Is a guy who never served a deserter? The Army thinks so! – ABC News

Now this is a doozie!  ABC News is reporting that the Homeland Security Department had an American returning from overseas arrested at the airport, subsequently turned him over to the Army and the Army incarcerated him at Ft. Knox for a week as a deserter.  He is presently home on administrative leave awaiting a decision on his case.  The problem is, he never served in the Army.  Not ever.  The Army is referring to him at the present time as Private Parks.  The story is here

In the old merchant service, men would be "Shanghai-ed" or pressed into service against their will to serve on merchant vessels that needed a crew. It was common practice all over the world until about WWII.  Is this still going on, and this time, in the U.S. Army? If it is, this does not bode well for our national defense posture. 


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