supporter-of-Israeli lines has recently been What if Mexicans were lobbing rockets into Texas? What would Americans do? Indeed. Americans would fight. When America was attacked on 9/11, we fought, and attacked the Taliban. Osama is hiding in a cave somewhere and we will catch him. Wrongfully, we extended those attacks to Iraq.

But Arabs, apparently, don’t fight. They sit around a table with George Bush and his emissaries while Israel slashes and burns women and children.

Is it any wonder that ordinary Arabs have contempt for their leaders and have elevated Hezbollah to iconic status? Is it any wonder that the Iranians are winning and the United States is losing? Is it any wonder that Condo is a joke not only in the Arab world but everywhere else as well? American children will ultimately pay the price in blood for Israel’s murder of Lebanese and Palestinian children. We paid that price on 9/11 and we are still paying. Young Americans are fighting and dying for the demented foreign policies of Bush and Rice.

But, as American leaders lectured South Vietnamese in the 1960’s, it was the Vietnamese’ own war to win or lose. We are giving the same yellowed-paper lectures to Iraqis. Win your own war. But who will win the war for the Arabs? Who will fight for them? Apparently only Hezbollah. And Americans are reduced to sending pathetic blankets and medical kits to comfort the wounded and dying.

Is it any wonder they hate us? Unfortunately for the leaders of the Arab world, they hate themselves even more. Not one Arab leader has stepped forward to say Take this aid and shove it. That would be so American wouldn’t it? But we won that war. And Arabs are losing theirs.


Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2006. Comments? E-mail: [email protected]. Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Andy is America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He is a Middle East expert who is Executive Director of the Revolutionary War Research Center. He has spent 36 years in and out of the Middle East and spent much of 2003 in Iraq.


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