Stop scapegoating Doctor Haley and release the funds


I have read where there is a push on to revoke the funding for Doctor Haley and the ork he is doing on Gulf War Illness, and I for one am mad over it. For too many years DOD and the NAS/IOM pushed the idea there are no real reasons behind the Gulf War Illness, Gulf War Syndrome  etc, whatever you choose to call it, they have portrayed it as being a psychological  issue or psychosomatic.

Now they are attempting to revoke the funding he has received to study the medical issues at the UT Southwestern Medical Center, instead of fixing the problems they have with the documentation, the powers that be want to just end the research, why?



It has been more than 18 years since the war ended in 1991, the ammunition dump at Kamisayah, Iraq was destroyed on March 19, 1991, there has been documented proof that Sarin and mustard agents were present in the storage facilities, when the command ordered them destroyed, the winds spread the toxic materials over Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and where ever else the winds blew that day.

The Army, The C.I.A and Department of Defense lied until 1996 that there were even chemical weapons present at Kamisayah, more than five years later. They then attempted to recreate the "plume" in the Utah desert, it is impossible to recreate the winds, the velocity and the spread that existed in Iraq on March 19, 1991. Bottom line is the Army destroyed a weapons depot with an untold number of chemical weapons in it, why?  Couldn’t they read what was on the labels of the rockets and mortar shells, and if they could not why didn’t they wait until they got some translators in to see exactly what it was they were destroying?

Since 1996 the DOD and the Army has worked to explain that all of the symptoms of Gulf War Illness or Syndrome, whichever term is used is a psychological or psychosomatic condition rather than an actual physical problem.

The problem with this is they turned to the only known group of US soldiers that were known to be exposed to Sarin gas, the Human volunteers of the Edgewood Experiments of the Cold War program that ran from 1955 thru 1975, they used 7120 enlisted men in chemical weapons and drug experiments, in all they exposed them to 254 different substances over the 20 year period. 

U.S. Chemical Warfare Agent Human Experimentation and Long-Term Veteran’s Health .

There have not been many groups of people exposed to chemical weapons to use as control groups, we don’t speak with the Iranians on whom Saddam Hussein used Sarin and Mustard Agents, their is the known medical problems from the Japanese exposed in the subway Sarin exposures in 1995.

There is also this manual published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in 1975, the author was DR Karl Heinz Lohs, he treated the Wermacht soldiers that worked in the German chemical weapons program that was primarily Sarin and Mustard agents, both of which were present at Kamisayah, Iraq on March 19,1991. Page 40 lists the medical problems that DR Lohs treated the Germans for from 1945 thru 1975  they are all on the list of Gulf War Illness symptoms from page 40:

A psychiatric delayed-effect syndrome was found as a result of systematic investigations

on former members of CW production and testing stations for the Wehrmacht. In

terms of frequency, two groups of symptoms can be distinguished–each consisting of

four separate symptoms or signs.

(1) The great majority of persons examined showed:

(a) persistently lowered vitality accompanied by marked diminution in drive;

(b) defective autonomic regulation leading to cephalalgia, gastrointestinal and

cardiovascular symptoms, and premature decline in libido and potency;

(c) intolerance symptoms (alcohol, nicotine, medicines);

(d) impression of premature aging.

(2) Further, one or more symptoms of the second group were found:

(a) depressive or subdepressive disorders of vital functions;

(b) cerebral vegetative (syncopal) attacks;

(c) slight or moderate amnestic and demential defects;

(d) slight organoneurological defects (predominantly microsymptoms and singular

signs of extrapyramidal character).

Our results are a contribution to the general question of psychopathological delayed

and permanent lesions caused by industrial poisoning. On the basis of our studies of

the etiologically different manifestations of toxication, the possibility of a relatively

uniform–though equally unspecific–cerebro-organic delayed effect syndrome is conceivable.

I am probably the only US Soldier alive that was used in the human experiments at Edgewood and was used in the Control Group in FY 2000 when the data was gathered for DR Page’s March 2003 Report. I also served in Oman during the First Gulf War, at Khasab AFB, I was activated with the Georgia National Guard on November 30, 1990.

I served on active duty from October 31, 1973 – September 1982, I was a volunteer number 6778A from June 25 1974 – August 22 1974 at Edgewood Arsenal some of my paperwork from Edgewood Arsenal shows my numbers as either 6778A or 6778C , there were 4 categories of subjects  A  = any and all tests   B = non halucinegenic drugs  C other chemicals D no drugs what so ever  equipment tests only

I am in contact with about 25 other human volunteers, some of them have filed a lawsuit in the 9th Circuit Federal Court with the attorney Gordon Erspamer as the lead attorney

Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. Central Intelligence Agency, et al.
Case No. CV-09-0037-CW, U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal. 2009)

What This Case Is About

Plaintiffs seek declaratory and injunctive relief only – no monetary damages – and Plaintiffs seek redress for 25 years of diabolical experiments followed by over 30 years of neglect, including:

  • the use of troops to test nerve gas, psychochemicals, and thousands of other toxic chemical or biological substances and perhaps most gruesomely, the insertion of septal implants in the brains of subjects in a ghastly series of mind control experiments that went awry;
  • the failures to secure informed consent and other widespread failures to follow the precepts of U.S. and international law regarding the use of human subjects, including the 1953 Wilson Directive and the Nuremberg Code;
  • an almost fanatical refusal to satisfy their legal and moral obligations to locate the victims of their gruesome experiments or to provide health care or compensation to them;
  • the deliberate destruction of evidence and files documenting their illegal actions, actions which were punctuated by fraud, deception, and a callous disregard for the value of human life.

The Complaint asks the Court to determine that Defendants’ actions were illegal and that Defendants have a duty to notify all victims and to provide them with health care going forward.

 Needless to say, that after more than 34 years since the program ended, that the Army, DOD nor the Veterans Administration will deal with these veterans fairly, what can the GW1 veterans expect? Another 40 years of denials and hopefully they will die before the VA has to accept financial liability for 500,000 veterans that potentially have medical problems like I do with heart problems, pulmonary problems, in power chairs and or with PTSD/OCD. These are medical problems that qualify the veterans for 100% P&T which at 3,000 a month with a wife and child adds up quickly.

It is about the money, we are talking billions of dollars for decades, the VA budget would go from 80 billion a year to 120 billion a year, based on this alone. The DOD is the only agency with a budget large enough to take this kind of a hit to it, if Congress keeps it’s promise to Pay-go, somewhere the money will have to be found to pay these veterans if their medical problems are linked to Sarin and Mustard agents. I expect a lot of Generals and Admirals and a lot of military contractors will be screaming, all I can say is remember the "PROMISE"  the veterans went where they were ordered, it is not their fault they were exposed to Sarin or Mustard agents. The veterans and their families deserve better.

 For all of you Nam vets out there I thought you might find this paragraph interesting, you have to remember DR Lohs wrote this in  1975.

Looking back on the use of herbicides by the US Army in Viet-Nam and

recalling the fact that defoliated forests were then often burned down by means

of napalm, one begins to surmise the true extent of the impact of dioxin on the

territory and people of Viet-Nam. The grim results will, however, only be made

plain in the years and decades to come in the form of a rising cancer rate and an

increasingly large number of deformed children.


This was written by a German doctor in 1975 in germany, and our government claims it never saw this coming  excuse me while I go throw up.


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