Manipulation of Humankind “IS” cycle of Failure


America needs a Leader that "SPEAKS" his "TRUE THOUGHTS" 

By D. C. Liberty, Staff Writer

Words from Father to Son, messaging “Hard work”, as some remember their Great grand Father talking of how he walked 5 miles to school in the snow, then coming home and delivering the evening news papers just for a few dollars a month. 

 Today all profess to be more intelligent, more professional, it is not difficult to tell just who the sissies are their hands are soft as a babies butt, their complexion is untainted of the effects of the sun, weathering one’s life away from hard work. 

These individuals call themselves “Leaders of Nations”  yet "THEY"(minions of corporacracy) each identify hard work as setting behind a desk running their mouths off in "Bout" (as if infected with swine flue) grounding them selfs in statments acerting, they know  a better way, for each of "US" to live.  Forcing each and every American Citizen to compliance, Regulating choice, Extracting Freedom to   choose for ones self .   Is this the American way ?


 America first and for most starting at the Office of the President of the United States is lead by ones  who call for help when their plumbing  is not flowing, they require a "SERVICEMAN” for repair work.

They (minions of Corporacracy) call themselves “Developers” yet they do nothing but move money.  "Hardly any have  done and honest day’s work in their life."

America needs a President and all other leaders to be of the moral character to “SPEAK THE TRUTH” not talk to appease the public or “PLACATE CITIZENERY” to rally popularity, “A Leader of a Free Nation is not afraid to call “BULL SHIT”   just like it is, “Bull Shit” and 99% of Americans know just what that “TERMONOLOGY “means when used in such a context!

A leader that is not afraid to “LEAD” … If a Bank or insurance agency or any other Corporate institution is “LOAN SHARKING” ,  Lying, deceiving, using terminology to extort funds from Citizens in any way shape or form,  using lobbying money to alter BANKRUPTCY  laws changing rules to such things as the “HOME STEAD ACT” extraction exemption of one’s home of occupation, stealing protection from the Citizens against “financial oppressive Government and Corporacracy which functions to enslave and psychologically manipulate children  families and individual…

 DON’T GIVE THEM AMUNITY FROM PROSITCUITIONWHICH Congress (and Senator Barney Frank) has recently done with the blessings of President Obama over his signature… BOOK THEM, AND COOK THEM IN THE COURT SYSTEM…   


Our foreign enemies do not need to cross any border to attack America or any other Country.  Over 80 % of the Earths Population lives near and occupies coast line.  There are 3 strategic detonation points out side any 50 mile limit line. Any enemy who chooses can initiate a nuclear under water detonation and “Kill 100’s of millions and never even touch land. 

The threat is from Oppressive Government LEADERS colluding with Corporations, using   a multitude of tactics, coupling recipe mixing many ingredients including,   over population under the camouflage of migration, manipulating the psyche of humankind. 

 “THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO HEAVEN” and if there is no “HEAVEN”  “YOU” are going to die anyway, so get out of the way,   “THOSE THAT CHOOSE LIBERTY”   Choose long ago to be “FREE” .  Go set your Country up some place else “YOUR CRAP IS STARTING TO STINK”…  



D. C. Liberty is on Location in Gaza,  preparing research data comparing Native American Oppression to Palestinian Oppression.      


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