Trauma Don’t Just Walk Away


Trauma don't just walk awayTrauma Don’t Just Walk Away

by Paul Newell

"Holy sh*t, Troy! You shoulda seen it! There was a massive blast, car parts, body parts flying in slow motion…I was hit by an arm that was half attached to a shoulder with a head attached by the thick neck skin. It hit me and knocked me over and landed on the ground beside me with the head tearing away from the shoulder and rolling to a stop. Holy sh*t! Troy, that freaked me out. I quickly surveyed the situation, jumped up immediately. I saw the fireball of the IED turned out to be attached to a motor scooter, backing off to regroup with my unit. No big, Troy. I just brushed it off, man. I just walked away dude… just walked away."


This soldier didn’t just walk away they were ordered to just walk away.

That’s part of the training. Training that goes very deep into the physic creating automatic response and programming mechanisms. This is all needed training. Now you can train the best soldiers and they can do the best job.

When that job is done and they want to come home you better have a happy home to come to. Providing the proper environment is the key to healthy reintegration…

     That’s neither a clinical environment nor a strictly ruled situation. 

Most Vets that refuse help refuse it because it does not address their personal traumas. Each person that experiences traumas has a different reaction to the traumas. Some need specific attention. The Nation–and I mean us the people— are obliged to make sure that the safe and proper environment is there in place. Renewing a Soldiers personal resources had better become a top priority soon.

Holy sh*t trauma don’t just walk away.

Now I say trauma don’t just walk away because as the Soldier turns to walk or get away from further danger the trauma starts now to seat itself for some time, a very long time. And that time is what can be minimized with taking proper care and attention. Something that a soldier is already trained to do– just not internally for one's self, if you will.

This can only be learned after the traumatic events because each one is unique and must be handled in a customized fashion.

If a soldier can be encouraged to exercise and expand their coping skills to fit their immediate situation they will have a better chance at surviving at home. Or wherever they happen to go. Or with whomever they happen to be.

There is no one solution. Each soldier must have their needs met now that they have met our needs. That’s right our needs. Freedom certainly isn’t free. So now it's time for all the people to step up and make sure that compassion and commitment is there for them when they need it.

I am a concerned citizen from
Rufusdawg, aka Paul Newell


Paul NewellPaul Newell heads Camp Renewal, a special program that enables war veterans to be debriefed in a better way once you get home. As well as the debriefing you get from your counselors you are also going to need to be able to de-stress and re-integrate yourself amongst the civilian population. Paul offers you an opportunity to do this protected by the remote and peaceful surroundings of British Columbia's wilderness with no out of pocket costs to Veterans. To learn more, please go to


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