More and more members of the "mainstream" veterans groups, the ones that run posts serving alcohol, are contacting me about the racist diatribes they hear everyday. 

Any honest American is aware of our history, a divisive one, and how far we have progressed.  However, with our first African American Commander in Chief, we are seeing an explosion of extreme racist behavior at posts run by the American Legion and other groups.

Why isn’t this being addressed at a national level?  Why are members who are offended, afraid to speak openly?  How widespread is this?  From what we are told, very.  How serious is the behavior?  From reliable reports, incidents of racism go from continual references to our "N" president to as extreme as can be imagined, perhaps to the point of constituting actionable threats. 

The movement is not only these "conservative" veterans groups but actually within "conservative" sectors of the active duty military as well with sites like www.newsaxon.org and racist personal webpages springing up daily.

Were this kind of talk coming from a group standing outside a feed store in Kansas and not from a group mandated by Congress to represent veterans, it wouldn’t be as serious.  That national organizations tasked with representing veterans, millions of whom are not "white", are unwilling or unable to address a growing pattern of illegal behavior within their organizations is unacceptable in this day and age.


With nearly 2.5 million minority veterans and a signficant portion of our active duty military at war today minorities, the potential consequences of these trends is signficant.  With the military and some veterans organizations unable to deal effectively with this seroius problem, minority recruitment will continue to plummet.

A Kansas Vietnam veteran recently wrote in:

 " I recently quit my veterans mc club because all they did was knock obama disrespectfully IE "dumb nxxxxx" etc ,never ride and never help vets. All they wanted to do is fight and argue with other clubs. Most were Iraq vets and myself and the other nam vet in the chapter were generally ignored. I should have known, ….I’m about to quit the legion too. I went to another posts car and bike show the 4th of july and heard the same anti obama and anti democrat crap."

A Texas Air Force retiree states after reviewing this article:

"That is right on the money! . It is one of the reasons I dropped out of the Legion. The GI Forum was founded in south Texas because the Legion posts there would not let Hispanics join after WWII."

With no major minority veterans groups receiving Congressional backing, "non-white" veterans are forced to forego representation on VA claims or turn to groups with decades of racist and anti-immigrant history  according to the group Southern Poverty Law Center’s HATEWATCH.

The newly established web group, www.blackmilitaryworld.com, is racially inclusive, politically moderate and highly supportive of military values.  With large numbers of our officer and NCO corps minorities, the increasingly hostile atmosphere created by this resurgence of racism is a threat to our national defense.

CNN has a listing of America’s recent war dead.  A review of this site will quickly put to rest any idea that defending America is an "all white" activity. 

With the well documented tendency of combat veterans, especially those with traumatic stress, to shy away from membership in organizations, especially veterans groups, the vast majority of members of these organizations are support personnel or individuals with limited combat experience.  Over the years, many prominent members of veterans organizations have been found to have falsified military records, partially or entirely.  The VFW has an outstanding article on this.  Another phony belonging to nearly every organization is listed here.

Until leadership, at the national level, of groups like the American Legion and other groups, confront this unAmerican activity in a credible and convincing way, sanctioning posts that allow segregation or that promote race hatred, their positions of leadership in the veterans community is an offense against American values.

Working to pass legislation protecting the flag from desecration while desecrating the values that flag stands for is the highest form of hypocrisy.  Every white American knows everything here is true.  Anyone with nerve to deny it must think we are all fools.

Every American of color knows all of this is true. 

With race fear and hatred the real defining element separating the two major political parties in America, if we are willing to admit the truth, our political polarization has, increasingly, become a threat to our national security. 

Talk of race hate and race war coexist with hatred of women, disrespect for religion and our national institutions and are meant to sew the seeds of discord leading to violence and domestic terrorism as we saw in Oklahoma City and elsewhere. 

Picture a group of veterans and their local "post."  Look up on the wall at the flag.  Outside the door sits a tank or artillery piece and a sign advertising a fish fry or pancake breakfast.

Under a cloud of cigarette smoke and fueled by alcohol, we hear, for the hundredth time, "That damned "N" commie president needs to be lynched.  He is letting the "n" take over and filling the country with "messicans. We need to get out of this damned worthless "n" lovin’ country while we still can."

I will buy the ticket.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.gduff



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