Shame on Japan and Shame on America


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The Rape of Nanking : The First Holocaust
by Robert W. Schneider


You say, How dare you compare the atrocities of Japan with the United States? Right. Because they’re two different things–atrocities belong to Japan. Within a few paragraphs, I hope the readers will see a connection and commit themselves to action (no, not violence).


Japan committed atrocities in Nanking, China in 1937. The unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor followed closely behind on December 7, 1942. One atrocity followed another. In general, the United States overlooked the atrocity aspect  until the war officially ended in Tokyo Bay in 1945.


Then, time was taken with reconstruction so we acted as a curious bystander on the matter of the atrocities and the other nightmares of the previous four years.


Now sixty years have elapsed since the war officially ended in Tokyo Harbor. So what has been done in the way of formal peacemaking up to now? Sadly, the answer is very little; a meeting was held in The United States Congress not so very long ago but it ended abruptly. As near as I can tell, the US spent less than a day concentrating on debating getting an apology from Japan…


It must be noted that the elapse of 60 years is figured from the end of WW-II but the Sino-Japanese war (Massacre of Nanking) occurred eight years earlier near the Marco Polo Bridge (near Beijing) which inflates Japan’s achievement of atrocities. The following atrocities occurred (I have omitted including numbers so we don’t end debating numbers):

(1)     1937   The Massacre of Nanking

(2)                 Murder / shootings / executions

(3)                 Beheadings

(4)                 Fire

(5)                 Rape

(6)                 Mutilation of bodies

(7)                 Formed Organization of Comfort Women

(8)                 Religious leaders forced to perform rape


The events noted above have been documented. The Japanese have referred to the massacre as an illusion or some such term suggesting  that it never happened. The number of bodies which have been discovered tends to destroy the illusion concept. Eye-witness accounts are available too.


Japan has indicted itself; but my purpose is to illustrate how indifferent the United States has been. We have done virtually nothing to get an apology from Japan even though, in recent years, Japan has unsuccessfully concentrated apologizing to the Pacific Rim countries. Of course, we watched and even heard their PM Koizumi say, out of context, that Japan was the only country bombed by nuclear weapons. That’s a ‘close friend’ speaking!


I now ask: How can we, the people of America, sit by and not do anything? Since 60 years have elapsed and nothing has been done, how does that give us the right to continue to do nothing? It’s time we stop using that excuse and act appropriately considering the current situation.


For the last ½ year I have tried to get an apology from Japan but my government blocked communications in and out of Congress and the White House. In other words, they stopped my program. The thought crosses my mind: Why are they doing this and what is the motive? There are still enough citizens alive who remember WW II who want closure and want to honor veterans.


Obviously, your help is needed but before a decision is made, please look at the Web Sites regarding the Rape of Nanking and study the pictures (which are not illusions of people).


Now make the decision to help to get an apology from Japan. I have suggested that instead of an apology, it will be more effective to FORGIVE Japan with no strings attached. After all, the world is aware of the atrocities so they are not being itemized because that will slow down the entire process with legal problems. When the act of FORGIVNESS is complete, shake hands and then move on; the insane matter has just ended.


To get involved write or call your senators, representatives, local politicians, churches, etc. but the key to success is to be certain that the politicians get your letters and understand exactly how you feel. IF WE DON’T DO THIS, WHO WILL? 


To supplement your endeavor, attention is called to using CONGRESS.ORG.


Finally, the most difficult question: Why do we want and need an apology? My answer is The United States won the war and the need for an apology exists in order to keep the record straight and put an end to this insane situation. Also, it permits closure. As someone said about an apology: It simply makes us, as Americans, feel good.” Don’t forget that Japan is doing it in their way.  Sometimes we are overly sensitive. This is a matter that cannot be left undone. We have embarrassed ourselves enough.




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