20000 Australians Deploy to Iraq! NOT!


The British are Leaving!  Where is Australia?

20,000 Australians Deploy to Iraq!  Not!

by Joseph Allen

Ever since the beginning of this Iraq War tragedy, the deception was and as still is full speed ahead.  To those who are fully committed to the Iraq War, Do Not Withdraw Please! It is vital, as the Australian Prime Minister John Howard recently said, "…it will send the "wrong message".
Unfortunately, the Australian Prime Minister is right and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is wrong.

As a strong ally of our effort in Iraq, Tony Blair is wrong to withdraw at this juncture and it sends the "wrong message". Just ask the Best Secretary of Defense that our USA nation has ever produced.


President Bush and Prime Minister Cheney certainly understand this premise in totality.  They are allowing the British Prime Minister to have his cake and look us straight in the face by saying he did not take the bite. The fact of the matter is, according to Prime Minister Cheney, is that we are winning. President Bush, in his classic slang of broken English, directly looks at the camera and says, "We are Winning!".
Prime Minister Howard recently reiterated the same  point, that a withdrawal is tantamount to "Surrender" or in Texas English, "Cut and Run". That's why the Prime Minister was ecstatic about our  "Escalation" or in Texas English, "Troop Surge". Why would he not be happy, it's American lives being expended and not Australian Lives. Someone that believes in this mission so greatly should be on the front line. After all that's what the Darwinian Theory is all about.

Hyenas at the Gate 
Darwin's theory never accounted for political leaders. When the likes of these characters send our children and not theirs to this terrible fate, is Darwin right?

Our Secretary of Mis-State Condi Rice should feel "Birth Pangs" for once in her life. Yeah, on the front line they are called "incoming".  The soon to be new Grandson of the Cheney's Family, we have values, should be pictured with a helmet and a gun ready for action. The Blair child should be offered up for adoption to an Iraqi Family in Baghdad. The Howard children and grand kids need to drop the shrimp on the barbi and hurry to the front lines. The Bush Twins need to put down the beer at their job of bar hopping and rush to Iraq. I see no greater message if what they say is true.
This is serious, given the gravity of the situation, as portrayed by these scholarly leaders.  These are not hypocrites, they are our political leaders, who we owe so much devotion in this time of dire need. The situation is urgent.  Those who actually believe that this war is justified, need to be directly under fire and not from news reporters in a studio or an antiseptic press room somewhere.
Darwin was very clear about the survival of species. These lions of morality are true to form. As for the rest of us, in the herd, our fate is sealed. We are fed to slaughter with more lies and deception. Since it's not 20,000 Australians going to the front lines, it's 20,000 Americans with 10,000 British leaving, what is the message? Prime Minister Howard is a Political Lion as is our leaders from this administration. With lions like these, who needs wolves and hyenas.



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