The Great Shell Game…Keep Your Eye on the Pea-losi…


BY Stewart Resmer

Unless some one has been in a Rip Van Winkle like nap, they havent heard anything about the near meltdown in DC over the torture of detainees in the Bush-Cheney war on terror. The latest act that has been playing out is whether Nancy Pelosi is the person who knew everything and is completely responsible for, a run away secret program all by herself?

This has been nothing more than a common street corner shell game, there is no pea-losi under the shell. And on the opposed corner across the politcal street, the GOP can’t produce their own either.



In my opinion, it would appear the repsonsibilities of the scandal of abuse of prisoners trail back to the steps of the white house and rest at the door of the president, vice president and the then secretary of defense, and their underlings who seemed all too ready to carry out the orders to go to any lengths at all to get the information they wanted.

Here at VT over the course of the past several weeks we have been following the trail of an elusive story.

We have posted for you here the Bybee memo’s in their entirety that respond to the request for a determination, that the jurist dutifully provided his masters.

We have posted for you the video of the two psych officers who reverse engineered the torture techniques, that refuse comment.

We have posted for you the photographs in all their telling detail with bloodied faces and steel doors standing in witness to the bruatality of the beatings with blood smears delivered at the hands of some one?

We have listed the name of a General who is reported to have given the order at Guantanamo to authorize the rough treatment there.

We have chronicaled the events as they have played out for you to draw your own opinion of.

Nowhere in this trail of infidelity to the ideals of the great document, The US Constitution,  have we found the finger prints of one woman, Nancy Pelosi, at the scene of the crimes either in the white house or in the field where the crimes have occured, where at this writing MSNBC reports that personnell who carried out the reprehensible acts claim judicial Kabuki Dance like immunity from prosecution as Boehner calls for Pelosi to come clean on what she was told by the very agency whose trade and craft is deception, subversion, and plausible deniabilty.

The problem as I see it is that while plausible deniability in the nations interest is one matter, when it comes to secret counter intel operations, plausable deniability in the agencies own best interest is quite another, and the ones who are most responsible for the subterfuge and illegal conduct have a very personal self serving interest to avoid proesecution as well, as they continue to play the lions game of escape and evasion 

And it is they who will just as adroitly play the shell game with the GOP, if they havent, or arent already.

And for all Mr Boehners and his cohorts protestations, and distress to save the shipwrecked GOP that ran aground the on rocky shoales during the last 8 years, it remains implausible that they knew nothing nor did anything to stop the madness when they had the power to do so, or they would be showing us the proof that they did, instead of demanding Mz Pelosi show she did not?



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