Save Our Flag But Not Our Country


Save Our Flag Not Our CountryWelcome Bobby Hanafin
by  G. Duff 

We don't do alot with forums here.  But Bobby Hanafin's look at the Flag Amendment and the VSO's love of the extreme right gets me going.  His point that they have better things to do helping vets instead of playing games in politics is absolutely right.

I go further and take on the ACLU position that if people want to burn a flag in protest, they can as long as they don't throw the constitution on the fire too.  VSO's have, not only sat quietly while our rights and our veterans have been abused, but have cheered on while America has become a petty version of Nazi Germany.  This is not the overstatement it may seem.

While we have not yet found a group to put in concentraton camps, it even took the Germans a few years to get that far, we don't look after our own people nearly as well as the Nazi's.  Though Hitler formed a strong alliance with the big corporations and their American backers like the Bush/Harriman/Rockefeller group, he still looked after at least SOME Germans.

If you want the government to love you here, you had better be loaded with bucks and dumb as a snake.  Ain't capitalism grand.  Anyone willing to betray Amerca can have a future and even be thanked for their patriotism…


Hitler, maniac that he was, was a combat vet who actually believed something, even though that something was unsupportable.  Yes, we have gone this far.  Does anyone remember 1939 when the world started to burn.  News stories said "Poland Attacks Germany". 

Now we are worried about Iran.  Funny thing, Iran is another country full of OIL.  Is this just a coincidence?  Syria is worse than Iran, easy to beat but has no OIL.  They have been supplying terrorists for years.  The moon will fall into Lake Michigan before we do anything to Syria.

Our current gang of hypocrites believes in nothing at all and is selling America down the river for corporate profits that sit in INTERNATIONAL BANKS.  Is comparing Hiter and Bush fair?  Who is being insulted?

As I drift back to "Flag Burning", I tend to put it in the same group as "keeping zombies full of air" and other Republican "red herrings".  How can a group of people who ducked wartime service now be taken seriously as patriots?

How can a group of thieves and liars keep the idiotic VSOs on their side? 


For years I have been reading blog posts and hysteria about flag burning and anyone who opposes war, torture or anything big corporation America loves.

I list anyone who wants to burn our flag as an idiot.  I have a list of idiots.  Flag burners are near the bottom of the page way behind everyone who voted for Bush, takes Fox News seriously or listens to Limbaugh.  Flag burners are simply crazy people who let us know.  The others are crazy people who hide among us like "typhoid Mary" passing the disease of fascism around until our freedoms die.

The hysteria about "liberals" stealing our shotguns and forcing us all into interracial marriages belongs in another century. 

For years, phony vets, REMF's and hangers on whined about "airport spitters" and Anti-War Veterans like John Kerry.

The day I left my Marine rifle squad in Vietnam, the last things I was told by my buddies was, "Get us the hell out of here, this place is "f….ed!"  This sure as hell seemed like an "anti war" statement to me.  When I met "anti-war Veterans", I found them to be 90% combat vets, many Special Forces, Rangers and a few really dumb Marines. 

The people who whine about "airport spitters", other than "draft dodger Stallone" are all people with "secret DD214's".  Now any American who stands up against the oil companies and the enemies of freedom is allowed to be called "soft on terror".  I am sick of watching the cowardly Democrats sell out to these threats.

This is why a third party is the only answer.  If Jefferson were alive, he would go a bit further.  I won't quote Jefferson.

Jefferson, if alive today, would be getting "waterboarded" in Gitmo.


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