The Demise of Our Free Republic Part 3


Part 3: Current War Policy: Creating the Demise of our Free Republic 
by John Waltz 

A vast majority of our government’s ideas do not come from within the Pentagon. Rather they are shaped by independent think tanks outside and independent of the government. Problem is that think tanks are making very important decisions with no accountability.

The Office of Special Plans was a think tank created to justify the Iraqi war and to produce the intelligence to establish Iraq as our enemy. What the Office of Special Plans did was took various bits of intelligence out of context as if it happened yesterday. This did not provide the whole story but was the basis of the Iraqi invasion. This manipulated American’s opinion to create a fear that Iraq was an enemy which at any time could attack the U.S.

There is a belief that the American public does not need know which limits the knowledge of government affairs. This is fine to an extent but when it is done to cover the backside of those who are in charge of war, it is dangerous and should not be accepted…


The CIA even coined a term lovac, which is defined as the unintended consequences of foreign operations that are deliberately kept secret from the American public. So, when retaliation occurs the American public is unable to put it into context so that the cause and effect can not come together to form questions like, why do they hate us?

The Congress did not challenge Bush on the war in Iraq because they themselves serve the military industrial complex and stood to gain from it. Also if they were seen in opposition they risk losing power and money. It is clear that America’s best interests were not being considered at all.

If our government continues to “stay the course” and America does not demand a stop to these tragedies we will allow history to repeat itself. Continuing on this same tragic path will force us to follow the same fate as the first democratic regime in the western world which was the Roman Empire.

The Roman Republic inadvertently acquired a vast empire only to realize that in order to expand and maintain they needed a standing army which is a permanent army maintained at peace and war time. ( Reference )

In American history George Washington warned of standing armies in his farewell address stating that standing armies would destroy the structure of our government that our constitution created to prevent an imperial presidency.

The single most important part of our constitution we have is that the right to go to war is exclusively up to the officials elected by the people and that right was handed over to Bush in October 2002.

Our history as a work in progress has been a struggle between democracy and capitalism. This has ebbed and flowed through out the years but is clearly evident that most of our governments decisions are purely dictated by powerful corporations interest and it is clear capitalism is winning. The price of liberty is vigilance and we have not been vigilant since the Eisenhower presidency. Our demise will continue until Americans stand up and say enough is enough. The elections of 2008 are in a little more than one year away, make sure you vote and have your voice heard. It is a shame that more people partake in watching the Super Bowl than they do when it comes to a national election. This is our Free Republic and only we as American citizens can take it back.

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