Newspapers, radio, TV and the “mud slingers” are trying to cover up what is becoming obvious to anyone but the blind:  America had become a dictatorship with a strongly entrenched bureaucracy under the control of powerful special interests.  This is not, in any way, an overstatement of fact.  Trying to disable a dictatorship that has ruled America outside her legislature and Constitutional structure is turning into a nightmare few of us have expected.


It is probably, almost certain, really, that 9/11, the phony war in Iraq, much of the war on terror and the dissolution of our civil authority under the rule of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and others was, in fact, an overthrow of the United States.

Two elections, the phony “9/11 Report” and our “War on Terror” are turning out to be little more than a front for a massive financial scam stealing billions of dollars from, not only America, but Western Europe, the Middle East, Russia and China.  None of this could be done until America herself was brought down and crushed under the heel of a police state.

What we have left is a justice system crippled by years of secret arrests, phony trials, torture, election rigging and a huge new bureaucracy answerable to no congressional authority.  Our Patriot Acts, passed by our cowardly congress, removed all Constitutional rights from Americans and allowed uncontrolled corruption at every level, banking, oil, defense, agriculture, pollution, election rigging, literally anything imaginable, to go on with full impunity.  The “rule of law” in America died overnight.


No authority existed that couldn’t be overridden by a phone call from a “fat cat” to their local party headquarters, then to Karl Rove, then to Alberto Gonzales, then to the FBI.  Arrests were ordered, not by government, but by “business” insiders who bought their way into power with their checkbooks.  It turned out that their “business” was phony government contracts, looting banks and selling America to her enemies.

Whenever I hear people, the misguided and blind, talk about the dangers of “socialism” I laugh.  You have to laugh.  Either you laugh or you get on the phone, look for real Americans and start making lists.  We can’t afford to let America sink into barbarism even though, it seems, we are being pushed to it to survive.  There is still hope for a return to democracy if we can unite against the cabal of gangsters ruling America.


We know that millions of people have lost their homes, their jobs and families around America are suffering.  We know this must be true, although nothing is ever reported.  We only see empty highways, closed factories, empty houses and closed stores, not by the dozens but all around us.  We hear numbers and suffering, yes, the suffering of the occasional Wall Street thief, now under arrest,  or millionaire whose huge estate is sold off.

We know Bush sent most of a trillion dollars to our banks to “save America” in his stimulus plan.  What we don’t know is that those banks are not lending that money to finance homes, cars, new businesses or anything else.  Billions were paid out in bonuses, billions were stolen but little really went into our economy.

The Bush bail out was, in fact, the last insult, taking his multi-trillion dollar defecit up another notch and borrowing us into total collapse to feed what is a very real international conspiracy to keep the world at war and to push middle class Americans, Canadians, Europeans and others around the world into poverty.  Try reading about this in the press.  Chances are you will need to know a language other than English.


It seems the idea of people having good paying jobs, driving decent cars, sending their kids to college and owning homes offended people with the will, the influence and the power to take it all away.  All they had to do is crush the value of real estate, suck the money out of the banks, bond and stock markets, push up oil prices, food prices and keep the world at war.

What our middle class worked for, saved for and sacrificed for was gone in a flash.  The same magicians that could take gasoline from a dollar a gallon to four dollars to two dollars on a whim can make your job, your home and your savings disappear in the wink of an eye.  They did it with your civil rights even easier and you said nothing.

How do playground bullies operate?

The result, carefully planned, I assure you, was to make certain that every home was worthless, every retirement account was empty and the powerful middle class that threatened to bring the world to prosperity, sunk into poverty and fear. Fear makes us compliant.


Only then could we live as intended, fearful of each other and turning to anyone or anything that promised us safety, our next meal, and a third rate version of the American dream, life half an inch above the poverty level for the lucky and total despair for tens of millions of Americans.

If you ask who has done this, and you don’t know already, I won’t bother to tell you.  Their candidate lost the last election.  “They” figured that manipulating the Democrats into nominating a black candidate would assure that even McCain, a candidate that very well could have been part of the Walker family group, part of the total penetration of every aspect of our military, intelligence and legislative organizations by Soviet intelligence, would have assured continuity of the Bush conspiracy against America.  Is treason at this level really possible?  Many hope you never believe it, in fact they have depended on it for a long time.

Prior to the election, endless plots were formulated to kill Barak Obama.  Governor Palin traveled across America trying to organize violent extremist groups, screaming hatred while pulling up her new designer skirts and kicking up her heels.  She looked like a demented white version of Tina Turner.  Why would someone trying to actually win an election only campaign in areas 100% loyal to right wing extremism unless  those shouts of “kill him” from the audience were not so unplanned.

Where is Governor Palin now and what is she saying?  Does it look like “political organization” or “mobilization for war?”


While Republican politicians are joining in lockstep to prevent any economic recovery and the banks they control are shutting down our economy, stopping any potential return to a viable economy, our military keeps giving out contracts to KBR, we are moving closer and closer to realizing the full potential of what an economic depression really is.

It hasn’t hit yet.

Real estate prices, unless something drastic is done, have only begun to drop.  Foreclosures will continue for years until up to 40% of American homes are empty.  Industrial jobs will all disappear, even China is closing hundreds of plants a month.  Low paying retail jobs are going away by the hundreds of thousands, jobs that kept millions in poverty off welfare and provided second jobs for families skirting poverty.

When the stock market crashed in 1929, brought on by “not so accidental” manipulation of the money markets by the very illegal Federal Reserve System, the private banking group created unconstitutionally in 1918 to print money and manage our economy, an economy that has been in collapse since 1918 except for times of war, it took years for the real “depression” to kick in.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


Chances are, right now, you owe more on your home than it is worth.  You would profit by simply packing up and walking away.  How does life in a cardboard box sound to you?  Brings back memories of old times, perhaps the Reagan Administration, doesn’t it?

How solid is your job?  How is your company going to keep paying you when they have no customers or clients?  Pretend you live in France and, if you have a job, they have to keep you forever.  Keep pretending.  Perhaps you can learn to eat dirt.

Check your email, listen to TV.  They will tell you.  It wasn’t the banks or Bush or the phony war or manipulation of the money markets.  No, it was the Jews.  Oh, sorry, that was the other Nazi group.  This one is blaming “illegal aliens”, blacks and the few remaining trade unions.  It was these people who drove up oil prices, looted banks of trillions and started the illegal wars.


What you are supposed to do is run to the gun store, fearful of Democrats seizing your weapons, and wait for the phone call from the GOP, American Legion, NRA or other extremist group to meet down in front of the post office and wait for orders from your Oberst or Obergruppenfuhrer who will give you your assignment.

You can’t go out and round up the Arabs or Blacks.  You will be stomped out of existence.  They aren’t helpless.

Perhaps you can find a few union leaders, some college professors and an environmental activist or two to arrest and detain in the basement of the local police station.  Chances are your local police will be right there with you, patrol cars with lights flashing.


Does all of this sound fanciful?

We have done all this before, here in America, several times.  You could look in your history books if your history books had been written a bit more honestly.  Instead, your kids went to schools where truth was considered dangerous and the several “right wing” takeovers of government were edited out.

From phony history books pushed on our kids by teachers willing to spew lies for a paycheck to the endless propagandizing of Fox News, the Pentagon Channel, CNN, NBC and the other mouthpieces of our war economy, we have replaced organized religion with a cult of ignorance steeped in villainy.

Things will get worse.  People are working to make sure they do.  Look into it.  See what the banks are doing.  Look at what the Republican party is doing.  Look who is paying the bills and giving the orders.

In 8 years we went from full employment, peace, plenty, economic surplus to massive unemployment, endless war and total economic collapse while America’s money, that that didn’t go overseas, went into the hands of a very few, 95% of whom had ties to the Bush administration.

Now we are going to see if that money, those billions, and the vicious stooges left can make Americans turn on each other rather than stop the theft, tax some of the “freeloaders” and put Americans back to work.

For 8 years we were ruled by people who would rather destroy America than see Americans live in decency and security.

Now those same people would burn America down and are trying to do just that.  All you have to do is open your eyes.  It is right there to watch, between the lies, if you are willing to think for yourself.

gordonduff_400Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.