Are Our New Vets as Dangerous as the "Fear Crazed Vietnam Vets?"


America is lynching veteransWar on Terror Veterans, a New Group to Hate
by G. Duff 

Reading AOL today.  There was a poll as to whether sending someone a “noose”, meaning a threat to lynch someone, (which usually involved castrating, gouging out eyes, burning the body and putting out the fire with a group “pissing contest”) should be illegal.  59% considered prohibiting the threat of lynching as silly.  My concern is that more people aren't bothered by the results of this poll.

Lynching generally involves “uppity negroes”, former slaves that decent people support with their tax money which supply prisons and food stamps.  This is the simple truth of it.  It is what we see on TV every day.  TV says it, it must be the truth.

Lynching may be a harsh description for the abuse returning veterans have received and are receiving now.  It may seem harsh but is it really too harsh?  Vets have, traditionally been seen as outcasts and intruders, as though returning from war is prettymuch the same as invading from Mars.  Why do so many people think this way?

Combat Veterans are people we know that have been exposed to drugs, killing, weapons training and have learned slavish behavior from the military that limits the type of “individual thought” that Americans need to survive.  Everything Americans are told is important to teach their children is what we have taught our veterans the opposite of.  A combat veteran, by definition, is a "bad citizen", simple as that…


Turn on a television and you will see a veteran acting out in public, not fitting in, or just plain dangerous as hell.  Mind you, these are all FICTION but this is what we see on TV every day.  TV says it, it must be the truth.

Based on what we see and are told, combat veterans must be dealt with immediately before they are let loose on our “wemmin’ folk” or try to move into our neighborhoods or take our jobs.  When soldiers leave our communities, they should have the common decency to stay gone!

Thank heavens we have a president like Bush that is doing what he can to keep all us safe in our beds.  We have a number of measures meant to protect us from veterans already but more are needed. 

Currently we:

    • Don’t really give veterans their old jobs back though we have laws that seem to provide for this.  Current “Conservative Thought” allows employers/businesses to avoid any possible regulation, be it job safety, dumping toxic materials or giving jobs back to vets.  If we started enforcing these laws again, “Liberals” would finish us off, take our guns and close our churches.
    • Keep troops in the Middle East permanently.  Rather than one “tour”, give them many tours and extend them over and over.  Then when they do come back, send them back again as soon as possible.  “Volunteer Army” means you can do anything with them you want.  TV tells us that “volunteer” means “poor and stupid”.    TV says it, it must be the truth.
    • Don’t ever let them out of the military, even when they should be retired or discharged because their enlistments are over.  Our new policies can make a 4 year enlistment and 8 year enlistment if we want.  Vets can’t hurt us if we never see them again.
    • Keep vets off the “dole” with the new Bush/Dole policies designed to totally eliminate the government’s responsibility for recurring problems caused by military service.  No more “Agent Orange” or “PTSD” filings for our new vets.  They get the “quick kick” and the “quick shuffle” and “good riddance”. 
    • Keep family insurance problems down by failing to insure National Guard and Reserve families and by giving “select” disabled veterans families TRICARE with its ever increasing CO-PAYs and diminishing services.  Eventually TRICARE will just be a memory.
    • Keep war going forever by building permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan in areas that will require decades of ground forces to defend in countries whose US supported regimes are universally corrupt and incompetent.  Look on these bases as “anchored aircraft carriers” defended by a fleet of permanent ground troops, floating on seas of sand beset with permanent civil war or strife between poppy growing war lords we seem to love so much for some strange reason.  For decades we have needed drug lords to protect us in conflict after conflict.  Please fail to notice a pattern here.

    We could find dozens of other things to keep ourselves safe from the invading hoard or gun-toting, drug crazed veterans.  

    I suggest we get the entertainment industry involved with an endless run of movies or TV shows depicting returning vets as drug-crazed criminals or mindless mental cases walking the streets like ghosts.  Almost every powerful Hollywood tycoon from Arnie to Stallone to the writer of every 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s sitcom or drama has used veterans as a whipping boy.  Hardly a bank robbery or rape could occur without a veteran having been involved somehow.  Sometimes I think that without Veterans there might have been no evil in our fixtional lives whatsoever.   In one way, we should value veterans based on social amusement alone, especially since we no longer have freak shows or allow human sacrifice.

    We have done this before.  It is how we let our society deal with Vietnam Vets and nobody said a word about it.  Perhaps we could get funding from a Conservative billionaire to set up a new Swift Boat campaign against Iraq and Afghanistan war vets. 

    Then any of us could spit on them in airports with impunity, knowing that we were only doing what so many good upstanding Americans had done in the past.  Veterans, once a war is over and won or over and lost are worthless.

    It is time we were honest and admitted what we have always done.  It is time we gave our vets their usual “tin cup” or box of apples and assigned them street corners. 

    When they get old enough, we can put them in an “old soldiers home” and plant them in the cemetery behind.  America is dotted with these facilities as it had been earlier with “poor farms”, orphanages, insane asylums, sanitariums, prisons and such.

    We have a history of dealing aggressively dealing with social problems.  Veterans are clearly a social problem and not part of the price we pay for defending our nation.  It is time we were honest with ourselves and admitted that we would rather spend a trillion dollars on an imaginary space defense system that has disappeared into smoke and mirrors than a thousand dollars in doctor’s bills for the child of someone fighting for our freedom.



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    Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.