Cycles of Slavery


Extracting Value from Life 


By:  Lt.  Liberty    Staff Writer 28Jan2009  


 Mastering Storage of Wealth and Power a true art of control, throughout time human instinct, induces desire, propelling “DECEPTION” for purpose Psychological Operations Is My Specialty’ .   Humans achieve, self perceived higher level, acting on intelligence, placing one below another,   stimulating psychological mentally induced perception of Power over others thru possession of assets.

“ Acceptance” (this take over of America was acomplished by acceptance  psychological warfare: Definition from ) , mentally induced   perception of authority, knowledge and wisdom, creating power base from a throne of  Aristocracy , focused on extraction of monetary value, backed with  refined  interest bearing exchanges  accumulating  long term power, withdrawing  oceans of liquid assets, using predetermined manipulations,   based in purposeful objectives,  inducing mental plasticity of  human species, existing below the throne (blocked from participation by the BAR) , inducing  ACTION,   producing  Wealth and Power… 

When America Citizens were induced to adjust objectives, by denying condoned use of Slavery for monetary gain, corporate adjustments, propelling, development, expansion, population growth, need to be ACHIVED.

These TOP SECRET Goals and Objectives to extract value from humans (The Law Says Corporations are Persons… )  thru physical and mental exertions to produce liquid assets, Producing Profit to be reused in production of more liquid assets which could be held in such a manner that such assets could not be encumbered and still accumulate  interest to be extracted at predetermined periods,  inducing withdrawal thru effects.   

Goals and Objectives in place have “Induced Withdrawal thru Effect”,



"President Obama is on target with pen in hand" drafting withdrawal slips inscribed,  payees of the “WORLD ARISTOCRACY , "CORPORACRACY”    Given using hazed vision of "DECEPTION", extracting stolen benefits of currency,  from the "LIFES LABOR of every worker in America. 

Science of Getting Rich: Chapter 14. The Impression of Incre…

Robbery, accomplished in the name of the "UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT", handed out as BONUSES for a job well done,  This is good reason for “CIVIL WAR”. 

Is America Blinded in DARK visions of Ignorance?  Overthrow Of The American Republic – Part 42

 WHILE THE CURRENCY BENEFITS GO TO ”Minions of the Corporacracy”  ATTORNEYS POLITICANS EMPIRORS DICTATORS KINGS ATTORNEYS GENERALS SENATORS CONGRESSMANS GOVORNORS DISTRICT ATTORNEYS SHERIFFS MAYORS CHIES OF POLICE CITY COUNSEL MEMBERS, all for one and one for all, Deceivers liars cheats crooks thief’s, corrupt of the most corrupt on the surface of Earth. “THEY” are the ones that cause poverty, ‘THEY” are the ones that steal LIBERTY (Liberty is Freedom), “THEY” work to produce labor of thought (Thought used to produce tools of control, allowing “THEM” more POWER), Those who choose to hold their ENEMY close, “MANIPULATE DECEPTION”,

 By authorization of the root cause “INSTICT OF DESIRE FOR POWER OVER OTHERS” using Codes and Regulations.  

 The Conspiracy/Paranoia Trap

The people who argue that

 Studies In Comparative Philosophy – Friedrich Nietzsche

 David Hume and the political economy of agrarian…


Less than a few hours ago on this date 28Jan2009@1400hrs LIBERTY WAS RAPED & SODMISED, BY Democrats. 

Groped, held down, clothing torn as forced sodomy took place in the name of “CORPORACRACY” (while elected officals called the act offical) identified “Federal Banking”, scum rapists stealing Freedom of individuals, Beating citizens to death with psychologically induced creation of regulation,  giving Government more Power, Stealing Power from Citizens, Stealing FREEDOM from our children to come, Stealing authority over individuals Land, Thrusting gang rape by over 200 elected representatives of the United States Government, all RAPEISTS, MOLESTERS, THIEFS, DECIVERS, CROOKS, PERVERTS, Attorneys, UNLABELED CRIMINALS, Stealing Freedom   all identified in this terminology giving focus as to just who is the ENEMY ! 

 Americans enjoy your choice of SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY LEADING TO COMMUNISM FOR ALL America, OR make a decision and CHOOSE TO "CHANGE", it is your "CHOICE".    

 Socialist / Marxist / Communist supporters want Obama to “de…

The moral of the story is: “Less Government, Less Regulation, More FREEDOM” THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FREEDOM…




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