Military Recruiters Suffer at Hands of American Bullies


Military recruiters suffer at hands of American bulliesMilitary recruiters suffer at hands of American bullies
by Donna Teresa, Homefront Journal

Do you remember the bullies who always teased other children who felt a personal satisfaction at the painful expense of another?
Our troops and military recruiters have been on the receiving end of harassment, and other expletives shouted at them from Americans who are weary of war. I can think of none who should be wearier of this war then our own troops. So why do they deserve the disrespect?

Military recruiting has been a sensitive subject for many years. It has become more controversial because of alleged recruiting methods. For many people, the mere presence of a recruiter is a reminder of war and it makes the public feel uncomfortable.

The unpopularity of this war has made life difficult for those who are given the recruiting task, for they are feeling the brunt of misdirected anger. If you don't want to enlist in the military or if seeing a recruiting table at a school, job fair, etc. makes you uncomfortable, simply stay away from it and if you are approached, simply say you are not interested in enlisting thank you very much.

Military recruiters are allowed to be at job fairs because schools receive a large amount of money from the federal government. If military recruiters were kicked off, and that money goes away, what programs would suffer budget cuts or are simply eliminated?

Recruiters know they are not loved by a lot of people, but they don't need objections to the war shouted in their faces for they have no control of the Iraq war…


They have a right to be there, just as those who are against this war have a right to protest it. Whether we like it or not, someone has to serve in the military and fight these wars. If no one enlists, then what is left, but to bring back the draft and who really wants that?
Think about the whole picture, before blaming all the wars ills on our military people.

If you feel angry about this war, please write your letters of displeasure of it to your elected officials. It is your government officials who started this war and it is they, who have the power to stop it. While our Congress and Iraq officials have been on a restful vacation, I hope that in their relaxation in the sun and sand, that they are thinking of our military people who are in a different hot sun and sand fighting to stay safe and alive.

Our military service men and women are doing the job they are told to do, to no fault of their own. Do you really think our combat soldiers and Marines wake up every morning and say "Hey, I love war, I feel like killing people, I feel like losing my life today"?

Is there a thrill they get in being away from their families for unspeakable amounts of time? Would you like to be a combat veteran and come home to a possible future of needing medical assistance for the rest of your life, homelessness, no job, and no welcome home? I think not.

But we as civilians wouldn't know that, because we haven't been in their shoes to know what the war experience is like. So please hold your judgment on them.

The harassment and names will probably continue, but before you unfurl an insult or a name to our military people, just remember this. They will probably wonder why you choose to hate them, for they would give their life for you even though you don't appreciate it. You don't have to agree for the reasons they are they must be in this war.

But, I can give you 4,041 reasons why you should appreciate them, and their families would be grateful if you did too.

And just remember you have the freedom to say that mean word because of their sacrifice.

Donna Teresa can be reached at [email protected].


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