Not all veterans have two full retirements or 100% disability.  Some work to support families, families with more and more unemployed in them.  Soon, the grown child in the basement will be joined by the brother that lost his house.  As GM melts down, taking hundreds of suppliers with it, the economic war at home will have more casualties.

Debka, the Israel based intelligence service reports that Pakistan is losing control of its nuclear arsenal, 100 A bombs, to the Taliban.  South Korea joined the non-proliferation group meant to end the export of missile and nuclear technology by North Korea.  North Korea is now threatening invasion and maybe nuclear war.  They threaten constantly and have for years but some day it will actually happen.  Expect it.

The torture issue is wearing people out.  Everyone is scrambling to prove they didn’t watch the film of the rape.  Papers all over the world love talking about this. Sex is good news when you want to sell papers.  People love putting the US in the same league as the Serbians.  The coverup failed.  The cleanup has to take down everyone who supported the “wink and nod” agenda of rendition murders, (yes, we do that) sex abuse as interrogation and using legal support for “waterboarding” as a smoke screen for war crimes.

In Washington, total obstruction of pro-veteran legislation by the Bush VA and Republicans is being replaced by “lip service” and money from the Democrats.  Any veteran that doesn’t know that the VA, American Legion and VFW have been playing childish games for decades has been living under a rock.

I would like to say, “I don’t know what happens to people when they get elected to office.”  I can’t.  I do know.  They build a cocoon around themselves with the help of professional staffers.  Every politican has one duty, stay as long as you can and do nothing to bring negative attention on yourself or alienate the powerful people whose money you yearn for.


With a few dozen people in DC that are sane, that sanity has driven them to accept the hopeless deadlock that leads us to spending billions on garbage instead of workable weapons.  Please, some day, get us a rifle.  I saw kids in Iraq with better weapons than our soldiers.  (AK’s with hammer forged receivers).

We have vet against vet because of politics.  There are vets and military retirees who vote for idiots, not knowing these same guys vote against us every chance they get.

We have veterans organizations that support “flag” causes but sell out vets out of a combination of political extremism and unbelievable incompetence.

Turning young vets and old vets against each other is the game now with the new disability ratings system.  If you are old and have been abused, cheated and despised for years, expect to be hounded to the grave.

All the “show” is  for the younger vets.  “They” forget who fought the wars with tens of thousands of deaths and the lingering wasting death of Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome.

One of my vet friends, a Marine from the “old corps” told me yesterday that our “N” president was trying to put a “messican” on the Supreme Court.  I thought to myself….Scalia…..Thomas.

I have now lived long enough where Gulf War vets are old people.

Throw dirt in my face anytime now.


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