On the Wrong Side of Racist Hisory?


U.S. boycotts racism conference, says it ‘singles out’ Israel

    * Congressional Black Caucus "deeply dismayed" by decision
    * U.S. says U.N. conference conflicts with "commitment to unfettered free speech"
    * Administration warned of boycott 2 months ago if changes to document weren’t made
    * Current draft is improved, but "remaining concerns" cause U.S. to shun forum

by Shanice Jones 

Is Israel still the racist tail that wags the U.S. dog?

The United States is boycotting a U.N. conference on racism next week over a document that "singles out" Israel in its criticism and conflicts with the nation’s "commitment to unfettered free speech," the U.S. State Department said Saturday.


The Obama administration made the decision not to attend the Durban Review Conference in Geneva "with regret," a State Department statement said.

Two months ago, the administration had warned that it would boycott the conference if changes were not made to the document to be adopted by the conference. In recent weeks, discussions over the document have fueled several revisions, but the changes to the language didn’t meet U.S. expectations, the statement said.

The current draft is "significantly improved," but "it now seems certain these remaining concerns will not be addressed in the document to be adopted by the conference next week."

State Department officials say the document contains language that reaffirms the Durban Declaration and Programme of Actions from the 2001 conference in Durban, South Africa, which the United States has said it won’t support. The 2001 document "prejudges key issues that can only be resolved in negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians," the statement said.

Disagreements over the Middle East and slavery that year had threatened to derail the conference goal of creating a global blueprint for fighting discrimination. At the time, Israel had said it was disappointed so much of the conference had focused on its relations with Palestinians.

The Obama administration also said recent additions to the document regarding "incitement" contradict the United States’ stance on free speech.

Still, the United States "will continue to work assiduously" with all nations "to combat bigotry and end discrimination," the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Black Caucus said it was "deeply dismayed" by the decision made by the nation’s first African-African president, saying it was inconsistent with administration policies.

"Had the United States sent a high-level delegation reflecting the richness and diversity of our country, it would have sent a powerful message to the world that we’re ready to lead by example," the statement said. "Instead, the administration opted to boycott the conference, a decision that does not advance the cause of combating racism and intolerance, but rather sets the cause back."

Cleary, Israel is still the tail that wags the U.S. dog. 

With President Obama, we’ve taken many steps forward but clearly, he cannot take on the Zionist Israeli lobby in the U.S.A. as every President has found out since Harry Truman.   The Zionist lobby is simply too strong and they have too much influence in Washington.  No sane politician can go against them.  They simply cannot take that risk so we remain slaves to their will even when we know it’s not right. It’s just something we in America have  become acclamated to and even accept as normal. 

They are very effective and have, for quite a long time, hijacked our Congress and main stream conscieness.

For example, consider that uniquely American acceptace and misue of the phrase "Anti-Semite".  When they invoke the now standard "He’s an Anti-Semite" line when assasinating the character of a targeted antagonist, to Americans it means "Anti-Jewish". 

Yet, semites are NOT uniquely Jewish.  Where did this intended proproghanda come from?

A true Semite is a person who comes from semite tribes and languages of the whole Middle East; meaning it includes all arabs; pagans, jews, christians, and muslims who speak the semitic languages and live the cultural life of semites.  (Click to read more about Semites)

Yet in America, we’ve come to buy the "Anti-Semite" line as meaning anti-jewish. 

This is a relatively new tool in the proproganda war to deny the rights of everyday people that do NOT subscribe to Zionism.  But we Americans accept it.  We actually think calling somebody an Anti-Semite means they are Anti-Jewish when, in fact, we are really saying that they are Anti-Middle Eastern.  Why do we buy this stuff?  Why are we so many confused about the truth?

For me, I am NOT an Anti-Semite.  I believe that all semite peoples of the Middle East deserve human rights including all jewish, christian and muslim Semites.  But I don’t subsribed to racism.  I don’t think we American’s should buy into racism just because so foreign political action committee says we should.

Okay, so why is the U.S. boycotting a forum on Racism?   That’s just weird especially coming from a "brother" who should clearly understand and empathize with history of our racist past.

Why does the whole world object to the racism that is Zionism, well, the world except the U.S.?   Are they all just crazy or or we the ones who are seeing the glass through a very cloudy filter?  Maybe we should dig a bit deeper and find out more about Zionism and why the world calls to equate it with racism.

Consider that it took the U.S.A. hundreds of years to figure out that slavery was wrong.  Mabye we are just a bit slow to recognize human rights and have just bought into a bunch of proproganda.

As most know, during the horrible time of slavery there we many so-called and self-proclaimd righteous people who proprogandized slavery as a right from god. Many people followed this proproganda.  Yet, history is NOT kind to them as they were on the wrong side of history. 

So maybe like the committed and righteous racists from the past, maybe the USA is again on the wrong side of history.  Or maybe the world is just crazy.  Maybe the USA is right and they are wrong.  Time will tell.



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